Two of a Kind

By Joe Crowe (

Summary: Lex Luthor teams up with Bruce Wayne, forming a new charity organization to cure the world's ills. But plans falter when Luthor Industries comes under attack, and suspicion is cast upon … Bruce Wayne. A "first-season" story in script form in which Superman and Batman finally meet cape to cape.




The Planet office is buzzing, with numerous staffers bustling around, going about their business. Planet editor PERRY WHITE appears outside his office, on the stoop just above the fray. A TV news report can just be heard above the din.

PERRY (bellowing) LOIS! KENT!

TV disaster just averted by the timely arrival of Superman, who uprighted the tanker truck and doused the chemical fire. Superman then helped the paramedics with the injured driver, then flew out of sight. Back to you, Pam.

LOIS LANE Right here, Chief!

LANE rises from her desk and makes her way to WHITE. CLARK KENT enters the newsroom at a brisk run, straightening his tie.

CLARK KENT I'm here, Chief.

WHITE Lex Luthor has called a press conference for this afternoon to announce a joint operation between Luthor Industries and an investor and businessman from Gotham City, Bruce Wayne. Wayne is in town to meet with Lex and he'll be at the conference. I want you two to get down there and see what's going on—maybe get me an interview with Wayne.

JIMMY OLSEN climbs the steps to Perry's office carrying a box of doughnuts.

OLSEN It's all pretty hushed up; nobody knows what to make of it. Both those guys have big corporations and lots of influence. One news show called Wayne the "Lex Luthor of Gotham City."

WHITE stares at JIMMY, perplexed. LOIS and CLARK scribble some notes.

CLARK Chief, Wayne never gives interviews. He pretty much keeps to himself, even in his home city.

PERRY Well, that's why you two are *investigative* reporters. Now get on down there and see what you can come up with.

CAT GRANT walks across, behind LOIS.

CAT And you can get a chance to chit-chat with your rich boyfriend, Lois.

LOIS (gives Cat a withering glance) Lex and I have had dinner a few times, Cat. He is not my boyfriend.

CAT is already all the way across the newsroom, leaving.

CAT (in a sing-song voice) What-ever!

CLARK grins as he and LOIS grab some items from their desks.

CLARK I wonder what Luthor has up his sleeve this time…

LOIS Oh, Clark. You act like Lex is some super villain or something.

FADE OUT to opening credits…


The camera pans across a throng of reporters seated before a podium. In the back of the room, TV cameras are set up and photographers ready their cameras. LOIS and CLARK can be seen three rows back. LEX LUTHOR enters and makes his way to the podium as cameras flash.

LEX LUTHOR Good day, everyone. Let's get started. Allow me to introduce a visitor to our fair city, Mr. Bruce Wayne.

Camera flashes again as BRUCE WAYNE enters, and crosses to LUTHOR. They shake hands and both sit.

LUTHOR Mr. Wayne and I are here today to announce a project which we feel will have a dramatic impact on not only Metropolis and Gotham City, but the entire world. You are all aware of the many problems facing our society today. Hunger, famine, warfare, violence in our streets, the education crisis, disease. One man can not do it all; one man cannot save the world.

LUTHOR (smirks) …not even Superman.

The crowd laughs genially. Clark is seized by a loud coughing fit.

LUTHOR But two men can try. With the vast resources that our individual operations have access to, we can, and have, done our best. But that hasn't been good enough. Until now. Mr. Wayne and I are now in the process of pooling our resources on various and sundry projects into a unified whole. A team-up, if you will. Bruce?

WAYNE Um, thanks. Mr. Luthor and I will be combining the efforts of our operations in our offices in our home cities and around the world. Our investment in this venture is a great one, but no amount of money is too large, if even one person is helped.

LUTHOR This great undertaking begins effective immediately. Mr. Wayne and I are together on this; for the future of this planet, we have banded together. With our talents and resources combined, we will be the world's finest team.

Luthor and Wayne stand and shake hands again, all smiles. The cameras and flashbulbs capture it all, and the crowd of reporters rise to their feet, hollering questions.

LUTHOR That's all for now, everyone. Good afternoon.

Luthor and Wayne retire backstage. Lois and Clark are swept up in the crowd, then a dark-suited man in shades intercepts Lois.

MAN Mr. Luthor would like to see you. Please follow me.

Clark follows. Backstage, Luthor is seated. Wayne stands.

LUTHOR How was your flight?

WAYNE I drove.

LOIS and CLARK are escorted in.

LUTHOR Hello, Lois. (dourly at Clark, then in a normal tone) …Mr. Kent. Bruce, these two are journalists from the Daily Planet.

Wayne greets them, shaking Clark's hand. For a moment their eyes lock, then Luthor calls their attention.

LUTHOR Lois, this is the biggest operation I've ever been involved in. I want you to have the exclusive. Bruce can give you an interview, say, tomorrow? I must insist, however, that we have dinner tonight at Chez Pierre.

LOIS (smiling) Well, if you insist.

WAYNE I'll be there as well. Is Mr. Kent invited?

KENT and LUTHOR Uh…well…I don't…

WAYNE Great! I'll see you all tonight.

WAYNE exits. LOIS and CLARK gather their notes. Luthor's man NIGEL enters.

LOIS We have to get back to the Planet with this, Lex. See you tonight.

LOIS and CLARK exit.

NIGEL Sir, I must say I find it hard to believe that you are trusting this Mr. Wayne with such a dramatic undertaking.

LUTHOR Nigel, Nigel. I am trusting Bruce Wayne with NOTHING. Soon I will have more power than I once dreamed—and the world will thank me.

CUT TO: WAYNE inside a limousine. The stately British driver speaks.

DRIVER Are you sure you know what you are getting into?

WAYNE Not yet—but neither does Lex Luthor. Alfred, let's go to work.

Interior, night: The restaurant Chez Pierre, with clientele and servers milling about. The camera pans across the room. A wide glass wall leads to a back deck, also filled with people. Seated at a table far in the back are LEX LUTHOR, BRUCE WAYNE, LOIS LANE, and CLARK KENT. Luthor is picking at his dinner and balancing his chin in one hand as he gazes into the distance.

CLARK …but I haven't been in Metropolis very long. It's a very exciting place. All the big-city life, the excitement, all the fascinating places and people-

LUTHOR —swimming pools, movie stars. Mr. Kent, I'm sure Mr. Wayne is *completely* enthralled by your ever- so-eloquent spinning of your *fascinating* life story-

BRUCE That's funny, Clark, I did a lot of travelling before I returned home to Gotham myself. I was in France for awhile, worked with a Pierre-

CLARK and BRUCE Dumont.

LUTHOR drops his fork. CLARK and BRUCE chat amiably as LOIS finishes a bite.

LOIS Lex, how long have you and Bruce been working on this "team-up?"

LUTHOR We've been aware of each other's work for quite some time, but our paths have never crossed. It seemed high time for two men such as us to meet, and I don't think we could have come up with a better project than this one. Now, Lois—let's not discuss business. There will be plenty of time for that tomorrow. Tonight we celebrate.

LUTHOR pours himself and LOIS a glass, and offers to BRUCE and CLARK. They wave it off. LUTHOR looks into LOIS' eyes.

LUTHOR To us… (catches himself) To Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne, the world's—

While Lex is doing this, Clark turns his head toward the door. His hearing picks up—gun clips being loaded. He stands abruptly.

CLARK Get down.

LOIS Clark, what are you—

The front doors of the restaurant fly open. A half dozen masked and armed men carrying machine pistols burst in and open fire into the air, riddling the wall. Panic ensues as the crowds of people drop to the floor. The men overturn tables and shove people aside. One of the men motions to the others; they all then stand over the crowd with their guns drawn.

GUNMAN We're here for Lex Luthor! Mr. Luthor, if you will come with us, we will harm no one.

LOIS, CLARK, and LUTHOR kneel behind their table. LUTHOR stands slowly.

LOIS Lex! What are you doing?!

LUTHOR I have no choice.

He walks slowly toward the HEAD GUNMAN, hands up.

CLARK They came after HIM, Lois. I don't think they'll hurt him. I've got to find some way to help.

LOIS What do you mean? You don't—oh my God! Where's Bruce?

The large glass wall overlooking the back deck shatters from the outside. A figure cloaked in black crashes through. The gunmen gape as the cloaked figure closes on them. The astonished crowd watches in silence.


The man brushes back his cloak, unarms the gunman, and socks him in the face, knocking him to the ground.


The remaining GUNMEN open fire. BATMAN twitches to the side once or twice. Tight-lipped, he strides resolutely toward them. He grabs their guns, karate chops, kicks, bonks their heads together, flings them into the wall and across the room. Then he surveys the scene as LEX LUTHOR stands, eyeing him. Alarms sound in the distance, drawing closer.

BATMAN Enjoy your dinner.

He then exits the way he came in. CLARK is right behind him suddenly, and stares out the shattered wall, finding nothing. The crowd slowly begins to stand. LOIS and LUTHOR are speaking. BRUCE WAYNE appears amidst the crowd, assisting them. CLARK makes his way to BRUCE.

BRUCE I ducked around a corner and called the police on my cel-phone. Good thing I was here, huh?

CLARK (worriedly) This operation has made Luthor a target. You're next.

PREVIOUSLY ON LOIS & CLARK: "TWO OF A KIND": Lex Luthor teamed up with Bruce Wayne to pool their resources, ostensibly on a grand project to try to solve the world's ills. However, each had a hidden agenda. Luthor's, to use Wayne to increase his own power, and Wayne's, to uncover Luthor's plan.

Fade in—interior, Daily Planet newsroom, day. The PLANET'S front page fills the screen. It reads "DARK KNIGHT IN METROPOLIS." Then the camera pulls back to reveal PERRY WHITE looking over the paper and nodding appreciatively.

PERRY This is good work, Lois. Sure stirs something new into this stew, what with *two* visitors from Gotham City in Metropolis now. Have you found out anything else?

LOIS is shuffling papers at her desk. CLARK looks up from his desk.

LOIS I put all we know in that story, Chief. It's a good thing Batman was there, though. If something had happened to Lex, so soon after the announcement, the entire operation might have been in trouble.

CLARK What time is Bruce supposed to be here for his interview, Lois?

LOIS (sipping coffee) We said nine; it's eight now, and I'm sure he's a night person.

The elevator dings. BRUCE WAYNE and ALFRED arrive. They step off the elevator and BRUCE spots LOIS across the newsroom.

BRUCE Miss Lane?

LOIS nearly spills her coffee, then sets it down without incident. She walks to BRUCE and ALFRED. CLARK is already there, greeting them.

BRUCE Clark, Lois, this is my associate Alfred. Where do we start?

CAT GRANT appears suddenly, inserting herself between LOIS and BRUCE.

CAT You can start with me, Mr. Wayne.

BRUCE Well—have we been introduced?

LOIS (resignedly) This is our society columnist-

CAT Cat.

BRUCE Cat…Cat?

BRUCE says nothing for a couple of beats.


Bruce? BRUCE What? Oh—you remind me of someone.

CAT Someone good…I hope.

BRUCE Well, actually-

LOIS steps between them and extracts BRUCE.

LOIS Mr. Wayne and I have business…Catherine.

LOIS and BRUCE exit. CAT turns to ALFRED. He arches a single eyebrow. She turns to CLARK, who has turned his attention to sirens wailing in the distance.

CLARK I'll be back in a minute, Cat.

CLARK exits. CAT is now alone. She looks down for a moment, then brightens.

CAT Well, this is a rare moment.

As she exits, a TV news report is heard then seen as the newsroom fades.

TV …fire at a Luthor Industries laboratory in the Central Business District. We have no further information at this time, on this, only one day after the announcement of the partnership between Bruce Wayne and…

Fade in to another TV set.

TV …Lex Luthor.

The TV powers off. The camera pulls back to reveal LEX LUTHOR seated in his office. NIGEL places the remote control on his desk.

LUTHOR Nigel, do you think me unwise?

NIGEL Why, no sir, I…

LUTHOR The kidnap attempt last night, now this. Taking two punches to get in one, so to speak. Notice that neither Mr. Wayne nor his interests have been threatened.

NIGEL Should we be concerned about Batman, sir?

LUTHOR I have experience enough with *one* caped do- gooder. What trouble should *two* cause me?

Fade out.

Fade in: An enclosed office in the Planet newsroom. Outside the Planet buzzes as usual. Inside, LOIS is interviewing BRUCE WAYNE, who is finishing a sentence as LOIS takes notes.

BRUCE …and Luthor contacted me a few weeks ago. This project is like a contribution that I feel I must make. I'm sure you are familiar with my philanthropic works in Gotham, as I was familiar with Lex's here in Metropolis. It seems I've found someone of like mind in Luthor—we want the same things, and we both have the resources to make this happen.

LOIS clicks a button on her microcassette recorder.

LOIS Thank you very much, Bruce. What you've told me, though, is already a matter of public record. I'd really like to know more about this.

BRUCE This is only a feature article, not an investigation, right? I don't have any secrets, Ms. Lane.

LOIS Sorry. Just instinct, I guess. I'm more accustomed to crime, intrigue, strange creatures in the night. Speaking of that…

LOIS clicks on her recorder.

LOIS …what can you tell me about Batman?

BRUCE (smiles) Gotham is a very big city, Lois. What haven't you heard?

LOIS The coincidence, you know, that BOTH of you would-

BRUCE Lois, I *would* like to speak to you. Clark should hear this also. May I ask him to come in?

BRUCE stands and opens the office door. ALFRED is right there.

ALFRED Mr. Kent stepped out as you began your interview. He seemed to be in quite a rush.

BRUCE and LOIS leave the office. ALFRED returns to a chair seated near the newsroom's large window, then addresses BRUCE and LOIS.

ALFRED Several interesting events during the two and one half hoursyou have been sequestered.

ALFRED points into the distance. Several clouds of smoke can be seen across the cityscape. ALFRED looks directly at BRUCE.

ALFRED Thirty minute intervals—all Luthor holdings.

ALFRED then turns away from the window. JIMMY OLSEN enters, very hurried.

JIMMY Superman was everywhere. There's one at the free clinic now.

ALFRED looks at his watch sternly, then at BRUCE, and nods.

LOIS I'm going. Tell Clark when you see him that-

BRUCE May I join you?

Cut away to the emergency scene. A crowd has gathered and there is a police cordon. Fires blaze out of several windows. LOIS and BRUCE nudge their way to the cordon, but an officer blocks their way. Just then a wind picks up, a funnel cloud, and the fire is drawn from the building. Cheers as a red- and- blue figure then soars away into the distance.

BRUCE watches him. As the crowd disperses he and LOIS walk down the street.

BRUCE That was amazing. Metropolis is lucky to have someone like him.

LOIS Well, you have Batman.

BRUCE Not the same. Not really.

VOICE Lois! Wait up!

LOIS Clark! When did you get here?

CLARK Never mind now—Luthor's on TV!

They stop before a television set suspended in an open-air mall.

LUTHOR (on TV) …fortunate indeed that Superman was on hand to help us. I am once more in his debt. I have discovered that these are NOT merely coincidences— only properties of mine have been attacked. I have not spoken to Mr. Wayne since last night. I hope to reach him soon; at that time I will have more news for you all. Thank you.

BRUCE continues to stare at the screen as the news continues the report.

BRUCE Meet me tonight at my hotel.

LOIS Where are you going now?

BRUCE (glares at the TV screen) To take a meeting.

Fade in—LUTHOR'S office, interior, day. LUTHOR is standing at his window, looking across the city. His door opens, and he turns. It's BRUCE WAYNE.

LUTHOR Bruce. I've hoped I would hear from you. You've been unreachable.

WAYNE You knew I was at the Planet with Lane. You should have contacted me.

LUTHOR I didn't *plan* these incidents, Bruce. When a pattern developed, I assumed you would approve of my going to the public with what I knew.

WAYNE Which is?

LUTHOR Like I reported. My investments only were attacked. In fact — YOUR employees were not injured. I was afraid that the coincidence of that would change public opinion about this project. So I acted. Superman's actions prevented major destruction, thankfully. But it is obvious that someone has it out for me.

WAYNE Tomorrow night is the children's hospital opening. Our first official joint operation. A very public function. We should—

LUTHOR is looking at a timepiece on the wall.

LUTHOR A full hour since the free clinic fire, and no further incidents. Perhaps that crisis is finished.

WAYNE For now.

LUTHOR reaches into a drawer, producing a file with a sheaf of papers inside.

LUTHOR I've collected all our documentation herein. I can trust no one else with this knowledge. In the event of one of our deaths, these are the complete plans we have drawn up pertaining to our operation. You must agree that the safest place for this is here in my office.

WAYNE I see your reason for the hard copy—volatile, but more difficult to duplicate than a computer file.

LUTHOR Yes, even the toughest security codes can be cracked. No one would suspect a stack of papers sitting in a drawer. And besides— you and I are the only ones who know they exist.

WAYNE I…have other business. I'll see you at the opening tomorrow.

WAYNE exits. A smile crosses LUTHOR's face briefly. Then he presses a button on his desk phone.

LUTHOR Urgent that I speak with you tonight, Lois.

Cut to: Daily Planet, exterior, later that afternoon. CLARK and LOIS are exiting the building.

LOIS I didn't tell Lex about our meeting with Bruce right now. We can see Bruce at his hotel first, then meet Lex at his office.

CLARK You think Luthor is plotting something against Wayne?

LOIS I think I don't know what to think, Clark! There's been nothing in any of these situations implying anything but Lex's innocence.

CLARK As usual…

LOIS What did you say?

CLARK There's something more than just a business deal with two very rich men here.

LOIS And *I'm* going to find out what!

CLARK I hate when you get that look, Lois…

LOIS grins.

Cut to: Interior, WAYNE's hotel room. ALFRED stands. BRUCE is working with a briefcase, opened to reveal a complete computer terminal.

WAYNE This will do, but it's not like our setup at home.

ALFRED Yes; not a dank, depressing, rodent-filled hole in the ground indeed.

BRUCE does not comment, then finishes his work and leans back.

WAYNE Luthor's clean. Every search, every contact. Nothing.

The doorbell rings. WAYNE closes his briefcase and LOIS and CLARK enter. He jumps up to meet them, and ALFRED closes the door.

WAYNE I thought I'd have something more to tell you by the time you got here, but I can only give you my suspicions. Luthor is involved in these "accidents" somehow. I believe he is trying to get to me somehow, as well.

WAYNE walks to the door and ALFRED follows.

WAYNE But right now I have to run an errand. We'll talk soon.

ALFRED (to Bruce quietly as he exits) You realize that this is a trap.

WAYNE Of course. I'm—

ALFRED shuts the door and returns to find LOIS and CLARK giving each other concerned looks.

Fade in: exterior, night. Camera pans across the Metropolis skyline and stops on the roof of a skyscraper as a voice is heard through a transmitter. The voice is LUTHOR's.

LUTHOR …worry too much, Nigel. He cannot resist liberating that folder from this office. He assumes it will give him the upper hand. The documents inside it that I have forged and copied, incriminating Bruce Wayne, will be of use to me when the folder "turns up" missing—as I'm positive it will.

Camera pulls back to reveal a device that is receiving the transmission. Listening intently to it is BATMAN. He folds up the apparatus, then walks to the edge of the skyscraper. He throws the end of a line over the edge of the building, ties it off, then climbs over.

The camera pans down several stories of the building to an office. From the outside one can see LUTHOR and NIGEL. LOIS and CLARK then enter the office.

Cut to: inside that office.

LUTHOR I'm glad you could make it, Lois. I have something very important to tell you. If my suspicions are correct, Mr. Wayne is behind all these attacks on my holdings. His plan seems so obvious—attack me, leave his own interests unharmed, but I am sure there is more to it.

LOIS But why?

LUTHOR I wish I knew, Lois. Greed, thirst for power. However, I have set up a sting. Today we met, and I showed him a folder containing all the pertaining to our project. I told him its location, and said he and I were the only ones who knew of its existence.

CLARK Why would he need that, Luthor? He already knows everything!

LUTHOR Mr. Kent, you underestimate me. I've included falsified documents in the folder incriminating myself. But I've designed the papers to appear to be obvious forgeries—if he goes public with them, it will be apparent that they are phony, that he broke in and stole them from me. And I'm revealing this to you, which you may use in your story. His sad scheme will be —

NIGEL enters and whispers something to LUTHOR.

LUTHOR Excuse me.

LUTHOR exits hurriedly. CLARK and LOIS are alone in his office.

LOIS This is incredible. They could BOTH be in on this, and trying to fool each other! Or they could be together and trying to fool-

CLARK It's like a they're playing a game, like some chess match.

LUTHOR reenters.

LUTHOR Come with me. The game is afoot.

CLARK looks at LOIS and raises an eyebrow. They follow LUTHOR.

Cut to the interior of LUTHOR's office as the three of them enter. LUTHOR walks to his desk.

LUTHOR None of the security devices tripped, except a single motion sensor on the roof of the building. Nothing in the office disturbed or damaged. And see here—

He withdraws the folder from a drawer.

LUTHOR I treated the pages with a coloring agent which dyed them in the event of their being photographed.

CLARK lowers his glasses and peers through the wall. He sees a dark shape climb up the building.

CLARK Excuse me. I just remembered a late appointment.

LOIS watches him go, then turns to LUTHOR.

LUTHOR I have him, Lois.

Cut to: the roof of the Luthor building. BATMAN's back is to the camera as he retrieves his line. He looks up from his work suddenly. Then hears-

VOICE Excuse me.

BATMAN spins around.

SUPERMAN We have to talk.

Fade in: Exterior, night. The rooftop of the Luthor Industries building. BATMAN and SUPERMAN stand off, wordlessly.

SUPERMAN Why are you in Metropolis?

BATMAN Business.

SUPERMAN I've followed your career—I should take you to prison right now.

BATMAN I was under the impression that vigilantism was *legal* here.

SUPERMAN I *save* lives.

BATMAN I protect the innocent.

SUPERMAN YOU break the law!

BATMAN Criminals break the law. I meet them on their own terms.

SUPERMAN notices the stack of papers BATMAN holds.

SUPERMAN So you're a thief as well.

BATMAN The Wayne and Luthor project has turned. Whoever is responsible will be brought to justice.

BATMAN turns away.

SUPERMAN Then you're after Wayne.

Close-up on BATMAN's eyes, glaring. He spins around.

BATMAN Wayne is innocent. I'm bringing down Luthor—and his employee.


BATMAN You're with Luthor.

SUPERMAN Luthor has been trying to destroy me since I came to Metropolis!


SUPERMAN His hands are clean. I can't prove anything.

BATMAN offers him the papers. SUPERMAN pages through them at super-speed, then looks up.

SUPERMAN This is too easy…he knows Wayne can't go public with these; it would appear obvious that Wayne was setting Luthor up.

BATMAN These documents are an obvious setup. Luthor's flaw is his ego— now I can find the truth.

SUPERMAN I've been trying to do that for a long time.

BATMAN smiles slightly.

BATMAN But I'm Batman.

BATMAN turns to leave.

BATMAN I usually work alone.

BATMAN fires a grappling line and disappears over the edge of the building. SUPERMAN rises into the night sky.

Cut to: interior, night. A darkened executive office. Three MEN in business suits sit around a table. An opened briefcase is on the table before them, full of money. One is conversing on a cel-phone.

MAN …just received it. Everything is in order and proceeding on schedule. Pleasure doing business.

He clicks the phone off.

MAN Paying to have his own stuff blown up.

SECOND MAN (laughing) At least we know his money's good.

THIRD MAN Still, doesn't seem very smart.

From a dark corner of the room…

VOICE Not smart at all.


BATMAN is upon them, and flings the SECOND MAN across the room. He sidesteps a gunshot, then disarms the THIRD MAN, and slams him into the wall. BATMAN lifts the FIRST MAN by the lapels.

BATMAN Your next target.

FIRST MAN Aren't you outside your jurisdiction or something?! Another voice is heard, behind BATMAN. Well, if *that's* your problem…

FIRST MAN The children's hospital opening, tomorrow night!

BATMAN punches the man out. He turns to find SUPERMAN standing behind him. They stare at each other wordlessly. BATMAN offers his hand. Close-up as they shake.

Fade to black.

Fade in. Interior, LUTHOR's office. Early morning. LUTHOR and NIGEL are busy. NIGEL is on the phone, LUTHOR has several newspapers open across his desk. A TV news report is on in the background.

TV NEWS …no fewer than ten attempted crimes halted last night by someone whom eyewitnesses identify as Batman. Several of the witnesses and would-be victims even claim that Superman was also—

LUTHOR doesn't look up from the papers as he clicks off the TV.

LUTHOR "Confidence in Bruce Wayne has lessened dramatically in light of the very public attacks on his new associate…" etc., etc., "is Wayne trying to destroy Lex Luthor?" etc., "Batman secretly mutant son of space aliens."

NIGEL hangs up the phone.

NIGEL It's done, sir. You are now a stockholder in Wayne Enterprises.

LUTHOR Very good. Now, what about our men's "encounter" last night?

NIGEL They revealed the next target.

LUTHOR No matter. Our friends will merely continue to attack symptoms. Let's finish our preparations for tonight at the children's hospital. And Nigel?

LUTHOR reaches under his desk and removes a small item. A close-up reveals a tiny transmitter, shaped like a bat-emblem.

LUTHOR Get rid of this, would you?

Cut to: Daily Planet. PERRY's office. interior, day. CLARK and LOIS are seated. The blinds are drawn, PERRY is leaning forward in his chair.

PERRY 'Course, Clark, we can't run any of this until you get me some facts. Just ran a story today from the police beat practically stringing Wayne up, as far as the evidence they have.

CLARK I know, Chief. But surely you see. It's so obvious that he IS guilty, that…that-

LOIS That he's *not* guilty? Clark, make sense! It's so apparent that Lex is not at fault here that…that-

CLARK That he *is* at fault?

PERRY sits behind his desk, his eyes darting to LOIS, then CLARK, then back to LOIS as they argue. LOIS gives CLARK an exasperated look.

LOIS I can talk to Lex. I think he'll be happy to help me.

CLARK Either way, there's more to this. There has to be.

PERRY stands up and walks to his window, looking out.

PERRY Luthor has done a lot for Metropolis, just like Wayne has done for Gotham City. Both men are publicly good, caring souls. But what about privately? I know Lex has gotten my trousers in a bunch on more than one occasion, but that doesn't mean he's evil.

CLARK begins to interrupt, then holds back.

PERRY And Wayne. What happened to him could scar somebody for life. Bottom line is, what's happened is between those two men. But because of who they are, it involves all of us. Do what you can. Get me facts. Get me a story.

CLARK and LOIS head for the door as PERRY returns to his seat.

PERRY And tell Jimmy to get me lunch!

CLARK and LOIS smile. Cut to: LOIS and CLARK walking down the street from the Planet.

CLARK I have a meeting in a few minutes. What's on your agenda?

LOIS Oh, I just need to run some errands. Have to get ready for the hospital opening tonight.

CLARK Hey—is that Alfred?

ALFRED is sipping a coffee at a table outside a restaurant. His limousine is parked nearby.

ALFRED Ms. Lane, Mr. Kent. Good day.

LOIS Where's Bruce?

ALFRED He is in a meeting. Would you care to join me?

CLARK That reminds me. I'll see you both tonight.

CLARK turns a corner, tugging at his tie. LOIS takes a seat with ALFRED.

LOIS Alfred…would you like to help me with something?

ALFRED (sighs) That sounds familiar.

Fade in: Exterior, day. Long shot of the children's Hospital. Slow zoom toward the building. A large banner is seen hanging along the building's side. It reads "Lex Luthor Children's Hospital. A Lexcorp / Wayne Enterprises Project". The zoom continues beyond that sign and onto the roof. The camera stops as a bat-eared silhouette appears on the roof floor from behind. The camera turns around and pulls back to encompass BATMAN and SUPERMAN. The camera was on SUPERMAN's point-of-view, till now.

BATMAN is holding a radio-shaped gadget. Wordlessly he pulls up the antenna, and the device begins to beep. SUPERMAN nods, then vanishes in a blur. The camera cuts to the same long shot of the building as before. A red-and-blue blur zips along and across the building, in and out. Then another cut, and pan across the building roof at floor-level. Numerous obviously-explosive devices now clutter the floor; then the pan stops at two pair of boots, one black, the other red. The camera moves up and back, and stops on a shot of the bombs on the floor, and SUPERMAN and BATMAN looking down at them. SUPERMAN cracks a smile, then meets BATMAN's glance and stops abruptly.

Cut to: ALFRED driving the limo, with LOIS in the back. The car phone rings. ALFRED picks it up.

ALFRED Yes…trust. Scandalous. Lemon crush.

He hangs up the phone. LOIS gives him a worried glance.

ALFRED Your stop.

Camera switch to the limo, parked at a curb. ALFRED is walking towards the passenger door as LOIS opens it herself and climbs out. She views the scene: It's LUTHOR's headquarters building. A large DOORMAN stands out in front.

LOIS You're ready?

ALFRED Yes…quite.

LOIS walks to the DOORMAN.

DOORMAN No one may enter without me personally being notified by Mr. Luthor.

LOIS Uh-huh. I'm Lois Lane. From the Daily Planet.

DOORMAN Well, in that case, Ms. Lane, no one may enter without me personally being notified by Mr. Luthor.

LOIS Actually, Lex is expecting me. I'm covering his negotiations with the Duke, you know.


The passenger door of the limo opens and ALFRED lets himself out. He is wearing a bright orange military dress jacket with a gold sash. He strides regally toward the DOORMAN and LOIS.

ALFRED My associate and I have business inside.

DOORMAN No one may enter without -

ALFRED See here, man. Lex Luthor and I have a bond, you see, a friendship forged in blood. Years ago during a jaunt across Africa, he and I had the unfortunate circumstance of coming upon a city, invisible to the eyes of man. A city of intelligent gorillas!

LOIS stands near the door, watching ALFRED and the transfixed doorman. A self- satisfied grin, then she opens the door and enters.

Fade out. Fade in to LUTHOR's office from the inside, a tight shot on his door as he enters, closing the door behind him. LUTHOR turns on lights. The shot widens to include the whole office. The explosive devices seen earlier are scattered across the floor. SUPERMAN and BATMAN stand there. LUTHOR walks calmly to his desk, holds down a button on his phone.

LUTHOR Jenette, hold my calls.

LUTHOR lights a cigar. Standing, he leans back on his desk and smokes.

LUTHOR Well. It's good cop and bad cop.

SUPERMAN You've gone too far this time, Luthor. Portraying yourself as the innocent victim—I've seen through you.

LUTHOR Ah, that's right. You have x-ray vision.

BATMAN I'm bringing you down.

LUTHOR From what? I'm an innocent man. I know what you're after— a confession from a gloating villain. But what is wrong with stripping someone of power they don't deserve? That's what heroes do, isn't it? I can use that trust-fund playboy's old money—use it to save the world. Then which one of us will be the hero?

Cut to: outside the office, LOIS strides off the elevator.

LOIS Hi, Jenette. I'm here to see Lex.

JENETTE He's in a meeting.

Back inside: SUPERMAN produces the documents BATMAN lifted from the office.

SUPERMAN We have proof.

LUTHOR You have nothing. I've already released the story of my planting fake evidence to the media. Whomever presents it will be laughed at. More so, I imagine, than just the idea of costumed vigilantes with a grudge against a world-renowned philanthropist.

Cut away: back outside the office. LOIS moves toward LUTHOR's office door.

LOIS He'll see me.

Cut back to: inside the office. LUTHOR's back is to SUPERMAN and BATMAN.


LUTHOR (spinning to face them) You can't bend steel bars here! Changing the course of mighty rivers won't help you! Power, gentlemen. I have it. You do not. Now get out of my office.

Fade to black.

Fade in: Outside LUTHOR's office. LOIS and LUTHOR's secretary JENETTE are arguing.

LOIS If you'd tell him it's me, this won't be a problem.

JENETTE No one is allowed unless Mr. Luthor personally invites them. His calls and appointments are being held until-


JENETTE —he tells me to no longer do so.

LOIS steams. NIGEL enters the office.

Cut to: inside the office. LUTHOR continues to debate SUPERMAN and BATMAN.

SUPERMAN We aren't finished.

LUTHOR Sorry, but you are. Oh, and by the way, Batman. Why the interest? Can't Mr. Wayne speak for himself? How much is he paying you? Because I can double it, especially now…

LUTHOR takes a satisfied drag from his cigar. BATMAN gets nose-to-nose with him, then takes the cigar and crushes it in a fist.

BATMAN Hazardous to your health.

Cut away: LOIS makes for the office door as JENETTE answers the phone. NIGEL quickly steps in front of her.

NIGEL Mr. Luthor will see you tonight, Ms. Lane. Good day. NIGEL snaps his fingers and two suited men take LOIS' arms.

LOIS You're interfering with freedom of the press, you know!

LOIS is escorted from the office.

Cut back to: inside LUTHOR's office. SUPERMAN and BATMAN exit onto LUTHOR's balcony, then a rush of wind blows LUTHOR back a step.

LUTHOR See you tonight at the hospital opening!

LUTHOR reaches for his celphone.

LUTHOR (musing) If they want to play together, they will need playmates.

Cut to: exterior of LUTHOR's headquarters. LOIS exits the front door. ALFRED is there with the DOORMAN.

ALFRED —every 24 hours, but vulnerable to the color yellow!

LOIS grabs ALFRED's arm.

LOIS Let's go, Duke.

The DOORMAN stands where he was. His eyes are now wide and glassy. ALFRED circles to the driver side of the limo as a voice yells from offscreen.

VOICE Alfred!

LOIS turns from her open limo door. It's BRUCE WAYNE.

BRUCE What a coincidence. Hello, Lois.

LOIS nods absently and enters the limo. BRUCE goes to join her, then looks at ALFRED over the car.

BRUCE Nice jacket.

Fade to black.

Fade in. Interior, BRUCE WAYNE'S limousine, evening. WAYNE is in the back as ALFRED drives.

BRUCE Looks like all of Metropolis is at this hospital opening. He's been building up to this night—at my expense. How many points has Wayne Enterprises stock dropped?

BRUCE leans forward, pensive.

BRUCE Doesn't matter. Tonight, I show him down. Somehow.

ALFRED peers in his rear-view mirror. Bright lights illuminate the inside of the limo—then a hard jolt as the limo is rear-ended.

BRUCE Pull over. When I get out, go on to the hospital.

ALFRED nods. The limo is slammed once again as ALFRED pulls to the curb. WAYNE climbs out. The tailing car pulls up behind as ALFRED drives away. Three MEN in suits exit the vehicle.

WAYNE Good evening, boys. Out for a drive?

MAN (as if reading a cue card) Mr. Luthor wants to meet with you before tonight's gala event. Please join us, Mr. Wayne, and we will take you to him.

The three MEN surround BRUCE.

WAYNE Let me check my day-timer and I'll get back with you, okay?

The man to BRUCE's left lunges, and BRUCE flips him to the ground. Then BRUCE decks the man in front. BRUCE stops. The camera remains on BRUCE as the third man comes in from behind, wielding a blackjack. BRUCE's eyes turn, aware-but he takes no action. Then the man swings. Fade out.

Fade in to darkness. A light switch clicks, and the scene is LUTHOR's office. LUTHOR is in a black tuxedo. LOIS LANE is with him, in white formal attire.

LUTHOR This will take only a moment, Lois. Last minute preparations for the opening, you know. Look around if you like, I'll be right outside.

LOIS Finally…

LUTHOR Excuse me?

LOIS (cheerfully) Nothing!

LUTHOR exits, shutting the office door behind him. LOIS scans the room for a moment.

LOIS Somewhere. Something is in here somewhere.

She snorts sarcastically, then her eyes fall on LUTHOR's desk terminal.

Cut to: outside the office. LUTHOR is speaking to a man with an ice pack on his face—it's the man BRUCE punched earlier.

LUTHOR Take him to my office when I leave. The next step has already begun, I trust. Wayne is down, his two cronies will soon be quite busy… tonight, my good man, is the night.

The man shrugs absently.

Cut to: Back inside LUTHOR's office. LOIS taps the keyboard. File menus are opened across the screen. She clicks on one. Then LUTHOR's voice from outside.

LUTHOR Lois, it's time to go.

LOIS jumps up from the terminal and heads for the door. LUTHOR opens the door and she exits the office quickly. They head for the elevator.

LUTHOR By the way. How is your feature on the project coming along?

LOIS Frustrating.

LUTHOR Well, things will become very interesting momentarily.

Cut to: a nondescript van, the waterfront. The back flies open, and uniformed men pour out. They unload several large cases, and open them, revealing dangerous-looking hardware.

Another cut: a nondescript van, the middle of town. The back flies open, and uniformed men pour out. They unload several large cases, and open them, revealing dangerous-looking hardware.

Yet another cut: A nondescript van, the suburbs. The back flies open, and uniformed men pour out. They unload several large cases, and open them, revealing dangerous-looking hardware.

Fade to black.

Previously on LOIS & CLARK: Superman and Batman joined forces, suspecting Luthor to be guilty of sabotaging his own project and incriminating his partner Bruce Wayne. However, they had no proof. Lois's attempt at finding answers was unsuccessful, as Superman and Batman confronted Luthor- who confirmed their suspicions. The major project of Wayne and Luthor's collaboration, a children's hospital, is opening. Luthor's plan to discredit Wayne unfolds there, as Wayne has been captured, and agents of Luthor enact another scheme.

Fade in: The children's hospital, interior, night. A bustling crowd scene in the hospital's cafeteria. All are dressed to the nines for the gala event, mingling and chatting throughout the room. The camera finds CLARK sifting through the crowd, until he runs into LOIS, who was likewise sifting.

CLARK (sarcastic) And how are you on this fine evening, Miss Lane?

LOIS Cut the crap, Clark. I was *this* close to breaking this story. Lex left me alone in his office and I got to his computer. Then he-

CLARK He caught you?

LOIS No. I don't think he saw me, but he didn't say anything either way. He seemed preoccupied. Shouldn't Bruce be here already?

CLARK Alfred just got here, but Bruce wasn't with him. There—

Loud, boisterous applause as LUTHOR makes his entrance. ALFRED motions LUTHOR aside and whispers something to him. LUTHOR's smile tightens, then he takes the microphone.

LUTHOR Good evening, Metropolis!

More applause.

LUTHOR Welcome to the grand opening of this children's hospital, the first collaboration between myself and Mr. Bruce Wayne. Sadly, I've just been informed that Mr. Wayne is not here. You are all aware of Mr. Wayne's problems of late—the sabotage of my interests have cast aspersions onto him. Well, Wayne is not important now. Now let us celebrate, as today, I have taken the first step toward saving the world!

The party begins again as the camera cuts back to CLARK and LOIS. Then, a loud thundering sound, then the room shakes as if by an earthquake. Screams, then people fall all over the room. CLARK and LOIS return to their feet as LUTHOR scrambles around onstage, speaking to an entourage of suits who have just appeared.

LUTHOR (sternly) Ladies and gentlemen, my reports indicate that the saboteurs from earlier this week have returned…

He takes a deep breath.

And now they are striking throughout the city. Loud gasps from the crowd. Please do not panic. It is obvious this is yet another attack on me—this time through all of you. I have attempted to contact Superman. Surely he will be able to help us.

CLARK glares at LUTHOR through the crowd. LOIS brushes past him.

LOIS I'm going back to Lex's office.

CLARK What?! You heard what's going on out there!

LOIS I'm putting this story to bed tonight. No one is there, and now I know how to get in.

CLARK It's too dangerous, Lois.

LOIS I'm GETTING this story! Besides, the big guy can take care of all that stuff. If Lex can find him.

Another loud thundering. LOIS leaves hurriedly. CLARK watches her go. Then he looks around, and exits the room, turning a corner onto an empty hallway.

He pulls open his shirt. Zoom in on the shield on his chest, and fade out.

Fade in: A darkened office. Moonlight through a window sheds some light on LUTHOR's office. Pan across the floor to a straitjacket and ropes. Then a tuxedo shirt, jacket, shoes, and etc. Then pan across to the balcony window. The curtains blow gently as a man-shaped silhouette is seen from the balcony outside. Then the silhouette expands suddenly with a snap, and the shape of a bat is illuminated against the moon. Pan across the office again then, toward a closet in the corner of the room. Inside the closet, the explosive devices Superman and Batman deposited earlier in the day. An LED readout on several of the explosives count down silently.

Fade to black.

Fade in to the suburbs, exterior, evening. A contingent of surly men in coverall uniforms stride down a neighborhood street. Behind them several cars and homes are in flames. Families scatter outside, yelling and running for cover. All the men are carrying big guns. Every few seconds, the men cut loose with their weapons, shooting streams of pyrotechnics that explode on impact. A lead man is wearing a headset. He cocks his head, then holds up a hand. At his signal, the entire troop halts. Behind them, a whoosh of wind. SUPERMAN walks a step towards them, then they all turn around as a unit, and blast him simultaneously. A huge pyrotechnic stream, then explosion; the force propels SUPERMAN backwards. Silence. Laughter from several of the troop, as several bystander voices cry "Superman!"

Long shot on the resultant, still-burning fireball. A figure emerges from the flames. SUPERMAN, wearing an intent frown, wipes his brow. Then cut back to the troopers, whose guns then glow red. The troopers holler and drop them, then cut and run. Right into SUPERMAN, who lights in front of them. Pan across the contingent; as a unit, they raise their hands in surrender.

Cut to: the waterfront. A similar contingent roams through the shop fronts with blunt instruments, smashing everything in sight. Along the pier, a headset-wearing man kneels in front of a device and gives hand-signals to other men, who are leaping from boat to boat, placing an item, then leaping off back onto the pier. The headset man flips a switch and a loud hum emits. Cut to close-up of his hand, moving to another switch. A gloved hand wraps around the man's hand, and a snap is heard. The man stands, moaning in alarm. BATMAN gives him a right cross, then flips a switch on the device. The other men continue their work, oblivious. BATMAN cracks his knuckles.

Fade out.

Fade into the hospital gala. The patrons are milling about silently. LUTHOR takes the stage.

LUTHOR Ladies and gentlemen, I have some good news. I have been in touch with Superman.

Cheers from the crowd.

LUTHOR And he is at work dealing with our city's latest crisis. He has also presented me with some shocking news.

LUTHOR takes a deep breath.

LUTHOR Several of the miscreants he has apprehended have confessed that their employer is Bruce Wayne.

Gasps from the crowd. ALFRED's brow furrows.

Cut to: a darkened office. LOIS LANE opens a door and enters LUTHOR's office. His computer is on, and a tuxedo shirt, shoes, and etc.—and a straitjacket— litter the floor.

LOIS (sighs) Lex and his parties.

LOIS notices that the balcony door is open. She walks over and shuts it. Then she sits at his desk and begins typing. Inside the closet, the digital timers continue to count down. Fade out.

Fade in to midtown, panning across the empty main highway through the sprawl of the city. Vans akin to those seen earlier roar up and down the street. Some have stopped and elaborate devices are assembled onto them. One is broadcasting from an antenna on its roof. Another has two huge piledrivers hammering the earth. Chaos ensues as fireplugs spew showers of water, loud crashes and explosions are heard, and the roars of the vans' engines pervade the scene. Inside the antenna truck, two men, uniformed like the others.

MAN #1 —electromagnetic pulse.

MAN #2 (nodding) Our boss thought of everything!

Then the truck roof peels away. Two blue-sleeved arms yank the men up, and into SUPERMAN's grasp. They teeter in the air with their feet dangling, and look over at their rooftop antenna—melted into slag.

Cut to: several troops running single file into an alley. Loud smacks, then groans are heard from the alley—and BATMAN steps into the light. He begins walking resolutely down the street. Something catches his eye and he turns to look. A lamppost, wrapped around a half dozen squirming troopers. Then an engine roar, as BATMAN turns his head to see a van bearing down on him. He hops aside, and whips a batarang at the vehicle. It falls on its side and skids for a short distance. Several groggy troops then bail out the doors and back. Then the van explodes.

Cut to: The hospital. LUTHOR continues to speak.

LUTHOR And I was purchasing shares of Wayne stock, as a symbol of unity at first, then as a taciturn gesture of help when the bad press started.

ALFRED looks around worriedly. NIGEL bumps him aside as he walks past.

Cut back to midtown. SUPERMAN is dueling with a trooper with a blasting weapon, deflecting the shots with his hands. A bump—and he's back-to-back with BATMAN. SUPERMAN steps forward and yanks the weapon from the trooper's hands, and bends it into a pretzel shape. BATMAN extends his arms and clotheslines two oncoming troopers, knocking them to the ground.

BATMAN This ends *now.*

SUPERMAN nods. They walk away from the camera, down the street.

Fade to black.

Fade in: Exterior, evening. Midtown Metropolis. Pan across the scene. Vans are wrecked. Hi-tech equipment is scattered everywhere, bent or broken. The troopers are seated in groups and tied together in circles, or hanging by their feet from lampposts. The van equipped with the giant piledrivers is flipped onto its roof. Its piledrivers are still active, hammering at the air. A swift kick from a red boot, and the piledrivers shut down. BATMAN is lifting a trooper by the collar.

BATMAN Your employer.

TROOPER Bruce Wayne! Bruce Wayne hired us!

BATMAN drops the trooper to the ground. SUPERMAN inserts him into a tied-up group of his fellows.

BATMAN This has been a diversion. We have to get to the hospital.

SUPERMAN We need to find Wayne.

BATMAN He was captured and stowed in Luthor's office. I rescued him.

SUPERMAN So you were in Luthor's office. The evidence—

SUPERMAN trails off.

BATMAN No time for me to look, thanks to these attacks.

SUPERMAN Lois went to Luthor's office looking for evidence.

BATMAN Luthor would not have placed Wayne there just for safekeeping.

SUPERMAN Wayne should get to that opening.

SUPERMAN flies up into the night sky. BATMAN watches him rise, then turns away.

BATMAN My disguise versus Luthor's.

Cut to: LUTHOR's office. LOIS stares intently at the screen. It is covered with menus. Several of them are highlighted—LOIS pages down to one, then begins scribbling on a notepad.

LOIS At least I have plenty of time.

Cut to inside the closet, where the explosives continue to tick away. Their digital timers read "00:30" and count down to "00:28" then cut to the hospital opening. LUTHOR continues to address the gathered patrons.

LUTHOR —such great hopes for this project, everyone. I find myself —

NIGEL appears on stage and gives him a hand signal. LUTHOR looks down at his watch, a digital. It reads "00:15." LUTHOR smiles tersely, then looks up at NIGEL and nods.

Cut away to LUTHOR's office. A side view of LOIS' right side, seated at LUTHOR's desk. She sighs. Inside the closet, the timers read "00:07." The camera returns to the side view, pulling back from LOIS slightly. The wall crashes inward.

LOIS Superman!

SUPERMAN lifts LOIS from the desk and zips out of the hole in the wall. Cut to outside. SUPERMAN and LOIS fly away. The entire corner of the skyscraper explodes violently. LOIS looks back in shock. The she and SUPERMAN look at each other without a word.

Cut to: the hospital opening.

LUTHOR At least if Wayne were here, that might throw off some suspicion.

A voice milling through the crowd says "Excuse me, Lex!" Then BRUCE WAYNE climbs onto the stage.

LUTHOR Security, get this man out of-

WAYNE Wait, Lex. Please hear me out. I know who's behind everything!

LUTHOR glares incredulously at WAYNE. WAYNE returns his gaze briefly, then addresses the gathered crowd.

WAYNE Everyone, I have been captured by the person responsible for all of this. After Superman and Batman dealt with the attacks throughout the city, they rescued me. I was captured because I have proof that I have been framed.

More gasps from the crowd. LUTHOR stands behind WAYNE. He nods at NIGEL, who turns away and walks into the crowd. While WAYNE speaks, NIGEL moves through the crowd until he reaches a suited man in sunglasses—who then exits the area quickly. WAYNE withdraws two 3 1/2 inch disks from a pocket.

WAYNE Lex, I think you will find what's on these very interesting.

LUTHOR steps in front of WAYNE.

A gunshot explodes through the room.

Fade to black.

Fade in, interior, evening. The children's hospital. A gunshot is heard. WAYNE grabs LUTHOR and drops to the ground as panic ensues amidst the crowd. LOIS appears from the back entrance to the area, and almost runs into a suited man carrying an assault rifle. Three other suited men burst through the crowd and pile on the gunman, intercepting him and knocking him to the floor in front of LOIS. She steps aside and begins working her way through the mass of people.

Onstage, a crowd of suits mill around. LUTHOR is face down on the floor. WAYNE kneels beside him.

LUTHOR I think I've been shot…


WAYNE glances at a wall behind the stage; there's a sizable hole in it.

WAYNE —the bullet missed you completely.

LUTHOR sits up.

LUTHOR (seething) Fantastic.

LOIS climbs onto the stage.

LOIS Lex! Are you okay?


WAYNE He's fine.

CLARK appears onstage.

CLARK What'd I miss?

LOIS rolls her eyes.

Cut to: later, outside the hospital. An ambulance is open and LUTHOR is sitting up on a gurney. BRUCE is being looked over by a paramedic. The guests of the gala are filing by, on their way out. Many of them speak to LEX, and others pat BRUCE on the back as they walk by. LOIS and CLARK are with LEX in the background while the MEDIC talks to BRUCE.

MEDIC That's the most amazing thing—what'd you do, hear the guy as he pulled the trigger?

Switch to LEX in the foreground now. LEX's shirt is open- revealing a bulletproof vest. INSPECTOR HENDERSON appears.

HENDERSON Hate to be the be giver of bad news, Lex—but I just got the damage report from your office. Total loss. Everything in it went up when it blew. Good thing you sent Superman by to-

LUTHOR Spare me, and just take me to the hospital for observation, would you?

HENDERSON Sure, but first I think you and Mr. Wayne should join me at my office, maybe give me a statement. We got a couple dozen guests visiting tonight that one of you might recognize.

CLARK and LOIS at the side of the ambulance.

CLARK Are you going to be okay?

LOIS I'm *fine*, Clark. It's a good thing Superman just happened to be flying by, though.

She grins. CLARK remains concerned.

CLARK But what about the story?

Behind them, the ambulance doors shut.

LOIS Lex wants me to ride along in the ambulance. I'll dig up something. I need to run—see you tomorrow.

LOIS hops into the ambulance, and it drives away. The camera pulls back to show ambulances and police cars leaving. CLARK looks around, exhales, then puts his hands in his pockets and walks away.

Fade to black.

Fade in: interior, evening. A holding room in the Metropolis police station. LUTHOR is seated, appearing bored. He looks at his watch, then at the door, where NIGEL stands as if on guard. BRUCE WAYNE appears with ALFRED, and opens the door. They enter.

WAYNE I've given my statement. They'll be ready for you in a moment.

LUTHOR We have to speak, in private.

He nods to NIGEL. WAYNE and ALFRED exchange glances; ALFRED, then NIGEL, heads for the door. NIGEL reaches the door ahead of ALFRED cocks a single eyebrow. Nigel quails noticeably. ALFRED exits first, and NIGEL follows, several steps behind.

WAYNE They paraded that contingent of my alleged employees before me. No positive ID from any of them. I don't suppose they will recognize you, either.

LUTHOR says nothing. WAYNE places the two computer disks on the table. LUTHOR looks around. WAYNE sits down, across from LUTHOR.

WAYNE This room is not wired…I checked. And I didn't show them these.

LUTHOR Bruce, I believe we have *both* been deceived. Me, in believing your guilt. And you, in thinking I have some part in this.

WAYNE We *have* both been deceived. You thought you could take advantage of me. And I thought I could trust you.

WAYNE stands.

WAYNE Your entire plan is catalogued on these disks. Everything.

LUTHOR That is absurd.

WAYNE Luthor, I made a promise. I swore I would help people—by any means necessary. I have tried…several methods…but you offered me a chance to help more greatly than I could have alone.

WAYNE takes the disks.

WAYNE And you ruined that.

Remaining silent, LUTHOR eyes WAYNE.

WAYNE The kidnapping attempt at the restaurant. The attacks on your own property, making me appear obviously guilty. That rampage through Metropolis. My kidnapping, and the demolition of your office, that would have killed me and wiped out the trail that led to you.

LUTHOR leans forward.

LUTHOR You're bluffing.

WAYNE Stake your entire world on that.

LUTHOR glares at him. WAYNE turns and leaves, shutting the door behind him. The camera pulls back to view LUTHOR alone in the holding room.

Fade out.

Fade in. Exterior, dawn, a rooftop. The sun begins to break across the Metropolis skyline. SUPERMAN watches. A shadow falls across him. He doesn't turn around.

SUPERMAN What makes us do these things?

BATMAN stands alongside him.

BATMAN We want to see justice done. To see wrongs made right.

SUPERMAN And our abilities give us that chance.

BATMAN Have we made a difference here?

SUPERMAN Every life you and I touch makes a difference.

BATMAN What about Luthor? Have we stopped him?

SUPERMAN This time. That's enough for now.

BATMAN We are very different.

SUPERMAN We fight the same fight-

BATMAN —with different weapons.

SUPERMAN Who are you, under the mask?

BATMAN You have x-ray vision.

SUPERMAN I don't work that way.

BATMAN Why don't you conceal your identity?

SUPERMAN This *is* my secret identity.

BATMAN A life other than the fight. Interesting.

SUPERMAN turns his head at a siren sounding in the distance.

SUPERMAN We should get back to work.

BATMAN Until we meet again.

SUPERMAN lifts off and flies into the rising sun. He looks back to the roof. BATMAN is gone.

Fade to black.

Fade in to a Daily Planet headline "Team-Up Canceled." Then the camera switches perspectives to reveal interior, morning, the Planet newsroom, and PERRY WHITE reading the paper. LOIS and JIMMY look on.

PERRY "A spokesman for Lexcorp states that circumstances dictate a more cautious approach to such a grand undertaking, and that Lexcorp and Wayne Enterprises have parted amicably. Wayne says that the parties responsible for the ruination of the project have been brought to task for their actions."

As PERRY reads, CLARK walks in and joins the group. He perches next to JIMMY.

CLARK That the morning edition?

JIMMY nods. PERRY looks up, and slaps the paper.

PERRY Lois, great job.

LOIS Well, I can't take all the credit. Clark deserved his byline on that story, too.

CLARK (surprised) Lois, you shouldn't have!

LOIS (smirks) I didn't.

CLARK returns her look, as the elevator dings.

JIMMY I guess we're really never going to know exactly what went down between Wayne and Luthor.

PERRY Voice of experience, Jimmy. Sometimes you don't really want to know what goes on in the boardrooms with those corporate stuffed shirts.

As PERRY speaks, BRUCE WAYNE and ALFRED exit the elevator and make their way to the assembled group.

BRUCE Speaking from the stuffed shirts' perspective, Mr. White, sometimes we are able to…work out something between ourselves.

A sprightly glint in WAYNE's eyes, which CLARK and LOIS catch. They smile at each other.

BRUCE Oh, speaking of that…

WAYNE reaches into a pocket and withdraws two 3 1/2 inch disks.

BRUCE …Alfred, here's the backups of your CD collection database.

ALFRED maintains a poker face as he inserts them into his breast pocket.

BRUCE Anyway, I'm headed back home this afternoon. I wanted to thank you for everything. If you're ever in Gotham City,look me up.

He shakes hands with CLARK and LOIS.

BRUCE And I'm here to take a new friend out for an early lunch.

CAT GRANT appears suddenly.

CAT I'm ready…Mr. Wayne.

They turn to leave and she looks back at LOIS and smiles cheerily. LOIS shoots her a nasty look.

LOIS I'm taking a very special guy out for an early lunch myself.

She approaches CLARK. CLARK smiles, then she walks past him to ALFRED.

LOIS Bye now!

CLARK leans back on his desk and shakes his head incredulously. JIMMY runs in suddenly.

JIMMY Hey! Big armed robbery with hostages at Metro National Bank.

BRUCE excuses himself. Then CLARK. The rest of the cast watches them go. Cut to a hallway and the Planet restroom. BRUCE is there, and opens the door. CLARK breaks in front of him, and enters the restroom.

CLARK Excuse me.

BRUCE looks at the closed restroom door. Then the door blows open, and a breeze blows BRUCE's hair. He stops for a moment, then shrugs and enters the restroom.

Cut to: interior, morning, LUTHOR's demolished office. Workmen clutter the area as LUTHOR sits on a wood bench at the former site of his desk. The morning edition of the Planet is laid open across a slab of sheet rock. NIGEL is seated on the floor, in coveralls and a painters cap.

LUTHOR (seething) This will NOT happen again.

LUTHOR stands and strides to a newly-installed balcony window and looks out.

NIGEL It appears you have made some powerful enemies, sir. This Batman-

LUTHOR —will stay in his city. And Superman in mine.

NIGEL And Bruce Wayne.

The camera is on LUTHOR's reflection in the window.

LUTHOR He's just a man.

Fade to credits.



Superman / Clark Kent DEAN CAIN Lois Lane TERI HATCHER Lex Luthor JOHN SHEA Perry White LANE SMITH Jimmy Olsen MICHAEL LANDES Cat Grant TRACY SCOGGINS Nigel TONY JAY Inspector Henderson RICHARD BELZER

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