Andrew's Life

By Samantha Junieth <>

Rated PG

Submitted August 1998

Summary: Chapters in the life of Lois and Clark's adopted son, Andrew.


Chapter 1

There in a street by a dumpster a lady put her newborn infant down and ran away. The lady was about 15 years old, and she left her infant in such a cold place. The baby started crying with all his might. He didn't know what was happening. He just knew that he was cold and alone. But all of a sudden a man showed up and picked up the tearful child. The child stopped crying and looked up at the stranger. He didn't recognize his face. All he felt was a warm, loving touch. The next morning the baby woke up in an unfamiliar place in an unfamiliar crib. He saw a boy at about the age of two look over the edge of the crib and say, "Mommy, is he gonna sway wit us?"

A woman with short brown hair at about the age of 31 picked up the curious boy and answered, "We don't know yet, sweetie."

The woman gave the infant a bottle and smiled. "Here ya go little one." A man with dark, wavy hair and brown eyes that were covered by his glasses came in. He had such a loving gentle look in his eyes. Something that the baby hadn't seen before.

"Well, we should give him a name while he's here," said the man. "What about Andrew? Clark, I want to adopt this little boy. He was abandoned, and well, our other child isn't coming for another 5 months, and I think that C.J. likes this little boy," replied Lois.

"Honey, sure."

"Mommy, Daddy, can I hold Andwu. PLEASE!

"O.k.," the woman called Lois said, and from that moment the infant had an identity. I was Andrew!

She picked me up and put me on this cold table that made me shiver. She took off my clothes and changed my diaper. She then put me in some warm clothes and gave me something good which made me feel warm; it was milk. After that she burped me and gave me a thing called a pacifier. She put me in the C.J.'s arms and told him to be gentle with me. I felt good for the first time in my two days of life. I felt content.

Well, the next day some people came and took me away until Lois and Clark could sign some papers so that they would permanently be my mommy and daddy. That night, once again, I felt cold and alone. As my eyelids shut I was as frightened as ever. I kept having what you call flashbacks about the alley that my real mommy left me in. I remembered seeing her cry as she ran with me in her arms telling me that this was for the best. I remembered her carefully placing me down and leaving, and feeling that cold, alone feeling that I had now. And then, I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to little fingers over the edge of the crib again. I looked around and I realized that I felt warm and secure once again. I saw that I was in the same crib at Lois and Clark's house. I thought that I was dreaming until I felt those secure but gentle hands that saved me from the alley pick me up, and once again, I had my diaper and my clothes changed. The new clothes that I had on were white pajamas that had little airplanes on it. He took me downstairs and gave me a bottle like my mommy did the day before. He handed me to my new mommy and she gave me a new pacifier that was white and had an airplane on the top. That day was great for me. I sat in this baby chair outside that rocked me with my mommy as I watched Daddy and C.J., my new big brother, play football. He had on a Buffalo Bill's jersey with a Buffalo Bill's cap. I knew that would be me someday and I couldn't wait. Right before dinner after the father-son football game, Mommy picked me out of the seat and Daddy said that he had something for me.

That night Daddy gave me a little baby sized Bill's cap and a little baby Bill's jersey. He then took a little football and stuck it in my hand and said, "Andrew, welcome to the Kent family." He kissed me on my forehead and said I love you! And I knew that he meant it. I have a wonderful life ahead of me and I can't wait until the big adventure begins.

Chapter 2

5 months later

"Oh my God, Andrew! You sat up!"

That was the reaction that my new mother and father gave me when I sat up. But then my mom got this pale look on her face. She grabbed her stomach in pain and almost fell to the floor if it hadn't been for Daddy who caught her right before she hit.

"Honey, are you o.k.?" he asked her as she regained her balance.

I was frightened because they told me that I would be an older brother pretty soon, but that scary look on Mommy's face made me afraid.

The next thing that I remember, since everything was kind of a blur, was being at the hospital with C.J. and Daddy. I never saw my daddy so scared in my life. I was in a little carrier seat looking up at him and C.J. was sad.

He went over to Daddy and asked if Mommy was going to be o.k. He said that he wasn't sure. C.J. then asked if he would have another brother or sister still? And Daddy gave him the same answer that he didn't know.

The doctor came in and told Daddy that Mommy wasn't doing so well. The baby was fine for now but Mommy's body wasn't cooperating with the pregnancy and we would find out in the next day or so if she and the baby would live.

For the 1st time in my 5 months of life I saw my strong, tough dad cry. I saw tears come down his face as C.J. ran up to him screaming that he wanted his mommy that he wanted to hug her and tell her that he loved her. So that was even tougher on Daddy.

Daddy told us that it was past our bedtime and that Grandpa Jonathan and Grandma Martha should be arriving pretty soon to take us home and that he would pick us up early the next morning.

So we went home but I couldn't sleep without my mommy or daddy so I did the only thing that I could do, I cried. I cried and cried and cried.

Early the next morning we went to the hospital to go see Mommy. Grandma and Grandpa had to bring us because Daddy didn't want to leave the hospital. I hadn't stopped crying for one-second last night until Grandma called Daddy and told him that I wouldn't stop so they put the phone next to my ear and he told me to go to sleep and that the sooner that I slept the sooner I'd see him. So, I fell asleep.

The next morning I didn't see my mommy. This was the first morning in 5 months that I hadn't seen her the second that I woke up, and I remembered what had happened the night before. I started to cry again like I was crying now in the car.

I was screaming at the top of my lungs and my grandparents didn't know what to do. C.J. gave me a kiss at the top of my head and said softly, "Don't worry, Andrew. I know how ya feel."

That seemed to have soothed me at first, but it didn't help for long. They took me in the hospital with me screaming and as they were holding me they told Daddy that I hadn't stopped. My daddy took me and held me close to him and I stopped. My grandparents looked at me like it was magic. So with me in one arm and C.J. in the other he gave us a big hug. I then heard a familiar voice.

"Well son, hand the little Elvis to me for heaven sakes. Not even this many things happened to the King. Man I think that you should have named this boy Elvis instead of Andrew. He sure has the strong and loud voice for it."

It was Grandpa Perry, but I fell asleep in Daddy's arms before I heard anything else.

I woke up to Uncle Jimmy's voice. " Hi C.K,little C.J. and Andrew."

I was so sad and my daddy looked depressed.

The doctor came back out and told us some news. He said, "Mr. Kent, Congratulations! You have a new daughter, and your wife is fine."

Daddy started to cry again, but at least they were tears of happiness this time. Now I have a new sister. Her name is Rose Elaine Kent. Mommy came home 2 days later and she's fine now. I share my room with Rose and I'm happy because I'm a big brother.

The next morning after Mommy came home, my eyelids opened and I woke up to Mommy stroking Rose and me on our backs saying, "I'm back!" She smiled as I laughed and she shouted, " Clark, C.J., Jonathan, Martha, look.

I held on the crib bars and pulled myself up. I could finally stand. I saw the look on everyone's faces. They were really proud of me and I was happy again that I had my mother back and my family was like it was before except now we have another member in the family to share the great,loving times that we have. And she's lucky like C.J. and me. We are part of one heck of a family.

Chapter 3

4 and a half years later

I can't wait until the next two weeks because it'll be my 5th Birthday. It seems like not too long ago I was saved by my daddy, Clark Kent. My name is Andrew Kent. I was adopted by the Kent family when I was born. My daddy, Clark Kent, found me in an alley that my birth mom left me in. He took me home, and him and my mommy, Lois Lane, adopted me and are raising me. I have an older brother name C.J. which stands for Clark Jerome. He's named after my daddy. Daddy didn't want to have a Jr. so he nicknamed Clark Jerome C.J. I also have a little sister named Rose Elaine. She is 4 and a half. We almost lost her and Mommy in the hospital. Even though my daddy Clark, mommy Lois, brother C.J. and sister Rose aren't really my family by blood, they are my family in my heart and I know that I am in their eyes.

I was brought back to reality by, "Andrew, do you wanna play football with me and C.J.?" It was my daddy's voice. Daddy, C.J. and me play football every night when him and Mommy come home from work. Aunt Lucy watches us until they come home. Her and Uncle Jimmy are married and are really cool to play with. Aunt Lucy is going to have twins in 3 months. Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Lucy are really happy. Uncle Jimmy plays football with us when he comes over also. Daddy used to play football at Princeton College and with the Buffalo Bills. Well, once again I got back to reality when Daddy hit me slightly with the football. It hurt more than he thought and I started to cry. Mommy came outside and yelled at Daddy for not using his strength wisely, but I knew that Daddy didn't mean to.

He picked me up and kissed where it hurt and said, "I'm sorry."

I then told him, "It O.K. Let play football!"

He told Mommy, "See, I told you he's a fighter." He carried me on his shoulders to the backyard and we played. It was a lot of fun. Me and C.J. were wearing Bill jerseys that Daddy bought us with a Bill's hat. After the game Mommy gave me and C.J. a bath 'cause we were all dirty from playing football.

Then, we went to the mall. We had about 7 people come up to Mommy and Daddy and tell them that they had such cute kids. Mommy and Daddy said Thank you and that they were really blessed with such wonderful kids. 3 out of the 8 people asked if they were thinking of having more. Mommy and Daddy answered in unison yes that they were thinking about it, but not for another couple of years.

Daddy wanted to buy me and C.J. something modern so he took us into Parisians. Mommy and Rose sat on a bench while we went in. We went in wearing Kakis, a dress shirt, and church shoes, and we came out with Nike shoes, jeans, a T-shirt and a backwards cap. While we were at Parisians Daddy bought Rose an outfit and he bought us some dress clothes. When Daddy, C.J. and me walked out Mommy started laughing. Because even Daddy came out wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and tennis shoes. Mommy was already wearing jeans and a sleeveless shirt and Rose was wearing a dress with flowers on it. Mommy told us that we looked cute, and it was nice to see us in regular clothes since we mostly wear dress clothes.

The next day I woke up in my room and I turned to see C.J. out of his Superman bed that him and me both have. Superman is a good friend of the family. When we chose to have our room painted blue with Superman stuff Mommy and Daddy started to laugh. I'm still trying to figure out why. We moved from 348 Hyperion Ave. when I was like 2 months old because there wasn't enough room for Daddy & Mommy, me, C.J. and the new baby plus an office and a guest room. So they moved us across town to a big house. The address is 437 Bradale Rd. It has 6 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, a kitchen, family room, dining room, a big backyard, a white picked fence, living room and a play room for us kids to play in. I like the house a lot, and now that Mommy and Daddy might have another Kent we will have to change that spare room into a nursery. Rose has her own room with lots of Disney stuff. Me and C.J. also have lots of sports things like 49er, Princeton & Bill's stuff.

"Andrew! Earth to Andrew!" I was brought back to reality. Mommy was smiling as she said it. She started to laugh when she saw me laugh. Come here she said as she held out her arms. I jumped in Mommy's arms and she then sat in a rocking chair and she then said, "Andrew," but she was then interrupted by Daddy.

"Hey, little man. Is mommy talking to you?" "Uh huh, Daddy." He gave me a kiss on the head as a man walked in the room.

"Who are you?" asked Mommy with an angry voice obviously because a stranger was in our house.

"I am George Henry from Children Services. I am here to take Bryan Bakes home to his birth mother, Lindsey Bakes."

"What?!?" Lois asked.

Daddy then told the man, "Andrew Kent was adopted by us when we found him by a dumpster."

The man then said, "Yes, but the birth mother has up to 5 years to claim and get her child back, and well, Mrs. Bakes wants her son back."

"Well, I refuse to give up Andrew because he is part of our family, blood or not," said an angry Lois Lane.

"Well, Mrs.Kent, we are taking him whether or not you want me to or not. We will see you in court Monday, May 17th. Until then." He picked up Andrew from the floor. "Come here Bryan."

"No! Bad man! Daddy! Daddy! Help me from bad man, Daddy!" I started to pour out with tears. I didn't want to leave my home, my family. My parents were Lois Lane and Clark Kent, not some woman named Lindsey Bakes who I remembered as a lady at 15 years old and I remembered her leaving me. And my parents were surprised when I said this before I left. I said, "Mr. Henry, Mommy is Lois Lane and Daddy is Clark Kent, not Lindsey Bakes. Me 'member Lindsey Bakes run with me to ally. That mommy left me all alone. Me don't wanna see her. Me wanna stay with this mommy and daddy." Lois laughed, "he remembers what his birth Mom did to him."

Clark added, "Obviously, because we decided not to talk about it until he was much older, but he was only about 2 days old when we found him."

Mr. Henry coughed with an interrupting sound. "Cuchem. If I do say so, he has no choice in the matter for he is a minor."

"Yes," said Clark, "but so what. He is a child, he is brought in the middle of this, and he has no choice. It should be up to him and not up to any of us."

Mr. Henry then said, " Nice speech, but Bryan Bakes is going home to his real mother whether you, Mrs. Kent, or he likes it. Good-bye now." He picked up the crying boy and put him in the car and started to drive off.

Lois started to cry as a song came on the radio:

I feel sooo…..

weak in the knees

I could hardly speak

I lose all control

and something comes over me.

Lois threw the radio to the floor and saw it break in pieces. She then fell to the floor on her knees with tears.

I turned from the back seat to see Daddy kneel beside her with his arms around her as she cried. I felt so sad.

Mr. Henry stopped the car at this strange house. He took me inside to see my birth Mom.

"Oh hi, Bryan," said a woman who looked like 20. She grabbed me in a hug and I pushed her away from me.

"My name is Andrew Kent! Not Bryan Bakes!"

She then said, "I'm your mommy, sweetheart. Your name is Bryan Bakes not Andrew Kent. They aren't your parents, I am, and this is your daddy."

A man came out with, "Hi, sport."

I yelled at him, "No, Daddy only calls me sport and you're not my daddy. The Kents love me and maybe they aren't my real family but to me they are. You left me. Lindsey, you left me so I say that you are not and will never be my mommy. My mommy and daddy and my brother and sister are home. This isn't home and I wanna go home!" I tried to mess up their lives by hating them. I didn't like my real mom. My real dad wasn't so bad.

The day before the trial I was sitting outside when my real daddy came up to me and said, " Andrew…"

I interrupted him by saying, "You called me Andrew instead of Bryan."

He nodded and continued, "Andrew, I know that you don't want to live with us, and you know what? I wanna help you tomorrow. I will tell the judge that I think you'd be better off with the Kents."

I hugged him and told him, "Thank you." We played football that night while Lindsey went out. When she came back she came to give me a football that had the Bills on it like the one Daddy gave me. I took it when she gave it to me and threw it through the window and slammed the door in her face.

The next morning, at the court, I stood on my birth mom's side looking over to the left and saw my family, Mommy, Daddy, C.J. and Rose.

When it was time for Lindsey to speak she said something that I didn't think would happen. She said, "Judge I would like to give Bryan, or should I say Andrew, to Clark and Lois Kent. I tried to be his mother, but no matter what I did he said that his mommy did it this way or his daddy did it that way or his brother and sister would do this with him. When I tried with him he refused because I was none of those people. I give up on him. I don't want my son to be unhappy and keep hating me for keeping him from where he wants to go. So please Judge, let him choose or give him to the Kents."

The Judge then said, "Bryan, where would you like to go to, your real family or to the Kents?"

I ran to my mommy and daddy, C.J and Rose and gave them a big hug and said to the Judge, "Judge, my name is Andrew Kent and this is my family."

So that week was a tough one for me but it all came out all right. And so I am a very happy boy. I turn 5 tomorrow and I can't wait. I slept with a smile on my face that night.

The next morning when I woke up my family sung me happy birthday and gave me great gifts: 1) I was now permanently adopted to the Kents 2) I got some really cool clothes 3) The best thing in the world. We get to go to Disney World for a week, and I can't wait to have a great time with my family.

Chapter 4 (the last one)

Almost 11 years later (It's been a long time)

Hi, how are you? My name is Andrew Benjamin Kent. I am now 14 1/2 years old. My birth name is Bryan Bakes. I was adopted when I was born. My adopted dad, Clark Kent, found me in an alley that my birth mother had left me in as an infant. I was adopted, but then 5 years later my birth Mom wanted me back. My adopted parents fought to have me, and well, here I am. They had my name changed legally to Andrew Benjamin Kent, and I like that name. I have an older brother (he's 16) named C.J. (which stands for Clark Jerome, after my dad) and a little sister, named Rose (She's only a couple months younger than me. Mom was pregnant with her when I was found. Both C.J. And Rose are blood related to Mom and Dad. My dad, Clark Kent, and my mother, Lois Lane-Kent, are reporters for the Daily Planet. I work there in the summer and sometimes after school. Anyway, my dad is also Superman. My brother is slowly starting to gain powers like my dad. Rose hasn't yet, but to be fair to me, Dad said that he'll get Dr. Klein (the only other person that knows my dad is Superman except for Mom, C.J., Rose, Grandma and Grandpa Kent, Grandpa Perry, Marci, Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Lucy) to transfer some of his powers to me so I don't feel left out if Rose develops powers too. I look a lot like Dad, to tell you the truth. I have black hair, brown eyes. I have tan colored skin and I have my Dad's smile and my moms nose. Weird, huh? I have a girlfriend named Marci. She also works at The Planet, and Mom and Dad like her a lot. I play football and baseball. Football has always been a big thing in the family. It's Dad's favorite sport. Well, I better go. I have football practice.

I walked out the door as C.J. called my name to hurry up and get in the car. Unknown to me, minutes later Lois and Clark walked in the house laughing. "Lois, when do you think we should give them the good news?"

Lois replied, "I don't know. I guess at dinner when everyone gets home. I hope that they will be happy about it."

Clark smiled, "Don't worry. They will."

That night I think that the whole family got a really big surprise.

<cough> <cough> "Kids, sit down. We have some news to tell you," said Lois.

They all sat down and C.J. said, " Mom, Dad are you guys o.k.?"

Lois and Clark laughed and Clark said, "We have to tell you that, well, your mom and I are going to have a baby!"

I was so surprised. I jumped up from my seat and yelled, "WHAT?!?" They repeated those words again so easily, "We are going to have a baby." I was so mad and I wasn't sure why. I ran upstairs and slammed the door.

Lois and Clark looked at each other with scared eyes while C.J. and Rose hugged them and congratulated them. Clark and Lois went upstairs to check with me and ask me why I was so upset. But when they opened my door I was gone without a trace. I usually didn't act like this. I was such a nice boy when I was little but when I turned 14 I blew up and would get upset for everything. Lois and Clark exchanged glances. Lois started to cry and Clark pulled her in for a hug and they stood there in that position for awhile.

I couldn't stay. I ran as fast as I could to Marci's house. There she asked me what was wrong and I told her, "My mom and Dad are going to have a baby." She told me that I should be excited and that it was great, but then I told her no it wasn't. It's not easy being adopted I told her. I mean growing up with 2 kids that are blood related to your adopted parents is hard but now another one, and I know that they will forget about me. They have their own family, and not only that, I will be 15 years older than the baby. That's not good. I mean when he or she is 15 I'll be 30 and be married and have had kids already.

Tears fell from my face as I spoke to my girlfriend. That night we lay in each other's arms as I fell asleep. Where you ask? Well, we fell asleep in each others arms in our place, a piece of land that we used to play in when we were little. When we were 9 our parents built a miniature house that had a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, T.V.'s, refrigerator, microwave. It had everything, and we were the only ones who knew the password to enter the gate that guarded it.

That morning in the Kent household Lois woke up and turned to see that her husband wasn't there. He left a note that said:


Sorry that I left you this morning to wake up

without me, but C.J still isn't home. I checked with

Marci's parents and she wasn't there all night either.

I'm going to check their place and make sure that they

are all right. I love you always.


Your husband

P.S. I'll bring you breakfast for you and Junior.

Clark looked everywhere for me. As he was flying he thought about the possible reason why I was mad and he figured it out. He was adopted too, but his parents weren't able to have children so he was the only one. He knew that if he were my age and his parents had already had 2 kids and were going to have another child he'd feel left out that they didn't need him. Clark in his Superman suit changed directions and flew to Marci's & my place.

While Clark was flying, I woke up and told Marci that I had to hide in our secret place because I knew that my dad would come looking for me. So Marci got up and changed, and so did I. Marci pressed a few buttons and 4 walls opened up and I went into a separate room that was lined with lead. Marci kissed me and shut the walls and sat there on the bed watching T.V.

Not even 10 sec. later Clark showed up as Superman. "Marci, hi, have you seen Andrew? He's been gone all night and we're beginning to get worried."

Marci looked straight at him very calmly and said, "No Mr. Kent, I haven't seen him. He called me last night from a pay phone and told me about the baby. Congratulations!"

"Thank You." Clark spun out of the suit into normal clothes and stated, " I know why he's upset. I was adopted too, and if my parents had 2 children already and were going to have another I'd be scared that they would forget about me because they had their very own family. Andrew may not be blood related to us, but we love him as if he were our own. Even if we are going to have another child it will never mean that we love our blood children any more than we love Andrew. I wish that he were excited about it. He is going to be a big brother to someone who will look up to him for life. We think that he'd be a great role model for our baby to follow."

I'm not sure whether or not Dad suspected I was somewhere nearby and was hoping that I would hear every word that he had just said. If he did suspect, he was right. I was listening closely. I got out of where I was hiding with tears in my eyes. I went to Dad and gave him a big hug.

"I love you, Dad. I'm sorry for the way that I've acted with you. Its just, well, all that you explained. I'm just scared that's all."

Dad, himself, had tears in his eyes. He said that although I was adopted I was a replica of him, the way he dealt with things, the way he was sensitive. It was so strange to see how close we 2 really were.

Well, it's been 7 months since that situation with Dad. I've had a lot of fun shopping for baby things with Mom and Dad and C.J. and Rose. It's kind of nice that we're old enough to appreciate having a younger sibling. The nursery is all fixed up except for some things that will be made in super speed (If you know what I mean), like if the baby is a boy we'll paint the walls blue and get a blue baby blanket, and pink for a girl.

We were all eating dinner that night when Mom had a contraction. She was only 8 months pregnant so we were kind of worried. When her contractions were really close together the whole family and Marci came to the hospital.

About an hour later Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Lucy, Elizabeth and Craig (cousin's- Aunt Lucy's and Jimmy's kids, the twins), Grandpa Perry, Grandpa and Grandma Kent, and Gram Ellen and Grand Daddy Sam came.

10 hours later Dad came out with a big smile on his face and said, "It's a boy! Welcome Christopher Alexander Kent to the family."

Everyone cheered, especially me. When we could finally go see Mom, she was holding our little brother. He looked so sweet and innocent, Marci started crying. It seemed like everyone did. I did.

Marci told me, "Only a real man is a man who cries without feeling ashamed."

I gave her a kiss and then I got to hold my tiny little brother, Chris, in my arms. I love the guy. He's going to be well brought up. And I can sense it now. We're going to be in a lot of trouble because I have the feeling he's going to be like Mom.


I wrote these stories because I always thought that Lois and Clark would end up adopting a child. One night I fell asleep and all of these stories were in my dream. Each chapter was originally a story until it seemed easier for you guys to just read one big story of 'Andrew's Life.' If you have any comments ( good or bad) I'd like you to please e-mail me at

I love to write and it could really help me for the future. The song that is up there in Chapter 3 popped into my head. It's an old song, but I'm not sure who sings it. If you do, all rights to them. And the characters aren't mine except for Andrew, C.J., Marci, and Rose. I simply borrowed them so don't Sue me! Marci is my cousin who I love to death, and I just wanted to say thank you to her for being a big sister to me always. I also want to thank my parents and my brother, Paco. Thank You!