The Return of Ultrawoman

By Jennifer Baker

Summary: Look! Up in the sky! It's Ultrawoman, descending from the clouds to help Superman put out a blaze.

This is a VERY little thing I thought up while rewatching Ultrawoman. It amused me, and I figured it might amuse someone else out there…


The fire was quickly growing beyond Superman's ability to control it. No sooner would he blow out one section of flames then another would spark up to take its place. And worse, it was starting to threaten the neighboring buildings. The firemen had managed to clear out the people, but the property damage which might result would be absolutely devastating. Convinced it was hopeless, but determined to continue nonetheless, he turned back to continue battling the spreading flames.

Then, from behind him, a cheer went up from the crowd which always seemed to grow wherever disaster threatened. Glancing over his shoulder to find the cause, he saw, to his immense relief, Ultrawoman descending from the sky. As she took her place with him in the fight, he muttered under his breath, "About time you could make it…"

She smiled, never taking her attention away from her work, "Well, I couldn't let you do all the work and get all the credit, could I?"

"Ha!" he exclaimed in response to her teasing.

"Anyway, it looked like you could use some help."

"Yeah, well, thanks," he replied before the smoke and the flames separated them from one another.


Hours later, after she and Superman had managed to put the fire out together, and after a long shower to get rid of the smell of smoke, Lois was sitting in her apartment finishing off a pizza. Hearing a sound, she glanced up, through the wall, and down the hall to where a familiar figure was coming towards her door.

"Coming!" she called, and moved to let him in.

"Hi!" he said, entering. "Oh! Pizza!" He crossed to the table and grabbed her last piece for himself.

"Hands off, Kent! That's my dinner!" She followed him, trying unsuccessfully to snatch the piece away.

He smiled that disarming smile which could always melt women's hearts. "Aw, come on! You can spare just one piece…"

Unfortunately, he was talking to the one person in the world upon whom that smile had absolutely no effect at all. "No way! I mean it, give it to me!" Lois reached for the piece again, but he managed to stay just out of her reach. Trying another tactic, she smiled slyly, "Fine, keep it. But just wait until I tell Grandmom you managed to ruin ANOTHER cape today…"

"Tattle tale!" he said and, with his best martyr's sigh, Michael Lane Kent handed the piece of pizza back to his younger sister.


(Or proof that The End is nowhere in sight…)