Somebody to Love

By L and C 14 <>

Rated PG

Submitted May 18, 1998

Summary: The "other" Clark still hasn't found his Lois. When ships start going missing in the Congo, he wonders if there could be any connection with Lois' disappearance.

Author's Note : This story takes place completely in the alternate 'Lois & Clark' dimension, early fourth season. Our Lois and Clark never come up, but I think it's a good story despite that :-) Comments and Suggestions are always gladly taken. And, remember — this Lois and Clark are a little bit different than the ones were used to.

Normal disclaimer. Everything belongs to Warner Bros. and not me… you know the rest.


Clark was lonely. Sure, his life was better now that he was Superman. He had the respect of the world. If there were still kings, he probably would've been one. He had even been asked to run as President, though he had politely declined.

None of this mattered, though. Clark was still lonely. Perry was great, but he didn't quite understand how Clark could be lonely when a world followed his every footstep. Mr. James Olsen had become a friend, too, but it was the same problem.

The reason Clark was lonely was because he still didn't have anyone who really loved him. His parents were dead; they'd been so for almost 20 years. And, as for Lois Lane… Well, Clark still hoped to find 'his' Lois. He dreamed of that often. But, he wasn't sure he believed in the dream anymore.

And, then, there was his life itself. Clark and Superman were the same person, and yet they were different. The people that grouped around Superman had almost no idea who Clark was. Somehow, while being the super hero, being Clark Kent was becoming less important to everyone. Except for Clark, that is.

To Clark, he wished it was the other way around. He liked being Superman, honestly he did. He liked helping out. But, he was more than Superman.

Why had it worked for Batman? Batman had a life, as well as a hero's life. Of course, Batman was fictional. But, still…

Clark gave a sigh as he walked in the glass doors of The Daily Planet. It was time for another day.


Inside, the paper was bustling. Perry White, the Mayor as well as the Editor, was coming up with assignments for all of the journalists. The biggest stories went to the best, of course.

As Clark sat at his desk, he saw Perry pause at his desk. He was thinking of an appropriate task for Clark. He hesitated, before giving him the latest job.

"Clark, son, are you still covering the Sandelle case?"

"Perry, the Sandelle case ended yesterday. Not that anyone was reading that article."

"Oh. Well, I suppose I could put you on the Local while Jacob Whitterman's out. You could cover that small robbery that happened on Fifth," said Perry.

Clark looked at Perry. He was tired of these bit pieces. He had already won five awards for his journalistic work. He didn't want to be stuck writing the one paragraph articles.

"Why don't you give me something bigger, for a change?" replied Clark. "I see you still haven't given anyone the story on the lead about the lost ships in the Congo."

"I can't give you that. That would take you weeks down there."

"The world can last without Superman. It has before."

"But I was thinking of giving that story to John."

"John's on sabbatical."


"He quit a week ago, Chief."

"Oh. Marilyn?"

Clark shook his head. Mr. White seemed determined to keep him off of this story.

"Marilyn just started last month. And, she's a researcher! "

Perry still hesitated.

"I don't know…"

"Come on. I want a better story than that garbage that I've been covering. You know that I can do it. You would've given it to me before."

"Yes, but that was before."

"Who else are you going to give it to, Chief? Ralph?"

He shrugged.

Clark put his head down for a second, and picked it back up. "Please, let me go on this story. I need to get out of Metropolis for awhile."

"Well, all right. I guess. You should leave now, though."

"Good idea," agreed Clark. He got up.


Lois Lane blinked in to the harsh sunlight streaming through the small crack of a window in the tiny room. The room remained in darkness, anyway.

Lois had just been having the most wonderful dream. She was back at the Planet. To most, that'd seem boring. But, to her, the dream was so beautiful; it was unreal.

Lois sat up in the cot. She was lonely. She hadn't had any human contact in three or four years. She couldn't really remember much, anymore. All she knew was that she was somebody's prisoner. She had only heard his voice. He was male, with an English accent. His English, however, was American.

Lois blinked again. It was very boring, being in a darkened room with no TV, telephone, or company. However, she had caught up in her daydreams. At this point, she had traveled the whole world with a mystery man. She didn't know his name, or even what he really looked like. He was always shadowed in darkness around the face, but he was tall and he seemed handsome.

Lois wished he'd come and rescue her. But, he was about as real as Prince Charming. It'd never happen.

She looked down at her legs. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt. The 'voice' had supplied the clothes. Have you ever changed in the dark? Lois decided it wasn't an experience she ever wanted to try again, once she was out of here.

"Lois, good morning. How are you?" came the voice. Lois tried to pinpoint where it was coming from, as she always did, but she never could. At any rate, she couldn't this time.

"Fine, considering the circumstances."

"Do you want to ask me something, Lois?"

Lois looked at a spot of of darkness at her right. "Nothing more then the usual questions. Why am I here? Who are you? Where am I? You know… The usual."

"Anything else?" came the reply. She heard something metal hitting the ground, and then being slid to her feet. But, she still could not tell where the metal had originated from. She felt down, slowly, and felt food. Luke-warm breakfast was before her.

"What day is it? Can you at least tell me that?" asked Lois.

"Can you break out?"

"How? I can't see anything, and even if I could, I'm too weak to do anything. It's hard eating a small amount of food a day. You serve me less then a full meal."

"It may go up, soon."

"Great. A full meal a day. So, what day is it?"

"December third."

"What's the year?"

"You don't want to know."

"Just tell me what it is, please."


This was a first astonishment for Lois. She had never asked what year it was before; if she had never asked, it still may have been 1993 for her.

"1996? Are you serious?"

"I'm serious, Lois."

Lois bit her lip. "I suppose you're ready to go?"

"Right. I have a shipment of medicine to pick up, and some food."

"You live in a secluded area of Africa. How do you manage these shipments?"

"I have my ways."

Lois pushed back a wave of very long brown hair. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had a haircut.

She tried the question that she asked everyday : "Why am I here?"


"I'm serious. It makes no sense why you'd keep me prisoner when I can't even see you. It's not money you want."

"Do you really want to know, Lois?"

"Of course."

"Would you ever tell a soul why?"

"How could I?" she replied, frustrated.

"All right. I'll tell you. But, if you escape and I find out you've told… Well, let's just say it won't be good for you."

"So tell me."

"I love you, Miss Lane."

There was a stunned silence. Lois could not answer. For the first time in three years, she broke down in confused tears.


Clark looked around the city. He was in Senegal, a part of Africa with a prosperous city and English-speaking people. It was also the only place with hotels available. As much as every hotel in the universe wanted Superman, they couldn't very well throw out their customers.

It didn't matter much, anyhow. Clark could always fly out to the dense jungles.

He dropped his suitcase on to the floor of the suite. Superman only got the best of rooms. Sometimes, Clark wondered what it would be like to have a cheap room as Superman. He wondered, but he really didn't care.

He looked around. The room was lavishly furnished; it looked like a king and queen had stayed there. Come to think of it; they probably had. This was the best room in the house.

He lay down on top of the king-sized bed, covered in silk sheets, and a down comforter. He wondered why they had such a thick comforter; it was always so warm here. Clark wondered about many things. He just didn't care about much.

He lay, stomach down, on the bed, and rifled through some notes that he'd had Marilyn in research get for him, yesterday. Five ships had disappeared from their docks. Two had been containing food and water from a charity for a city. Three had bales of money; they had been going in to a national bank.

The ships had turned up missing. And, in the searches, the only things that turned up were trash : the wrappers from food; empty water bottles and other miscellaneous junk.

The trash, on the other hand, always was found in a small pit, dug up in the middle of the jungle, besides a small, closed-off, cave. However, though the cave had been thoroughly examined, they hadn't found any ways of getting inside it.

Clark yawned, and looked at the notes again. Something was not making sense, but he couldn't place it. He tried to look at the neatly typed notes again, and just couldn't pay attention. His mind was wandering.

Could Lois have something to do with this? This Lois, he meant. But, why would she live in seclusion? Why would she steal five ships? How could she steal five ships? Clark doubted that she had actually stolen anything.

He yawned, again. He was emotionally exhausted. This whole last year had been strenuous. The garbage articles; the half-slept nights… It was enough to tire out any guy, even one that would be a god.

He put down the notes. Whoever, or whatever, was waiting there could wait a few more hours. He fell asleep.


Now, Lois knew some of the story. She wasn't sure if her life was now better or worse. She reviewed what her captor had said.

He had just told her a few things. He said his name was Ray, and he was in his early thirties. He had worked at a company that produced wooden furniture, as well as some other things made with highly toxic chemicals.

He said that one day he went to work, and ended up staying late. A few guys that worked with him hated him, because only the day before he had been promoted and received an executive raise.

He said that he had thought he was alone; the workplace was dark and seemed empty. He had gone in to the back room, where the electronic saws were, and where someone had left some waste. He had picked up a very small drum of it, when the lights turned on, and the saws started up.

He was cut up pretty bad. Parts of his body were torn, and were hit with chemicals from the drum. He had become half mechanical, and then left America. He had moved to Africa, and taken up seclusion.

At this point, it was 1992, and Ray had begun to idolize a girl. He had started a subscription with the Planet; it was a great paper. And, he saw a picture of a 24 year old reporter, Lois Lane.

He said he fell in love with her the minute he saw her picture. But, of course, he couldn't have her.

So, being intelligent, he had hired some men, and started the gun-runnings in the Congo. He knew that Lois would come, and when she did, he caught her.

Ray had left since then, and Lois wasn't sure what to say. It sounded like a TV show plot. But, Lois believed him, anyhow.

Now, believing him, Lois was unsure what to do. Before, she had seen him as an heartless monster. Now, that she knew he had feelings, it was hard to want him to die. Lois wasn't inhuman.

But, Lois was still stuck. And, incredibly lonely. Talking to a shadow was interesting, but it was depressing. Lois missed the incredible amounts of people at the Planet. She even missed the ones she had once hated.

Lois lay back on the cot, finishing the last of her orange juice. She didn't know what to do. She wished she could run out for help, or do anything. She very well couldn't.

But, maybe there was some way to send out a message… Knowing now that Lois was trapped with a man obsessed with her was probably not the best of things. She needed to get out.

Her eyes desperately tried to close, but she stopped them. She had to try. She started to think.


Clark walked around the dense foliage of the jungle. He was wearing jeans and an old tee-shirt, not wanting to ruin any nice clothes. He kept his glasses on, even though he really didn't need them. Why break habit?

In his backpack, laid against that boulder, there was his laptop. He had started writing the story. He had written down what had happened so far. The only problem was that now he had to find the answers.

He blinked, as he saw something sparkle in the sunlight, near the boulder which blocked the entrance of the cave. He went over to it. It was just a dime. He stuck it in his pocket, and started to think.

There must be someplace where the ships were. Where had the food gone? One man couldn't take so much. Could he?

Clark wiped a drop of sweat off of his brow. He had the strange sensation of being watched. He looked up in to the high trees, and was startled.

A few native kids, probably 7 years old, were sitting in the tree. They were eating McDonald's hamburgers. As far as Clark knew, they hadn't opened a McDonald's in the jungle anytime recently. What was going on?

The kids distracted Clark, and that was the plan. He heard a run from behind, and turned back just to see a group of men coming towards him from the dock. It was a small brigade of men, maybe 15 at best. The ones up front held bows and arrows. The ones in back held large sacks. Clark guessed that they contained the missing food.

The leader, a tall African with short curls, told them to fire. He said it in English. The men got ready to shoot.

They shot, but the arrows bounced off of Clark like worthless feathers. They fired again. Clark waited. But, as the arrows came closer, he saw they were tipped with something green. He darted out of the way, just in time. The arrows flew in to the trunk of a tree, harmless.

The leader of the group, Shehara, was now getting worried. He had been adopted And brought up by English parents. This was why he could speak English. Now, he had a problem. They didn't have anymore of the 'green arrows'. They were all master marksmen. This man should've been hit, as LeMan had said.

As Clark came closer to them, Shehara started to move his troops away. But, they were not fast enough. Clark caught Shehara, and held him down with one arm.

"What was that for?" Clark asked, calmly.

Shehara was obviously frightened. He did not answer Clark's question, at least not exactly. "Oh, he will kill me! How could I have missed?"


Shehara probably shouldn't of said anything now, but he wasn't paying attention to himself. He was despairing in his predicament. "LeMan will kill me, I am sure. I promised not to fail him, but I did in the end."

"Who the hell is 'LeMan'?" Clark asked, but got no response. Instead, Shehara was just shaking his head slowly, acting helpless and hopeless.

"Point me in the right direction of 'LeMan', and maybe you won't be in so much trouble." Clark told him, and took his hand off of the African. Shehara thought for a moment, and then responded to Clark's question. He silently started to walk, and Clark followed slowly.


Lois sat on the cold hard floor of her cell. The darkness actually comforted her right this moment. At least it had never betrayed her. Thoughts were flooding her mind, and she thought intently for a moment.

A few hours ago, Ray had served her breakfast. She had heard a door creak open this time, instead of the usual bang of metal on stone. It hadn't creaked close, and the footsteps had gone away. Lois had wondered why he had even opened the door this time, but didn't dwell. This was her chance! She had walked slowly to wear the creaking noise had materialized, and had simply walked out.

After a web of passages and locked doors, she had found herself in a huge rounded room. She had seen a bunch of TV screens, wired in somehow (though Lois had no idea how). A chair was in front of them, turned away from her as she stood in the doorway. Lois had an image of a 90's Phantom of the Opera. She had wondered if it was Ray.

All of a sudden, the chair had turned towards the doorway, probably sensing her presence. In it sat… a normal guy! He was a little above average height with soft brown eyes and brown curls. He was actually pretty handsome, which was what annoyed Lois and really angered her. Because, she was guessing that he was Ray.

He saw her, and gave her an angry look. "How did you get out?" he asked in perfect English. Yes, it was Ray.

"Who are you?" Lois asked angrily, spitting out the question.

"What?" he asked, putting his attention on her.

"Who are you?" Lois almost felt like roaring. "Here I was, feeling all sorry for this poor guy who is horribly disfigured… and, you're perfectly normal."

He, whoever he was, stood up and held Lois's wrist, gently but firmly. "I am sorry I lied to you, Miss Lane. My advisors advised me to do so. But, I didn't lie to you completely."

"Really?" she didn't sound curious.

"I do love you… Now, kindly tell me how you got out." he said, and gripped her wrist tighter with unleashing anger.

"The door was open."

The man took his left hand, and slapped it at his forehead in a gesture of 'how-stupid'.

"I am going to kill him."

"Who's him? For that matter, who are you?" Lois had continued, still angry.

"I can't say, not yet. Now, back to your cell for you." he had said, and now she was back here again.

Lois went back to her cot, and pounded on the flat pillow in frustration. It wasn't fair!

Presently, she heard footsteps. The door did not open this time, but Lois looked towards where the door was.

"I am sorry." it was the voice… Ray… whoever he was. Lois glared at where the voice was materializing.

"Really." She was unamused.

"I am. I was going to tell you the truth, really. I figured it was about time that you got a clue. However, my retinue warned me. I am a prisoner of my wealth… I listened, and told you what they told me…" he trailed off.


" But there are gems of truth in that fabrication. I did love you from the beginning, Miss Lane. I will love you until the end."

"Then why didn't you just ask me on a date like a normal man?" replied Lois.

"There is a reason for that. I just can't tell you. Not until I and my advisors are sure of you."

"Your advisors?"

"Somebody in my position needs people."

"And what position is that?" asked Lois, hoping to trick him.

"Cute, but no. I'm not going to fall for that." he replied, and walked away. Lois was left alone again. She rested her head on the pillow on the cot, and closed her eyes. She waited to hear any more footsteps.


Clark stood in the darkened pathway, alone. After being led to the inconspicuous cave, and in to it's secret hideout inside, Clark had let the other man (who hadn't revealed his name) go, and that man had run off. Clark was by himself now.

He walked slowly, feeling his way around the unknown. He stepped forward, uncertainly. It was very dark here. Clark had left his flashlight, foolishly, outside. So, he made certain of what he was doing, first.

He made a turn, and then hit something solid. He reeled backwards in surprise, and saw what he had hit face forward. A metal door stood before him, which glinted in the few rays of sunlight cast from an unseen window. Clark looked at the door more closely.

He wasn't sure what the door led to, but he wanted to find out. He looked at the knob, and was surprised by the carelessness of somebody. The key ring was stuck in the lock. So, he turned it, and opened the door.

At first, he was totally overwhelmed by the darkness. He had thought that it had been dark before. But soon, his eyes adjusted to the faint light coming from a window high above him. He stood at the door, and looked.

First, he saw the faint outline of an old cot. As his eyes gazed down, he almost saw the blanket draped over the cot. As his eyes trailed, he made out a small table. When his eyes finished going across the room, they halted at one thing.

Clark could swear that he saw a body, a person, crouched in the corner of the ill-kept room.


Lois had had a long, and rotten day. First, there had been the lying Ray. Lois felt betrayed and so much more than that. She was also hungry and tired. She was not starving, though, and she was thankful for that.

Now, somebody had walked in to her room, an intruder. Lois was scared stiff, too scared to look up. But, she knew it wasn't Ray. For one thing, this person carried himself a lot lighter. It almost sounded as if he could float up right off of the ground.

For another, Ray would have said something by now.

Lois was scared of the unknown. She had spent so many years in darkness and with Ray, that now it was light that seemed to be evil. If this were Star Wars, Lois was certain that light would be The Dark Side.

Eventually, Lois brought up all of her courage, and saw something in the doorway. From the faint light cast from the window above, she saw the figure of a person; a shadow stepping out of the darkness.

From the way he carried himself, and how tall and broad the shadow was, Lois guessed that it was a man in that doorway. There was something else about him, though, that clued Lois in. She stared at him for a moment, not saying anything. Neither did he.

Suddenly, as Lois was still assessing the situation, he moved a tentative step forward.

"Lois?" came the voice of the man, in amazement. Lois, at once, knew what that something was about him.

This man had appeared to her the same way as the one from her dreams! Shadowed in darkness, not saying anything. But, how did he know her name?

"Lois." he repeated, no longer forming a question. He knew that it was her. Oh, her hair was longer, and she had on no makeup. But, it was Lois Lane, 'his' Lois Lane.

Lois stood up, feeling weird but oddly calm and protected. "Hello? Who are you?"

The man moved closer to Lois, as she straightened up and stood still. He didn't answer her, so Lois repeated the question.

"I could give you my name." he replied. "But, you wouldn't know it."

Lois moved forward. "But, if I wouldn't know your name, how would you know me?"

She thought that she heard a laugh. "I just know." he replied.

Lois was tired of this small talk, and feeling safer. "Well, are we going to continue this conversation, or are you going to lead me out?"

This time, she was sure that she heard a laugh. "Sure. Follow me." and, he led her out.


Clark kept looking back to make sure Lois was following him. He was so happy. however, a voice in his mind spoke up. We aren't in Metropolis, yet. Make sure you get out of here without her or you being caught before you fly.

Clark listened to it, and attempted to obey. Meanwhile, Lois tried to make small talk with her hero.

"So, what do you do?"

He threw a quick glance at her, trying not to lose the path he had taken to get to her. "Which job?"

Lois shrugged. "Both of them, I guess."

Clark walked a turn, followed by Lois. "I'm a journalist."


This twisting web of corridors seemed longer to Clark going back up. "And, I'm a super-hero."

The was utter silence behind him. Clark turned. "Lois?"

"Do you fly?" There was a caustic note in her voice.

Clark smiled, though not at her. He had expected the third degree. "Yes."

"Then why don't we just fly out of here? Why all of this walking?"

"Because, I have this feeling that your Ray has more up his sleeves than you or I can guess."

"Fine, fine." It was obvious she didn't believe him. Clark let it go, for now. "What paper do you work for?"

"Daily Planet." Clark threw the answer at her, while he tried to figure out where to turn.

"Really?" This time, she sounded truly interested. Maybe both Loises weren't the same in every aspect .


"Does Perry still work there?"

"Yeah. And, there's a new (well, to you) owner of the paper."

"Really. What's his name?"

"James Olsen."

"Never heard of him."

"I'm not surprised; he's very young. He's a computer-whiz, or something. He never really says. He's pretty friendly."

"Is he a good boss?"


"Has Perry been looking for me?"

"Yes. I'll explain more about that later." he took one last turn, and walked in to a lighted room. In front of him stood a man with light brown curls and brown eyes, a gun in his hands.


"I knew it." said Clark, under his breath. The gun was being pointed at him. Unfortunately, there was another one, held by a white haired man, standing by Lois.

Clark looked at the love he had finally found. "By the way, in case I never get another chance, my name's Clark Kent."

The brown curled guy came a step closer to Clark, and Lois turned back to Clark. "I'm Lois Lane." she said. She knew he knew her name, but felt it best to say it again, anyhow.

The brown-curled guy advanced another step. "And, I'm Lex Luthor." he said, and smiled. "Now if we're all done with our introductions…" he gave a signal to the white haired man with his gun pointed at Lois. "Nigel, would you please take Ms. Lane somewhere else."

Nigel and Lois disappeared. Clark was left alone with Lex Luthor. Good.

Clark put one of his upraised hands down. "You do know, of course, that guns are no match for me."

He took Luthor's gun. Lex Luthor smiled. Clark noted that he was quite thin.

"Yes, I knew that. That was just a diversion tactic. See, I knew if you paid attention to the pistol, you wouldn't have a chance to see the kryptonite."

He pointed. Nigel had returned, with an evil glint in his eyes. He held a green brick that looked relatively familiar to Clark.

Clark was soon on his knees, in unbearable pain. There wasn't as much kryptonite on this Earth, so his body reacted a little bit more extremely.

"Where did you get that?" Clark managed.

"A few months ago, a red haired man approached me. Don't ask me how he found me. He just gave me this, told me it's called kryptonite, and suggested I pull it out if ever I were to see a guy in glasses with black hair."

"Oh. Makes sense." replied Clark, trying to keep this matter light, to him if nobody else.

He smiled again, and took the kryptonite away from Nigel. He held the kryptonite, and kneeled by Clark.

"What were you doing with Ms. Lane?" he asked, a little demanding.

"Well," Clark started, managing to speak through gasps of breath. "I was trying to get her out of here."

"Do you think that's going to happen now? Lois is mine."

Clark didn't say anything, because he saw something that Luthor didn't see.

"Hey, Lex, was it? Care to let go of whatever that is?" came a soft voice from behind. Lex got up slowly, and turned, just in time to see Lois Lane, calmly holding Nigel's pistol and aiming it at him.


Lex stood up, dropped the kryptonite, and put his hands up. "How did you get that?" he asked.

Lois smiled, and sort of looked to the right. Lex followed, and saw Nigel lying on the ground. He was conscious and rubbing his head.

"She karate chopped me." explained Nigel.

"Lois, you can't kill me." started Lex.

Meanwhile, the kryptonite was just far enough away for Clark to be able to get up. He stood up, and kicked the kryptonite. It ended up far enough away so that Clark didn't feel it, not really. He straightened up, and recovered from the kryptonite.

When he was ready to pick up Lex Luthor by his shirt collar, Lex was finishing up talking to Lois.

"I can make you a queen." he was saying. Clark picked up his shirt collar, and held him a foot above Clark's height.

"I don't know how you're going to do that." he answered. He turned to Lois, who was just staring at him in incredible disbelief.

"Hold him for a second, Lois." he said, and gave the man to Lois. Lois took him, and blinked. When she opened her brown eyes, a man in a red and blue suit with a yellow S on front was standing where Clark had been. He took Lex from her hands, and also picked up the fallen Nigel. "Where's Clark Kent?"

He smiled. "Told you I was a super-hero."

Lois just gasped, causing Clark to smile even more. He had waited for this for so long.

"Didn't you say you wanted to see me fly? I need to take them to a prison, first." and Clark flew away with Lex and Nigel. In a heartbeat, he was back.

"You've seen it. Now, you get to experience it." and he scooped her up in to his arms. It felt so incredibly right.

She smiled up at him, attracted. He smiled back. "We will now take-off for Metropolis. We should be arriving… whenever."

Lois laughed. "What's the in-flight movie?"

They left through an open skylight in the lighted room.


Three days later…

Clark had made Lois stay at home the last three days. She had wanted to run in to the Planet, and give Perry a heart attack. But, Clark had asked her to stay at home for a few days. And, Lois had begrudgingly obliged. She really liked him.

Lois walked in, behind Clark. They had a date set for Friday. Lois had asked him over and over again. The 100th time, he had said yes. Then, he had told her he would've said yes the first time, but wanted to see how far she'd go.

Lois took a deep breath as she walked in to the newsroom. The smell of newsprint might be poison to some. But, to Lois, it was perfect. She really did have journalism in her blood.

Clark walked off to his desk, leaving Lois alone to do what she wanted. She stood for a second, undecided. She, then, saw Perry standing. He was yelling at them, of course. Saying how much work they needed to do, and how bad Ralph's and Jada's story was. Lois took this as her cue, and walked over to him.

When he took a breath, she tapped him on the shoulder. He looked over. Lois smiled at him. "I'm still waiting for that raise, Perry."

The old editor looked at Lois, and smiled. "Great shades of Elvis! Lois, is that really you?"

Perry White looked at Clark, who had just recently told him about the other Lois not being who he had thought she was. Clark nodded.

He looked back at Lois, who was looking at him confused. "Who else would it be?" she asked. Perry hugged her.

"You have to meet the new owner." he said, as he began to lead Lois to his office.

"And, of course I get my job back, don't I? I have the need to find a good story."

"Of course, honey."

"How about that raise you promised me three years ago?"


The door to Perry's office closed. Clark finished typing the last sentence on his computer of the story he had been sent on when he had found Lois. He saved the document, and flipped off the computer.

Then, he looked at Perry's door once more, and couldn't help but smile. He knew this would work out.