The Ruse


Summary: On New Krypton, Clark devises a way to give the New Kryptonians what they want so he can get what he wants — a return ticket to Earth.

Author's note: I go this idea by watching the promos for LOTF (when there WERE such a thing as LnC promos <grumble>). Nothing is taken from what happened after that though. Let's see …

As usual, ** means thoughts.


"Lord Kal-El, we are almost there," Zara says to him.

"Ok." Clark starts to get up from his seat. "What am I supposed to do again?"

"Relax," Ching says. "We will do the talking since you do not know how to handle being around your people yet."

**And I hope not to have to for very long,** Clark thought.

"What was that, Kal-El?" Zara said.

"Oh, nothing." **Forgot she could do that.**

"We are here," Ching stated.

The ship docked onto a platform. The door opened up and they were greated by a group of about ten people.

**I have an entourage?!** Clark thought.

"All the nobles do," Ching whispered to him.

Clark only nodded.

"Shall we go, Lord Kal-El?"

Clark nodded again and they started off toward a building.

Ching and Clark walked slower than the rest so they could talk awhile about their plans. Clark knew of Ching's love for Zara and of Zara's love for Ching, so he had formulated a plan. He told Ching, but he dared not tell Zara for fear that Zara would betray something.

"Is everything set?" Clark asked Ching when they were out of ear-shot.

"Uh-hu," Ching nodded. "I was able to get a room next to yours during the 'Joining Ceramony'. As you know, a bodyguard has to stay by, just in case something happens. Well, I got a room down a door from yours. I checked, and it has an ajoining door. I can come and go without anyone being suspicious."


"Lord Kal-El, Lady Zara," one of the nobles said. "Your room." They all bowed and turned to leave. "If you need us, just call."

"Thank you." Zara turned to Clark. "My lord. Shall we ajourn?" She took Clark's hand and all three of them went in.

"Where is the room?" Clark asked when they went in.

"Here." Ching showed him. "When will you be calling upon me, Kal-El?"

Zara looked at them with questioning eyes. "What?"

"After we get set in our room."

"See you then," and Ching went off to his room.

"Mind telling me what that was about, Kal-El?"

"Sure, after we're in the room," and he ushered her in.

After they were in, Clark started to explain. "Well, I don't really want to do this to either of you, and the same sentiment has been spoken to me by the both of you. You love Ching." She starts to speak. He shushes her. "And he loves you. I love Lois. No one wants to hurt anyone, so I came up with this plan."

As he tells her the plan, her face starts to brighten up.

A few minutes later. **Is everything ready My Lord?**

**Yes, come in.**

Ching comes into the room.

Zara runs to him, embraces him and kisses him. "Clark told me the plan. I am so happy!"

"Well, I'll leave you two," Clark gets up to leave.

"Thank you, Clark," they both say.

"You're both welcome. I know how it feels to be kept apart from the person you love."

"You miss her."

"Yes. Very much." He walks out of the room. The last thing you hear, is Ching and Zara's laugh.


A few hours later …

"Ching! Zara!" Clark walks back into the main room and did not see them. "Ching! Zara!" he hollers again.

"In here, Clark!" Chings voice.

Clark walks in to see them smiling at one another. "Well?" he asks nervously.

"We are not sure. Zara has to go see the doctor tomorrow to tell."

"Well, I hope it worked for you." Clark turns to go out. "If you need me, I'll be reading in the other room."

"Thank you again, Clark," Ching says with a smile.

Clark walks out the door.


About a year later …

"Honey, how are you coming with dinner?"

"Just f—"

"Honey." Lois gets up nervously to look at her husband.

Clark waves her down. "It's Zara."

Lois looks depressed. "What do they want?" Lois asks.

**Clark it is Zara and Ching. We are fine. You do not have to come back. Do not worry. You should see our son. We are bringing him up to be just like you.**