An Early Morning Surprise

By Bella <> and Deandreamer <lhuctlr@LUSTA.LATROBE.EDU.AU>

Summary: When Lois goes to Clark's apartment one morning to pick him up for work, she is met by an unusual and disturbing sight — Clark and her sister, Lucy, in a suspicious state of undress. A story set in second season.


Summary: Lois comes in the morning to Clark's to pick him up and is being confronted with an unusual view. Have Clark and Lucy done the wild thing? Time frame: early second season.

Bella's note: We started this little vignette some time ago, and finally we could bring it to an end by kicking it forth and back between us over one ocean, one sea and three continents. We hope you have equal fun reading it as we had writing it. And the most important thing: Feedback!!!! It doesn't matter which language you use, German or English, but be aware of the fact that my English is much better than Trish's German. Look from this point of view: if you don't tell us to quit, if you should think, our story is crap, then we will just keep on writing and bothering you!

Okay, the curtain is rising…


Lois knocked impatiently on Clark's door. What took him so long to open the door? Finally it swung open. An unshaved, slightly tousled Clark greeted her.

"Morning, Lois. Come on in."

"Clark! We have to be at the press conference in 45 minutes and you're not even dressed yet!" She stepped in and stopped dead in her tracks.

"Morning, sis. You're just in time for breakfast. I've made enough for everyone." Lucy turned around at the kitchen counter, dressed equally barely in what suspiciously looked like one of Clark's shirts and smiled at her sister.

"Clark, please lay a third plate on the table for Lois," Lucy stated then addressed her sister, "You will have breakfast with us, won't you? I'm sure you haven't eaten yet. There will be still enough time for that conference."

In a daze Lois walked to the table and sat down a bit heavily. What was Lucy doing at Clark's? What was going on here? Absentmindedly she followed Clark's and Lucy's example and began to eat the scrambled eggs and toast.

"Hmm, delicious, Lucy. You really are a woman with many talents," Clark smiled at the younger Lane.

Lucy grinned back, rubbing her earlobe. "Clark, have you seen my earrings? I don't remember where I put them."

Clark swallowed his last bite and thought for a moment. "Well, I think I saw them on the night table in the bedroom."

"Oh, yes. Right. My mind was elsewhere when I eventually got to bed."

Lois mind reeled. Lucy and Clark? Clark and Lucy? But how? When? WHY?

"But now you're feeling okay, aren't you, Lucy?"

"Hm, yes. Better than I have in a long while. Staying with you does wonders for me. Now I know why Lois always runs to you." Lucy gave Clark a soft, intimate smile. Lois wanted to throw up her breakfast. Clark and her own sister obviously had done IT, here, last night. She didn't know if she should run as fast and far as she could or give them a piece or two of her mind.

Anger and pain rose inside her. Lucy, her own sister had done it with Clark, her partner and the guy she lov… sort of liked. That slut! And Clark had just lost his halo. He was just like every other male on the face of the earth. Always ready to make the next conquest on unsuspecting and vulnerable women.

Lucy and Clark saw the tension building inside Lois and looked at each other, aware of what was about to happen but unsure of how to stop it. Clark opened his mouth to speak but Lois beat him to it, launching into a full scale attack which didn't allow anyone else to enter the conversation.

"What is going on here, Lucy? No, don't tell me. It is perfectly obvious, 'he makes me feel special, he brings out the best in me, I think I'm in love, Lois,'" Lois mocked before barreling on with her verbal tirade. "And you, Clark… you, you, MAN! How could you do this? She's my little sister! And you are my partner! Do you have any idea of how messy things will get now and even more when the relationship dies, which it will because Lucy is incapable of having a relationship and keeping it?"

Clark and Lucy were speechless. But since Lucy was a Lane she recovered much quicker than Clark. With equal anger she shot back. "What do you mean by 'Lucy is incapable of having a relationship and keeping it'? Since when do YOU have any room to talk about successful relationships? At least I have some, even when they are not so successful. You, on the other hand, what do you have? You are just too much of a coward to even look at a guy, just because you've been hurt before."

"It is not a crime to test the water first before jumping in head first! But you wouldn't know that, would you? You * always * jump right in, whatever the consequences and when everything fails you come running to me!!"

"Yes, I'm even just like you! I jump into relationships and when I fail I come running to you. You jump into dangerous situations and when you fail you go running to Clark or Superman or they come running to you. So tell me: What's the difference? You jump for a Pulitzer and I jump for a nice guy. And I think in the bigger picture I jump for the better reasons."

Lucy calmed down a bit. She knew that Lois hid her emotions well, always dealing with things that weren't in her control by lashing out at people.

Clark opened his mouth to interfere in the Lane argument, but felt that this was maybe the time for both of them to clear the air between them. The Lane family had too long shut down any communication. So he shut his mouth again and decided to observe the ongoing in silence.

Lois took a deep breath in order to start babbling but Lucy cut her off…

"And last night I jumped for a nice guy …again. And surprise… things took a completely unexpected direction." Her mouth twitched for a moment as if in pain.

"Oh, yes. I bet they did. Clark here's a real expert. He looks innocent like an angel, but he's really a smart one. While you guard the front door he sneaks in through the back door. Let me guess: Just pizza and a movie between 'friends'?" Lois said acidly.

"My, Lois! You know, if I didn't know you better, I'd think you're jealous…But no. Sorry! Not Lois Lane! You're not interested in any guy… well any guy who doesn't fly around in tights."

Lois felt she couldn't win this argument, not without admitting certain facts. Lucy had hit home closer than she might have been aware of. So she decided to direct her attention back to the quiet Clark.

"And you…Mr. Goody-two-shoes Kent! Of all girls and women in Metropolis you had to pick my sister. How could you do this to me? What will people say? 'Oh, look. There's Mad Dog Lane. Do you already know? Her partner is with her little sister! Poor woman, how humiliating! Working with one of the most attractive guys in Metropolis and can't win him for herself…'"

Feeling her cheeks start to burn she faded away. She hadn't intended to say THAT.

Clark's head jerked up. Had he heard her correctly? He opened his mouth to say something, to put things into the right context, but again Lucy had been faster.

"Leave Clark out of it! This is just between you and me! And at all. That's typical for you…again. You're not interested in us. No, all you see is yourself and your stupid reputation."

She addressed Clark. "I think it's best if you just get yourself ready for work. And take your time."

Clark and Lucy exchanged a quick glance. Obviously receiving some kind of answer for his silent question he stood up and went away.

"Oh, Lois, you didn't even ask why I'm here…"

"Why should I? It's pretty obvious what you've been doing here last night."

"You think? Look around, Lois, and tell me exactly what you see."

Lois took in the serious tone of Lucy's voice. She didn't seem to be angry anymore, rather tired all of a sudden. So she calmed down as well and let her eyes wander around, taking in Clark's kitchen, the dining place, living-room and Lucy.

"Well, I see three plates, breakfast, a used kitchen counter, you…in one of his shirts, a blanket on the couch, a…pillow? What…?"

"Lois, you really think that Clark and I spent the night together, don't you? Well, in some sense you're right. I've spent the night here, but not in the capacity that you think ."

"But if you didn't…then WHY are you here?"

Lois was so relieved to learn that Clark didn't betray her. But then she pulled the brakes on herself. Clark couldn't betray her. They weren't 'together' in that sense. Whatever he wanted to do with whomever was completely his own business. After all she had no right to judge or control him. And those thoughts left her feeling sad.

"Lois, please, I need to tell you something. Something I wanted to tell you last night, but you weren't at home. So I thought you might be with Clark and I came here. And he was there for me when I needed someone to just hold me and let me cry."

"My god, Lucy! What happened?"

The sisters sat on the couch. Head down Lucy began hesitantly.

"You're right when you say that I'm too careless when it comes to men. But I don't know how to be more careful. I mean, it's not always written on their foreheads if they're good ones or…not. And I just want so badly to find someone to hold and to be held by."

"Oh Lucy…" Lois stroked over the hair of her younger sister, pulling her into her embrace. "… there's nothing wrong with that wish. Everyone has it. But you…always seem to have a talent to misjudge them."

"I know. So this time I wanted to make it right…And I failed again. See, about three weeks ago I met this guy. His name was Sean Masey. He was awfully nice, had a steady job, no wife or kids at home, no previous convictions. He didn't even smoke. I thought this time I had picked the right one. So we went out together for the last few weeks. We had fun, and he never tried anything funny. He always respected me, listened to me…took care of me…I was so happy, Lois…And then last night…" Lucy began to sob, shaking with the horror of a scene relived inside her head.

"Yes, Lucy?"

"We had had fun as always. We went ice-skating. When we became as frozen as icicles we left. I thought I could really trust him by now and suggested we'd have coffee at my place to warm up again…I said to Sean the coffee would be ready in a few minutes and then we'd be warm again. But suddenly he began to act differently. He said, he knew a better way to warm us up again. I was still in fun mood and said I knew exactly what he meant, but I'd think we better take it slow and let the coffee warm us up this time…He came up behind me while I had been occupied with the mugs and then he turned me around and said that he didn't come up just for coffee. He wanted more a skin-to-skin warm up. I got frightened and tried to shove him away, but…"

"Lucy, did he…?"

"No. But almost. Somehow I managed to escape and even had the time to snatch my purse. I ran as far and fast as I could, always expecting to be followed and…Finally I hailed a cab, but you weren't there. So I went to Clark, looking for you. I told him everything and cried. He held me tightly the whole time. Lois, I've never felt this secure in my life. One would think I'd be afraid now of every man…after all. But with him…"

"Oh, Lucy, I'm so, so sorry. I wish I had been at home last night. But Clark is alright. I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same every time. Once, when Kyle Griffin was after me, I ran to Clark for shelter and although I had been frightened like hell, I managed to fall asleep almost immediately in his arms, here on this couch."

"Anyway, when I had no more tears left and was about to fall asleep from exhaustion, Clark said I could sleep in his bed tonight. He gave me his shirt and took a pillow. He said he would be on the couch. But if I needed anything, he'd be there. I felt so secure, I even let him tuck me in and stroke my cheek for good night. Lois, I never met someone like him. You're a very, very lucky woman. Don't throw him away!"

"What? I don't understand."

"Lois, don't be so surprised. Are you trying to tell me that you don't know that Clark is completely in love with you?"


"Yes, he loves you, Lois. With every fibre of his being. And you love him, too. This whole Superman thing is just hiding, because you're so afraid to let it just happen with the two of you. Lois, be honest. If not with me, at least be honest with yourself. Admit it finally, otherwise another woman will eventually come along and take him away from you if he doesn't know how you feel. Don't make this mistake or you'll regret it dearly. You've always looked for a super man. Well, you've found him. He's in his bathroom getting ready to spend his day working with you, beside you. All you have to do is to take him."

"Oh, Lucy, do you really think so? I mean, that he loves me this time for real?"

"Yes. Tell him you do and he will tell you the same."

Clark came into the living-room, fully dressed for work. He exchanged another glance with Lucy and then smiled.

"Excuse me, both of you. But if you don't hurry, you'll be late. Clark, thank you so much for everything. I'm going to get dressed and clean up the place. Does the door lock automatically when I shut it behind me?"

"No, take this spare key. And you're welcome anytime, Lucy. But do you want us to accompany you to the police?" Stumbling, he added, "I mean Lois."

"Yes, that would be wonderful. Maybe I'll stay here and you both come and get me? I don't feel too comfortable going to my place alone…"

"Okay, we'll do that…Come on, Clark. We'll really have to super hurry now. We will pick you up later, ok?"

Lucy nodded.

They both gave Lucy a big and reassuring hug then Lois grabbed Clark's hand in order to drag him out the door. Clark followed Lois out the door and was surprised that she didn't let go until they had reached her jeep and needed to separate to enter. Lucy observed all this from the front door of Clark's apartment and smiled slightly. She knew one of them would eventually find the words to express their feelings for the other. And she was happy for both of them. Her sister deserved a wonderful man like Clark. The only regret that she had, was that Clark didn't have a younger brother and Clark Kents were hard to find. She knew she would keep looking though — it was worth it in the end.