Car Wash

By GG Cain (Gretchen Nathe) <>

Rated PG

Submitted January 14, 1998

Summary: Lois plays with fire—and water—when Clark finds her washing the car.


It was a Saturday afternoon and Lois was sitting on the couch, trying to get into a new book she was reading—I say trying, because she was having a hard time concentrating on the book's content. She was willing to give her brain five more minutes, before she threw the book out the open window in frustration. She didn't know where her husband was, otherwise she'd have something—rather *someone*—to occupy her time. She finally threw the book down in disgust and got up from the couch. As she wandered through the brownstone, something in the hallway caught her eye. It was one of Clark's t- shirts.

"He must have left it here last night after I threw myself at him when he walked through the door after being gone for three hours for some rescue in Taiwan," she said to herself while picking it up and inhaling his scent. She sighed and then an idea hit her(OUCH!).

"I know what I can do to pass the time—I'll wash the jeep!" she said, walking into the kitchen.

When she got done filling a bucket with soapy water, she left it there and went to the bedroom to change. After changing into cutoffs and a red tank-top, she grabbed the bucket from the kitchen and headed outside. When she got outside, she saw the jeep sitting there all muddy from the past weekend's trip to the mountains she and Clark had taken. She sighed and got to work.

About fifteen minutes later, she was not quite half way through rinsing the first spot washed, and she saw-or rather—felt Clark show up.

"Hi honey, where you been all day?" she asked..she was the only one outside, otherwise she'd have called him Superman.<g>

"I've been out doing rescues and charity functions and other superhero stuff. What have you been up to all day?" he asked, spinning back into Clark.

"Well, I *was* trying to read a new book and…"

"Trying? Where the words too big or something?" he asked grinning at her.

"Oh shut up! Or else…." she warned threateningly.

"Or else what?" he asked.

"This!" she yelled as she dumped the bucket of water all over him and then ran into the brownstone, not daring to stop and look behind her.

Clark just stood there, the bucket still on his head with water. He couldn't believe it, Lois had dumped the whole bucket of water on his head!

"Oh, she is *dead* when I get a hold of her!" he muttered as he took the bucket off his head and spun until he was dry. He then went inside and in search for Lois. When he found her, she was hiding under their bed, or so he thought.

"Lois, you must realize that hiding does *no* good when you're my wife. Besides the fact that I have superpowers, I could still find you no matter where you hid. So come on out from under the bed and face your "punishment" like a good girl(<g>)," he said.

When she didn't come out right away, he was but he wasn't surprised, so he got down on the floor in front of the bed. He discovered that she wasn't under the bed after all.

"Looking for something, Clarkie?" she asked.

When he turned around…he was, well..speechless. Lois was standing in the doorway, wearing little more that a towel. And, well, Clark…he didn't know what to do, so he just stared at her and then she moved towards him…and he suddenly knew what to do. Let's just say that Lois forgot about washing the jeep that day.


Hope y'all liked…….byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee