Let The Future Be Theirs

By Amanda Leach <A.Leach@mailbox.uq.edu.au>

Rated G Submitted: September 16, 1997

Summary: A story that picks up from the episode "Lois and Clarks," after H.G. Wells tell the alternate Clark that finding *his* Lois might not be impossible after all.

I wrote this story one afternoon. Since "Lois and Clarks" was the last episode my country had shown for a while and I was stuck on the other fan-fics I am writing, I thought it wouldn't hurt to write a continuation of the episode.

What Herbert George Wells had said in the end "My boy, I never say … impossible" got me thinking and is the reason I wrote this. The beginning of this, as you notice (or the first two paragraphs) is from the last few minutes of the episode to start the story. I send a great deal of thanks to Dthoward for helping me edit this story and make it sound much better. I would *love* comments; they can be sent to: (A.Leach@mailbox.uq.edu.au)


Press Conference, 1997.

The Superman from the dimensional world leaned forward towards Tempus, who was captured.

"This is where I would say … checkmate!" Superman said. He nodded to the secret service men to take Tempus away.

"No! Drat it! He *is* Clark Kent! One of them is from another dimension! I mean, it's obvious! Duh!" Tempus shouted as he was carried away.


Clark1 and Clark2 shook hands.

"Thanks for giving me a world to live up to," Clark1 said.

"Thanks for giving me a *legend* to look up to," Clark2 answered. They both shook their heads and smiled. Lois walked up to Clark2 and gave him a hug and kiss.

"I can't tell you how grateful I am." Lois stepped back. "The two of you have been wonderful."

"So were you," Clark2 responded. H G Wells stepped up next to Clark2.

"We really must be going," he insisted. He and Clark2 headed to the front door. Clark2 turned around.

"You are the luckiest man alive," he indicated to Clark1. Clark1 looked at Lois and turned back to Clark2, smiling.

"I know," he answered.

"If my Lois had lived, my world, would have been a better place. Especially for me," Clark2 told him.

"I've been meaning to ask you. She was lost in the Congo before you two even met?" H G Wells asked him. Clark2 opened the door and faced the three of them.

"Which is strange, I'm missing someone I've never even met," Clark2 added. Lois and Clark1 stood there watching. "I tried to find her, but … it's impossible," Clark2 said sadly. He walked out the door.

"My boy, I never say …" H G Wells said in the doorway, facing Lois and Clark1. He winked. "Impossible …" He walked out and closed the door. Lois and Clark1 kissed.


Alternate Earth, 1997

H G Wells and Clark2 arrived in the other dimension.

"My boy," H G Wells said. "How would you like to go and get your Lois? It isn't impossible. We can go back into time to the Congo and save her. We don't know what exactly happened to her anyway," Herbert told him.

"Between the two of us, we don't have anything that does time travel and what you brought me back with only works for dimensions," Clark2 responded. Wells smiled.

"Haven't you even heard of the the science novels that I wrote in the long past?" he asked.

"Uh..I think so. But they are only fiction," Clark2 stated.

"We'll see about that." Mr Wells fiddled with a few buttons on the time machine remote contol and they both disappeared.


Metropolis, 1993.

In an alley, as some hobos were searching for food in garbage cans, a flash of light appeared before them. A clear window could be seen. Clark2 and H G Wells walked out and stepped onto the concrete ground of the past. The window shrank and then vanished behind them.

"Hello," Wells said to the two hobos, lowering his hat a little. They both walked out of the alley. The two looked at each other, mesmerized.

"I dunno what I saw. I bet you dunno, too!" one said to the other, who looked just as surprised as the guy who spoke.


Clark2 looked up and saw the globe of the Daily Planet. He was filled with pride at the sight of the awesome structure. A feeling of determination passed through his mind as he knew his future with or without Lois was in his own hands. Clark2 looked around him.

"See! There's nothing different!" he said to his companion. H G Wells pointed to a newspaper box.

"Put some money in and look at the paper," he said to Clark2. Clark2 took quarters out of his wallet and slipped them into the slot. He took a newspaper out and looked at the date.

"August 2nd, 1993," he read aloud. "This is really it!" he exclaimed. Clark2 read the title. "Battle Rages Over Illegal Gun Trafficking In The Congo. Exclusive written by; Lois Lane, Daily Planet Reporter." Clark2 put the newspaper in his jacket and jumped around. "She really is here! Let's go and see her!"

"Hang on a minute!" H G Wells said. "You have to be careful, you haven't arrived in Metropolis yet! You arrive in Metropolis a year from now." Clark relaxed.

"So, what do we do? Are we just going to barge in and ask Lois about her Congo story?"

"No, no. That'll disrupt the time path. We must be careful. I was thinking that I could set the time machine to make you and me invisible," Wells told Clark2.

"Okay," Clark2 replied. Herbert George Wells typed a code on the time machine and they vanished. Clark2 lifted Herbert and flew them up to the main window of the fourth floor of the Daily Planet. Herbert sat on the window ledge, as Clark2 hovered beside him. They had a big view of the whole newsroom. Clark2 and H G Wells both spotted Lois at her desk, typing furiously at her computer, trying to finish her latest story. Clark2 had to stop himself from calling out her name.

"Hey! Jimmy! I want you to order a box full of donuts from Donut King!" Perry screamed out.

"I'll get right on that, Chief!" Jimmy told him. He grabbed Lois' phone and dialed Donut King's down the street.

"Hey!" Lois exclaimed. "Where's your manners?"

"Sorry, Lois … yeah, a box full of cinnamon donuts for the fourth floor of the Daily Planet," Jimmy said on the phone.

"I also want some of those latest files on the Congo!" Perry called to Jimmy.

"Thanks," Jimmy said and hung up. "Thanks," he told Lois and rushed off to the file room.

"Uh … I think I'll go and get something. I won't be long," Clark2 told Wells.

"As long as it's not something to do with saving," Herbert said.

"You can trust me on that," Clark2 smiled at him. Herbert typed a code that allowed Clark2 to become visible again. Clark2 zipped off. The great force caused papers to fly off desks.

"Jimmy! Close the window!" Perry shouted from his office. H G Wells laughed to himself. He got down from the window ledge and stepped onto the floor.

"Perry is acting like a true chief today," Lois said to herself, feeling sorry for Jimmy.


Clark2 sped to the closest Donut King and stepped up to the counter.

"I'll have the donuts the Daily Planet ordered," he said to a man. The man nodded. Clark2 handed over his money and the man gave him the box. He walked out and hurried off.


Wells stood by the elevator. Clark2 stepped out. H G Wells watched as Clark2 walked down the ramp and to Perry's office. The door was closed. Perry and Lois were in there chatting, more like arguing. Clark2 stood at the side of the door and used his super-hearing.

"Lois, I have to tell you something and I don't know if you'll agree with it," Perry told his reporter.

"I probably won't like it then," Lois said. Perry sucked in a mouthful of air.

"I have to send a reporter down to the Congo and it's you I have to send. I also have to send someone to accompany you. That's Ralph."

"You're right, I don't like it. Chief! I'm not going with Ralph! Not the … absurd guy who likes to make sick jokes and doesn't even get on the right track on a story! What about Jimmy?" Lois ranted while pacing back and forth in front of Perry's desk.

"He's too young," Perry replied.

"All right, I'll go by myself, then," Lois said. Perry sighed. He knew he would not be able get Lois to have someone accompany her.

"Okay, go pack. The plane's tomorrow morning. The ticket is ready," Perry said as Lois walked out. Clark2 watched her go. Lois was as beautiful as he had imagined. He walked into Perry's office.

"Cinnamon donuts for you, Mr White," he said putting them onto his desk.

"That was fast," Perry said. He took out some money and gave it to Clark2. "Thanks."

"No problem," Clark2 answered, walking out. He noticed Jimmy walking towards him, with a bunch of files in his arms.

"Ji … Uh, young man. Watch where you're going," he told Jimmy. Jimmy stopped and let Clark2 through.

Clark2 got back up to Wells, who made him invisible again.

"Perry assigned Lois onto going to the Congo and she agreed. Lois is leaving tomorrow morning," Clark2 told Wells. "Alone."

"All right. We had better get going and find a motel to stay in for the night," Herbert replied.

Metropolis Airport, 10:30am.


"Mr Wells. Lois is boarding the plane," Clark2 told him, adjusting his glasses to the right position.

"Okay. We had better be on our way then," Wells replied. Clark2 picked H G Wells up and flew them off.


Congo Airport, 12:30pm.

Clark2 and H G Wells watched as Lois walked down the steps and toward a taxi.

"The Tropical Wanderer Inn, please," Lois said. The driver nodded and they drove off. The two protectors followed after them.


The time travellers hid behind a bin that was right next to the taxi which Lois was in as Lois' taxi pulled up to the curb. She paid the driver and got out. She walked into the motel. Clark2 and H G Wells both got up.


The next day, Clark2 spotted Lois on a public phone.

"Chief! It's okay here. I'd say … more like creepy," Lois said on the phone. Clark2 called to Herbert and he came up. Lois soon hung up the phone. A car pulled up on the curb, and a man got out and pulled her in. Lois didn't even have a chance to defend herself. Someone sprayed something and she felt sleepy. Clark2 picked H G Wells up and they slowly flew after the car.

"This is our only chance now," Clark2 told H G Wells.


The car stopped beside a warehouse and Lois was carried inside. Clark2 slowly lowered himself and H G Wells to the ground. Clark2 smashed down the door and they both walked in. Clark2 saw Tempus pointing a gun at Lois, who was gagged and tied up. Tempus was the only one in the room. Clark2 was a blur as he sped up to Tempus and grabbed his gun, bending it in half. He noticed something in Tempus' pocket. It was Tempus' time machine. Clark2 took it out. He picked Tempus up by his shirt and put him against the wall.

"Why … Clark. How nice to see you," Tempus said.

"You are not going to get any further in your crimes!" Clark2 exclaimed.

"You wouldn't hurt me … would you?" Tempus said smartly.

"I don't know about that! I will do something to get rid of you though! You have gone far enough with your time travelling business! It's about time you were stopped!" Clark2 lowered Tempus, still hanging onto him. H G Wells tossed Clark2 a bar and Clark2 tied it around Tempus' wrists. Clark2 led Tempus to Mr Wells, who held onto him. Clark2 released Lois.

"Who are you?" she asked, standing up.

"Someone," Clark2 reassured Lois.

"Oh … okay, Someone. Thanks for saving me, I would have been a goner," Lois shakily said.

"Do you want me to take you home?" Clark2 asked.

"No thanks. It'll be all right," Lois told him. She walked out. "Thanks for saving me!"

"Don't worry about it. In a year, she will be different," H G Wells told Clark2. Clark2 held Tempus. H G Wells typed in a few numbers on his time machine. A window appeared before them. Clark2 pushed Tempus into it and then he and H G Wells went in and they disappeared.


Utopia, 2300.

They appeared in a room, with men dressed in business suits, sitting around a conference table.

"Welcome to Utopia!" one of them said. Someone came up to them and took Tempus.

"We'll make sure Tempus will have a severe punishment for life. He has disturbed yours and the other Clark's lives," the man told H G Wells and Clark2. They both smiled. H G Wells turned the dial. As they disappeared, Clark2 saw his descendant enter the room as Superman.


Metropolis, 1993.

They both arrived back in 1993. It was the day Lois had come back from her trip to the Congo. Clark2 retrieved a newspaper. Lois' story was on the front page. He read it. He tuned into the conversations at the Daily Planet.

"Illegal Gun Trafficking In The Congo Comes To An End," Perry said as Lois walked into his office. He put the newspaper on his desk so she could see. "That is an outstanding piece of work. This could be the story of the century!!" Clark2 smiled. He was interrupted by H G Wells clearing his throat.

"Clark, when was it that your parents died?" H G Wells asked him.

"1979, when I was thirteen," Clark2 replied sadly. "I tried to save them … but I was too late."

"It wouldn't hurt if we save them too. They were not supposed to die in the crash," Herbert told him. "What day?"

"February twenty sixth, the day before my fourteenth birthday," Clark2 replied, fighting back the tears. A window formed in front of them. H G Wells stepped in.

"Come on!" Herbert called to Clark2. Clark2 stepped in. "Are we saving my parents?"

"Yes, Clark, we are," H G Wells said.


Clark2 had stopped the pickup truck at least twenty yards before the crash and prevented the other two cars from running into each other.


Daily Planet, 1994.

"Kent, I would like you to meet your partner, Lois Lane," Perry White said, introducing Clark2 to Lois. "Lois Lane, Clark Kent." Clark2 beamed inside. His life was now right. Clark2 turned to Perry.

"Thank you, Mr White," Clark2 said smiling and shaking hands. He and Lois walked out. Perry looked at his hand in pain. It was shaking. "Boy! He has some grip!" Perry said to himself.


"You must remember. I am top banana and *you* are a low man, farmboy!" Lois told Clark2. Clark2 smiled. H G Wells laughed. He watched as Lois told Clark2 what to do. He looked at his fob watch, turned around and walked away.

*Let the future be theirs.*