Camping With Clark

By Kathy Brown []

Rated PG-13 Written December 1995

Summary: Lois isn't thrilled, at first, to go camping with Clark's college friends, but she soon relaxes and enjoys watching Clark get teased about old campus pranks.

Revised September 1997 (correction of typos, etc.)

This was my first fanfic attempt, so please send me comments (I mean it, I really do). No A-plot, just lots of Lois and Clark in love (and in lust! ;)). I hope you have fun reading it. I had a lot of fun writing it!

Special thanks to Barbara, Jenny and Kathy for their proofing skills and their encouragement. Normal disclaimers apply; the ideas are mine, the characters are not, etc. And all that said, on with the show:

(A phrase in * * denotes thoughts, as well as emphasis.)


Clark Kent replaced the handset on the phone and jumped up excitedly. He scanned the news room for his wife. He couldn't help but smile when he found her. Lois Lane was pouring herself a cup of coffee and joking around with some of the other reporters. Clark could see her smile and hear her laughter. *I've known her for four years,* he thought. *And she still takes my breath away every time I see her. I must be the luckiest guy in the whole world.*

Lois finished her conversation and looked over at Clark's desk. Her eyes twinkled as she found him watching her. She held up her coffee cup. "Do you want some?" she asked, knowing full well that he could hear her all the way across the room. He shook his head no, and motioned for her to join him.

Crossing the news room to meet him, she set her coffee cup down on his desk next to their wedding picture and leaned against the edge. "Hi, Sweetie, what's up? You look like you're going to burst."

"Lois, I just got off the phone with Jeff Crane and …"

"Jeff, he's your friend from college, right? And he's married to … to … No, don't tell me; Cindy, isn't it? See, I do pay attention!" she said triumphantly.

Clark raised his eyebrows to her and smiled. "Very good, Lois, I'm impressed. Anyway, Jeff called to tell me that the gang has set a date for the annual camping trip. It's in three weeks, at a campground about two hours from here. So, we're going, right?"

Lois's face fell. "Oh, Clark, I really don't want to go camping with a bunch of your college football buddies. I'm just not an outdoors kind of person. I prefer room service. Besides, isn't it a guys-only trip?"

"Lois, only Jeff was on the football team with me. I knew Pete and Mike from the dorm, and then we all rented that house together senior year. And, anyway, it used to be a guys-thing, but now that all of us are either married or in a serious relationship, it's a couples-thing." Clark paused to check her reaction, then continued quickly. "The campground we picked has bathroom and shower facilities; you can even bring your hairdryer, I promise."

He could practically see her mind working overtime trying come up with another excuse. "Clark, we can't ask Perry to give us a weekend off. We just got back from our honeymoon!"

Clark rolled his eyes. "That was three months ago. And, besides, he owes us for bringing in that illegal gambling story last week. I'll go ask him, and if he says yes, we'll go, OK?" He put on his best hopeful look. "Please?"

It was Lois' turn to roll her eyes. "Do you practice that face in the mirror? All right, all right, I'll go. But you have to do all the work — packing, buying the food, everything." She jabbed her finger into his chest to emphasize her points. "And if I don't have fun, you'll go by yourself next year with no arguments, deal?"

Clark took her outstretched hand to shake it, but at the last minute quickly pulled her towards him for a kiss. "Deal," he told her with a smile.


As the jeep rumbled down the road towards the campsite late Saturday morning, Lois was still trying to get all the names straight. "OK, so Jeff and Cindy. You know Jeff from the football team. Didn't Cindy go to college with you, too?"

"Yep. Cindy was a cheerleader and that's how Jeff and I met her." He paused, thinking of what other information he could provide. "Let's see … they've been dating since senior year of college, and she spent a lot of time at our house. They got married about three years ago."

"And what about the others, Mike and Pete and their wives?"

"Mike and Sally knew each other from high school, but she went to Kansas State, so it was a long distance relationship. They both got jobs in D.C. after graduation and have been living together ever since. No wedding plans as far as I know. Is this the sort of stuff you want to know?" At her nod, he continued. "Pete and Paula met at work, kind of like us," he said with a wink, "so none of us knew her in college. They've been married about four years."

Clark reached over to take her hand as he continued. "I think you'll like everyone, Lois," he said earnestly. "Everyone's really nice and they treated Paula great on her first camping trip a few years back. And they're all dying to get to know you better."

Lois sighed. "I'm sure I'll like them, Clark. I just wish I'd had more time to get to know them all at the wedding reception, but the evening went by so quickly." She perked up slightly. "We had so much fun that day, remember?"

His eyes twinkled. "Yes, I remember the day. But I remember the night even more." He grinned and gave her hand a squeeze. "And the next morning, and that night, and then again that same night and …"

Lois thwapped him on the shoulder. "Oh, you!" she laughed. "But you're right, that sure was one *super* honeymoon." Lois pushed her seat all the way back and stretched her legs out up on the dashboard. "You sure know how to impress a girl."

"You're the only girl I want to impress, baby," Clark said tenderly. He brought her hand in for a soft kiss, his face clearly showing the immense love he felt for her.

Lois' stomach flip-flopped as she listened to his voice. She always loved it when he used that particular endearment. It meant he was feeling especially comfortable and close to her. When they were with other people, or just going about their daily activities, he occasionally used other words, too, words like honey and sweetie. But, *baby*, that was reserved for the bedroom or other private times like this. Lois breathed in deeply, releasing his hand. "I love you, Clark."

As she closed her eyes as she heard, "Me, too, Lois. Me, too."

As Lois grew quiet, lost in her own thoughts, Clark looked over to admire the legs stretched out on the dashboard. *Thank goodness for a September heat wave*, he thought as he followed her legs up to her denim shorts and form-fitting white t-shirt. He laughed to himself as he became aware of the way his body was reacting to the mere sight of her. "Lois, you look fantastic. Sure you don't want to pull off to the side of the road before we get to the campground?" he said, only half joking.

"Flattery will get you everywhere, Mr. Kent. But not this time. Keep your eyes on the road, Mister, or we'll end up in the ditch. Besides, we're almost there."

As they pulled into the campsite, they noticed that they were the last couple to arrive. Suddenly, Lois looked at Clark in alarm. "Clark, quick, which couple got us the sleeping bag for our wedding present? I can't remember and I need to be sure to mention it."

"Pete and Paula. They wrote on the card that buying the newlyweds a double-sized sleeping bag would give us extra incentive to come on the camping trip this year. Apparently, it worked, huh?"

Lois sighed as she saw all the not-very-familiar faces. *Well, here goes, girl. I'd rather be at home in bed with Clark instead of in a sleeping bag under a tent, but we might as well make the best of it.*


The group made Lois feel comfortable very quickly. Everyone was very friendly, just as Clark had predicted. The women quizzed Lois all about the wedding and Hawaii, while the guys started in on Midwestern State's chances for a division title in football that year. As they all sat down at the picnic tables for a potluck picnic lunch, Lois was starting to feel more optimistic about the trip. The weather was quite warm for September, and the sun felt good on her body after a cool August.

After lunch, the guys unpacked all of the tents and other camping equipment. Lois started to help, but Paula stopped her. "Just sit back and enjoy the show, Lois. They have this silly competition every year over who can set up their tent the quickest. The loser supplies the beer for next year's trip. Pete's lost so many times, I think we should buy stock in Budweiser!"

Lois was more than happy to comply, stretching out under the sun with the rest of the women. The group had set up in a more secluded section of the park, and had reserved several adjoining sites so that they could spread out and have more privacy.

Sally explained, "In previous years, we've camped on sites that were more crowded and then we always felt like we had to be quiet and watch our language. You know, with kids nearby and all. We've gotten smarter recently, though. Now we always reserve several sites, away from the crowds. It's definitely worth the extra cost."

Lois watched Clark and the other guys as they separated the tents from the rest of the equipment and returned to the picnic tables. "OK, boys, you know the rules," Pete announced loudly. "On the count of three, you have to slam two beers, then head to your corners to set up your tent. Paula, my dear, will you count down for us?"

As Jeff and Mike started passing out the bottles of beer, Clark smiled and rolled his eyes to Lois. "You can take the boys out of college, but you can't take college out of the boys," he told her as he leaned in for a kiss.

The guys started whooping and cheering as the two kissed. "Awww, look at the lovebirds." "Oh, they're sooooo cute." "Clarkie, I lovvve yoouuu." The singsongy teasing continued until Clark turned back towards them and jokingly brought his fist back, dissolving them all into laughter.

"OK, guys, on my count. One … Two … THREE!" Lois watched in amazement as Clark chugged two beers in quick succession, then ran to grab his tent. Jeff was hot on his heels, followed a few seconds later by Mike, then Pete.

"Wow, I've seen Clark drink wine, and even occasionally nurse a beer over pizza, but I've never seen him … chug-a-lug!" Lois said in amazement. *Not that two beers will even affect him, … but still …*

The women laughed. "Yeah, Lois, they always revert back to their younger selves on these trips. Just wait till Clark and Jeff start re-running old football plays!"

Lois laughed, then grew quiet as she watched Clark set up their tent. He had stripped his shirt off in the hot sun, and was working quickly, although not *super* quickly. His back muscles rippled as he moved, and his strong biceps flexed as he lifted the tent into place. Clad only in tan shorts and tennis shoes, he made quite an impression.

*God, is he gorgeous or what?* Only the sound of laughter made Lois realize that her companions were at that moment voicing her exact thoughts.

"Sorry, Lois," Cindy giggled. "It's just that one of the highlights of this trip for the women has always been watching your husband set up his tent."

A few years ago, Lois realized, she would have felt quite possessive and jealous had she witnessed other women ogling her partner, or worse yet, her Superman. But now, Lois simply giggled along with them, secure in the knowledge that he was hers and she was his and that fact would never change.


As afternoon dragged into evening, Lois really began to enjoy herself. She loved seeing Clark so relaxed, yet so energetic at the same time. They played a game of touch football, with the emphasis on the *touch*, since it was the girls against the guys. She squealed in delight as Clark grabbed her around the waist as she was about to score a touchdown, swung her around and then carried her across the goal line. When the guys expressed their protest at his assistance, Clark simply grinned. "Hey, what'd you expect? I try to score with my wife every chance I get." Even Lois groaned at his pun.

After dinner they made a campfire and roasted marshmallows. Jeff and Cindy had brought graham crackers and chocolate bars to make s'mores. Clark couldn't help but sigh his approval as Lois suggestively licked some stray chocolate off the side of his mouth.

As the sun set on the group, Paula began warming some apple cider over the cookstove and pouring it into mugs. Lois accepted a serving. The night was still warm, but she couldn't think of many things better than Michigan apple cider in the fall. She took a first sip, then a second, looking up at Paula with a questioning expression. "Cinnamon Schnapps," Paula whispered in response.

As the night got later and more cider was consumed, the conversation gradually turned a bit more raunchy. Lois got to hear some funny stories about Clark and his roommates in college — how Clark couldn't study for an exam because he had accidentally left his textbook in Mike's room during Spring Break and couldn't get it back because Mike and Sally were 'making up for lost time' after not seeing each other for several weeks. Clark had stood outside the door several times but was too embarrassed to knock. "Hey, I got a B- on that exam! Man, you guys were like rabbits," Clark exclaimed in his defense. She also heard about the time Cindy snuck into the bathroom while Clark was showering and pretended to take a picture of him. "There was no film in the camera, but *he* didn't know that. I just stuck my arm in the shower and clicked the shutter. You should have heard him yell when he saw the flash!"

As Lois started on her third mug of cider, her thoughts returned to their honeymoon. Although she and Clark had both agreed to wait to make love until their wedding night, they had certainly made up for lost time during their trip to Hawaii. She smiled as the memories came flooding back.

Lois was so caught up in her private thoughts that she only half heard Sally's comment to her: "Lois, It sounds like you and Clark took in a lot of sights while you were in Hawaii. Apparently, you didn't confine all of your activities to the bedroom," she snickered.

"Oh not at all," Lois replied dreamily, "half the time we didn't even make it to the bedroom. Twice we didn't even make it off the beach."

The deafening silence from the group woke her out of her trance. "Omigod, did I just say that out loud?!" Lois quickly clapped her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide.

At the look on her face (and, as she realized in a second, the look on Clark's face), the other couples broke out in loud peals of laughter. Some of them were actually rolling on the ground, they were laughing so hard.

Lois whirled around to look at Clark. "Clark, I — I'm sorry, I didn't mean to …"

Her husband was turning three shades of red right before her eyes — a fact that his friends were pointing out to each other, spurring even more laughter.

Clark chuckled and gave her a hug. "That's OK, honey, I think we were the hit of the night."

Even though he was still embarrassed, Lois noticed that he was looking more than a little pleased that she'd basically just called him a stud in front of all of his friends.

As they looked at each other, then turned to the rest of the group, they both burst out laughing, watching the scene before them. The guys were exchanging high-fives, while the women were wiping laughter-induced tears out of their eyes.

Eventually, the attention moved away from them and onto other people's embarrassing moments. The mood was still jovial and Lois couldn't remember the last time she'd laughed so much in one night.

While everyone's attention was on Pete and Paula telling the story of the first time they stayed in the same room together at Pete's parents' house, Lois snuggled up closer to Clark. They were sitting on the ground, him leaning against the bench of the picnic table, her sitting between his legs. As she listened to the story, she absent-mindedly rubbed the back of his thigh with her hand. As he shifted his position behind her, she realized the effect she was having on him. *Clark Kent, you are *so* sexy,* she thought. Noticing the feel of his arms around her waist and his hands on her stomach, she lifted her arms up behind her and encircled his neck as she deliberately pressed her back against his front. A quiet moan escaped his lips.

Clark looked around the campfire and realized no one was paying much attention to their cuddling. He nuzzled her neck and whispered in her ear, "You're doing this to me on purpose, aren't you? You are *so* bad."

Lois arched her back a little more, knowing that Clark was getting an ample view of her chest in the tight t-shirt she wore. "Whatever are you talking about, Clarkie?" she asked sweetly, but her eyes were sparkling. She could feel his excitement and loved the effect that she had on him — heck, the effect they had on each other.

They continued this way, off and on, for the next hour or more; Lois subtly teasing him and Clark trying his best to ignore her. "Lois, stop it. We're in public," he would occasionally whisper, as he squirmed under her touch. She just giggled at him and would stop for a while only to start up again a few minutes later.


It was after 1 AM when the party finally broke up. The campfire was almost out and the cider was almost gone. Everyone joked around as they cleaned up the site and got ready for bed. The women took flashlights and headed down to the bathroom facilities about a quarter a mile away, while the men poured water on the campfire. As Lois and her new friends brushed their teeth and washed up, they continued to talk about their guys.

"Lois, you've got a real keeper there in Clark. We were all wondering when he'd settle down. Meeting you, I see what he was waiting for. He's obviously nuts about you."

"Thanks, Paula," Lois said warmly. "I'm nuts about him, too. I can't believe it took me so long to figure out that the man of my dreams was right under my nose the whole time."

Sally interjected, "Well, we're glad you're here. You fit in very well with the group. You do know we have veto power over the women Clark dates, don't you?"

Everyone laughed.

"That's OK, I have veto power over the women he dates now," Lois quipped. "But, seriously, I'm glad I'm here too. I didn't think I would enjoy camping, but I think I'm starting to change my mind."


Lois was already in the tent when Clark came back from brushing his teeth. She had changed into a sleep t-shirt and boxer shorts, and noticed that he had done the same in the bathroom. As they snuggled up in the large sleeping bag, Lois said, "Clark, I really like your friends. This weekend has been almost perfect."

"Almost perfect, Lois? Why not perfect?" he said with a smile.

"Well, there is just one thing that I wanted to do this weekend that I haven't gotten to do yet."

"Name it, Lois. We can try to do it tomorrow before we leave."

"No, actually, I was thinking about doing it tonight. I don't think I can wait till tomorrow."

"Tonight?" he asked seriously. "It's 1:30 in the morning. Everyone's going to sleep. What could you possibly want to do tonight?"

"This," she said simply and drew him in for a long kiss.

As their kisses became more passionate, Clark slowly pulled back, obviously torn. "Lois, we can't do this. I mean, geez, what if someone hears us?"

"Well, we'll have to be real quiet, then," she whispered in his ear, "Shhh."

She gently sucked on his earlobe, then kissed lightly down his neck. She could hear his breathing quicken, matching her own.

She moved so that she was on top of him and feathered light kisses along his jaw, and then down his throat. As she migrated her kisses down to his chest, she heard him give a soft moan. Clark pulled her head back up to his, and, as their lips met, and tongues intertwined, she felt as if she would never get enough of the taste of his mouth.

As he moved to kiss the sensitive spot behind her ear, he suddenly stopped, distracted. "Lois, we can't. Not everyone's asleep yet, I can hear voices coming from their tents."

"Clark, they're probably doing the same thing we are, and besides, the tents are far enough away from each other that they won't be able to hear us, even if you can hear them. Now don't make me take drastic measures."

Clark squirmed as Lois tickled his ribs. It constantly amazed him that bullets could bounce off his chest, but one touch from Lois would send shockwaves through his body. And when she was *trying* to get a response, well, watch out.

"Lois, I can't concentrate in here when I can hear voices outside." Clark's mind was racing. He didn't know how much longer he could resist her after all the covert touching at the campfire, but he wasn't totally comfortable making love to her with so many people around.

*Darn that superhearing*, Lois thought. *If only he could turn it off.*

Following that train of thought, Lois had an idea. Before they were married, she had often wondered about what would happen if Clark heard a cry for help while the two of them were in bed. Would he stop in the middle and change into the suit? Could he be that strong, to tear himself away from her? But during their honeymoon, she had noticed something special about him. It seemed the more intimately involved the two of them were, the more his superpowers seemed to leave him. She remembered how surprised Clark had been when that other couple caught them kissing passionately on the side of a secluded trail. He hadn't heard them coming at all, he later told her. She also remembered about how, while making love at home a few weeks ago, he tried to levitate them off the bed and found he couldn't maintain his altitude.

*Hmm, if I can distract him enough, no force on earth will break his concentration.*

"What are you worried about, Clark?" Lois teased, drawing light patterns around his chest with her fingertip. "We *are* married, you know. And they already know what an animal you were on our honeymoon."

Clark tried unsuccessfully to stifle a small groan, then laughed nervously. "Don't remind me. But I'm not about to listen in on their tents to find out if they're doing the same thing or if they can hear us. I'm not a voyeur, and I'm not an exhibitionist."

In answer, Lois slowly moved her open palms along his stomach, then upward across the muscles in his chest. As Clark caught his breath, she whispered, "Clark, you spend a good part of every day in a blue spandex suit that very nicely shows off your … attributes. So don't try to tell me you're not an exhibitionist."

"Lois, that's …" He started to defend himself but she interrupted.

"Shhh, Clark, no talking. Someone might hear you, remember?" This time she didn't allow him to protest, making sure his mouth was occupied. Finally coming up for air, she placed a finger over his lips. "Remember, not a sound, my love."

Peppering his chest with wet kisses, she massaged his strong shoulders, now tense with excitement. As she felt Clark's hands move lightly and swiftly over her shoulders and through her hair, Lois looked up at him. His eyes were closed and he was biting his lip to keep from crying out. His breath was coming fast and hard, but he had obviously taken her seriously about not making any noise.

Encouraged, Lois slowly pushed the bottom of his t-shirt upwards. As she purposefully lowered her head, alternating kisses and licks over his firm stomach and ribs, she knew his resolve was almost gone. Finally, she had her answer.

"Oh, baby … yes," he moaned.

Lois slowly slid her body upwards against his, till they were face to face. His eyes had that familiar intensity, and she kissed him, once, then again.

"Still hearing voices, Clark?" she asked breathlessly.

"Only yours, Lois," he answered as he reached up beneath her t-shirt, running his hands along her smooth skin. "Only yours."

As Lois closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation, she knew that neither of them would be hearing anything else besides their own quick breathing and racing heartbeats for quite some time.


They awoke in the morning to bright sunshine and the smell of breakfast cooking. Holding hands, they joined their friends around the picnic table.

"How'd you sleep, Lois?" Cindy asked. "Do you think you'll ever come camping with us again?"

Lois smiled warmly at Clark, images from the previous night flooding her mind. "Oh, I think we will *definitely* make this an annual event."