Lois & Clark/ Quantum Leap Crossover

By Michael Chary (mac7@po.CWRU.Edu)

Summary: A crossover story in which Sam Beckett leaps into Superman's body while Superman is trapped in Luthor's kryptonite cage.

Vintage Fanfic - Mike wrote this at the end of the first season and since it was never sent out to this list and it's really very clever - I thought others might enjoy it, too.


Sam Beckett felt the leap end, but it felt more gradual somehow as though he were taking longer to find his way into this life. He looked down and saw a Superman costume.

"Oh, boy," he muttered. Taking stock of his surroundings he immediately noticed that he was inside a green glowing cage, and that there appeared to be no movie cameras. He saw that the door was locked but that the keys were in easy reach. He heard a familiar clang behind him.

"Sam, you aren't going to believe this."

"What, Al?"

"There is a ninety eight percent probability that you are Superman and are supposed to get out of this cage and get far away from it."

"You're right, I don't believe it. But I don't have a better explanation, and I seem to be thinking more clearly this trip."

Al shuddered, "Well, the guy in the waiting room just tore the door off its hinges and disarmed a marine by melting his gun with what Ziggy said were heat beams. He apologized after we convinced him we weren't working for Luthor." He shuddered again.

"I have to escape then…"

"Looks that way, Sam."

Beckett examined the situation speculatively, "Well, I think those are the keys over on that barrel. I could reach them with my cape…you know that is one sentence I never thought would come out of my mouth."

Al's handlink beeped. "Sam, Ziggy says to step on it. She's not certain that Krytonite won't affect you, just that it is not as severe in its affects on humans."

"Yeah, I know, Al. It's a radiation poisoning variable called the Byrne factor. Do me a favor though?"

"What, Sam?"

Sam took his cape off and snagged the keys neatly.

He looked at Al as he unlocked the door and said, "Never use the word "kryptonite in my presence again."

Al shuddered once more, "Okay, Sam."

Sam said, "Al, by the way, how did I manage to leap into a fictonal character?"

Al replied, "Oh, that I actually have covered. You see Superman is vibrating at a different frequency on the molecular level. I figure he comes from a different, alternate universe which I call for the sake of argument Earth-one, we being Earth-prime of course. Anyway, what I figure happened is…"

Sam shook his head, "Nevermind; forget I asked."

Al looked rather hurt, "Is there a problem with my theory, Sam? It's been a while since I did any theoretical work what with my military and engineering duties. I could be getting sloppy, but I thought it was rather elegant really and…"

"Oh, no, Al, nothing like that," Sam said hurriedly, "It's just that it was starting to make sense to me, and we can't have that." He smiled half-heartedly. "Oh, and Al?"

"Yes, Sam?"

"If this memory gets swiss cheesed, I don't think you need to remind me about it, okay?"

"Don't worry, you're lucky, I'm going to have to get drunk."

Al looked at the link. "Ziggy says a hundred feet should put Superman clear, Sam."

"Alright, Al. Look, you can go now if you want. I'll see you next leap."

"Bye, Sam."


Just as he got out of range Sam felt the leap effect kick in.

"Spiderman, you are doomed."

"OH BOY!!!"