Strange Bedfellows

By Lilly M. (

Summary: Clark Kent has his own way of doing just about everything. And as his wife discovers, that even includes a unique way of stealing the covers.

This story is short and sweet with no Action plot. I hope you like it. Please E-mail me at Lilly


Half asleep, Lois burrows down into the mattress of her bed to try to ward off the early morning chill. When that doesn't seem to work, she rolls over and decides to let her husband warm her up. When she encounters an empty, albeit warm pillow, she sighs. She manages to pry open an eye and focus on the clock, which reads 4:30 AM. She wonders what kind of disastrous mayhem her husband has gotten himself into at this ungodly hour. Whatever it is, she's sure to hear about it over breakfast.

As she rolls onto her back, Lois stretches her arms and brushes up against something soft, which is draped down from the ceiling. Realizing it's the blanket, she sleepily pulls at it with one goal in mind. She wants it to keep her warm through the rest of the chilly morning. She doesn't seem to realize, until after several futile attempts, that the blanket is defying all the laws of gravity by not only hovering vertically in midair, but also by not falling when she pulls at it. Exasperated, she opens her eyes.

She gasps in surprise when she sees her husband hovering above her, sound asleep. Half of the toasty warm blanket was wrapped around him, the other half, HER half, was negligently falling down around him. Fully awake now, Lois looks down at the single sheet covering her, the sheet she managed to keep a hold of when her husband took off with the blanket. Glaring up at Clark, she grabs the blanket and starts a one-sided tug of war, which she is destined to lose. The blanket wouldn't budge out of his grasp.

She leans back against the headboard of the bed and pouts. So much for him out saving the world. She was freezing! She crosses her arms and starts to rub at her bare skin, which is already covered with goose bumps. She looks up when Clark mumbles in his sleep and rolls over on to his back. Why is he floating, anyway? He very rarely does. He usually only hovers in his sleep when he's upset or restless about something. But now he's lying there, seemingly content. The only other time he floats is… She stops in mid-thought and glares up at him. The only other time he floats is when he's awake and doing it intentionally!

Lois jumps to her feet. Unfortunately, she does so too quickly. She immediately has to grab hold of Clark's arm and balance herself on the mattress to prevent herself from crashing to the bedroom floor. On tip-toe she cranes her neck up to peek at his face. She's seen him enough times to know when he's really sleeping. And he is really sleeping.

She pulls at his arm and tries to get him to come back down on the bed. Floating in the air can't be as nice as their comfy mattress, she muses. Not to mention the extra warmth he and the blanket will provide for her!

Pulling at Clark is as futile as pulling at the blanket. He won't budge. Thinking she could try to push him down, she places her hands on his chest and jumps, putting all her weight into the task. A few minutes later, out of breath and frustrated, Lois leans against her husband who is still hovering above the bed. At this rate she won't need the blanket. She has already warmed herself up by all the jumping up and down she's been doing in the past few minutes. Trying one more tactic, Lois moves closer to his head and starts to softly blow in his ear. She smiles when Clark mumbles and sighs. She doesn't have much time to think about her next move, however, because she is suddenly hefted up into the air and brought down on top of him. The blanket, for which she so valiantly fought, falls to the bed in a tangled heap.

Lois shrieks and then laughs as Clark starts to nibble her neck. She is consciously aware of the fact that she is draped over him, her arms and legs hanging down around him into midair. "I knew you were awake," she smiles smugly. But he isn't, not really. Lois sees that he's still half asleep, but doesn't stop him from kissing her ear. She wonders if he realizes they are floating several feet above the bed. But she forgets all that a few seconds later when Clark kisses her on the mouth.

Tremendous warm and fuzzy feelings run wild through her from the contact of his mouth, his tongue, his hands. She sighs as she wraps herself around him and returns the pleasure.

Coming sleepily awake, Clark sighs into his wife's warm mouth. Then he groans when she presses herself against him. "God, Lois, you can be my alarm clock any day," he manages to say as she trails a line of kisses down his throat. When she laughs sexily, he grasps her waist and rolls her over, wanting to bury his face in her sweet smelling hair. To his dismay and astonishment, she's suddenly gone. She was there one minute, all sweet and warm, and then the next minute his arms are empty. "Where did you go?" He asks, sleepily.

"Where did I go?" Lois says, hotly. "I'm here where you dumped me! If we weren't over the bed, you could have killed me!" She then looks up to glare at him. Her ire quickly vanishes when she sees him. He's hanging in midair, his eyes closed and his arms flailing trying to find her. Lois laughs at the sight.

Clark manages to open his eyes at the sound of Lois' laughter. He realizes he's floating when he focuses on Lois, who is sprawled out on the bed several feet beneath him. When he looks down at her he feels like an angel looking down from heaven. No, he immediately amends, he's looking down AT heaven. His wife, who doesn't look very angelic at the moment, is holding her sides and laughing hysterically. "And what do you find so amusing?" He asks, grinning.

"Oh nothing," she says, stifling a giggle. "Are you coming down or are you going to float up there all night?"

"Well, hell, that doesn't sound very inviting."

"Oh, Clark, you're so exasperating sometimes! Do whatever you want. I'm going to sleep." Lois rolls over to her side and wraps the blanket around her. "I just wanted something to warm me up. I guess the blanket will do. Oh, and don't fall on me, farmboy. I don't have time for it!"

A few seconds later, to Lois's astonishment and delight, he does just that.