The Day Tempus Swapped Superman

By Amanda Leach" (

Summary: Tempus switches the Clark Kents of two very different universes.

THIS STORY'S CHARACTERS ARE THE LOIS AND CLARK SHOW CHARACTERS. It took me at least 1 and a half weeks to do all of this. I'm a hearing impaired thirteen year old. I am a MAJOR Lois and Clark fan.





Clark was walking down the street towards Lois' apartment when he heard a call for help. He went into some bushes and flew off.

Five seconds later, he landed in front of a man in a business suit. The figure walked up to him.

"Do you remember me, Superman?" The man snarled.

"No," Superman replied.

"Ever heard of Tempus?"

"Yeah. You're that time traveller who is originally from the future," Clark replied, thinking. "Lois has told me a lot about you."

"I bet she has!" Tempus exclaimed, knowingly. "I tried to kill you when you were a baby and sent Lois to a parallel universe." He turned on the object that he had in his hand and turned the dial. Clark felt giddy and was losing his balance. Everything seemed all blurry. Then suddenly, he fell to the ground. He got up and shook his head, trying to make out where he was.

"Where are we?" he asked of Tempus.

"And I'm going to do it again. Superman or Clark Kent, you are going to be stranded in a world that you don't even exist in. It is all a fantasy. That is your super side of it. Have fun!" he disappeared into thin air. Clark walked down the alley and came to a halt. He recognised it as the outskirts of Metropolis. Some people saw him and laughed. He sped off into the air and brought a deafening 'bang' behind him. He flew above Metropolis and saw the Daily Planet. He then realised that he couldn't just go in wearing his 'S' outfit and ask to speak to 'Lois Lane'. So he landed by the dumpster behind the Planet and spun round and then went through the entrance.


Meanwhile, in his actual world, the Clark Kent of the Superman fantasy world was replacing Clark Kent AKA Superman.

"Bye, bye, Clark! Hope you like it here!" Tempus said, disappearing into thin air. <Where am I?> Clark asked himself. He walked to the end of the alley and saw the Daily Planet. He was feeling rather dizzy. He went in and soon entered his floor. He spotted his desk and sat down. He opened his drawer and saw a pair of glasses. <Whose are these?> he asked himself, confused. Lois looked up from her desk and noticed that he was not wearing his glasses. She acted as if she had glasses on and Clark repeated it back to her, with a confused look on his face. She ran up to him.

"Put your glasses on!" she frantically whispered. Clark pulled another confused face. She quickly sighed, frustrated and opened his drawer and put his glasses on him. He put his hands out in front of him to see.

"Hey! These don't make any difference!" he stated. Perry came up to them, at the same time as Clark had taken off his glasses…


Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter who is also the greatest hero on Earth, sat down at his familiar desk. He noticed that a couple of things were different.

1) There were *no* spare glasses, not even a trace of them. 2) There were pictures (supposedly of him) *without* glasses on. 3) There wasn't *anything* in the newsroom, or in the computer files on or about Superman.

Lois walked up to him.

"You get glasses?" she asked.

"Uh, no," Clark took off his glasses. "They're just for…reading. Now, what are they for?" he said to himself, trying to think up a quick solution. "I have trouble seeing far away." He swung a little in the chair, resting his elbow on the desk and his chin on his knuckles, waiting to see what would happen next.

"I love the way how you do that," Lois said, smiling at his response and action. Clark grinned back. He heard a call of distress. He got up.

"I just remembered that I had to go to my barber, Waldo!" and walked on to the elevator. He suddenly came back out. Lois was looking bewildered.

"Sorry, mistake. I had it cut yesterday," Clark apologised, remembering that there was just a fantasy of him and no one believed that there was a real one. "I'll go to my dentist appointment then." He went down the staircase at super- speed and ended up on the street. He then ran off at super- speed towards the trouble.


Lois saw what Clark had done. She faced him as she heard Perry's footsteps getting nearer. She grabbed the glasses off the desk and opposed at Clark.

"Put them on! You don't want to expose yourself, do you?" she was surprised, he never acted like this.

"But…" Clark started. Lois interrupted by pointing to the glasses. Perry arrived, just as Clark put them on.

"Hey, Clark. You remind me of someone."

"Really? Who?" Clark asked, wondering.

"Superman, I think," Perry replied, thinking.

"Superman?!?!*" Clark replied, very confused. "Isn't he that hero that's on Lois and Clark on T.V?" he asked. Lois glared at him.

"Great shades of Elvis! Where on Earth did you hear of that?" Perry asked.

"It's on T.V," Clark replied. Jimmy came up.

"I sure hope not! That would be really mean to have one of our greatest heroes' maybe made fun of." He and Jimmy nodded. "Did you just say; Lois and Clark?" Perry asked.

"Yeah," Clark said. Lois was starting to worry. <This mustn't be Clark or maybe he is trying to give hints about himself. But he couldn't be, she and Clark had talked about that zillions of times and she knew that he would never want to expose himself, it could hurt or endanger many people they knew.>

"Do you know their surnames?" Perry asked.

"Yeah, Lane and Kent."

"What! There you go, the country must want you to be even more well known. What about Superman's role in it?"

"He has got all of these amazing powers, he and Lois are friends, Lois and Clark are the best of partners, including the best in Metropolis…"

"That's what I say!" Perry interrupted, happily.

"Clark is Superman." Lois ran out of the newsroom.

"What's wrong with her?" Perry asked.

"Maybe she's upset," Jimmy suggested.

"I'll go and talk to her," Clark said, walking off.


Lois was standing there, surprised. <He has never acted like this before.>

Clark had just stopped a murder by crushing a gun. He figured that it wouldn't matter if he did that, since no one believed in a real Superman. He was now heading back on foot.

Lois waited by the stairs for Clark to hop off the elevator and he soon did. She walked down the stairs with him.

"Didn't he fix you?" she asked.

"No, he said I was too late," Clark replied.

"Want to walk me home?" Lois asked, grabbing her stuff.

"Sure," Clark said, turning off his desk lamp and they went off.

"You know, you are the greatest man I have ever met and ever will," Lois said, as they reached her door. "What's your favourite show?"

"Uh, I don't have one," Clark replied.

"Oh, that's why I never knew," Lois said, smiling and opening her door. She let him in. Clark closed it. "Funny that I never told you this. But my favourite is Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of Superman, want to watch it with me?" she asked. Clark was dumbfounded, they had a show on him and Lois. "Hope that does not give me away." He didn't realise that he had said that aloud.

"Give you away? On what? You have nothing to give away," Lois said.

"Yeah, I'd love to watch anything with you Lois," Clark replied smiling. <I'd better find out about this show anyhow.> They both sat down and watched the T.V.

"You know what, Clark. I have never mentioned this, but for some reason I would love to fly with him and have someone like him in this world," Lois said day dreamily, stretching her arms.

"You already do," Clark said very quietly to himself.

"Of course, I can't have that anyway. It's not possible," Lois continued.

"Maybe it is," Clark somehow said aloud, he felt himself getting up, spinning around and lifting Lois up and going to the window.

"Clark, you're not going to play Superheroes, are you?" she asked, surprised. "Where did you get that outfit?"

"Hang on tight," Clark said, jumping out of the window with her.

"Clark! What are you doing! Are you trying to kill me?" Lois screamed, terrified. She closed her eyes. She then felt herself being lifted up in the air, higher and higher. She opened her eyes and could see the city giving off its lights.

"Heeelllp! How'd we get up here!" she felt as if she was going to die, she was so, so, so terrified.

"Lois, calm down, you're all right," Clark replied.

"Get me down! Get me down! Get me down!" Lois screamed. She started wriggling violently. Clark flew them back to her apartment. He lowered them to the floor. She broke free quickly.

"How did you do that?" she asked. "Why are you in that suit?"

"Lois, there's something I need to tell you."

"What?" she said. Clark gestured for her to sit and she did.

"Now, from the beginning. I am Superman, but I'm not from your world. I'm from a world that's just like Lois and Clark on T.V. Everything off the T.V is just about like my world. Have you seen anything to do with a man named Tempus?" Clark asked.

"Yes, there have been two. One on him trying to kill you as a baby and one on Lois being put into a parallel world," Lois replied.

"Tempus put me here in your world, I suppose to just get the real Superman out of the actual place and so no one will see me again and so I would not be able to help. Is there a Clark Kent here?" he asked.

"Yes, but he hasn't got powers like you do."

"Now, I understand. Tempus said to me just before he left me here, that Superman didn't even exist, that he was just a fantasy," Clark replied. "Is there a Dr Klein at STAR Labs?"

"Yes, you're in luck," Lois replied. Clark flew off.


At Lois' apartment.

"I can't believe that you would want to expose your identity!" Lois said, as she and Clark sat down in her apartment.

"Lois, I've got to tell you something, maybe it will explain why I don't understand what you are talking about," Clark said.

"Don't tell me it's another problem to do with Intergang, like Red Kryptonite and all of those things!" Lois responded.

"Okay, Lois, calm down. I'm from another world…"

"I KNEW IT!" Lois said.

"I don't know what you mean by all of this, superman stuff. In my world, it is a fantasy, is it here?"

"Well, what does it look like to you?" Lois snapped.

"Anyway, a man named Tempus took me from my world and I suppose, took your Clark and put him in my world. I'm sorry if I was exposing something to Perry at the Planet, but I didn't know of these things," Clark said.

"All right, what do you want me to do?" Lois asked. For the next few minutes, they discussed what they could do and came up with a few good answers.


Superman arrived at STAR Labs. Dr Klein turned around.

"Who are you?" he asked. "Are you…?" he said, speechlessly.

"Yes, I'm Superman, but I'm also from another dimension and I need your help with getting me back."

"Sorry, I haven't introduced myself," he held out his hand and shook it with Superman. "Klein, Bernard Klein. Dr Klein. Well, I'd be delighted to Superman, what can I do for you?" Dr Klein asked, getting up.

"Do you have any form of time travel?" Superman asked.

"Not quite. You see, it's a top secret government project and we are working on time travel right now," Dr Klein replied, walking up to Clark.

"That's great! When will you be done?" Clark asked, relieved.

"That's the problem. It could take 4-6 months, maybe even years," Dr Klein replied, a little sorry.

"Well, I can't afford that," Superman said softly aloud. "Contact Lois Lane when you know something. Do you also have a Red Kryptonite?" he asked. Dr Klein looked shocked, as if he had seen a ghost. He was silent.

"Dr Klein?"

"Oh, sorry. What did you say?" he asked, surprised by Superman's question.

"Do you have a Red Kryptonite?" Superman asked again. This time Dr Klein answered.

"Red Kryptonite? You mean that rock that's on 'Lois and Clark?'" Dr Klein touched his head in panic, moaning. "Oh, gosh! Who told you about it? That's a top secret government project as well. Only me and a couple of co-workers, including 0.2% of the government even know about that!" Clark helped him sit down.

"It's all right. No one told me. I've got it in my world, that's why I know," Superman reassured him. Dr Klein calmed down. He got up and went into a vault.

"I'll get the green as well, if you want me to," he offered.

"Uh, no thank you. Just the red one please. *In* a lead lined box," Clark replied. Dr Klein came back out and handed him a small box.

"Um…do you have a…laser gun?" he asked thoughtfully.

"Uh huh! You're just in luck," Dr Klein walked back into the vault. "Myself and a couple of other co-workers just finished it two days ago. Please be careful with it and *don't* get it destroyed." He handed it to him. "Mind you, it is only *some* of the Red Kryptonite."

"That's all right," Superman said and he flew out of a window.

"I won't forget to ring Miss Lane when something comes up," Dr Klein called after him. He sat down. "Amazing! There is such a thing! I think I'd better lie down," he mumbled.


Lois drove Clark to STAR Labs. She hoped that talking to Dr Klein would help them in getting Superman back.

In next to no time she and Clark walked through the entrance. A security guard stopped them.

"Sorry, do you have an appointment?" Lois remembered that two days ago she and Clark were supposed to see Dr Klein about a new thing he was working on. <Saved by the bell!>

"Lois Lane and Clark Kent with an appointment with Dr Bernard Klein." The guard looked at his list and let them through. Oh, well. She thought. She and *her* Clark will have to have the proper appointment another time. She led Clark to Dr Klein's laboratory.

"Dr Klein. This is an emergency. …Clark and I need your help."

"Glad to help you," Dr Klein said, looking up from an experiment.

"You see. This is not my Clark," Lois said. Dr Klein looked Clark over.

"I don't see anything wrong," he said, confused.

"You remember Tempus?" Lois asked.

"I remember you telling me about him. Yes," Dr Klein said, listening.

"Tempus captured this Clark from another dimension and placed him here, in capturing Superman and my Clark and placing them in this Clark's world," Lois explained.

"Oh, I wonder why he did that," Dr Klein said, thinking.

"We assume that he put Superman and Clark in the other world so there would be no Superman in this world," Lois explained.

"So, what do you want me to do?" Dr Klein asked, understanding.

"Do you know how to time travel?" Lois asked.


Clark had changed and showed Lois what he had gotten from Dr Klein.

"Wow! They sure have some pretty impressive stuff!" Lois exclaimed.

"Lois. Did your Clark ever tell you if he was from another planet?" Clark asked.

"He once said that he was sent to earth as a baby. Yes," Lois replied.

"Did he ever have powers, like me?" Clark asked.

"Now, let me see…" Lois sat down, thinking. After two whole minutes she answered him.

"I remember him telling me that he developed powers but after a little while, they all suddenly vanished and he could never figure out what caused them to go. He said that he has still got *some* of his invulnerability though," Lois replied.

"Good," Clark said, smiling.

"What?" Lois asked, confused.

"Never mind, it'll be a surprise." Clark looked at his watch. It was nearly 9:00. "I think I'd better go home." He walked out and closed the door behind him. They had both said good- bye.

The next morning. Clark got out of bed and got ready for work and eating at super-speed while he changed back into his original clothes (he had washed them the night before). He then sped off to Lois' apartment. He found her talking on the phone and so landed through the window. She looked up at him. She was all ready and had nearly eaten all of her breakfast. She soon hung up and stood up.

"That was Dr Klein and he said that they have completed a hand held time machine all by accident and would like you there as soon as possible." Clark put the laser gun and box of Red Kryptonite on the floor and flew off.

At STAR Labs.

"Dr Klein?" Clark asked, entering the room. Dr Klein turned around and stood up.

"Superman! This is unbelievable! We did it overnight!" Dr Klein exclaimed. He walked into the vault and presented the hand held time machine to him. Clark took it. "Be careful. It's the only one. I've drawn up the plan and have already recorded everything anyway." Dr Klein was gleaming. It was his first major invention!

"Thank you very much," Clark replied, carefully looking over the important object.

"Here are the instructions on how to work it." Dr Klein handed him a heavily laminated sheet.

"I'll make sure that it won't get ruined," Superman replied. He flew out, towards Lois' apartment.


"Time travel?" Dr Klein asked.

"Yes," Clark replied.

"We were thinking of looking into that kind of stuff, but no, I'm not doing it at the moment," Dr Klein replied. "I've still got to tell you why I called you, like for my discovery." Lois and Clark were heading for the door.

"Uh, Dr Klein, can we do that another time when we are not busy like this?" Lois asked.

"But…!…" Dr Klein called, as they closed the door. Lois and Clark walked to her car and it started *pouring*!


Clark entered and saw Lois tied up.

"Lois!" He untied her at super-speed. "What happened?" Lois gasped when he took off the tape that was covering her mouth.

"Someone came through the window and tied me up. I think they took the Kryptonite and the laser gun," Lois replied, getting up, with the aid of Clark.

"I knew that I shouldn't have left it here," Clark moaned to himself. "Anyway, I've got the time machine and I think that I should be heading back," Clark replied. Lois nodded, understanding. "I promise that your Clark will come back. If you can find the Kryptonite and the laser, please either give it back to Dr Klein or keep it *just in case*." And with that, he stepped back, set the time and turned the dial and disappeared.


Lois was now on the road and was fed up. She was *SOAKING* and it was pouring like it had never before. She was leaning over, trying to see through the heavy rain that the windscreen wipers were trying to fight off. They were useless. In this type of weather anyway. The traffic was so slow. She wished she was safely back in her apartment or at the Daily Planet. The rain was getting even heavier. She heard some *really* loud thunder and hail started coming down. They were the only ones on the bridge now. She looked next to her for a brief second, wanting to see what Clark was doing. He was just sitting there with a sad look on his face. <He must be upset that he misses his Lois> Lois thought. She turned back to the traffic. Suddenly, some lightening struck the road in front of them and Lois felt themselves descending, further and further down.

"HELP! HELP! HEEEELLLLPPPP!" she screamed and continued to, in a piercing voice. She was so terrified, she knew that no one could save them. She thought that she was about to die and would never see her beloved Clark again. She continued screaming. Suddenly, she felt them being lifted up. She looked around the car windows, but the rain was pounding, too hard to see out. Then she saw it. She saw some blue and red. <Yes!!!!!!> she cried out to herself, relieved and trembling very hard. They landed on the other side of the bridge. Lois opened the door and practically threw her arms around Clark, crying.

"Oh my gosh! I could have died! Clark! How'd you get here?" she cried even more. Clark got out of the car and saw Superman. It was unbelievable! He was seeing his double, not quite his double, just without powers, that's all. It was nice to see that Lois was happy to see him.

"I came back by *this* Time machine." Superman showed Lois the hand held time machine. Superman pulled out of Lois' embrace and turned towards Clark. The rain was now settling down.

"So. You're the other Clark?" he asked.

"Yes," Clark replied.

"I've learnt a lot about you from your Lois. I'm sorry to hear about when you were a child." Clark looked towards the ground and nodded slowly. He looked up quickly, with concern in his eyes.

"How's, Lois?" he asked.

"She's fine," Superman replied. "Hey, listen. Do you want to have dinner with Lois and Clark before you go?" he asked.

"I don't see anything wrong with that," Clark replied. He and Lois hopped back into the car and Superman flew them further into the city. The whole city was deserted. <Maybe they had been aware of the storm and wanted to stay inside until they knew it was completely safe> Lois thought. Clark landed them in an nearby alley to Lois' apartment and flew off. He came back as Clark. They all walked into Lois' apartment and ordered Chinese food on the phone.

Lois, Clark AKA Superman and Clark all walked into an empty alley. Lois and Clark hugged and then the two Clarks shook hands.

Meanwhile,, Tempus was hiding further down in the alley, with the laser gun in his hand ready to shoot. As soon as both Clarks had shaken hands, he fired the laser gun at the Clark/Superman. Clark didn't even notice it. Tempus laughed to himself and silently walked off. Clark/Superman gave Clark the instructions and he turned the dial and disappeared. Lois and Clark embraced. They headed towards the Daily Planet. Lois and Clark were near an alley. Lois heard a noise…

"You hear that?" she asked, stopping Clark.

"No," Clark replied, not hearing anything. They turned a corner and spotted a mugging. A man noticed them.

"Run!" Clark said to Lois, pushing her away. She ran and hid behind a garbage bin.

"Hey, man. Give me your money," the man said to Clark.

"Come and get it," Clark said. The man pulled out a gun and lunged forward onto Clark. Lois was watching from her hiding place. Clark tried to pull him away. He couldn't do it. He then realised that he mustn't have his powers. Clark was still strong without his powers. He kicked the man in the stomach, jumped up and ran off down the alley. The man took a shot at Clark and injured him in the shoulder. Clark screamed. He fell, in immense pain. He grabbed his shoulder. He could feel the blood coming out. He knew that he would live, because he did not feel his life drifting away, even though the bullet was just in his shoulder. He could still feel the pain, his shoulder was throbbing, like you could never imagine. The man had gone off laughing. Lois ran up to him.

"Clark!" she cried, bending over. Clark forced himself up. "How did that happen??!!" Lois asked. "That's impossible!"

"Lois," Clark leaned on her in pain. He gasped. "I think that I have lost my powers," he gasped again.

"I've got to get you to a hospital!" Lois helped him walk down the street. Clark kept on gasping every few seconds and was forcing himself on and on. They were nearly there. He put up with the pain. It was just as bad as Kryptonite except that it was only in his shoulder and arm. He started to slow down. Lois urged him on. They were only a few metres to the emergency entrance. Lois burst into the room, puffed and crying. Some paramedics noticed the incident straight away and grabbed a stretcher. They took Clark into an operating room, with Lois at Clark's side. A nurse was holding a pressure bandage against the wound. Lois held onto his hand. The operating men were putting their gloves on and getting the equipment ready as fast as they could. Someone ripped off Clark's shirt. Soon, they looked at how deep the bullet was. A lady stood next to Lois.

"I'm afraid I'll have to have the glasses," she put her hand out.

"But he can't see without them," Lois insisted.

"Hmmmm?" the lady said to Clark, ignoring Lois. Clark slowly took off his glasses and lay face down on the pillow. One of the operators came up to them.

"The wound is deep and so we have to give him an anesthetic needle." Lois nodded, understanding.

Clark was not feeling right. It seemed as if he couldn't concentrate on things and was dizzy as well. Suddenly. A shot of pain went through his arm. Then he felt sleepy and weak and in a couple of seconds, he was in a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, Lois was starting to worry. <What if he loses too much blood? What if they find out he's Superman?> A nurse gave Clark a needle and he went to sleep. A doctor arrived next to Lois.

"What is his name?" he asked of Lois.

"Clark Kent," Lois replied, sulking and looking away.

"Oh! You're Lois Lane and Clark Kent! I didn't recognise you!" he exclaimed. "I love your work. It's the best in the city and in America out of what things I've read in other places. The Daily Planet seems to give the work more of an…edge. I wonder how you get all of those sneak pieces?" he asked.

"Sneak pieces?" Lois asked, confused.

"You know, those things that seem to be almost impossible to get."

"Oh. That's from particular sources," Lois lied.

"I forgot to introduce myself. I'm new here," he and Lois shook hands. "My name is Dr Carter. You know what?" he asked.

"What?" Lois asked, turning back towards Clark.

"Your partner looks just like Superman," Dr Carter replied. Lois was shocked. She kept her eyes on Clark.


Clark found himself in front of Lois. She jumped up and hugged him hard. He found himself up in mid air. He realised what he had done. He lowered himself and Lois.

"I'll see you tomorrow," he promised, breaking free of Lois and jumping out of the window.

"Clark! You'll kill yourself!" Lois screamed. She looked out of the window and heard a deafening bang. There was no Clark to be found.

Clark couldn't believe it! After all of those years his powers had come back! He flew to his apartment. He had still remembered how to use his powers when he was younger, since he was really disappointed when they had disappeared all of a sudden. The only thing that remained had been invulnerability to sicknesses and a few other minor things, like not getting grazed. He had a shower at super-speed and then went to bed.

Clark heard someone knocking hurriedly at the door. He turned over and looked at his electric digital clock. He groaned. It was 9:02am. He was all ready two minutes late to work. Someone knocked on the door again. He x-rayed through the door. It was Lois. Clark got out of bed and got changed at super-speed, eating his breakfast at the same time. In one second, he was walking up the steps and doing up his shirt. He opened the door.

"Clark. We're two minutes late for work," Lois said. Clark fixed up his tie and they went.

"Clark, why are you acting so strangely?" Lois asked, as they walked to work. They both stopped. Clark looked around and turned to Lois.

"Lois," he whispered. "My powers have suddenly come back!"

"That's great!" Lois squealed, kissing him. They went into the Daily Planet building.


"But he isn't anyway. Because if he were, he would not be in here having a bullet taken out of him." Lois calmed down straight away. <Thank goodness he doesn't know!>

"Yeah, well anyone can look like anyone," Lois replied, turning towards Clark. She noticed that he was starting to wake up. <Gee it mustn't work long on him> she thought. She squeezed his hand gently. They were now taking out the bullet. They were unaware of Clark waking up. He squeezed Lois' hand when they pulled it out and he tensed up, in pain. They put a bandage on him and wheeled him into a room with Lois beside him.

They were now alone.

"Are you all right?" Lois asked Clark, over being shocked from all of what had happened in nearly ten minutes.

"Yes, I'm fine," Clark replied, smiling. He had now had his glasses on. "It was a lot of pain, but I'm all right."

"But you're not used to it," Lois said.

"Lois. I still go through pain. When Kryptonite's around."

"What if they figured out you were…S…?" Lois asked, concerned.

"Lois. Remember what the doctor said?" Clark asked.

"Yes," Lois sighed. "Hey! How'd you know he said something?"

"The needle didn't help me much. It only made me go to sleep for a few seconds and then I woke up." Clark tried to sit up. Dr Carter walked in.

"No! No!" he said, helping him up. "You should only do that with help."

"Well, I never need help," Clark replied. Dr Carter raised an eyebrow.

"Clark. You are perfectly fine, you may go home." Clark smiled and got up. "There's one thing I need to tell you." Lois and Clark exchanged wondering glances. "Your blood is different."

"Really?" Clark asked, acting surprised. He put on a fresh shirt.

"Why?" Dr Carter asked. <Some doctors are strict on some things> Lois and Clark both thought.

"I have no idea. I came from a perfectly healthy country family," Clark replied.

"This is different," Dr Carter said, looking at the report. "It is some sort of alien DNA."

"What?" Clark said, acting shocked (he was actually worried).

"Did you know that you're from somewhere else?" Dr Carter asked. Clark was opened mouthed. He didn't know whether the doctor knew he was Kryptonian or not.

"There is some mistake," Clark said, taking Lois out with him. "I am an American and I know I'm not whatever you think I am!" Clark exclaimed. He and Lois went outside. It was now 10:00pm. They walked to Lois' apartment.

"I do *not* want that to happen to you ever again, Clark Jerome Kent!" Lois told Clark.

"Yes, mum!" Clark replied, saluting with his left hand, being careful of his right one. Lois raised her eyebrow, glaring at him. They both walked into Lois' apartment.

"Clark?" Lois said in the doorway.

"What?" Clark answered.

"I would feel a *lot* better if you let me stay at your place tonight."

"Do you really want to?" Clark asked. "All right. Pick up some gear and we'll head to my place." Lois walked into her room and came back out with a suitcase.

"I always have a suitcase ready if I need to go somewhere quickly." She closed the door and they headed off.

"I'll sleep on your couch since you're recovering," Lois said.

"Not on your life!" Clark said, escorting her into his bedroom, before she could even answer. She got changed in the bathroom and he got changed in the lounge room. He tried to be as fast as he could. Lois was still in. Clark made himself a sandwich and sat down on the couch. He heard the bathroom door open and turned around.

"What *took* you so long?" he asked Lois.

"I got changed and brushed my teeth. I know, I do take long on that," Lois said. She was in a sweatshirt and long pants.

"I think we'd better get to sleep," Clark said. They both got into bed and turned their lights out.

"Goodnight, Lois," Clark called out to her. No response. "Goodnight, Lois!" Lois sighed hesitantly.

"Goodnight, Clark!!" she shouted back to him and rolled over. Clark took off his glasses and put them on the lamp table. His shoulder hurt. He winced and got into a more comfortable position.


"Lois! Clark!" Perry shouted from inside his office.

"Yes, Chief?" Clark asked, as he and Lois entered.

"There is a press conference at the Metropolis City Hall, I want you two right on it! Now beat it!" Perry said. Lois and Clark walked out. Jimmy walked up to them.

"What's with the Chief?" Lois asked.

"He's not in a good mood. Alice is still thinking about that divorce. You see, Perry got another call from their divorce lawyer last night," Jimmy explained.

"I get it," Clark and Lois said at the same time. They turned to each other with an amused look on their faces.

"Come on, Clark!" Lois said, picking up Clark's coat and throwing it at him. They both got outside.

"Let's just walk, it's only a block from here," Clark suggested.

"You know what. The other Clark is just like you," Lois said.

"Of course he is, we are a double of each other," Clark said. They arrived at the press conference.

"All of you who are speaking I'm sure that you will agree with me. We need to stop all of this murdering that's happening in Metropolis, we need to make it a better place. Free of that sort of nonsense violence…"

"What are you going to do about it?" Lois asked, Clark nudged her gently.

"Well, that's what we have come here for. For opinions *and* suggestions," the mayor spoke. Clark's mobile phone rang. He walked out of the crowd of reporters and to somewhere quite. He took it out of his jacket pocket and opened it.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Hi, Clark!"

"Lana? I haven't heard from you in a long time! How are you? Where have you been?" Clark asked, beaming.

"I'm fine Clark. I'm now working with the Lois and Clark show," Lana said.

"I thought that I had seen a familiar name on the screen. What's your job?" Clark asked.

"I'm the costume designer," Lana replied.

"Really?" Clark exclaimed. "Did you design the Superman suit?" Clark asked.

"Yep and I'm the one who sews it too. I sew spare outfits all of the time."

"Hey, listen," Clark spoke in a much quieter tone. "I was wondering if you could make a copy of the outfit."

"What for? Oh, I understand. Did your powers come back?" she asked.

"Yes, they did," Clark replied.

"Congratulations! I'll make you as many as you want or need," Lana said. "No, actually. I'll make you ten to start off with, for spares."

"Thanks!" Clark said.

"No problem Clark, anything for you since you're my friend," Lana replied. "You look a lot like the actor Dean Cain down here," Lana said. "Would you like to visit the set?"

"I'd be delighted! When?" Clark asked.

"Tomorrow sometime?" Lana asked.

"Okay, no problem and I'll be there on time," Clark said.

"I've got to go now, they need me to design the latest Lois outfit, bye!"

"Bye!" Clark replied. He put the mobile phone back into his pocket and walked back to Lois, beaming.

"What took you so long?" she asked, annoyed.

"I just got a phone call from Lana," Clark replied.

"How is she?" Lois asked.

"She doing very well. Did you know what?" Clark asked.

"What?" Lois asked. "Wipe that stupid grin off your face!"

"Did you ever pay attention to the end of Lois and Clark, where they show who the credits are?" Clark was starting to laugh.

"Yes, a little," Lois replied. "So?"

"Lana is their costume designer!" Clark was laughing hard at how Lois responded.

"Did she design the…you know outfit?" Lois said, amazed.

"Yes," Clark replied.

"Well, don't you laugh at me!" Lois said. Clark leaned over and spoke into her ear.

"And she's going to make the outfit for me as well so I can go out saving the world!" Now it was Lois' turn to laugh.

"You'll be just like the other guy!" They walked back to the Daily Planet.


Lois sat down next to Clark. He was thinking, hard and had even written ideas down.

"All I can think of is the Red Kryptonite and the laser. Because before the other Clark had left I was fine," Clark said. "When I was over in his world, Lois was tied up and the laser and Red Kryptonite had gone missing." He scribbled something in the notebook.

"Who did you get them from?" Lois asked.

"Dr Klein at their STAR Labs," Clark replied. He got up and exited the conference room. Lois followed after him.

"So, you're going to Dr Klein here for some help?" Lois asked Clark.

"Yes. You can come if you want," Clark said. Lois grabbed her coat and handbag and she drove them over.

They both entered the building. The security guard let them through the science area and Lois Clark went to Dr Klein's laboratory.

"What can I do for you?" Dr Klein asked, looking up from one of his latest experiments with magnesium. He spotted Clark. "What happened to you?" he asked, concerned.

"I got hit by a bullet," Clark replied.

"Oooh. That must hurt. Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yes. I've just got to rest my arm," Clark replied.

"What are you really here for?" Dr Klein asked.

"Dr Klein. Do you still have that laser gun that we got when Superman needed it once?" Clark asked. Dr Klein looked confused.

"Oh, that! I'll just go and get it, with the Red Kryptonite as well." He got up and went into another room.

"Make sure the Kryptonite is in a leaded container," Clark called. Dr Klein came out with both objects.

"Oh and Lois. I am working on the time machine thing you wanted me to yesterday," Dr Klein replied.

"It sure is going to be a big achievement for me!"

"What do you mean?" Lois asked.

"I'm nearly done!!" Dr Klein replied, going to a shelf. "I'm sorry, I didn't tell you time travel was my major discovery and that was why I wanted you two to come here in the first place." He showed them what he had done so far. Lois gaped.

"How did you do this?" she asked.

"It was hard. I had to find all sorts of minerals and electronic things…and I even had to…" Dr Klein babbled.

"Uh, can you just get to the point?" Clark asked, interrupting.

"Sorry. You see. I had to get tiny microscopic chips, like ones they have in computers and put them all together and I've got to do a bit more to it. I don't know what though." Dr Klein checked one of his experiments. "That is…superb!!" Lois exclaimed.

"Did you get Superman back?" Dr Klein asked. Lois gave Clark a 'you talk' look.

"Uh, no we didn't, that's why we're here." Dr Klein turned around and looked at Clark. He studied his looks. <Uh, huh!> he said to himself, as a thought struck him. <How could I have been so stupid? How *could* he get *hurt*?> he asked himself, as his brain worked overtime. He felt a bit nervous. He realised that Clark was Superman. He had realised that Lois and Clark had kept it a secret and he understood it for a good reason but couldn't resist asking.

"Clark," he said slowly and nervously. "I was wondering…how could you…have gotten hit by a…bullet?" Lois and Clark were surprised. Clark was shocked.

"How did…you?" he asked.

"Oh. That was because I noticed the similarities between you and your other half," Dr Klein replied. Clark nodded.

"All right. I'll tell you everything," Clark said. "First of all, only Lois *and* I, including my parents, knew about me and we kept it a secret so it wouldn't hurt others and so I could lead a normal life." Dr Klein nodded. "Now, why I was hit by the bullet. You see. That time when Ultra Woman was around and we had the Red Kryptonite and that laser gun…"

"That was Lois. Wasn't it?" Dr Klein asked.

"Yes, it was. Anyway. Do you remember hearing of Lucille and Nell Newtrich?"

"Yes, I do."

"The two Newtrich sisters had invented the laser gun and had somehow gotten hold of some Red Kryptonite and used it on me. The Red Kryptonite caused my powers to transfer since I was touching Lois at that moment. She got my powers and so took my place until I could get them back. Then the sisters spoiled it and Lucille got hold of them when she acted as if she was going to jump off the building. That left Lois and me by ourselves. Then you had fixed up the laser gun or video camera and Lois used it when I nearly got shot and I returned back to normal."

"That's why you got shot," Dr Klein replied, understanding the whole view.

"And that's why we're here," Lois said. "We think that someone fired a laser from the other Clark's world and so Clark's powers may have transferred into him."

"I'll get right on the time machine," Dr Klein replied, sitting down and looking at microchips and studying where they could go to make the time machine work.

"You do understand to keep it a secret?" Clark said. Dr Klein looked up.

"Absolutely, I will not tell a soul. I actually enjoy helping you on things like this." Lois and Clark walked out.


Clark looked at his watch. It was 10:00am. Time to go and see Lana. In California. Clark landed behind a bush where nobody could see him and walked up to the Warner Brothers studio entrance. Lana was there.

"Lana! Great to see you!" Clark exclaimed, giving her a little hug.

"Guess what they are doing today?" Lana asked.

"What?" Clark asked.

"The producers are filming a dangerous act." Her eyes were gleaming.

"What? Oh. You're going to ask if I can do that part secretly, is that right?" Clark asked.

"Yep!" Lana said. She led him into a trailer. "Don't worry. Dean Cain is secretly sick and no one knows about it."

"So, I'm going to take over *his* job today?" Clark asked, flabbergasted. A lady came in. Clark sat in the chair. The lady started putting make-up on Clark.

"Are you all ready in your costume, Dean?" she asked.

"What? Oh, yeah."

"There you go, off onto the set." Clark left the trailer. He was still wearing the other Clark's glasses. He was all ready used to them. Clark saw Teri Hatcher. They were doing a bit on a mugging, when they were walking along the street. Clark quickly found the costume room and found a Superman outfit and put it on underneath his Clark outfit. He then walked onto the set.

"Dean. I want you to come on first. Then act as if you hear something. Five men will jump out from no where, don't get a shock and then you know what to do," the director said. He and Teri lined up, ready for the shot.

"ACTION!" someone yelled and the cameras started rolling. Clark entered the scene, along with Teri following behind. Clark suddenly stopped.

"Lois, do you hear something?" Clark asked.

"No," Lois replied. Five men jumped down from somewhere in front of them. Clark kept Lois behind him.

"Lois, run!" Clark said, making up lines. Teri ran and hid behind a garbage bin. One of the men came up to him.

"What do you want?" Clark asked. One of the men snarled. Clark blinked. <These were *good* actors> One pulled out a gun and pointed it in Clark's direction. Clark lifted him up by the chin. The man screamed. The director came up onto the stage.

"That was very good. But you scared the living daylights out of this actor."

"Sorry," Clark replied. They did it again. Clark stared at the man with the gun.

"Prepare to die!" the man yelled and took a shot. Clark ducked down at super-speed, thinking that it was a real bullet. He then got up and snatched the gun out of the man's hand and bent it in half. The man ran off, with his mates following and Clark jogged to where Lois was hiding.

"Are you okay?" he asked, helping her up.

"I'm fine!" Lois said and they walked off. The director clapped his hands very hard.

"That was *great*! How did you do that part with ducking down and bending the gun?"

"That was a special move I did, to make you think differently from how I did it," Clark replied, speaking straight out of his head.

"That will impress the viewers. All right, it's lunch time," the director said. Clark and Teri went to the lunch van. Clark got a hot dog, while Teri had a salad sandwich.

"Oh, Cla..Dean?" Lana called out to Clark, just as he was about to take his first bite. Clark looked up. Lana motioned Clark to talk to her.

"Excuse me," Clark said politely to Teri and went up to Lana. "Yes?" Clark asked.

"I realised that I had made a dozen outfits already and that I could hand them to you. It wouldn't make a difference," Lana replied.

"Whatever you want," Clark replied.

"Are you the same size as Dean?" Lana asked.

"I presume by the looks, yes," Clark replied.

"By the way. What you did before was great!" Lana explained. "Meet me at my trailer at the end of today's session," she said, walking off. Clark went back to Teri and finished his lunch.

Clark noticed a man that looked like the man who had captured and sent him to the other world.

"Hey!" He ran up to him. "What are you doing here? Why did you send me to the other world before?" The man looked at him in surprise.

"Dean. What are you talking about?" he was really confused.

"You sent me to the other Lois and Clark world where there is a *real* Superman!" Clark replied.

"You mustn't be getting your scenes right. You are in your world and then I take you and Teri (your characters) in to another world and then my character abandons you there. You understand now?" Lane Davies asked. <What on earth is Dean talking about? He must have had a nightmare last night!> <What did this man mean? Scene? He must be talking about the episode they are working on!> Clark thought.

"Uh. Yeah," Clark replied.

"Dean, are you feeling all right? We're going on in a couple of minutes," Lane asked. Lane Smith came up, along with Justin Whalin.

"Yeah. Are you?" Justin asked.

"We noticed that you were having trouble just a few seconds ago," Lane Smith said.

"I think I wasn't thinking properly," Clark replied.

"Yeah, well. Take a quick rest before you go on," Lane Smith suggested, tapping Clark on the back. Clark smiled back.

"Sorry," he apologised to all three of them. Especially, Lane Davies.

"That's all right. We all have trouble!" Lane Davies said. The three of them walked off into different directions.

Later on that afternoon. Clark was waiting outside of Lana's trailer. She opened the door and he went in.

"Tired?" she asked.

"Very," Clark replied, exhausted. He fixed up his hair.

"Finished for the day?" Lana asked.

"Yes. Thank goodness. I have never worked like this before when it has tired me out. It's even harder than my original job!" Clark exclaimed. Lana handed him a parcel.

"Here they are. I wrapped them up so no one could see them. I think it would be time for you to go." Clark looked at his watch. It was.

"You're right. I have to go and have dinner with Perry, Jimmy and Lois. Bye. It was great to see you again!" Clark walked out of the trailer and flew off at super speed.


"So. Where do you want to start from ?" Lois asked Clark, as they entered the conference room where they had been just before.

"We need to look up anyone who would know about it *and* who knew how to time travel," Clark replied.

"How about we check Metropolis Jail?" Lois asked.

"Good idea," Clark said. They both exited again and went to the jail.

"Lois Lane, Clark Kent. We have an investigation and we think that one of your prisoners could help," Lois said, as she and Clark looked up at the guard.

"Who is it?" the man asked.

"Uh..Tempus?" Lois asked him.

"Oh. Him. The *duh!* guy, the one that always makes smart comments?"

"Yes!" Lois replied. "Can we see him?"

"No. He was let out on good behavior. I didn't find him a bad person at all," the guard replied, laughing. Lois and Clark stared at each other in fright.

"Why didn't you keep him in? He was a dangerous time traveller! He tried to kill Superman by time travel; luckily I stopped him!" Lois shouted angrily at him.

"Not my decision ma'am. It's the law court's and the police! Anyway! Who'd believe in Time Travel? Bye!" and he closed the lever. Lois turned to Clark.

"That's pathetic!" They walked off, with Lois in a storm.

"At least we have an idea of who it is," Clark said. "He's definitely the one person who would do that and take me into time. If Lex was alive, he would have killed me. Tempus only wants to get rid of the Super part." Lois' phone rang.

"Hello? Hi, Dr Klein!"

"Oh, you did. You did! THAT'S GREAT! Clark and I will be there as soon as we can!" Lois turned off the phone and dragged Clark to the car.

"LOIS! Careful of my arm!" Clark shouted, in pain.

"SORRY!" Lois replied, worried for him and let go. Clark followed after her to the Daily Planet car park.

STAR Labs.

"I have DONE IT!" Dr Klein exclaimed, as Lois and Clark ran in. He handed the time machine to Clark. "All you have to do is put the dial on the time and flip the switch and you're off!" Clark stepped back. Lois rushed up to him, with a bag in her hands.

"I'm coming TOO!"

"Lois!" Clark said.

"You never know, you may need my help!" Lois said.

"Sorry!" Clark apologised to Dr Klein. Clark put the dial on dimensional universe and flipped the switch and they vanished straight in front of Dr Klein. He gaped.

"IT WORKED! IT WORKED! IT WORKED!" he danced around the room singing and some other lab scientists looked in, confused.


Clark was looking at how he looked in the outfit. It fit just right. He recalled the dinner they'd had last night. The four of them had discussed past stories and the great times they had together. There was a knock on the door. It was Lois. He got changed at super speed and left with her for the Daily Planet.

They walked past an alley.

"Lois. Do you hear that?" he asked, hearing something. It sounded a lot like when he was sent to the other world.

"No." They both turned and looked down the alley they had just past.

Clark grinned.

"What?" Lois asked.

"Lois and Clark are coming in our direction," Clark replied.

"How can you tell since you are powerless?" Lois asked.

"I still know how to listen well. I don't want to waste time. Follow me." He and Lois jogged up to the top of the lane. They ran into Lois1 and Clark1. (NOTE: Clark1 = the unreal Clark and the same for the unreal Lois for speaking situations.)

"Who are you?" Clark1 asked, brushing himself off. He helped Clark up, who was in pain. "Hey! Are you all right?" he asked, recognising him as the Clark from the other world.

"I don't think so," Clark struggled with speaking clearly. His arm had been bumped, *hard*. That was from him bumping into the other Clark.

"How'd you get here?" Clark1 asked.

"We got the Dr Klein of our world to make a time machine as well," Clark gasped.

"What for?" Clark1 inquired, confused.

"Who are you?" Lois1 asked, totally confused.

"We're from the other world Clark may have told you about," Lois replied. They turned back to their situation. Clark looked at Lois.

"What happened to your arm?" Clark1 asked, surprised. He had noticed a bandage on Clark's shoulder.

"I got shot with a bullet," Clark replied. "Lois and I came here to see you on something."

"What?" Clark1 said.

"Uh. We noticed that when you left, that my powers were gone," Clark replied. He could see the dismay in Clark1's face.

"I knew it!" Clark1 said, upset with himself.

"Clark. There is no reason to be upset," Clark said. "Lois and I are going to do something about that."

"And I *brought* it," Lois said to Clark.

"Brought what?" Clark asked.

"The laser and Kryptonite," Lois replied with a devilish grin. Clark turned around.

"How?" he asked, confused.

"Dr Klein gave me them!" Lois declared. Clark sighed. <Great work for Dr Klein!>

"Whatever you do, *don't* expose it. *Only* when you're about to use the laser," Clark said to Lois. For his and the other Clark's sake. "Hey, Lois. You can take the other Lois for a walk while Clark and I do a few things." Lois and Lois1 walked off. The two Clarks walked onto the street.

"Are you planning to be Superman?" Clark asked. He could tell that Clark was uncomfortable. "I don't mind what you say."

"Yes," Clark1 replied.

"I thought that you would. That's a good thing too. You will be saving your dimension as well," Clark told him. There was a shout down the street. They both turned around. They felt something green engulf them. Clark tried to break away from it, but it was too strong. Even Clark1 had failed. They both stood still and waited. Clark felt strange. His arm was in pain. He forced himself from not screaming in pain. He saw in the distance, a man with a laser gun, hiding behind a van, watching. People were now watching. Both Lois and Lois1 walked past and saw that something was wrong. They rushed up and fell back from the force field. Suddenly, the field let loose and Clark fell to the ground. Both Lois' rushed up to their Clarks' to see if they were alright. Lois noticed that Clark was unconscious.

"Oh, gosh!" she cried over him. He started to come round. "Clark?!" She hugged him for dear life. She let him get up. "You're alright!" Clark touched his shoulder in surprise. "What?" Lois asked, worried.

"It's not bad at all," Clark replied, smiling.

"What happened?!" Lois demanded.

"My powers are back!" Clark whispered into her ear. He turned to Clark1. "What about you?" he asked.

"I feel the same," Clark1 replied.

"Well. I guess we're back to normal!" Clark said. The four of them walked off.

"We had better go," Clark said, looking at his watch. Lois put down her glass and grabbed Dr Klein's bag. "Tell Dr Klein that I thank him very much for his help. It was very pleasant to meet you."

"You too. Tell him that as well," Clark1 smiled, as they shook hands and the two Lois' hugged.

"I hope that it will all work out on saving the world as well," Clark said. He turned the dial and flipped the switch. Lois1 and Clark1 watched as their doubles disappeared.


Dr Klein heard a faint sound in front of him. He looked up.

"How'd it go?!" he asked, rushing up to them.

"Great," Clark replied. Lois handed Dr Klein the bag.

"Thanks anyway."

"The other Clark said to say thank you for your help," Clark said. He and Lois linked arms and walked out.

"Now, you two. What have you been doing for the past few days?" Perry asked, walking up to Lois and Clark, grinning.

"Nothing you would believe," Lois replied.

"Like what?" Perry asked.

"Restoring Superman," Clark replied.

"Now, how could you do that?" Perry asked, confused.

"Just something," Clark said.

"Just a teeny weenie something?" Perry asked.

"Yep," Lois replied.

"Clark. I seem to recall you acting pretty strangely, saying that there was a 'Lois and Clark' show on T.V. I even heard Lois whispering frantically for you to put your glasses on." Clark looked at Lois who returned a non-expressional face.

"What?" Clark asked, confused. Perry laughed.

"I knew that you didn't know. Time Travel, Time Travel," he muttered to himself, walking into the office.

"Wait! Chief!" Clark went after him. [Perry had rung up Dr Klein to find out why Lois and Clark were going there a lot and Dr Klein had told Perry the story].


I hope that you have enjoyed my story, there are many more yet to come. Amanda Leach; the author.