The Big Chill

By Emerald Shine (

Summary: A short, humorous story in which Lois and Clark find romance in front of their new refrigerator. :-)

This is meant as a joke. Yesterday, as a way to help relieve my acute LCWS, I watched my 'Dean & Teri' tape, including Teri's appearance on 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien'. When I told some FoLCs on #loiscla my idea, they LOL-ed. (So remember that — you know who you are!) Just be thankful I didn't use the 'Tonight Show' appearance to parody… ;)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This takes place after ATAI, and there *has* been a revelation!! :)


"Clark, come look at this one!" Lois Lane called out to her fiance, Clark Kent.

Lois & Clark were in O'Brien's Appliances, trying to find a new refrigerator. It was a lot more difficult task than one would imagine, especially when Lois was involved! This colour would clash with this, not enough freezer space for her chocolate ice cream… Clark remembered when she'd told him they needed a new refrigerator…


"Lois, why?" Clark asked, standing protectively in front of the fridge in his apartment.

"Because it didn't keep my ice cream frozen, that's why!" Lois was in quite the interesting mood that day. "And anyway, it's old enough to be put in a museum! What were you planning to do? Keep everything cold with your breath?" Lois rolled her eyes.


Clark walked over to the fridge in question. As far as he could see, it was nothing spectacular. "What's so special about this one?"

Lois glared at him like he was the stupidest man on Earth. "It has… an ice maker! You know — crushed, cubed… and it has a place where water comes out!"

"Yeah, and?" Clark could see that this innovation truly amused his wife-to-be. "Lois, they've had that since, like, 1970!"

Lois looked at him with that pleading expression which always made him feel dizzy. "Yeah, but I haven't!"

Clark was persistent. "The _Brady Bunch_ had that!"

"But _I_ didn't have it!"

"Oh, all right!" Lois had gotten her way, and she was happy. Even if it was only over a refrigerator…


After the new refrigerator was in place of the old one in Clark's apartment, Lois insisted that he turn off the lights.

*What is her kinky fetish with this thing?* Clark humoured her though, and the apartment was shadowed in darkness, the only light coming from the fridge, where the water came out.

Lois patted the kitchen floor, where she was now laying. "Lay down with me."

So Clark did. They stayed there for awhile, and just looked up at the refrigerator, until Lois began to get really turned on. She rolled over on top of Clark, giggling, and started to kiss his neck. Clark decided there was a better place for this than the linoleum, and scooped her up. As he carried her to the bedroom, he couldn't help but think, *this is like the beginning to the oddest 'Penthouse' letter ever…*

THE END!! (mercifully!)