More Season's Greedings

By Dorothy Nelder (

Summary: A few romantic moments between Lois and Clark on Christmas Eve. (A continuation of the episode "Season's Greedings.")

Okay, okay, okay … This is later than I had expected it to be, but with Christmas and all, I was too busy to finish it until just now. Since this is my first story, feedback is encouraged, but be kind … please!

Original Story by Dean Cain. Additional Scenes by Dorothy Nelder.


As the carolers' last note drifted off into the frosty air, Clark didn't know whether to be upset or thankful for their presence. They had been leading up to a memorable moment in front of the tree, but they were still together — not quite in each other's arms, but together. Most importantly, Lois had made the first move. After so long, dreaming about her; wishing, hoping that they would come together in something more than friendship … it was almost too good to be true. It was almost the perfect Christmas.

"It's getting cold outside," Lois remarked, starting to shiver.

Clark immediately stepped back and closed the window. "What are you doing with the window open? It's December. It's practically snowing out! And in that dress—"

"What's wrong with my dress?"

"Nothing. Nothing's wrong with it. The dress is beautiful. You're beautiful. But you're also totally freezing. Are you trying to catch pneumonia?"

"I … I … " Lois stuttered. "I was waiting for Superman. I know he said he couldn't to come, but I was still hoping. Speaking of not coming, where were you earlier? I thought you were on your way to Smallville. Superman took us over to the orphanage to deliver the rest of the toys. Danielle and all of the other children really loved their presents."

"I was … on the phone … with my parents … in Smallville. Telling them I wouldn't be home for Christmas."

"Oh Clark, you gave all of that up for me? I know how much your family means to you."

"There's no place I'd rather be than right here with you."

Lois's thoughts spun out of control. What was he saying? There had been times she wondered if he didn't think of her as more than a friend. He said he lied about being in love with her, that he would have said anything to keep her from marrying Lex. "But maybe that was a lie," Lois muttered under her breath.

Drat! Clark wished he had been using his super hearing. It sounded like she said "maybe that was a lie." Could Lois finally be realizing how he really felt about her?

Sensing the tension that was now permeating the air, Clark thought a change of subject was in order. "Why don't we eat. The turkey's probably starting to get cold."

"Good idea." Lois seized the chance to move away from Clark. Being near him was too distracting. It almost got her to thinking … thoughts no one would have about someone who was just a friend. It was just the atmosphere, the gift, the spirit of the season. Lois could think of a hundred reasons she was feeling this way. She wasn't really in lo … lo … Nah. It couldn't be true.

As Clark re-lit the candles, Lois got the carving knife out of the kitchen.

"Would you do the honors, Clark?" Lois said, motioning to the turkey.

"I'd love to." Taking the knife, he began to carve.


As they were eating, Clark began to think. Munching a piece of turkey, he mused about the night, Lois's surprisingly good dinner dinner, her reaction to his presence, and most importantly the almost-kiss. Darn those carolers. But it was wonderful spending the holiday with Lois. He really, truly loved her, with all his heart. And she didn't seem to mind that Clark showed up instead of Superman. In fact he seemed to prefer it that way. Clark was glad. He had almost shown up as Superman, even flying past her window, but in the end, he couldn't do it. It was so much easier to talk to Lois when he was Superman, but he loved her too much to continue on like this. Maybe it was time to confess everything. Tell her how much he loved her, and tell her that he was Superman.


"Yes, Clark."

"I have a confession to make."

"A confession?"

"Yes, and it's important."

"You mean you're hiding something important from me? I thought I was your best friend, your partner?"


"I mean, hiding the globe of Superman's was bad enough, but keeping another secret?" Lois rose from her seat, unable to contain her anger. She knew she shouldn't be making this big of a deal over this. For all she knew it could be nothing. Her feelings were already in turmoil over the conflicting feelings she was having about Clark. "Lying! How could you do that to me!"

"Lois, calm down. It's not exactly a lie. I … I have to tell you this now. It's too important to put off."

"Fine, Clark." She sat down, crossing her arms in front of her. "Go ahead, confess."

"I don't know how to tell you this. But … I … " He looked around the room, at the table, at Lois. If she was this upset at just the thought of a secret … He couldn't do it, couldn't tell her. "I … I'm allergic to yams."

"Yams?! Yams? Your big important secret is that you're allergic to yams?" Lois was outraged at the thought. To get her that worked up over nothing!

"I never said it was a big secret, but you went to so much trouble … "

"Ooh!" She got up from the table and stomped over to the living room.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm no longer hungry."

"Because I can't eat your yams? Lois!"

"It has nothing to do with yams. Or you." Sitting down on the couch, Lois picked up the remote and turned on the television. "Oh look," her expression softened to a smile. "'It's a Wonderful Life' is on!"

If he lived to be 100, Clark could never keep up with Lois's ever-changing moods. "You want to watch 'It's A Wonderful Life?'"

"Yes, Clark. Is there something wrong with that?"

"No, it just doesn't seem like you. The movie's too sentimental. I never pictured you as a fan of happily-ever-after endings."

"Well, as it so happens this is one of my favorite movies. Now, are you going to join me?" She patted the couch next to her, "Or are you just going to stand there all night."

"Fine. We'll watch the movie." Clark sat down and they were soon lost in the story of the Christmas classic.


As Jimmy Stewart ran down the street, Clark heard a quiet sob from next to him. "Are you crying?"

"Of course not. Only an idiot cries at a movie," Lois sniffled.

"There's nothing wrong with crying at a movie."

"It's just so sad, and so happy, and … "

Clark slipped his arms around Lois and pulled her close. Lois snuggled into his chest as her tears faded away.

"Mmm, this is nice," Lois whispered sleepily.

"Yeah," Clark rested his head on top of hers. He had had a long day, with all of the fuss over the space rats. That rat gas really packed a punch, even if he was Superman. Not to mention cleaning up the water supply, and pulling the sleigh. And staying away, keeping himself from touching, from holding Lois, well, all that self-control took a lot of energy. Clark yawned, and his eyes slowly closed.


Clark's eyes snapped open, going from a deep sleep to wakefulness in seconds. Then he remembered. He was in Lois's apartment, watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' after not eating Christmas dinner. And Lois was in his arms, like he had dreamed about for so long. Her soft, warm body was snuggled against his chest, and her arms encircled him. Clark could smell the scent of Lois's perfume, nothing fancy, but a scent that was distinctly Lois.

"Mmm," Lois smiled in her sleep, burrowing her head into her pillow. But the object under her head didn't feel like her pillow. It was too hard. Slowly opening her eyes, Lois realized that her "pillow" was Clark's chest. They were cuddled in each other's arms on the couch. "Clark?" she whispered.


"You're awake." She looked up at him and smiled.

"Yep. The movie's over. It's almost midnight."

"Mmm, this is nice." She lowered her head back onto his chest.

"What's nice?" Clark involuntarily held his breath? Could she be feeling what he was?

"Me. You. Us. Being here together. It's nice."

"Yeah," he smiled. "It is." Taking a deep breath, Clark slowly lowered his lips until they were mere inches away from hers. And then a strange rumbling noise stopped him.

"Clark, is that your stomach growling? It sounds like you haven't eaten all day?" It rumbled again. "Honestly, I'll never understand how you can eat so much and stay in such good shape. Come on." She got to her feet. "Let's get you some food. We can reheat dinner in the microwave."

With a silent groan, he followed her.

"This is certainly better than last Christmas. We didn't have much of a celebration then. Not like this year." Lois piled some turkey onto a plate and stuffed it into the microwave. "But we've had a lot of fun together, haven't we?"

"Fun? We haven't exactly spent a lot of time together outside of work."

"But we've had fun while we were working. Like at the Smallville Corn Festival, or when we were playing in the Honeymoon Suite of the Lexor Hotel … or … or … " The microwave beeped. "I guess we haven't spent much time just being together, having fun together. We should."

"Well, we're here together now," Clark said as Lois got the turkey out of the microwave. "Just the two of us. And we've got a Christmas feast: hot turkey … "

"Warm wine, cold yams," Lois laughed.

"It doesn't matter, as long as we're together." Clark reached out and gently stroked her cheek. "Come on, let's eat."

"Wait! Before we eat, I need to tell you … I've never told you this before, but I really appreciate all you've done for me. You've been a great friend, even when I don't deserve it. You've been patient, and considerate … You even tried to save me from myself, to stop me from marrying Lex. But throughout all of this, you've been my friend, no matter what."

"What about Superman?"

"What about him? He's a great guy, and I really like him. I even thought I was in love with him. But he's not always here when I need a friend. Sure, he appears when my life's in danger, but what about the rest of the time? It's you, Clark. You're always here. You're my best friend and there's nothing I wouldn't do for you." She hesitated. "But I'm scared. I don't want to lose my best friend if something goes wrong."

"No matter what happens, we will always be friends."

"But is it possible, I mean, to be more?"

"It's midnight on Christmas Eve. Anything is possible." Instantly insecure, he hesitated for a moment.

Lois smiled, stepping closer to Clark. Her fingers trailed along his forearms before slowly moving up his arms to caress his biceps. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's explore the possibilities."

The first kiss was soft and gentle, hesitantly unsure. "Lois," Clark whispered against her mouth, "I've been dreaming about this for so long."

In response, Lois deepened this kiss, saying what she couldn't find the words to express. "Clark!" she gasped, as they both lost control. Their mouths fused, bodies melding together with a passion too long denied. The kiss grew longer, hotter, rougher. Clark's hands caressed her back, pulling her closer could no longer tell where he ended and she began.

Clark felt an acute sense of disappointment when Lois broke off the kiss, gasping for air.

"I, I" she panted. "You're not winded."

"Uh," Clark's passion-clouded mind searched for a reasonable excuse.

"Boy, you must be really good at holding your breath," she teased.

He laughed self-consciously. If she only knew.

"As much as I'm enjoying this, I, I think we're moving too fast." She tried to break away but found herself imprisoned in his arms.

"You're right." Clark released her and took a step backward. "This, this, whatever we have is too good to spoil by rushing."

Lois smiled. There wasn't any other man as understanding as her partner. "Come on," she reached for his hand and dragged him into the living room. "There's an all-night Christmas movie marathon on. We're missing 'Miracle on 34th Street.'"

Yep, Clark thought, following her. This was definitely a perfect Christmas.