Nine Months of Life or Death


Summary: Lois' life is threatened by her pregnancy, and the only way Clark can save her is to transfer his powers to her.


Lois sat in the office, hiding behind a Daily Planet newspaper. "Oh God, if anyone who knew me saw me in here," she thought. Not that anything was wrong with the doctor's office, but if Clark knew she was here … he would be so upset with worry. She didn't want to worry him, not until she KNEW something was wrong. She wasn't sure anything was wrong with her. It was just minor pains and stomach sickness. She would be okay. Yes, she was certain. And for that reason, why worry Clark? And so she had to keep this secret. Mostly because he had asked her if anything was wrong the past couple weeks. That's what made her decide to go to the doctor. Because it was noticeable to other people. But she was fine. She wasn't scared. Not … really.

The doctor came out of his office, patting on the shoulder the mother and son that walked out after him.

"Your boy will be fine. He just needs to take that prescription for one month, two times a day, all right?" The mother responded, but her words blurred in Lois' ears. The words on the paper she was looking at seemed to be floating away, seeming far off and distant. Then they rushed up to her. They seemed to be surrounded my fog. The fog descended into the room. Filling her nostrils and choking her. She dropped the paper without even realizing. The fog filled the room. "Lois Lane, you're next," the doctor said. He said it with a low, slow, husky voice. It blurred and ran together, sounding unreal, and the words made no sense.

Darkness clouded around her. And in the darkness she felt feelings all around her. The darkness was a sea of emotions, and she was drowning in them. Hate, love, embarrassment, but most of all fear. The fear was the worst.

Then she fell to the floor, and went into a cold dreamful sleep.

Clark sat at his desk. He picked up another rubber band and flicked it across the room. It hit the door, rebounded across the table, bounced off the wall, and fell in the coffee cup. He smiled with pleasure. He looked around, biting his lower lip. He was bored with his favorite activity. It wasn't all that fun without Lois here to tell him how it drove her crazy that he never missed the coffee cup.

He looked up at the clock, a curtain of worry falling over his eyes. Lois said she would be back from her errand an hour ago. Maybe he would just take a trip around the city and find her. Just to make sure she was okay. He stood up, already loosening his tie when Perry called to him.

"Clark, come here quick!" Clark looked at him, confused, and took a fast walk across the Planet office to him. People swarmed about him, busy at work. He reached the Chief's office and Perry held up a phone. "It's for you. They say Lois is in the hospital." A picture of concern covered Perry's face.

"WHAT!" Clark exclaimed. "What hospital?" he asked urgently. "Metropolis Emergency," Perry began, and held up the phone, but Clark was already running to the elevator. Once safely inside, he stripped into his Superman costume, and once the doors opened was out of the elevator, the building, flying in the sky, in the hospital lobby, and in a phone booth where he zipped back into Clark Kent so fast that he was invisible. He stepped out of the booth, straightening his glasses and pulling at his tie. He jogged to the front desk and knocked on the hard wood.

"I am looking for Lois Lane's room," he said, looking at the nurse with impatient eyes. She looked up at him through lazy eyes and sighed. "Who was that again?" she asked with a careless voice.

"Lois Lane," he said, his jaw tightening, his eyebrows rising in impatient anger.

"Oh, yes, here she is. And who are you?" she asked in a stuck-up snarl.

"Clark Kent, her husband!" He was about to grab the book from her and find the room himself, and go there with or without her permission.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Kent. Room 55." He didn't even wait to say thank-you, and ran up the stairs, shoving people out of his way, and rushing to the room. Oh, he shouldn't have left her alone. He knew better. She had looked so sickly the past week, so why did he do it? Why did he leave her alone?

He finally reached Room 55, grabbed for the doorknob, then suddenly paused. He took a deep breath, said a silent prayer, and opened the door slowly, quietly, and calmly.

Inside Lois lay awake and weary on a white sheet bed. Clark rushed to her side, and she smiled with relief.

"What happened? Are you okay? What's wrong? Where's a doctor?" he asked, with such fear in his voice. She just looked at him, her eyes saying she was just too weak to talk. Then the door behind him opened, and a doctor walked in. He looked surprised to see him there, then smiled with relief.

"Mr. Kent, I am glad you're here!" he said with a smile.

"What happened to Lois, and why isn't she saying anything? And what's wrong with her?" He threw all these questions at the doctor, and the doctor raised his hands, looked down, and laughed. "Nothing at all is wrong with your wife. She is on tranquilizers right now. She seems to have put quite a stress load on herself lately. And with her condition … "

"What?" said Clark, his eyebrows close together.

"Yes, Mr. Kent, she is going to have a baby!" the doctor said, very much pleased to release this news.

Clark stood there, stunned, not comprehending what he was hearing. Then he broke into a smile and turned to Lois. He walked to her, and just looked at her. He took her hand in his, and kneeled down. "However Mr. Kent, we do have a problem." Clark almost didn't hear him. But after the doctor repeated it 2 or 3 times, Clark realized what he was saying and looked at him. "What do you mean 'a problem'?" he asked, his forehead wrinkling with worry again.

"Well, I don't know how to say it. There is something strange about this baby. Something I can't explain. It's advancing at a remarkable rate. No need to worry yet. But we are keeping her overnight all the same. The baby is growing and taking more nutrition from the mother than a normal baby does. At this rate the mother is already under- nourished and weak. Now I am going to have to ask you to leave. She needs her rest. We are pumping a lot of vitamins in her now, trying to keep up her health." The doctor guided Clark to the door. Clark didn't even notice, he was so stunned by the doctors words.

Clark stood there, outside the hospital room, just thinking, hard. He and Lois had never even thought about that. A baby in her, having the superpowers he had. He decided in a split second to go see Dr. Klein. He would know what was wrong, and if she would be okay.

Dr. Klein sat in the lab, studying some odd-shaped fungus when Clark arrived. He walked into the lab, and Klein looked up and smiled. "Hello, Clark, how are you today? Where is Lois?"

"Off … on a story. But I came here to ask you a question … for a story," he said, trying to act natural.

"Well … go ahead," said Klein.

"What if … Superman were to … well … if he … was to have a baby?"

Klein looked up with sudden alertness. "Well that would be awful. I mean, we had always considered him in the sex of a male, but if he were to have a baby, and still have the characteristics of a male … we would … "

"NO! NO, Dr. Klein, that's not what I meant. I meant what if he had a baby WITH a woman, an earth woman," he said, with his eyebrows high.

"Well, that's certainly interesting. I never even thought about that. Well, let's see, if the child was to inherit the father's powers, that would be something else. Two Supermen!" he smiled at the thought and went back to looking at the fungi.

"Well, what about when the baby was … in the mother?" he asked, looking intently at Klein, forgetting about being inconspicuous.

"Hmm. Well, now that I think about it. If a child with the powers of Superman were in an earth woman, it could take more nutrition because of the extra strength draining the mother. Dear me, once the child got big enough, one movement of the child would be agony for the mother. He could tear the poor thing apart. Why, it might take the life of the mother just to give it all the … life it needs. She would probably die," he said casually, shrugging his shoulders as if the whole hypothesis was impossible, and went back to his fungi. Clark was stunned and was holding his breath and digging his nails into his fist.

Lois slowly opened her eyes. Everything was very blurred, but she could make out the faint lines of a face. The face was surrounded my a bright harsh white light, and for a moment she was sure she was dead. Then the warm, gentle voice of her husband, Clark, reached her ears, clear and familiar. She was so happy to hear it. So glad he was here. With him near, she felt no fear or pain.

The blurred picture gradually came into focus and Clark sat on a chair, beside her, holding her hand in his. She smiled, then the smile faded away. Behind his grin was a tired, worried face. His eyes revealed a deep pain and sympathy, and his smile was meager and not strong and happy like usual.

"What's wrong?" she whispered, fear in her voice. Realizing she was awake, Clark shoved his thoughts aside and put on his large smile and confident eyes.

"Nothing. Nothing at all," he lied. I won't tell her anything, not just yet. No need to worry her in her condition. I'll tell her later, when she is stronger. "You are just fine, just a little tired and weak. Darling, you said would tell me if you didn't feel better," he began, with the sound a parent gets when scolding a child, "and you didn't. You should have told me you were going to the doctor. I would have come too. You should have told me you weren't feeling better, I should have … " he began.

Lois raised a finger to his lips. "I know I should have, but I just figured it to be the flu, and no need to worry you." she smiled. "Did they tell you what's going on? I think it's the stomach flu going around." Clark laughed at this, and Lois looked at him, confused.

"Honey, you don't have the flu." He paused, trying to look happy about the news he was about to give her. "You're going to have a baby!" Lois looked up at him, shocked. A smile didn't cover her face, but an open-mouthed gawk. She turned her head away, the same stunned look upon her face. Clark's face filled with concern "What's wrong, dear?" he asked timidly, almost afraid she knew what was really wrong.

"Nothing," she said, shaking her head as she turned her head back to him. "I just always thought that I would know when I was pregnant. I thought it was this little feeling mothers got, and now to find that I thought it was the flu?!" she said, exasperated. Clark laughed again, although Lois didn't find it all that amusing.

"The doctor says you can come home as soon as you wake up and he sees your apt to it," he said with a large grin on his face, concealing his innermost thoughts of dread and terror.


Clark opened the door and led Lois inside. "Really Clark, I am okay. Just a little tired, no need to worry," she said with a large, proud grin across her face.

"I know," said Clark, a boyish pout beginning to cross his face. "I just … worry, that's all. Now you best do as the doctor said and lie down. I'll make you dinner, and you can have breakfast in … er … dinner, in bed!" She smiled a coy smile, and started upstairs as he headed to the kitchen. As soon as she was out of sight, the tired, worried face broke through.

He fixed dinner like a zombie, hardly thinking about what he was doing. Thoughts ran through his head. Lois die? It would be all his fault. Because it was HIS superpowers that would kill her! His child that might tear her apart! And even if they did find a way to help her, he would have to reveal he was Superman. After all, how would it look, Lois Lane married to Clark Kent yet bearing the child of Superman? They would surely figure it out! Guilt swarmed in his heart. Suddenly he froze as a beam of moonlight shone through the window, and a crazy idea came to his mind. He looked wide-eyed at the beam, and then a solution came to his mind. It just might work! he thought. He stood frozen staring at the ray of light.

The small ray of moonlight crawled across his hand. The Ray machine! Memories suddenly came rushing back to him. How he had been shot with the Ray gun, and his powers had drained into Lois, and she had become Ultrawoman! Yes, he remembered! And if Lois had superpowers, then a superpowered baby couldn't hurt her! The child would be born safely and healthy and Lois would be okay! Then they would use the ray gun to get the powers back! And everything would be back to normal. Yes, it would be okay. But where was the gun now? And did it still work?

He wouldn't tell Lois now, not yet. What if he couldn't find the gun. But he had to find it! Yes, after Lois went to sleep tonight, he would sneak out and see Dr. Klein, and ask him about it. As Clark carried Lois' dinner upstairs, he decided he would have to confide in Klein his secret identity. After all, how else could he explain it to him. That Superman had gotten his supposed best friend's wife pregnant? No, he would have to tell Klein everything. But it would be worth it if it would save Lois.


That night Dr. Klein was all by himself in the lab. There were no lights except one small neon. Superman flew in a near window, and pushed open the lab doors. He walked up to Klein. He quickly swished to Clark again, before Klein turned around.

"Clark? What are you doing here this late?"

"Dr. Klein, I have to tell you something. I have a lot to tell you. And Lois' life is at stake, so please just listen, and PLEASE understand. I know Superman's secret identity." He took a deep breath and thought about Lois at home, asleep, with his parents. He had called them to assure she would be okay while he was gone. Klein looked dazed at the sudden odd topic. "Klein … I … I am," he took a deep breath. "I am Superman," he said slowly. Klein looked at him with shock and as if he were crazy. Clark, realizing he needed proof, made his quick turn, transforming himself into Superman. Klein's eyes were so wide with sudden shock, he couldn't say anything. "Clark … or … Superman … I mean … " he stumbled.

"Dr. Klein, please, I need your help. Where is that ray machine that was brought here for safekeeping last year?" he leaned over the lab cabinet to express the importance of his request. Klein shook his head to rid the daze. He strained to concentrate, but all he could think was, I should have known, I should have known …

"KLEIN!" Superman said, jerking him back to reality.

"Yes, yes. Sorry. Well, it's in the vault downstairs. I just did some research on it last week," he began. Clark interrupted rudely.

"Lois is pregnant. According to you she may die. Now I have an idea. Tell me if I am correct. If I transfer my powers to Lois, then the baby can't hurt her, right?" Clark said hurriedly.

"Well, let me think. Yes, I suppose that's true, but have you thought about what you're doing? I mean, the world without Superman for nine months is a scary thought, don't you think?"

"I don't care. All that matters now is that Lois lives. I'll think of the rest later. Now YOU have to be the one to do it. Because I can't hold the gun and be in the line of fire at the same time," he said impatiently.

"Well, have you thought what it might do to Lois?" Klein said, calmly now, already absorbed by all these new surprises.

"What do you mean, last time no danger came, she was still healthy … " he began

"Yes, but she wasn't pregnant then. Who knows what effect it will have!" he said as if Clark had been a fool to overlook it. Clark thought quickly.

"Okay then. YOU'RE going to have to find out what it will do and give me the conclusion as soon as you find out!" Clark said, speaking his first fierce words toward Klein.

And Klein did the tests, and within a week, Clark had his answer. And that week had been the scariest week of his life, but the answer he got held even more terror than that.

Lois lay still in bed. She looked around the empty bedroom. This was boring. And ridiculous. She had a story to work on. And lots of women had babies. There was no reason for her to have to stay in bed the first month. Clark was just overly worried. She should have expected it. With that she stood up and pulled on some clothes. It was her favorite tan dress. Short, sleeveless, and very comfy. That's when a thought of dread came to her mind. In a couple of months, this wouldn't even fit on her! Her face turned to disgust as she thought of how she would look! How awful. Clark would never be attracted to her, looking like that! He would leave her, and she would be alone again, and …

She stopped and smiled. This was stupid. Clark loved her, and didn't care what she looked like! Because they were going to have a baby! A handsome baby boy or gorgeous baby girl! Yes, they would be so proud. But no time to think of this now. She had a story to do about a rare kind of fungi that could transform. Now let's see, she thought, Martha would never let her leave. She would have to sneak out.

And then she would have to go down to Klein's office. He had all the research on the fungus, the research she needed. After all, everyone wanted to know why and how the Gangster Billy Stontle had used it to rob that bank. And she had to figure it out, and tell them.

She snuck down the back staircase and out the back door. As she left, she saw through the window Martha sitting, reading a book. She would call her from Dr. Klein's office, so she wouldn't worry. After all, what could she do once Lois was all the way downtown. Well … she could call Clark. And Clark could come and zip her away with out a second word from her. Maybe she would wait till after she was done with the interview to call Martha.

She drove downtown, thinking of all the questions she was going to ask. When she finally arrived, there were only a few cars left in the lab parking lot. One of which she recognized as Klein's old broken-down Ford. She got out, locked the car and started to the labs. Then she heard a voice call out to her. "Lois? Lois Lane is that you?" a strong, full voice called to her.

Lois turned to see an old high school friend, Kris, standing in a white lab coat, outside a different building of lab doors, smoking a cigarette. Lois smiled at the old friend, and waved. She took a swift walk to him. "Kris! How long has it been. Wow, great seeing you. How have you been?"

"Great," he replied. "I wish I could stay and talk, but I have to get back to work. I am working late on how Kryptonite effects humans, especially ones with diseases. It's sort of interesting, but not much fun when you're alone," he said.

"Well, I have a few minutes, plus a large interest in Kryptonite. Want some company for a while?" she said, more to find out about the strange rock that was so deadly to her dear Clark than to visit with Kris. He smiled and nodded, and together they headed into the well lit, yet empty lab halls.

Clark stood in the lab with Dr. Klein. Klein had recently called Clark away from his home, after a long worrisome week. He had finally gotten the result from all the tests. Clark walked into the office, and here sat Klein, with a young woman Clark had never seen before. They both stood as he walked in.

"Clark. Hello. Let me introduce Belle Smith. She is the chief engineer with the Ray gun machine experiments. She knows more than anyone else about the machine, and with such urgency, I knew you wouldn't mind me having her help." Mrs. Smith was short, thin, with dark brown eyes and short, raggy brown hair. She had a stern look of authority yet kindness on her face.

"No, not at all!" he said and went over to shake her hand. After this he leaned close and whispered to Klein. "You didn't tell her about … you know?" as he made the sign S across his chest. He wouldn't. Klein couldn't. Would he?!

"No," he whispered back. "I gave her the situation and told her to keep it under the thought of hypothesis, and not ask questions." Clark breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness.

"Well, Mrs. Smith, what can you tell me?" Clark asked.

"Well, the hypothesis Dr. Klein handed me was odd but too interesting to turn away." She made a low hoarse laugh. "But it's late so let's get to business. First of all, and the most important of all, the most sure conclusive fact I have is that the woman, carrying the baby, would not be hurt. At all. However, that's ONLY if the baby had the father of Superman. Any other baby would die!" she said proudly, and sternly.

"Yes, great, that's great!" Clark said with joy. It was going to be all right. Then his happiness was dashed to pieces.

"That is, the TRANSACTION of powers wouldn't hurt her. I am not sure what will happen during the nine months. I mean, looking at the file of what happened to that Lane woman …" she started off. That 'Lane woman'! He wanted to walk over and correct her, say that was his wife, not that 'Lane woman'. But he bit his bottom lip. Held it back.

"Exactly!" he interrupted. "It wouldn't hurt her, because … Lois Lane wasn't hurt by it. She was fine, right?" he said.

"Yes, but she wasn't pregnant. Nor with the child of Superman. And the switch was for a brief time. You're talking nine months here. I mean let's look at this logically. When the gun switched your powers to her, that's all that went — some powers, not a heritage."

"You lost me," Clark said, confused. She smiled at this.

"All you pass is the effect the red gun has on Superman. That doesn't mean he still isn't immune to all sickness on earth. He is still from Krypton, he was simply, mildly mutated to not be affected by the red sun. The effect goes to the girl. But that still means she can get sick, with the flu or anything else. Who knows what effect this would make along with the strange newness of the powers. Not counting the baby! It could be an odd case," she finished, with a proud smile on her face.

"Would it kill her?" he asked in dread.

"No, I don't think so. I think it might weaken her a lot, when the powers were taken away, but nowhere near death, I THINK. The key word there. Don't forget, these are all guesses of what is most likely to happen, not proven facts of what WILL happen!" she said, and sat back down, opening a file.

"Okay, so what needs to happen if we were to make this transfer, and what safety rules would there be?" he asked, excited to possibly have an answer to his long burden.

"First, none of this superhero business. She would still need to take it easy. You have to keep a careful look on her, try to catch any sickness before it becomes too serious. Don't worry about the procedure of the transfer. I typed it up and put it in the hands of Dr. Klein. In case you ever need it for more research," she said with a small smile. Somehow Clark knew she very much knew they were going to use it.

"Thanks very much for all your help Mrs. Smith!" he said, with hope in his eyes. He took her hand and shook it gently.

At that same moment Lois and Kris walked into the lab, a large air sealed vault holding three rocks of Kryptonite inside it. They talked about old times and how great it would be to see everyone again as Kris went to remove the Kryptonite.

"One more thing, Mr. Kent," Belle said, as Clark turned to leave. "She must not be exposed to Kryptonite. Before or after the transfer. Because the baby inside her is a part of Superman, that means the baby would be hurt by it as well. It could kill both the mother, and the baby!" Clark thought of this, nodded his head, and walked out the lab doors.

Lois stood laughing at a joke Kris had made when he went and opened the small container holding the precious kryptonite. Suddenly Lois felt a small pain. It was so tiny. Not like anything she had ever felt before. And so small. It made a small throb of pain all over her body but was centered right in her stomach. She placed her hands on her stomach. This was so strange.

Kris continued laughing, until he saw the look on her face. He placed the Kryptonite down, and went to her. "Close it!" she managed to yell out. The air around her seemed to be suffocating her. She fell to the ground and lay there, breathing hard. Kris looked at her, not understanding. He went and called 911. He talked quickly and hurriedly on the phone. Lois looked about, and as everything began to take a darker gray color, without thinking, she took in all her breath, and let out, as loud as she could, "Superman!"

There was a whoosh of air. Papers scattered to the floor. Superman stood over her, worry on his face. She began to point at the box, when he too began to feel a tightening in his chest. He fell to his knees and looked, seeing the glow of Kryptonite.

He began to crawl to it. Trying to think of nothing but Lois and the baby. But Kris, seeing Superman was here, quickly ran, placed the Kryptonite in the box, shut it, and sealed it. Superman collapsed on the floor, out of breath, but recovered quickly. He got up and went to Lois, who was as well already recovering. He sat down and pulled her near, so her back could lean against him. She breathed slowly, taking it all in, then turned to meet his eyes. "What was that? she asked, fear in her voice. Kris ran to her, asking questions, if she was all right, if she was hurt. She shook him away.

Superman, looking in a side glance at Kris said to Lois, "You'd better go home to your husband. I am sure he can explain." He slid one arm under her knees and the other under her back, lifting her up. Before she even had a chance to say good-bye to Kris, Superman flew off, and in a split second they were back in their brownstone.

Superman put Lois down and Lois walked to the couch and sat down. "What was that, Clark?" she heard a whoosh behind her as Superman once again changed to Clark Kent. All of a sudden Martha came running in, panic on her face, which dropped away, leaving annoyance.

"Lois Lane, you snuck out. I was worried sick. I called the police. I called Clark. We were all out of our minds wondering where you were. And in your delicate condition too!" she said. But then her eyes softened. "Dear, you really need to take it easy." Clark, remembering that Lois had snuck out, and how worried he had been when he had gotten home to find her not here, went and sat next to her on the couch.

"Exactly Lois, you can't do this!" he said, his eyebrows close together with concern.

"Both of you are worrywarts. I doubt if you could call this a delicate condition when I'm in the first month. Going out on an interview hardly puts the baby at stake. And don't try to change the subject, Clark. What happened back there. Kris took out the Kryptonite, and then I suddenly began to … "

"I know. I didn't want to tell you until I was sure I had a solution," he said, guilt on his face. Martha turned to him with shock. "You haven't told her yet?!"

"Mother, please, can I be alone with Lois?" he asked, his eyes begging for forgiveness. "Yes. I'll be in my room reading," she said, a mock smile on her face. She walked up to her room, and once she was out of sight, Clark began a quick explanation.

When Clark was finally finished, he took in a deep breath. Lois sat beside him, stunned. She now found out her own baby was going to kill her, then that Clark was going to give her absolutely everything to save her. Then she caressed his face with her hand and turned completely toward him. He looked down in shame, but she pulled his head back up, and pulled him into a deep, long kiss.

Clark forgot everything for a moment. Forgot his mother was just upstairs. Forgot Lois' condition, forgot all his problems and worries. All he could think of now was Lois, sheets, and night. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him, longing to feel her touch, as they continued to kiss.

Lois getting more wrapped up in the situation, sat up and straddled his lap. Her hands ran through his hair, and his soft lips began to caress her neck. Suddenly all the thoughts came rushing back to him, and he quickly pulled away, leaving Lois with a look of great confusion.

He stood up, helping Lois to stand as well, from her position on his lap. "Honey, can't you see? This is what got us into trouble. I mean … " he thought again, as he had thought many a time, how it was his fault she was possibly going to die, because of his desires.

"Clark," she said, a coy smile crossing her face, nudging near to him, wrapping her arms around his back, "everything is going to be okay, I'm not scared, you shouldn't be scared. But we have gone all week without …"

"I know … " said Clark, an exasperated smile crossing his face, remembering how many nights he had lain awake, yearning for her, and how hurt she had been when he said he wasn't in the mood or didn't feel like it.

"So, when do we go see Dr. Klein?" she asked. The coy smile left her face, and Clark's heart felt like it was being ripped apart. If he had his way, he would sweep her into his arms, carry her upstairs, and they would make up for all the lost days!

"Tonight. Right now," he said calmly. Lois turned to him, a point of thought on her face.

"What will the world do without you for nine months?" she asked, concern on her face.

"It doesn't matter. All that matters is you, Lois, you know that," he said, his eyes filled with pleasant memories.

She turned, to face him. "Are you sure we need to go TONIGHT. I mean, I am sure there are more constructive things we can find to do tonight than go see Dr. Klein!" she said a bit of disgust on her face, at the thought of spending the evening in a dread boring lab.

Clark couldn't hold himself back any longer. His desires were just too strong for him to fight without this kind of encouragement. He rushed to her, pulling her into a hot, passionate kiss. She returned the kiss with as much wanting. And without realizing it, they were floating. Both of them. Just a few inches off the ground. They slowly floated up the stairs, his soft lips again searching her neck. They reached the bedroom, and he gently laid her upon the bed.

He lay on top of her, kissing her, and she kissing back, as her hands massaged his shoulders. He shivered. Just the touch of her made him want her so. He had felt so needy for her all week, and at last they could both let out some of this weary load. And Lois, feeling better, knowing Clark was still attracted to her after this week, fell into the evening with a good spirit.

Through the night, with slim thoughts of Klein, and all his worries, and especially Lois' condition, they did the best they could to fulfill each other's needs. And the next morning, as refreshed as they both felt, Lois again was very weak, and Clark seeing this, dressed her, and him, and flew her down to Dr. Klein's lab.

Dr. Klein was there fiddling with the ray gun. Clark was happy and sad now. He had such a heart-throbbing night, and sad, to see Lois so weakened by it. He placed her in a chair that sat in front of the Ray machine. Klein, looking tired, and overwhelmed by work, nodded. Clark nodded as well. He stepped in front of Lois, her head leaned against the back of the chair, her cheeks pale.

"No!" she wanted to scream. This wasn't her plan. She was suppose to persuade Clark out of this. He couldn't do this. It would kill him. She tried to speak, but Clark placed one single finger on her soft lips. He used it to trace them. He let the finger glide across her pale face, tucking her soft hair behind her ear. He lifted her and leaned her against him.

He nodded to Dr. Klein, and turned his back to the ray machine. Lois looked up into his eyes, which shined with pure fear, for both of them. She pulled him down into a soft kiss, their soft lips brushing together. At that moment, the ray machine let off a ray of red. It hit Clark's back, sealing them together. Lois sparkled with a diamond-like quality. Clark had a faint glow of red. For a brief moment they were combined as one.

But neither of them was thinking about the odd tickling feeling. They embraced each other. When the ray finally stopped, they were still holding each other. Finally they pulled apart. Clark looked down at Lois, feeling empty, missing something, unwhole. Yet, as he looked at Lois, he never felt more whole.


Lois sat on the couch, held in Clark's arms, her head leaning against his, Clark's chin nudged on her head. Lois pulled away and turned to face him. "Clark, I can't help but feel like I have taken something away from you. Something that was a part of you. I mean, there is something different about you, and I just robbed you of it," she said, a guilty look on her face.

Clark laughed at this. "Lois, don't be … "

"Clark, don't say you're not hurt. I know how you feel. And I thought this was a marriage where we could tell each other anything. That we would never do anything alone anymore. And yet I feel like you're drifting away suddenly. You didn't tell me about the baby, or the ray gun, or about how you're feeling now."

"Lois, okay, fine. Sure, it's … different for me. But that's only because I am not used to it. I mean, I am kind of happy, it will give me a real chance to find out what a NORMAL person can handle. Kind of like an undercover story," he said with a grin on his face.

"Clark, please. I know that you are being torn apart inside. But … "

"Lois, I'll tell you if anything is wrong. I promise." he smiled. "Want some dinner?"

"Sure, although I have the strangest feeling," she said.

"What do you mean?"

"I am not THAT hungry. Can you believe it? I am not even in the mood for chocolate!" she said with disappointment. Clark laughed out loud at this. Lois followed Clark into the kitchen. He reached in the fridge, taking out a bottle of olives and two bottles of soda. He went to the pantry and pulled out a bag of nuts. "I'll make something light then. A salad and some cracked nuts afterwards." He smiled, and she smiled back.

"So how is that … bank robbery story going … you know, the one with that fungus stuff?" Clark asked.

"Well, I am lost. I don't have a clue how it happened. And the police are sealing it up like a jar."

Clark tore up some lettuce and threw it in a large bowl. "Klein only talks in scientific terms, something about changing, but … " Clark took the bottle of olives, placed his hands around the lid and pulled, but it didn't open. Strain raced through his arms and showed on his face. Lois reached, took it, and opened it with ease, handing it back to him. Clark looked at her with embarrassment. Even annoyance that she hadn't let him do it.

Lois sat in Dr. Klein's office with the Daily Planet in hand. She and Clark had decided long ago to take Klein as a type of doctor to watch Lois in her 'condition'. Clark wasn't with her now. He was home, asleep. She thought it best to let him sleep. After all, it was Saturday. Why should he have to get up early? She had to have these 'check-ups' early, so no one found out about it. As she sat, waiting for Dr. Klein to finish some type of test (there were about a thousand of them), she thought back to the first month of her pregnancy. A frown crossed her face. How horrible it had been. But Clark had been so good about it all. From that night when she opened that can of olives, she knew this wasn't going to be easy for him. Suddenly, he was strained at things, needed a full nine hours of sleep, three full meals per day, and for the first time in his life, last week he caught a cold. The poor dear. He had taken it so hard when she told him to stay home from work that day because of his fever. He was still sick, and she hated to leave him, but Martha was there, and he would be okay.

Then he kept getting mad at Ms. Smith, because she had said he wouldn't be able to catch any colds. But Lois would just laugh and say that everyone can make a mistake.

"Lois, sorry, as soon as I finish this test, I'll know everything is okay, and you can go home!" Klein said, noticing how impatient she was getting.

"Not a problem," Lois lied.

Just as he had taken a new life on, so had she, with new feelings and things she wasn't ready for. One thing had been the sleeping. She had never realized how Clark had REALLY slept. I mean true, some nights he had more energy than she in their … evening activities. But she never knew how many hours he just lay there awake. Just because of her. He could be off doing something, but because she was asleep in the bed next to him, he stayed, awake, just thinking.

Plus the eating habits. She went days just picking at food, and then the odd circumstance of the superpowers and the baby kicked in, and she would eat anything and everything in sight.

But she guessed the hardest thing for both of them was the fact they practically had to keep their hands off each other. This was so hard. They were used to going about 10 times per night. Now it dropped to zero. They touched and kissed, but now that even hurt, because they both knew it could never lead anywhere, as much as they both wanted it.

"Okay, your all right! But be back here same time next Saturday, okay?" Klein said, acting like a parent talking to a young child.

"All right!" Lois cried, picking up her purse, and striding out the door.

She was happy to go home now! She remembered her first check-up, how Dr. Klein had blushed when he applied pressure to her bare stomach. She hadn't enjoyed it anymore than he!

She left the lab after thanking Dr. Klein, and walked to her car in the lot. It would be easier for her to fly, but she still hadn't exactly mastered the art, and Clark said in her condition, she should not use any of the powers — try to act normal and not be jumping everywhere to save people.

That last thing was what hurt her the most. She lay awake at night, hearing the frightened calls of people crying, "Superman!" in the street while being mugged, raped or murdered. She couldn't remember how to fly, and with the fast advancement of the baby, it made it hard to even try.

One month had passed, and the baby was already showing. Or, according to Klein's scan, should she say babies?

Clark slowly opened his eyes. Sunshine flooded into the bedroom. He turned his neck to peer at the clock. Seven o'clock! He turned quickly to the bedspace beside him to find it empty. Darn, she left without him again! Suddenly all his sore muscles started aching again!

He sat up slowly, wincing with pain. He reached up and rubbed his neck. Oww it hurt. He threw his feet out of bed and stood up, stretching his back. He walked into the bathroom and shut the door. He looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes were puffy and his hair damp from fever. His lips were chapped and cracked, and his mouth dry with a distasteful sour, bitter tang in it. He leaned over and splashed cold water on his face, in his mouth. He brushed his teeth, took a shower, washed his hair. When he was done he dressed in some blue jeans and a blue T-shirt. He ran a comb through his hair and went down stairs.

His mother was still asleep, his father back in Smallville taking care of some kind of contract. Lois left again without him! He really had wanted to go with her today. She couldn't bring herself to wake him up though. He went to the stereo and turned on some music. He walked into the kitchen and poured a bowl of cereal. He ate it down hungrily, just standing in the kitchen.

When he was finished he walked into the living room and sat down in a chair and reclined. As he sat there, he too thought about the past month. How awful it had been. He never knew what things Lois and all other earthlings had to go through. Colds, sickness, aching muscles, sunburn, fevers, and most of all food! He had never felt such a hunger before. Lois had described it to him sometimes, and he would nod and pretend he understood, but he didn't. Not then. He never felt the gnaw of emptiness at his stomach!

And that Lois walked around, being able to open jars, pick up furniture to clean with such ease, when just simple things to him, like taking morning jogs, caused such ache!

But the worst was the nights. He remembered last night as one of the worst. Clark came home, and Lois was in her silk robe. They had a candlelight dinner and wine (well, actually sparkling water, she couldn't have wine) and then they went and watched a movie on the couch.

She snuggled in his arms, and he had gently kissed her neck, then had slid his hands to the soft skin under the robe. Her hands had run through his hair and down his back, making him shiver. She had lain on the couch, on her back, and he had gently lain on top of her. And as he began to slowly untie the robe, she sat straight up, and told him they could do no more. He had sighed with aggravation of deprivation and his forgetfulness.

It had been like that all month, and it was driving them both crazy! But he wanted to be there for her. Because, some nights he would wake up, hearing her sobs, knowing she had heard something happen on the street, and could do nothing about it. At these times he would hold her in his arms, and she would cry into his shoulder.

Suddenly his eyes snapped open as he heard a car door slam. He stood up and walked to the door.

Lois was home!

Lois walked up the pavement to the brownstone. As she pulled out her key, the door opened, and there stood Clark.

"Clark, hi! How are you? are you feeling any better?" She walked to him, hugging him and giving him a peck on the cheek.

"I am fine, I feel much better. Now why didn't you wake me up, so I could come with you?" he asked, crossing his arms as he used to when he was still Superman.

"Clark, you were sleeping so … " Lois began, guilt and love in her eyes.

"You knew I wanted to come. Next week I am setting the alarm and coming with you!" he said with a stern, parent-like authority. And with that Lois nodded and turned back into the kitchen for breakfast.

"And one more thing," he said grabbing her arm and pulling her back to face him. "You call what you just gave me a kiss?!"

And with that he pulled her into a long kiss, which she was in great need of. His hands went to her back, firmly pressing her against him. Her hands ran through his hair and caressed his cheek. When they pulled away her eyes were still shut, absorbing the kiss that had just ended and he was smiling, massaging her shoulders.

"Wow! You don't have superpowers, but from that I would have never guessed," she said seductively, running her finger down his chest.

He laughed, his old goodwill kicking in again. He followed her into the living room, where they both sat down on the couch.

"Lois, I think we need to talk," Clark said, taking Lois' hand in his.

"About what?"

"Well, are you okay, because I can't help but feel you're just putting on a show for me."

"Clark … "

"Lois, I know what type of things you hear at night. That's enough to make any person go mad."

Lois looked down at her hands. Clark squeezed them to reassure her.

"So again, are you okay?"

Lois was silent for a while. Then she spoke in a soft, calm voice.

"Clark, I won't lie. It does scare me. And upset me. But I am all right."

"Lois … "

"Because, all I have to do is turn and see you next to me and have your strong arms go around me, and I am not afraid of anything. Because you give me strength. You make it easy for me to be strong. I know that it does scare me, but I am okay, as long as I have you … "

Lois looked up into his eyes, and he smiled. She was telling the truth. He could tell, she was doing all right. And he was glad to finally know. Lois turned and leaned back against him. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.

"So … maybe we could start thinking about names," Clark said. A boyish happiness rang in his voice.

Lois laughed a little about the sudden topic change. A mock smile spread across her face.

"What do you think?"

"Well, for a boy I was thinking more along the lines of … Jonathon."

"And what if it's a girl?"

"I was thinking Ellen."

He smiled at the thought, and Lois laughed. She squeezed one of his arms, and he winced in pain. She turned and looked up at him.

Are you sore still?" she asked, worried. Her voice was filled with sympathy and pity.

"Just a little," Clark said, trying not to attract pity.

Lois nodded and sat up straight. Clark watched her as she walked behind the chair and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Would you like a neck rub?" she asked coyly.

"YES! I thought you would never ask!" he said, closing his eyes. She slowly squeezed and massaged his shoulders, and he moaned in pleasure.

"Shhh! What will the neighbors think!" she said, laughing.

"Who cares, we have made more noise than this before," he said, bringing one of her palms up and kissing it gently.

A few minutes went by as Lois continued to massage Clark's sore muscles.

"Clark," she said, with a lot of thought, "what would you do if you found out I wasn't just going to have one baby."

Clark stood up, pulling away from the soothing hands and turned to her with surprise on his face. "Why, what did you find out?"

"Well, today Dr. Klein did a scan to see how the babies are coming."

"Yes … "

"He said they are advancing faster than what he expected, and wants to meet with us tonight at 8 with some director. He said you had met her before, about the ray gun or something … "

"Yes … "

"Well, he said that the scan was fuzzy, because it wasn't made to scan for babies, but … "

"YES … " Clarks eyes were wide with excitement. "What, what did he say, I mean … did he say … we are going to have … "

Clark was stuttering he was so excited. His face was glowing with alertness, the first time Lois hadn't seen him with pain, sadness, pity, or tiredness. She saw the old flame of passion excitement, love and happiness in his eyes.

"Well, he can't be certain, but he is fairly sure that there is at least more than one."

Clarks eyes went wide, his eyebrows raised, and he shook his head with shock. Suddenly a smile burst onto his face, and with a howl, he snatched Lois up in his arms and spun her around. She laughed from the excitement, and for a moment everything was as it should be, as it used to be.

Clark set her down and smiled down at her. She looked up at him, and spoke softly and innocently.

"How about we go see Dr. Klein and his friend, go out to eat, then come home for dessert?"

And with that she gave him a seductive sly smile. She knew they couldn't do much, but they could do something! Clark's eyes were like a child who just got exactly what he wanted for Christmas.

"Why, Mrs. Kent, you read my mind."

"What did Dr. Klein say he wanted to see us for?"

"I don't know. But it can't be anything bad … right?"

Clark sat in Dr. Klein's lab, in a small uncomfortable metal chair. Lois sat beside him, in another equally uncomfortable chair. His arm was slouched around her shoulders, his other lay on her stomach.

That afternoon Lois had felt a kick. And Clark was bound and determined to feel it next time it happened. Klein sat behind the lab counter with Ms. Belle Smith, who had helped him earlier with the ray machine. She looked younger now. Her hair was curly, and her eyes seemed lighter and more alive.

"Hello, Clark, nice seeing you again. And this must be Lois. Hello, Lois. Nice to meet you. My name is Belle Smith. How are you feeling, dear?" She talked to Lois like a baby, making her voice a bit higher and childish. She might as well have said, "I heard you had a boo boo, well don't you worry, I am going to fix it all up!" Lois thought with a sneer. Her face revealed a bit of her disgust.

"Fine thank you. And how have you been, Mrs. Smith. Clark has told me all about you."

She talked as adult sounding as she could. Trying not to fall to the way Belle talked to her. Clark smiled, not noticing anything.

"Well, I called you here, Clark, Lois, because this baby is acting a lot different than what we expected," Klein said, tired worry on his face.

"What do you mean?" Clarks' face showed his worry.

"Oh, no. Don't take it the wrong way. Everything is fine, just different." Klein said, holding up a hand to calm Clark.

Clark let out a sigh of relief, while Lois seemed to be in la la land. She was staring off into space, seeming not to hear a word they were saying. Klein continued.

"I will let Ms. Smith take over. She knows a little more about this than I do." Klein looked over and nodded to Belle.

"Well, the baby in this hypothesis, is growing extremely fast, as Klein has told me. I did some math equations and according to them, this baby won't need nine months. I guess it will only take about … three, at the most." Belle said casually.

Clark stood straight up, and this statement awakened Lois from her dream.

"Whoa. That's a little fast, don't you think. I mean, are you sure you did that math right, it can't be right."

Lois sat gawking, not understanding what she was hearing. Her eyes showed she was in deep thought, even though she said nothing. Belle stood up, to face Clark in the eyes.

"Yes, I am sure. Now how long has the subject supposedly been pregnant, one month. Under my guess, she should only have about two months left," she said, offended Clark had challenged her so.

Clark fell back into his chair, stunned.

"Clark, I know this is going to be hard, but please let me finish. There is a lot more surprises yet to come." she said, sitting as well.

Clark sat, stunned. Thoughts raced through Lois' head. But she remained silent. Listening intently to Belle Smith.

"Now, I guess the subject has a little more than two months left. And further more, the next month, a lot of changes are going to be taking place inside of her. I am not going to lie, it is going to be painful, even for a women WITH superpowers. Also, after looking at Superman's record, he didn't acquire his powers until his late teens. Well this child is very different from Superman. One, Superman wasn't conceived and born under a red sun. My guess is this child is going to have superpowers before he is born. And according to more math, by the age 14, he should actually be stronger than Superman. He will grow very fast the first year, then grow at a normal earth rate for the rest of his years until his mid-twenties, then it will dramatically slow down, and stay in his prime for years to come. Klein also told me that there is a possibility for more than one child. This is going to mean a GREAT deal more pain on the parents' part," Belle said, looking over a pad of paper. Belle paused for a moment, not out of breath, and totally calm. She looked at Clark, then continued. "Clark, may I speak to you alone for a moment?"

Clark was silent for a moment, not understanding all he was hearing. He then shook away the daze and nodded. Lois looked at him questioningly, but he just shrugged. He helped her up, and allowed Klein, just as confused as Lois and Clark, to lead Lois to the empty lobby. Time had flown, it was already 10. Clark looked to Belle, clamping his hands together, waiting for whatever she had to say. He had a respect for her now, even though she had cheaply dyed her hair, permed it, put fake nails on, and a whole lot of make up. He still respected her, because of her wisdom.

"Clark, let's face facts, this isn't a hypothesis, is it?"

Clark sat stunned, and shook his head.

"No Ms. Smith, that's all it is, I mean, for a story … "

"Clark! Come on, how stupid do you think I am. Lois is pregnant, one month. I see what rapid speed she's going at. And it isn't to hard to see through those glasses, when you think about it, Superman," she said, hiding her pride at figuring it out. She smiled slyly. Clark looked at her than let out a sigh. He leaned over, and hid his face in his hands. He couldn't take this anymore. Wisdom swept over her face once again, and she leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"I am not telling anyone here. This isn't about that. It's about Lois. Clark, she is in trouble. She is going to have a painful time this next month, and birth is not going to be any piece of cake. Let's stop lying. Her sitting in here, hearing these things that she doesn't have the energy to hear is going to hurt her more. Now let's be reasonable. I brought in a real scanner, and with your and Lois' permission, I can tell you exactly how many babies, plus what sex they are going to be," she said, watching Clark for a reaction.

Clark looked up. Tiredness was in his eyes. Poor Lois. How could he have done this to her. He nodded and stood up. Both she and Clark headed to the lobby. But he did feel a bit of relief that Belle had no bad intentions.

Later that night, Belle lay in bed thinking with scorn on her face.

"That slut Lois. I can't stand her. Why is she so lucky to have three babies. Two girls and one boy. And the children of Superman!" She sneered at the thought, then a smile crossed her face.

"But Clark did notice me. He noticed how pretty I had made myself. Yes, he likes me. I could tell from the moment he looked at me. He doesn't love Lois. The only reason he's with her is because she has his children, the hussy." She reached over to the stand next to her bed, and pulled out a Daily Planet paper. She flipped to the page with Clark and Lois' picture. She pulled out a small pair of scissors, cut out a head picture of herself, and taped it over Lois' head.

There, much better, she thought. The way it should be. And the way it will be …

Lois took out her key and jumbled with it in the dark. She kept jabbing at the door knob, but the key just wouldn't go in. She squeezed the key harder, and let out a cry of aggravation. She was about to throw the key down, when Clark's firm hand took hold of her wrist. It was pitch dark outside, and she couldn't see his face, but knew he was looking down at her with pity filled eyes. He gently took the keys from her hand, and slowly slipped the key into the key hole. He opened the door, and Lois started into the house, exasperation and impatience in her eyes. But Clark didn't let up on her wrist. She stopped and looked back at his dark figure. He pulled her towards him, and wrapped his arms around her.

She gave herself up to it. She felt so safe and warm in his arms. She just wanted to stay there and let all of her problems float away. Her arms tense, she wrapped them around him. She leaned her head against his chest, and closed her eyes. They stood there like that for about two minutes. Clark then leaned down, placing his arms under her knees, easily picked her up. Every muscle in his body hurt. But he didn't notice it. He carried her in the house, closing the door quietly with his foot. Lois' head remained against his head, her eyes closed.

He slowly carried her up the stairs. Already she was drifting off into sleep.

Clark walked into the master bedroom. Lois was completely asleep. It was one in the morning. She had had such a rough night. He leaned her head against his chest, and then cradling her like a baby with one arm, used the other to turn down the bed.

He carefully lay her upon the silk sheets, nudging her head down on the fluffy pillow. He then untied her shoes, and put them on the floor. He pulled off the cotton slacks, and threw them in the corner. He unbuttoned the top couple buttons of her shirt, then pulled up the covers around her. Before he turned to go downstairs, he leaned down and placed his warm lips on her soft cheek.

He walked to the door, and looked back. Asleep, she looked so placid. Moon beams danced across her peaceful face. He felt so much affection, attachment, devotion, and true adoration for her. He walked out, quietly closing the door behind him.

He walked down stairs and fixed himself a sandwich. As he raised it to his mouth, he looked at it distastefully. He couldn't eat. Not now. He threw the sandwich down in the trash, and walked into the living room. What would he do. Poor Lois. How could this happen to her. He sat on the couch, leaning his head back, when there was a knock at the door.

He ran to it, so it wouldn't wake Lois with another knock. He pulled it open, and in the darkness of the doorway stood Belle Smith. Her eyes were alive and she had added another coat of makeup. The sight just about made Clark sick. The first time he saw her she hadn't looked so … slutty. What had happened? He pushed the nausea away and smiled.

"Clark, hello. I know it's late, but I thought I would make a social call … " she said, beginning to remove her coat.

"Shhhh … Lois is asleep."

"Oh" she was disappointed to hear that he was even thinking about Lois. He should be thinking of nothing but her.

"Well, I thought maybe we could talk," she whispered.

Oh. Sure come on in." he said, holding the door open for her.

She smiled like a child. She wasn't going to set foot in that house. They could never get comfortable there, with Lois right upstairs.

"No, I thought we could go out and get a bite to eat. Talk where you weren't in such a stressful place."

Clark didn't want to go anywhere. A matter of fact, he was sick of Belle and all her bad news. He didn't want to hear her voice for at least the rest of the week. And he didn't want to go out and talk with her. He wanted to go up stairs, get in nothing but his boxers, and get under the covers with his wife. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and feel her slow peaceful breathing on his arm.

"No, it's a little late, don't you think." he said in annoyance.

This isn't right, thought Belle. He is supposed to be swooning over me. He is supposed to jump at the thought of spending the night with me. Her hated rage was taking over. Now, now, Belle, control yourself. Of course he can't leave. He has a tired wife upstairs. That's a good quality in a husband. You just need to make him YOUR husband. You can't expect him to treat you like a wife when he is not your husband. Yet.

"Yes, you're right. Well, yes don't mind if I do come in." she said, walking in, past him. She walked into the living room. Clark rolled his eyes and sighed. How much longer could this night stretch.

Belle put on a scientific smile. She wouldn't act interested in him. She would play hard to get. She would continue being the smart scientist. She turned back to Clark.

"Clark, I have some very good news, I think you will be happy to hear after the long evening."

She talked in one tone. Keeping it employer/employee type tone. The 'better' talking to the 'best' type deal.

Clark sighed. What news could she possibly have that was any use to him now. But, he put on a phony smile, and asked as excitedly as he could at one in the morning.


Belle smiled. He is really interested in why I am here, and what I have to say.

"Well, Clark, I didn't tell you tonight. Because Lois was there and I didn't want to upset her. But, I don't think she is going to live through the birth. Too many babies, and not enough Lois."

She talked so calmly it made Clark sick. He sighed and grimaced. Another problem. They seemed to just come. Like they were attracted to him. He turned his back to her and walked and fell on the couch. Belle followed.

"What is so good about that!" he sounded like a whining child. He was upset. He was going to lose Lois. But he couldn't lose her. He couldn't live without her.

"Well the good news is, I have a machine that will help her. But you are going to have to act fast. I talked to Klein, and he was the one that helped me make the machine over the week. It is going to make her sleep, and put a gas in the small compartment. The gas will be absorbed by her skin, giving her so much vitamins and energy. Plus the extra energy she is saving from not using it by sleeping, I think she will not only live through the birth, but it will be almost as painless as a regular woman's birth.

Clark looked up at her. This would never work. Or would it?

"And Klein agreed? Helped you build it?"

"Yes. A matter of fact he is down at the lab now. Waiting for us. I thought you might come down and take a look at it. We need to start getting all this extra energy in Lois."

Clark thought quickly. Lois would never go for it. But, he couldn't just let her go through that type of pain. No, he would go down and look at the machine. Now.

His eyes were awake and alert. He looked upstairs, and remembered Martha was still in the spare bedroom.

"Okay, let's go."

Belle followed Clark out of the house and to Belle's car, victory on her face.

"So it won't hurt Lois?"

"No," Klein said, looking at Clark surely.

"And it will make her sleep through the pain, and make the birth less painful?"


CK: And she will live?

"Absolutely. Of course I don't know how to work the machine. Only Ms. Smith knows the procedure. But I do know how it works and what it does. I guarantee it."

Clark nodded. Lois still wouldn't do it. She wouldn't have anything to do with it. But she had to do it. He would make her do it. But then again … what if she never knew about it. It was about four in the morning now. She is probably still asleep. He could carefully pick her up and bring her here. Then she would sleep through the painful month, and then he would bring her home and put her back in bed. Hopefully she wouldn't be too mad.

Wait, what was he saying. He couldn't do that to her without asking. He just wouldn't be able to bear it. He left the lab about five.

Lois opened her eyes slowly. Clark sat next to her, on the edge of the bed looking down at his hands, which were folded in a twist.


She smiled a sly happy smile. Clark smiled back down at her. There was a love in his eyes, which she had seen so many times.

"What are you so happy about?" he asked, smiling boyishly at her.

"Seeing you, next to me."

Clark smiled again, then it faded away.

"What's wrong?"

"Lois, I don't want to scare you, but … "

Lois sighed with anger. She had almost forgotten all her problems for a moment. It was the only moment of the whole day she would have without all her problems weighing on her shoulders. And Clark had to make it so short.

LLK: What?!

CK: Honey, calm down. It's just, Ms. Smith says, and Klein says … that … that …

Just the words were almost to hard for him to stutter. This scared Lois.

CK: That you aren't going to survive the birth.

Before Lois could get too frightened he jumped into a quick explanation of what would happen and the solution. All about the small compartment with mini holes for a gas. He explained so fast, it overwhelmed Lois. She had just awakened, and wasn't ready for this. When he was finally done, she looked up at him, as if he had just asked the time of day.

"But honey, we need to do it quick. Because in order for you to get enough energy, we were supposed to start last week, according to … "

"Belle's math?" she said, annoyed at hearing Belle mentioned again.

Well, Lois wasn't going to fight it. The thought of death just scared her to much, never seeing Clark again. And if Clark thought it was all right she would do it.

"Okay." she said, heading to the closet to get dressed.

Clark was shocked. Lois usually didn't do anything she didn't want to without a fight. And he knew she didn't want to do this.

"Lois … are you okay?"

Lois walked over to Clark, annoyance in her eyes, almost on the verge of tears..

"NO! Clark, I am not. I am going to die. And I have three babies in me that are going to die with me!" she said, tears already running down her cheeks. She reached up to wipe them away.

Her voice softened when she saw the hurt in his eyes.

"Clark, I love you. I don't want to lose you, or these babies. So sleeping through a month, hardly seems that bad." She sat down next to him and placed a gentle hand on his arm. Then a sly smile swept across her face. Her tears had stopped flowing.

"And the sooner these babies are born, the sooner we can … " She whispered the rest in his ear. He smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Then let's go!"

Lois lay back into the small bed. It was like a jar. A large glass top lay open and above her. All sorts of buttons and levers were all over it. She lay back on the stiff cushioning. Clark walked over and looked down at her.

"I'll leave you two alone for a minute." she said, anger on her voice.

"Thanks." Clark said, not removing his loving eyes from Lois.

"Clark, I am scared, this feels like a coffin." Lois got a panic look in her eyes. Clark chuckled.

"Clark Kent, it is not funny!" she argued.

But the laughter soothed her, like Clark knew it would. Clark's face went to admiration.

"Lois, I have never met anyone so brave. I don't know how I will make it through the month without you."

Lois smiled at the complement. She fluttered her eyes.

"Well … what about the Daily Planet, what will you tell Perry?"

"I don't know. Something."

Belle walked back in.

"It's time"

Lois smiled at Clark as uncertainty filled his eyes.

"I love you" she whispered soothingly. This gave him strength.

"I love you too, Lois. And nothing is going to happen. And before you know it. We will be back home again." he leaned over, kissing her hand, then letting it go, and backing away from the machine.

Lois smiled, until Belle walked into her view. Her only soothing words were bitter, and it made Lois shiver.

"Pleasant dreams."

Clark still didn't seem to notice. Belle started yanking down the top. Lois heard the air tight pop as it sealed. She looked up, seeing her clear reflection in the glass. Then she saw Clark standing over her. He had such worry in his eyes. Worry he had hidden since then. Then her glass coffin began to fill with an icy gas, blurring him.

The white gas filled the tank. Lois looked at him with frightened eyes. She placed a hand against the glass. It was all he could see now. The white gas had covered her face, her body, all but that one slender hand pressed against the glass. He placed his hand over hers. The glass between them was cold, but the electricity that surged through them warmed it

Finally Lois' hand slipped away from the glass, and Clark felt a lump form in his throat. All he could see now was the white gas swirl like a water in the small casement.

When the white gas faded away, Lois' eyes was shut. It wasn't a placid sleep like he had viewed that night. It was a forced sleep. A desperate sleep. A frightened sleep.

"All done!" Belle talked cheerily. Clark despised her. Lois was gone. He wouldn't see her for another month. He wasn't going to take it. How could he. He needed her as a way of life. Just like he needed air and food, he needed Lois.

"Hungry?" Belle rang out, as if they had just done a 'nothing special' experiment.

Clark sighed then turned away from Lois.

"Thanks Belle, but I am not really hungry, you know what I mean."

Belle was disappointed. Lois was gone for a month, and he still acted devoted to her!

"Oh … well, let me take you home!"

Clark wasn't going to object. Just go home. He nodded. Belle smiled and led the way out to the lot. The whole ride home was silent, except for Belle's useless babble. She was talking something about high school days. But he didn't care, nor did he listen or pretend to care. He just nudged his sweaty head against the window pane. He didn't really pay attention to her until she pulled into a miniature golf palace. He sat up straight and looked at her confused.

"You look really stressed, the best thing in the world for stress is golf! Come on! My treat!" Clark looked at her like she was crazy. He didn't want to play golf! He wanted to go home! He wanted nothing to do with this slutty Belle, that just the look of her made him sick! He wanted to go home and look at pictures, or sleep. He was so tired. It was only eight in the morning. How could she talk about golf?!

"No. Belle, I just want to go home!"

"Awwww, come on. It will do you good." tucking the keys in her pocket. "Anyway, I have the keys, and I am not taking you home until I know you feel better. Okay?"

Clark shook his head.

"NO! Belle, didn't you hear me, I just want to —" <SLAM>

Belle slammed the car door, not even hearing what he was saying. As if he was just joking. He rolled his eyes in anger and annoyance. He opened his door and followed her into the lobby of the golf station.

"Belle I want to go home. I don't want to play golf. Please!"

She ignored him and asked the cashier for two golf clubs. The cashier looked oddly at them, but handed her them as she gave him a twenty. Clark grunted with anger, and threw himself against the desk. His elbows hit the top, running his hands through his hair. His fever had come back, and he felt awful. Topped off with Lois gone and Belle's cheap perfume, he was going to be sick.

"I want to go home. I don't want to play golf with you Belle! I don't want to have to spend the day here with the sun beating on my head. I want to go home! Are you going to take me or not?"

Belle's eyes went from hurt to anger.

"Don't raise your voice. And no! I won't! You need a nice relaxing day! So if you want to go home, you will have to walk!"

Clark looked at her like she was crazy. Then threw up his hands and walked out of the store to the street. He waved for a taxi. A yellow cab drove up to the curb. Belle shook her hand, and ran out of the store, dropping the clubs behind her. Clark slammed the cab door shut and instructed the cab driver where to go. Belle ran up, threw herself against the door, making Clark jump back. She tried to open it, but it was locked. She banged on it with fury. She screamed out.

"Please Clark, I am sorry. Please don't leave."

But the cab had already zoomed off. She stood there in the street looking ahead. He left her. He left her. How could this happen? It was supposed to be a fun day. A happy day. The day he would fall in love with her! But he ruined it! She jumped in her car, and sped after the cab.

Clark walked in the house and fell into a recliner. That Belle was crazy. She scared him. The way she looked so desperate as she tried to open the cab door was eerie. He leaned back, and closed his eyes. He already missed Lois. It wouldn't be so bad if Lois was here. He could endure anything with her near. But for the first time since their marriage, he was alone. How he yearned for her. He opened his eyes and looked around. He couldn't stay here. It would be too painful. Without Lois, this wasn't home. Maybe he could stay with Jimmy or Perry. He got up, grabbed his keys and was on his way out, when he heard a knock on the door. He ran to answer it, eager to leave.

He pulled open the door, and there stood Belle. She had wiped off all the make up. Her hair was straight again. The other must have been a wig. She looked like the old Belle. His face looked with pain at her. He didn't want to see her. He wanted to run from her. But she walked in and sat on the couch. He shut the door. His eyes were almost near tears. He didn't want to see her. He was suddenly hateful toward her. He didn't know what it was about that baby smile, but he hated it now. She was crazy. His nerves were so raw. He didn't need her or this.

"I just came to say … I am sorry. I thought I knew what would help you, but I guess I was wrong."

"It's okay, just please go now."

Belle continued as if he hadn't said a thing.

So, I was thinking, tomorrow, after you are all rested up, do you want to go to a movie?"

"Belle … " Clark began, rubbing his head from his throbbing headache.

"There is this great movie I heard about … "


"And my friends tell me it's all romantic … "


Belle, startled, stopped, as if he had just now said something.

"Belle, no, I don't want to go to the movies with you. I don't want anything to do with you. I want you to go away. I want you to leave. I want you to get out of my house and never come back again. I never want to smell your cheap perfume, or see your mountains of make-up again. I never want to look into your black eyes. All I want is for you to leave! NOW! Get out! I don't want you here. So get out of my house right now!!!!" Clark said, exasperated, out of breath, sweating from his fever.

Belle sat there, stunned on the verge of tears. Then she stood up, squared her shoulders, and marched towards the door. She pulled open the door, but then hesitated. Clark wanted to scream, keep going, but bit his tongue, he had already been very mean. But then she turned around, with a look of sly needful eyes.

"How dare you! Have you forgotten that I am the only one that can bring Lois back to you. I am the only one who knows how. And if you break the glass, then she will die."

She was talking calm and wise like again. Clarks eyes went wide, and he rushed up and took her roughly by the shoulders, and lifted her off the ground.

"You don't bring Lois back! I will twist your neck first. Lois is all I have left in this world, and no smart mouthed slut is going to take her away!"

His arms vibrated with hate. But Belle didn't even flinch. Her lips tightened.

"Everything has its price."

She whispered so lightly, Clark didn't even hear her.


"Everything has its price!"

She spoke calmly. That's when Clark realized, he didn't and couldn't control her. And what she controlled was his Lois!

"Go ahead, kill me. Then Lois will sleep the rest of her life! … Now put me down!"

She spoke slowly and clearly. Clark put her down with disgust, turned his back and walked away. He whispered and was hoarse.

"Get out!"

"Not until we decide my payment."

Clark turned back confused.


"My payment. I put Lois to sleep for free. But what are you going to give me to wake her back up?"

Clark looked at her, his eyebrows close together. She stood staring at him intently.

"What do you want?"

"What do you have?"


"I have enough, no thanks."

He walked right up to her and looked her coldly in the eyes.

"You want something specific. How about we skip this guessing game, and you just tell me what you want."

A sly smile crossed her face. She brought her hand to his chest and caressed. He slapped it away. She frowned.

"I want you. For one night … to be mine. No questions asked."

Clark was so stunned. He didn't know what to say. He didn't even expect it.

Or Lois dies.

Clark had heard a lot of things these past months. Things that surprised him and shocked him and stunned him. But none were even close to what he just received. She continued to look up into his eyes, baby like, as if she had just come home from a date and was waiting for a kiss. Who was this? This wasn't Belle. Not the Belle that had helped him, that had seemed so sophisticated and wise. He had trusted her! And now he just understood what she said. He grabbed her hand in anger and hate. The baby look fled from her face and pain replaced it. And surprise!

"Clark, what are you doing!"

Clark slammed her against the wall and placed his hand on her neck. He slowly tightened every finger until her face began to turn blue.

"Lois is the only thing in this world that is worth living for. You take her away from me, and I swear … "

She began to beat on his hands. She sputtered out some words, that came out harsh and yet, calm.

"Go ahead! Kill me! I dare you Clark! But no one else knows how to work that machine except me. Kill me, and you are killing Lois!"

Clark gritted his teeth, then tossed her to the floor. Martha, hearing the commotion had ran down stairs. She stood wide eyed at how Clark was treating this women. Yet she remained silent.

"Get out of here you slut!" he had never spoke such harsh words all his life. He never had been taught to act like that! But he meant every word of it. He hated her like he had never hated anyone! Even Lex Luthor! But she just stood up and smiled. He wanted to slap her! She reached down into her blouse, which repulsed him, and pulled out a piece of paper. She put it on a near by table. He twisted his face into disgust.

"There is my number. You'll come around. You have to. Or Lois will die. If she is not out of that thing by when she starts labor, she and the babies will die. Don't let your pride guide you! It will only kill your wife and children … so remember, the clock is ticking."

She laughed and smiled at him, as he blushed and looked down on the ground. She walked up and leaned against him.

"Clark? Listen, I am not crazy. I have never … wanted someone as I want you. And after just one night with me, you will realize the same thing."

Her perfume was choking him. He grabbed her arms, opened the door, threw her out it. His voice was tight and low.

"Get away from me, and stay away from Lois. I don't want anything to do with you!" He slammed the door. But even through the door he heard her laughter.

"Call me when your ready!"

He heard the laughter die away, then the engine of a car. Good! She was finally gone! Martha finally approached him.

"Clark? What was that all about? Who was that? Why did you … ? And what was she talking about?" Clark didn't have time for this. He had to go see Klein. He hugged her, kissed her warm cheek, and then walked to his car. He then started the engine and pulled out of the drive way. He wasn't going to let this happen! Not by some slut crazy hussy! And he would never get in bed with her! Never!

Within a couple minutes he was at Star Labs. He ran into the crowded lab, and rushed to Dr. Klein's desk. Klein looked up, surprised.

"Clark! What are you doing here. Come on, we can talk in an empty office."

He lead Clark to the hall. He walked down it, passing a few doors, then walking into an empty one.

"What's wrong? If you are going to check on Lois every hour, this will be a long month!"

He laughed at this, as if he had made a very funny joke. But Clark was too upset. He burst into his story.

"Klein, that Belle girl is nuts. She wants to kill Lois! She says if I don't sleep with her, then she won't wake Lois up! You have to go get the notes for the machine. You Have To Wake Lois Up NOW! Come on! Before Belle comes!"

Klein looked at him and laughed.

"My boy, you have cracked! Belle isn't like that all. You must have misunderstood her!"

Clark stood silent a moment then shook his head.

"No! She did, I heard her. She said … "

Suddenly anger filled Klein's face. He pointed an accusing finger at Clark. His eyebrows wrinkled and his eyes filled with an annoying glare.

"You listen to me, Clark! I have known Belle since we were kids. Now I won't let you stand there and insult her. She was my best friend. How dare you accuse her of such things, when she is saving Lois! You should be ashamed."

Then the good humor came back to his face. Yet his eyes revealed his tiredness of the whole mess.

"Now, just because you miss Lois, doesn't mean it gives you a right to tell these horrid lies! Now, go home, get some sleep, go to work. I won't wake Lois up and make her live through that pain because of your selfishness. Anyways, even if I wanted to, I couldn't. Belle is the only one who knows how to work that thing."

He chuckled and patted Clark on the shoulder. The sternness returned to his face. He ran his hand over his mostly bald head. Clark's eyes begged Klein to help. But why should he. This wasn't his mess. Why should he have helped to begin with? He had enough problems. And he had known Belle longer. Why should he have believed Clark?

"Now … no more of these lies about Belle! I won't listen to them!"

He threw his hands up, as if dismissing the whole thing. Sick of it and sick of saving Clark, and having to save him over and over! He then gave him another pat, and walked out of the room. He shut the door loudly, as if sealing his dismissal. Clark stood in the room, alone. He looked down, the weight of problems in his head becoming to heavy to hold up. He fell back against the wall. He slid down into a sitting position. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. The wall was ice cold, but he didn't notice. This was it. He was defeated. Klein had been his last hope. But these past couple months he had been doing everything he could, desperate and afraid as he was, to save Lois. And all because he had loved her. Because of his love, he might kill her, and his children. That's when it struck him. No time in all this mess, had it actually occurred to him. He was going to be a father. Of two baby girls, and a little boy!

He sat there and smiled, with baby eyes. Then he thought of Lois. He closed his eyes. He remembered her gentle touch, her sweet kisses, her wonderful love. Yes, the love he lived off of. He thrived on it. On her touch. On her face, her eyes, her kindness. Her. He lived on her. Her energy, youth, love, spirit, passion. Everything from the wrinkle in her toes to the dimples in her cheeks. He needed her. And yet he just lost her. There was nothing more he could do.

He had given his powers, his support, and he had given her away for a month, to sleep alone, so she would live. And yet it wasn't enough. He didn't have anything left to give now. He leaned down into his folded arms. And a few seconds later his head raised. A new determination in his eyes. Yes there was something he could do. There was one last thing he could give to try to save her. Give to Belle.

And he would do it.

Clark slowly stood, as he realized just what he had to do. Yes there was one more door left open. Belle's offer. Yes, her number was probably still at home, on the table. He opened the door of the small office and headed down the hall, to Klein's personal lab. That's where Lois was. He wanted to see her again. He walked into the small dark office. He flipped on some neon lights. All of a sudden he had to be sure she was there. Had to be sure she was still real, and hadn't faded away yet.

The harsh neon light hurt his eyes, but he paid no due to it. He walked over to her small coffin. That's exactly what it was. It was exactly what Belle had wanted it to be. Because if it were her choice, Lois would never come out of it. He hated Belle. He had never hated anyone, but he hated her.

He looked through the glass and saw Lois. Her face was distorted. She didn't look anything like she had those long nights Clark had lay awake looking at her. Her face didn't have a placid gentle outlook, but a harsh afraid one.

If only he could hold her. If only he could talk to her. Life would be bearable with her here. But now she was gone, he had nothing. And if anything, he would give up everything to keep her, even his loyalty to her.

He placed his hand on the glass. The exact spot where he had put it before. Only the glass was cold. Nothing compared to her warm touch.

"All by myself. Lois, please, I wish you could only hear me. I miss you so much … "

He stopped. What was the use? He began to turn away. But his eyes just couldn't leave her face. Her face. His strength. He quickly pulled his eyes away, being sure not to look back, or he would never be able to pull his eyes away again.

He walked to the door, opened it, which let a softer tone of light flood in. He switched off the neon light. He walked out, but then turned back, leaning against the door, only to see Lois' coffin. One single tear made a path through his cheek. He wiped it away and closed the door slowly behind him. He walked down the hall, toward the parking lot.

Belle sat on her bed. She looked at the picture of her and Clark. His arm was draped around her shoulders. Lois' thin perfectly shaped legs led up to Belles face.

"That's the way it should be," she thought, "the way it will be. If only Clark would hurry up and call."

And an awful thought hit her. What if he isn't calling! No! He would! He had to! Or Lois will die. And after one night with me, he would forget Lois. How could he go back to the feather head Lois! Yes, she would have so much fun. She had saved her whole life for a man like Clark.

She jumped at the sound of the phone, and an excited smile spread across her face. She quickly grabbed the phone, then stopped. It would be no good for her to seem TOO excited. She waited to the fifth ring when she picked up. She put on her old scientific voice.


"Hi. Is Ms. Smith there."

She smiled with victory. Clark's voice sounded so tight and … stubborn. As if he was forcing the words out. As if it made his throat hurt just saying them.

"Why Clark, how nice of you to call on me. What can I do for you today?"

There was a brief pause, but Belle could hear his teeth gritting.

"I called you about your … offer."

"Oh … let me think. Oh yes! That offer. Go on."

There was another pause, and Belle thought it would be all night. If he couldn't bring himself to say it, he surely could answer yes or no questions.

"Are you taking it up?"

Clark held his breath, and let his answer out in a gush of air, like ripping off a bandaid.

CK: Yes.

Clark put on the breaks abruptly, as he hadn't been paying attention to the road. He had been in his own thoughts. And the worst of these were the thought he only had one week. That is when he and Belle were to get together. He had a plan, but it might not work. It was very unthought so far. He didn't have a lot of time to think about it.

The basic outline, was within the week, he was going to find out as much about Belle as possible, no matter what. He was going to search her office and home and try to find notes on how to work the machine. Maybe he could also find a diary or journal where he could find her weak spots. Something he could use against her. Anything.

He drove slowly past street after street until he came to Oakgrove. He turned into it, and drove by several large houses until he reached a three story brick one. Belle's house. Just the look of it made him shiver. It was poorly kept. No flowers, no trees, no bushes, to curtains in the window, nothing.

About ten minutes earlier he had prank called her from a pay phone. How confused she would be to get all the way to her mother's, an hour and a half away, only to find her just fine, and not have had any accident. The thought made him chuckle. I hope it gives her a heart attack. No. I don't. Then how would I get Lois back?

He walked up to the front door, then looked around to make sure no one was watching. Just to make sure, he knocked first. Not hearing anything, he pulled out a wire. He stuck it in the lock. He twisted it about. He had practiced it on his own lock, so in only a few moments, it was open, he was in, and it was softly shut again.

He had Jimmy break into some records to see what kind of security she had. It had been none but new locks. The fool!

He looked about the plain dreary room. All the furniture, what few there was, was plain gray. No paint or wallpaper on the wall. No curtains or pictures. Nothing. Weird.

He headed to the stairs. He jumped up them two at a time. When he reached the top, he looked down both ways of the hall. The right led to the master bedroom, the left to several other rooms. He went to the master bedroom first.

He walked in, his breath was taken away, to see a dramatic change from the rest of the house. Silk sheets on the bed, a large oak dresser, a huge walk in closet. Light blue wallpaper. This was his master bedroom. His and Lois'. Dear God! She had been spying. She was so obsessed as to make the bedroom the EXACT same as his and Lois'. She is sick!

That's when he realized, she scared him. How sick she was scared him. He took a deep breath and pushed all of this away. He had to get what he was here for. He walked to the oak dresser, and pulled open a couple drawers. He tore around through clothes. Yes! As he got to the third drawer, he found a leather back book, with golden writing of "Diary". He pulled it out, then looked back at the drawers. He began to look at the clothes more closely. Didn't Lois have that exact same blouse? And that skirt? And that vest?

Shock and fear filled his eyes and he stammered back, falling on the bed. He sat there in absolute stun. He brought his face to his hands. She was sick. She was dangerous. She was really sick! He had never pictured anyone so …

His thoughts froze as he looked up to the oak dresser. To a small framed picture. It was cut from the newspaper. It was he and Lois … only … only … God! Only Belle had cut out Lois' head and pasted her head in the place.

Dec. 12

Dear Diary,

Today, Clark finally called. I am so glad he finally came around. I can't wait! It is planned for next Friday. This week is going to go by so fast. I am calling some more decorators to do to the rest of the house what they did to my bedroom. They had been the same people who helped Lois out in decorating their home. So they know what Clark likes. I am going to have a small table for two, with that expensive wine I ordered last week ($600!), with a small meal. Don't want to waste all our time eating! Then we will go upstairs, him carrying me, laying me down on the soft silk sheets. He will slowly unbutton the bottom of my blouse, and gently kiss my stomach. I'll let you know what happens after that!

As for Lois … I haven't decided what to do with her. If Clark is very good, which I know he will, then I'll let her out, and let her suffer the misery of losing Clark to me!

What a romantic evening it will be! Maybe we won't go to the bedroom. Maybe out to the garden. Well … the soon to be garden! They are coming tomorrow to put it in. Clark is so romantic. I see how he treats Lois, I can't wait to have those same gentle hands and lips on me!

I have to go. A lot to do in so little time to do it.


P.S. I found out that Clark got Lois a teddy for their wedding! I am ordering one just like it!


Lois lay still in the small hard glass bed. Unknown to everyone, she was very much awake. Remembered Clark looking over her, hands on glass together, when the white fog filled this compartment. When it faded away, there had been darkness. The room which her glass containment was in, was dark. She looked up through the glass to see her faint reflection, and dark lab lights.

She had lay there waiting some amount of days for someone to come by and take her out, or put her to sleep again. She couldn't be very sure how long she had been there, it was so hard to know what time it was in that room. She fell back asleep three more times. She guessed that it was night then, but even then she slept so light and restless.

It was the morning of the third sleep we are at now. For a split moment she forgot where she was, but the moment she opened her eyes, it all came flooding back. She let out a sigh of despair at the sight of the glass above her head. It was this same morning that Clark is on his way to Belle's house to break in.

Lois sighed deeply. This was it … she couldn't take it anymore. As much as she had gone against herself in trying to break the glass on account of getting hurt, she was going to try now.

She lay there a minute, trying to think of how exactly how to go about it. Then she carefully raised her hands and banged it against the glass. Nothing happened. It was such a tight spot, she couldn't even raise her legs to kick it. But she did bend her knees, and made several sharp bangs on the glass. Still nothing. Then she tried her hands and knees at once. She started slow and light. But then started going faster and harder. She was sweating hard now, a dull pain forming in her arms and knees. She slapped the glass harder and harder, hearing the dull thump over and over again.

Finally she collapsed with aggravation. She began to slowly cry. She hated this. And she missed Clark so desperately. Had the month gone by already? Had she slept through it? But if that was true, then why didn't anyone come for her? The thought frightened her. Then, what if she just woke up early? Still, why didn't anyone come?

She cried desperately. Why was this happening? She eventually cried herself into a light sleep.

Lois ran through the mist, trying to find someone, anyone, anything! She ran and ran, until she stopped dead. What was that? That sound? She propped her ears, and listened again. Yes, it was Clark's voice. He was calling her! She called back.

"Clark! I am here Clark! Don't leave! Please, find me! I am so afraid!"

"Lois? Lois! Wait there! Wait there!" Clark's faint voice echoed.

She didn't though she ran to the voice. She ran to it. With hunger eating at her heart for him, she couldn't wait there. She swam through the mist, it was so thick she could practically push it away, only to have it cloud back around her. She pushed through it desperately. She turned all directions.


There was no answer, not even and echo.

"Clark! No, don't leave me! Wait!"

She collapsed to the ground sobbing. She beat the ground as hard as she could with her fists, until the palms were sore. Then a strong hand took hold of her shoulders. She turned and looked up in surprise. And there stood Clark, in his soft black leather jacket. She stood up in shock.

Before she could say a plea of happiness, his arms were around her, as sure and as strong and warm as the very day of there marriage. She felt again the rush of helplessness, the sinking yielding, the surging tide of warmth that left her limp. He bent back her head across his arm and kissed her, softly first, and then with a swift graduation of intensity that made her cling to him as the only solid thing in a dizzy swaying world. His insistent mouth was separating her shaking lips, sending wild tremors along her nerves. Suddenly she and Clark both woke from the dream.

Clark sat up in bed, wet with sweat. He was panting from the long needed kiss. He looked about his room. What was that? It had been such an odd dream. But yet his life felt that way right now. Like he was running from something, in a fog. And not being able to find what he was looking for … Lois.

He let his breathing calm, and then got out of bed, and ran down the steps, jumping them two at a time. He ran to the kitchen and picked up the phone. He started dialing Klein's number, then stopped. Klein would just think him crazy. He had to go to the lab by himself first. Then he would call Klein.

He hung up the phone and ran back up the stairs. He slowed then, remembering his mother was here. Then it came back to him that he had sent her back to Smallville to make sure she didn't get hurt either.

He continued his frantic run to his room, and pulled on a pair of jeans over his red boxers, and his leather jacket over his white tee-shirt. Funny, he thought. This is what I was wearing in that dream. Oh well … no time to think about that now!

He rushed out to his car and started the engine. The clock in the car said midnight. Oh well, the lab was always unlocked for late scientists. He drove about twenty miles above the limit. He ran through red lights, but never heard the sirens of a policeman. He rushed to Star Labs as fast as he could. He wasn't used to not being able to just fly at suppressed anywhere he wanted, and this fact annoyed him.

He finally reached Star Labs to see the parking lot full. What was going on? He parked in the business parking lot next door to the lab. He got out and jogged to the front doors. When he went in, the halls were packed full with men and women in white lab coats. They all ran about in a fury. He pushed his way through them, until one frail lady came up to him.

"Hello, can I ask what you are doing here?"

Clark looked about then saw a sign that read "National Convention of Scientist."

"I am here for the convention. Just got here, my car broke down on the way."

She nodded and smiled.

"Really! What major breakthrough did you make? I made mine just last year so I feel like I almost missed all this! Isn't it exciting?!"

Clark looked around distracted, not hearing a word she was saying. Then he caught sight of the hall which Lois was in.

"Would you excuse me, I am supposed to meet up with someone."

The woman, looking disappointed at meeting such a handsome scientist and then having to let him go meet someone else, nodded.

"Maybe we can get together later and study that knew fungi together … "

Clark sighed with annoyance and shrugged.

"Sure … "

Before she could say anything more, he headed to the one, and only empty hall. He walked down it in darkness, He passed three doors then finally came to the one Lois was in. Finally! What was wrong with all these smart people, being here at midnight! They were nuts!

He began to turn the handle to the door, but it didn't turn. It was locked!


He was mad. Then he saw the small keyhole and remembered that morning when he had broken into Belle's. These were the same jeans he had had on! Oh please, he thought, let it still be here. He searched his pockets, and then with some relief pulled it out of his left pocket. He looked down the hall, hoping no one saw him, then leaned down and placed the small wire in the lock.

In about a minute it was open, yet to his surprise it had been very hard because his hands were shaking. He opened the door, and slowly closed it behind him. He looked around, then slowly approached the small glass case.

He walked over to it then peered into it. To his disappointment, Lois was asleep. He sighed. How could he have been such a fool, to think Lois was awake because of a stupid dream he had. He shouldn't act so desperate as to think such things.

He turned and walked to the door. Then something hit him. He walked back to Lois and looked at her carefully. He smiled.

Clark looked carefully at Lois. Her position was completely different from when the last time he was here! Then after a moment he sighed. She could have just rolled in her sleep. He kicked a near by chair and headed to the door. Then something else hit him, and he went back. Her knees! They were all bruised and scabbed. Disgust and worry hit his face. Then a smile came back. She must have been trying to break the glass. He leaned down and looked more carefully at her. Then he placed one hand and an ear to the glass. He gently tapped on the glass, then removed his ear from the glass and looked at Lois.

"Lois … " he whispered. He tapped on the glass some more and kept whispering her name. His heart skipped a beat as her eyes fluttered open. He smiled. She opened her eyes wider, then smiled, as if what she was seeing wasn't real.

"Clark! Please let it be you … "

"Yes, Lois, it's me … "

Her hands flung to the glass, and then disappointment showed upon her face when she remembered her case. Clark showed his anger too.

"No … "

He whispered so lightly, breathing so wispy. Tears were forming in her eyes. They came so close, so close …

Clark shook his head and looked very determined at Lois and the box. Why was she awake? If he broke the glass, would it kill her? Even if not, then what would protect her from the glass? Then he looked at the padding under Lois.

"Lois, can you some how pull that foam mat from under you and hide under it?"

Lois turned her head, then grabbed the edge, She yanked and wiggled and squirmed. Finally the mat was half over her, and with one last roll, she was completely under it.

"Okay … now, take your fingers away from the edge and cover your eyes in case any glass gets under the mat."

He saw some brief movement under the mat, then brought up his hands high. He forgot he didn't have superpowers, but his hatred for Belle, his aggravation of Klein, and his long need for Lois drove his fists down with ten times the power he had when he was Superman. The glass shattered, flying in all directions. It cut his hands, one came up and made a deep cut on his cheek, another on his forehead. But he didn't feel the pain.

He stood frozen for a moment, until there was absolute silence, then he looked down at the foam mat. It was covered in broken glass. He grabbed at it, throwing it out of the bed. It cut his hands, and shattered into smaller pieces as it hit the ground.

Finally he pulled up the mat and there was Lois, huddled in a ball, shaking furiously. He smiled so happily, as a man in the desert does when seeing water when about to die of thirst. He leaned down and put one hand under her neck, the other under her knees, and pulled her out. Lois looked up in fear then wrapped her arms around his shoulders and dug her face into his leather jacket.

He set her down then checked her quickly to make sure she wasn't hurt. She looked up and saw the scratches on his face, and was about to say something, when he pulled her close and leaned her head back. He placed his soft lips upon hers. She calmed her breathing, and kissed back. His strong arms wrapped around her, as if she was going to float away if he didn't hold on tight enough. The kiss was gentle at first, then more intense, as he remembered all this he had been through. He caressed her bare arms with his hands, his warm strong hands, and this sent a wave of warmth through Lois. He slowly backed to the door, not loosening his hold on Lois one bit. He reached the door, then taking one arm behind him, locked it.

He rolled Lois over, her back against the wall. His arms went around her waist and shoulders and she felt the hard muscles of his thighs against her body and the buttons of his jacket pressing against her chest. A warm tide of feeling, bewildered, safe, wanting, swept over her, caring out of her mind the time the place and the circumstances. The fact that bulge was showing from her condition, was forgotten by both of them for a time.

Clark gritted his teeth. He walked to Belle's front door. All his muscles were tight with hate and annoyance. He raised his fist and banged on the door so hard in made his hand hurt.

After about five knocks, the door opened and Belle stood on the other side. It was dark outside, but darker in here. He couldn't even see her. But he felt small cold hands come out and take his wrists. He was pulled into the house and the door was shut behind him. He shivered, but tried not to show it. It was pitch dark. He heard a giggle. Then two strong claps rang through the house, and ten lights flashed on, along with soft music and some candles burst aflame.

Clark winked at the sudden amount of brightness. Then he fell back at the sight before him. This was his house! His! The exact same thing! The music playing was his favorite CD. And that teddy and lace robe on Belle was his Lois'!

His face grimaced with disgust at the sight, but he shook his head to cover it. Belle smiled as if feeling accomplished. She walked forward and stroked his chest. He shook his head and backed off. Belle ignored it and acted as if he just kissed her forehead.

"Darling, so glad you could come! I have prepared an elegant dinner for us. I got the recipe from a cook down in France!"

Clark saw the small table for two with the lace table cloth and white candles. Two plates sat there with some gray mushlike stuff on it. Clark wanted to be sick from all these horrible things he saw here, but he bit it back and put on a cold mean glare. He had to stick with the plan, because if it didn't work, then … then … he didn't know what then.

CK: I am not hungry.

Disappointment filled Belle's face, but it was replaced with a sly smile.

BS: If you don't want to waste time eating, no problem!

Clark dug his hands into his pockets. Belle went to the table and retrieved two glasses of wine. Clark brought out one hand from his pockets to take it as she handed it to him. She held up her glass.

"To a … fun evening."

She giggled with excitement Clark sneered and threw with a violent flare his glass into the fireplace making it flare up. Belle jumped back with shock.

CK: I don't want to have a fun evening!

He dug his hands back into his pockets. He gave Belle a mean hateful look.

"Maybe you haven't noticed, Ms. Smith, but I don't like you. I don't WANT to do this. I am doing this to save Lois!"

Belle looked at him disgusted.

BS: Well Clark, if I am not satisfied tonight, Lois never wakes up, she can stay in the hell coffin of hers till the babies come and kill her! And right now, I am not satisfied!

She took a deep breath. Clark put a pouting, sad look on his face and whispered, "You are the only one who can take her out of the sleeping machine you put her in?"

Belle sneered and then laughed, as if she had just won a victory.


Clark looked up at her with angry hateful eyes that lit up like fires that just got more wood, but Belle didn't back down.

"Let's just get this straight then, so the agreement is clear. I have sex with you, you take Lois out of the … thing?"

He was yelling and screaming, but didn't remove his hands from his pockets. Belle put a cold look on her face.


Clark suddenly smiled and began to laugh. This confused Belle. She began to scream too … but Clark didn't hear her, he was laughing so hard. She ran up and began to beat on his chest, yelling and screaming.

His face suddenly went cold, but some enjoyment still flickered in her eyes. She stopped too, and stared into his eyes, trying to figure out what was going on. Suddenly, cops rushed in from all doors, running and snatching her away from Clark. Clark pulled a tape recorder out from his pocket and handed it to the chief. Belle was so stunned, she just began to cry, and beat and scratch and fight as much to get away from the cops, but it was no use.


Lois lay in the living room watching Clark stomp down the stairs, then hearing one of the babies cry, a chorus of wails followed down the steps. He stopped dead and dropped his head down in a sigh. He had been upstairs the past hour trying to calm Megan, Caroline, and Clark Jr. It took a lot to try to calm three babies. She laughed, and he looked up, a little annoyed.

She stood and walked to him. She slipped her arm through his and together they headed up the stairs. As Clark took Megan and Caroline, and Lois taking Clark, they sat in their rocking chairs that Clark's parents gave them. She cradled Clark in her arms and whispered soothing words. He was so handsome. Just like Clark. Large caring brown eyes, soft soothing hands, sweet pink lips. She could only hope Clark Jr. turned out as well as Clark. He would. With Clark as a father, how could he be anything but the perfect image of Clark.

Clark rocked back and forth, the two baby girls in his arms drifting into sleep. He looked up at Lois. How the babies looked so like her. Gorgeous. They all were triplets, identical, but the girls were so identical. Clear baby blue eyes, soft brown hair. They only had a little hair, but he knew it would grow into the soft locks that Lois now had. She had just come home from the hospital yesterday. And then had spent all night with Klein getting Clark's powers back. They so longed for the one night they had been denied to each other for three months.

Finally they set the babies to bed and sneaked to the door, shutting it so quietly behind them. They both let out a sigh of relief not to hear a shriek ring out of the room. How good Clark felt to have back his powers and Lois. No more aching muscles or eye strains. Or any more heartache from missing Lois. Yes, he was genuinely happy. But one thing still bothered him.

As Lois headed for the stairs to go down them, Clark put his strong arms under her neck and knees, and lifted her up with ease. She looked up at him with a bit of shock. He pulled her forward into a deep kiss.

Lois felt weak and shook a little. It had been so long. Her nerves were so raw. She never wanted to feel the fear of losing Clark again. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and didn't even realize they were floating to the main bed. A slight breeze from an open window, lightly blew her hair and pressed her nightgown against her. Clark gently placed her on the bed, where she was enveloped by silk, and lay atop her. He placed his hands on her forehead, caressing her temples, running his fingers through her soft hair. She was absorbed with happiness, and fell limp in his strong protective arms, wanting, wanting to be carried away by him to bliss.

He ran his hands down her stomach … sending chills through her body … to her thighs. He pulled them around him, wrapping her legs tightly around his thighs. The power and want raced through his body into hers like an electric red lighting bolt. He ran his lips down her neck, back up to her chin. Passion was filling them both.

Clark reached over, and pulled the small chain on the light, as the room was enveloped in the dark.