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Frequently Asked Questions About Lois & Clark Fanfiction
Adapted from Rhen's "Welcome to L&C Fanfic" letter

"What Is Fanfiction?"

Fanfiction, or fanfic, is fan-generated fiction -- stories, poems and scripts, but usually short stories -- inspired by a movie or television show.

This site is dedicated to the writing, reading, sharing, editting and enjoying of fan-generated fiction inspired by the TV show "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman."

Recognizable characters in these stories are the property of Warner Bros. and DC Comics. No copyright infringement is intended by fanfic authors, who receive no monetary benefit from their work. The ideas expressed in the stories are original, however, and are copyrighted by their authors.

"How Do I Get Fanfiction?"

The distribution of most Lois & Clark fanfiction is managed by The Lois & Clark FanFiction Archive Staff, and at present, there is only one way to "get" this majority of fanfic (though there will soon be a working FTP facility as well):

  1. This Web-based front end.

Web-Based Front End

This Web-based front end is designed for those who desire single-click access to files in sorted order. Fanfic is listed in alphabetical order by story title, author's name and document filename. Recent files can be retrieved from the What's New page. And selected stories (but not the complete archive) can be browsed by theme. (The Themes approach is handy for newcomers and those interested in certain types of stories.)

If you need help retrieving files using these Web pages, try the Navigational Assistance Page.

"What Happened to the Mailing List?"

Rhen has discontinued the time-consuming distribution of fanfic via the mailing list. Please see HERE for more info on new/alternative fanfiction mailing lists!

"What Happened to the Ipahome FTP (ftp.ipahome.com) archive?"

The Ipahome address was necessarily shut down by its operator, namely Rhen, who submitted to the demands of her loving family (after all these years! We love ya Rhen ;) and decided to recapture her life from fanfic!

A **NEW** FTP address will be available soon for those who cannot access the archived stories on the web. Stay tuned for updates!

"Where Can I Review Grammar, Punctuation and Other Writing Rules?"

For a crash course in L&C fanfic writing, click here to find our own "Writer's Guidelines." We've tried to cover the basics of grammar and punctuation, as well as provide a list of commonly misused words.

For more detailed information, the "Fan Fiction On The Net" website offers an excellent collection of links to various writing guides and manuals. Visit the site at http://members.aol.com/KSNicholas/fanfic/index.html and follow the link to "Writer's Resources."

"How Do I Get My Story Ready for the Archive?"

Congratulations on writing a fanfic! Here's what you can do to get it ready for submission:

1. Spell check!

2. Have at least one editor look over the story (optional, but strongly recommended) before submission, then rework the story as you think necessary. Most experienced fanfic writers have their work reviewed by a *minimum* of one story editor, so feel free to have a couple people look at your story.

If you don't have your own editor, the Archive has Story Editors on staff who are pleased to offer their services. Send a message to LCStories@Cryogen.com, and we will assign you a Story Editor. Be sure to let us know what kind of editing you want, from general proofing to brainstorming on how to plug plot holes to "the works."

3. Place the title and author(s)'s name at the beginning of story. Be sure to include an e-mail address if you want people to send you comments.

4. Format the story so it's easy to read. In general, an extra hard return between paragraphs is easier to read than a simple indent.

5. Save your story in text format. Remember that the Archive can't accommodate different sized fonts or special characters. If you submit a document that we can't read, we will return it to you unread and ask you to reformat it. If submitting via e-mail (as opposed to an attachment), you should limit each email message to approximately 20-25k. Parts should be identified with the title and the part number in the e-mail subject line. Example: The Kerth (1 of 2), The Kerth (2 of 2)

6. The following items will be assigned before your story is posted to the Archive:

An Archive Editor will be assigning this information, but if you want to include these things when you submit the story, feel free! It will help us get your story online that much faster.

If you want to review the list of themes or read other writers' story blurbs, visit either the site here or its mirror:



"How Do I Submit Stories I Write?"

Story submissions work like this:

1. Stories should be sent to LCStories@Cryogen.com.

2. An editor will be assigned to look over your story. His or her job will be to correct any typos, verify that the story is appropriate for the Archive and do any necessary reformatting. You will be notified of any corrections via e-mail. You may, at that point, choose to have the editor make the changes, or make the changes yourself and resubmit the story.

You can expect an editor to get back to you within one week of submitting your story. Longer stories, obviously, may require more time on the editor's part.

3. Absolutely NO style or content-related changes will be made to any story without consulting the author first. Editors will only do general proofreading, not comment on story line or plot.

4. We only post stories to the Archive that are rated G, PG, or PG-13. All stories will be assigned a rating by our Editing staff. This rating will appear under the title and author's name at the beginning of each story.

We cannot and will not post any material which does not fall within this rating guideline. There are other forums for "NFanfiction," material rated above PG-13. If your story does not qualify as G, PG, or PG-13, you will be notified by an editor who may suggest certain wording or content changes which would allow us to post your story. YOU WILL BE GIVEN A CHOICE. You may refuse to make (or allow us to make) any changes to your story and withdraw your story from submission. That is fine, however, no story which we feel defies the laws of PG-land will be admitted to the Archive.

If you disagree with the rating assigned by your editor, you may request a second opinion. Please send a note to LCStories@Cryogen.com explaining this, and an Editor-in-Chief will review the story. All decisions by the Editors-in-Chief are final.

5. Stories will be uploaded to the Archive approximately once a week. Our goal is to have stories uploaded soon after submission, assuming that no major changes are needed.

"Who Wrote the Story Blurbs?"

Most of the story descriptions were written by Lauren Willoughby and Renate Brink, with volunteer help from Jennifer Adkins. Some were written by the authors themselves and others, by the "NEW" Archive Staff (which still includes Lauren!).

Fanfic authors: You may rewrite your story description. Please read if you're interested.

"Are Story Word Counts Listed?"

No, but file sizes are listed in kilobytes (Kb) to help you estimate transfer times.

Some experimentation has yielded a nifty formula for those really interested in word counts: If you multiply the number of kilobytes by 167, you'll get an approximate word count, because 1Kb=167 words in text files, on average.

"Are There Alternative Sources for Fanfiction?"

The newsgroup alt.tv.lois-n-clark.fanfic was created for the purpose of distributing and discussing fanfic. Although some authors occasionally post there, it is being under-utilized. Hope to see you there!

Be sure to visit Debby Stark's Archive and Sarah & Pam's Shrine O' Fanfic.

If you host a Lois & Clark fanfic site and would like it to be listed here, please write us at: FanficWeb@Cryogen.com.

Interested in fanfic devoted to other TV shows? X-Files, Babylon 5, Star Trek (in its many variations) and countless other shows have creative fan followings. The excellent Fan Fiction on the Net site points you to fanfic archives around the net.

"Is There a Forum for Discussing Fanfiction?"

YES! A brand new LnC Fanfiction listserv (e-mail based discussion group) was set up by Farah Meitzen Chisham. You can subscribe to this list by sending email to: listserv@listserv.indiana.edu with the text:

Subscribe LOISCLA-GENERAL-L (your-name-here)

If you enjoy a story, why not also send the author a note? Most writers like receiving feedback on their work. You'll find authors' e-mail addresses at the top of their stories, right next to their names. (NOTE: Please do not send story comments to US!)

You can also send comments for discussion to the Lois & Clark Fanfic Newsgroup.

If you want to brainstorm with fanfic writers and writer wanna-bes in live chats, come visit the IRC undernet channel #fanfic on Thursday nights. (check out #loiscla most other nights for more info!)

If you have any questions about these Web pages, send them to the Archive Web Producers at: FanficWeb@Cryogen.com.



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