Proposal Pondering

By Kelly K. Lobdell (

Summary: Lois weighs her alternatives and even makes a special list before coming up with an answer for Clark in this continuation of the episode "And the Answer Is …"

*note-this takes place after the proposal so you know the setting. This is just one of the many ways Lois could react.

This is my first ever attempt at fanfic writing though I have written lots of essays and poems for English class and the like. I would really appreciate any comments or criticisms you have. I hope you enjoy it. So now without any further interruption I give you: "Proposal Pondering."


"Lois Lane, will you marry me?" Clark asked.

Lois looked down into Clark's expectant eyes as the rain fell upon them. She knew she loved him, but was she ready for this sort of commitment? "Clark," Lois began, "I really need some time to think. It's not because I don't love you, I love you with all my heart. It's just that it is such a big decision, deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone."

Clark nodded in agreement as his face fell. After all, he had had plenty of time to decide to propose and here he was asking her to make the same decision in three minutes. "I understand completely, Lois," he said. "Take as much time as you need. I won't pressure you." Clark just hoped she wouldn't take too long. "Would you like me to walk you home?" Clark asked.

"Thanks," Lois replied. "but I need some time with myself." She hoped Clark would not mind that much.

"Oh that's OK," said Clark sounding disappointed.

Lois sensed his disappointment and wasn't sure whether or not to change her mind. She loved how protected she felt when he put his arm around her. It felt like nothing wrong could ever happen to her. She finally decided that maybe it would be nice to have Clark walk her home. She'd think about the proposal later. "No, never mind. I would love for you to walk me home."

As Lois and Clark walked back to Lois's apartment in the slowing rain, not much was said. Lois just thought about Clark and how happy he made her feel. Clark just thought about how much he loved Lois and how badly he wanted her to say yes. When they arrived at Lois's door they shared a strained good night kiss, and both Lois and Clark knew it was not one of their better kisses.

Lois headed directly for her bathroom. She was exhausted and could really use a nice, hot shower. The combination of perfumed soap and steamy water relaxed her and she washed her hair and body. She stepped out of the shower, wrapped herself in a towel, and began a short-lived search for a pair of pajamas. She found one of Clark's oversized T-shirts he had accidentally left at her apartment awhile ago and soon changed into it. It was warm and comfortable and reminded her of Clark.

Lois was worn out and proceeded to crawl into bed. She tried to go to sleep because she knew she had to get up early, but she just couldn't. Lois pictured the wedding. She would have an outdoor wedding in early June. It would be a warm, romantic day and flowers would be blooming, creating a pleasant fragrance. Clark's parents, Perry, Jimmy, Lucy, and Superman, *if he could make it*, would all be there along with the rest of their closest friends and family. All the bride's maids would be dressed in yellow southern bell dresses like in "Gone With The Wind." Lois would be a sight of beauty. Her white dress would be made of silk and lace and not *too* revealing. Clark would be as handsome as a prince in his tuxedo, wearing a smile that lit up his entire face. The ceremony would be beautiful. Then would come the vows and as Clark was supposed to say "I do" a problem would suddenly arise. He would suddenly remember that he had a load of laundry in his non- existent dryer and he did not want his delicates to shrink. Or he would remember that he had promised to take his neighbor's best friend's uncle's half-sister's dog, Spot, to get a flea dip, but not to worry because he would bring back some frozen yogurt. Anyway, Clark would run off in the middle ceremony, leaving Lois alone and humiliated at the altar. "Don't be ridiculous, Lois," she said to herself. "Clark would *never* do that. Would he? No, of course not. Get a grip, girl. Not only are you being absurd, but you are talking to yourself." Lois finished reprimanding herself.

Lois started to think about Clark and how he made her feel, and how much he cared about her and loved her. She thought about how nice it would be to come home to someone instead of an empty apartment and a fish. She thought about how wonderful it would be to be with him all the time. She thought about what a great father he could make one day and how patient and understanding he was. He put up with all her moods and her attitude. Now that was love. Most of all, Lois thought about how much she loved Clark and how much he loved her. A person could have only one love like that. Lois finally decided yes, she was going to marry Clark, but she had to find just the right way to tell him. Lois thought about how to tell him for awhile and at last, thought of the perfect way. Lois could not wait until the next day to do it. Lois was so nervous about tomorrow she could not fall asleep. After 45 minutes of waiting she finally fell asleep with thoughts of Clark on her mind.

The alarm rudely woke Lois up at 5:30 a.m. Lois looked defiantly at the clock. It can't be 5:30 already. This clock must be broken. All of a sudden Lois remembered what she was going to do today and became very exited. She apologized to the clock for questioning its authority and asked it to please speed up. Lois ate breakfast, got dressed, and was ready with 10 minutes extra. (record time)

Lois arrived at work early and found a slow news day. Except for the kidnapping of Clark's parents, Metropolis had been quiet last night. Lois decided that the calm mood of the newsroom would probably work to her benefit. Lois turned on her computer and got to work on the task at hand. She began to write out a list of names: Mrs. Lois Lane-Kent, Mrs. Clark Lane-Kent, Ms. Lois Lane-Kent, Mrs. Clark Kent, Lois Lane- Kent, Lois Kent, Lois Kent-Lane, Clark Lane, Clark Kent- Lane. She erased the last two. "Clark will never go for those," she thought with a smile.

Clark entered the newsroom and gave Lois a shy smile.

"Get your guts together, girl," Lois thought. "It's now or never, unless I wait until after lunch. No, its *now*. Just do it. OK, here goes," Lois finished her internal debate. Lois took a deep breath. "Clark, can you come over here? It will just take a second."

"Just a sec. OK." Clark walked over trying to look casual. "What is it?" Clark asked.

Lois began. "I have a question to ask you. I was wondering if you could help me out."

"I guess so. What is it?"

Lois printed out the list. "You see, I have a few choices here and I can't decide. Which one do you like?" she asked Clark handing over the list of names.

Clark's face lit up. "Does this mean what I think it means?" he asked overjoyed after looking at the list..

Lois smiled. "Yes, Clark Kent. I will marry you."

Clark embarrassed Lois and they began kissing passionately at Lois's desk in the newsroom.

"Much better than last night's kiss," Lois thought but kept to herself.

Lois and Clark broke their kiss reluctantly. Clark asked, "Do you think we should tell Perry now?"

Lois replied yes.

Hand in hand they proceeded to Perry's office. "Oh Perry," Lois said in a cheerful voice, "have we got a story for you."


I hope you enjoyed my story even though its short. I'm almost 16 and I have never done this before. Comments and criticisms can be send to: