The Spider and the Fly(boy)

By RC1 (Robert Culpepper by any other name) <>

Rated: PG

Submitted February 23, 1998

Summary: Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson-Parker come to Metropolis, following Wilson Fisk. When they run into Metropolis's own "Super" couple, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, crime doesn't stand a chance. Will these two superheroes discover each other's secret?

The Spider and the Fly(boy)

A Possibly True Story of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Author's note:

I had never really liked Superman. He'd always seemed so one dimensional with no real humanity. Then I saw LnC and I changed my mind. I for one have a soft spot for romance and the show really touched a chord with me. After LnC was canceled, I wondered at all the possibilities missed. Then I started thinking about things that could never happen on the show (like this) because of the rules of the universe (i.e. Marvel and D.C. don't often get along). Ever since Lois and Clark had been engaged, I wondered what it would be like for them to meet another super couple, and my first choice was Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker. Just to make things interesting, I wondered what if Peter and Clark had to go into action in each others outfits… The result is this story, which has some WAFFs and LOLs, if you enjoy inside jokes. The action is a bit strained, but it makes sense. Comments are always welcome.

All Superman characters belong to D.C. Comics and of course all Spider-Man characters belong to Marvel Comics.


At the Daily Planet

Lois and Clark sat at their desks in the newsroom of the Daily Planet, just like they had almost every day for the last three years now. Everything seemed really relaxed. Clark pushed his chair away from the desk and leaned back to get a better view of Lois as she worked on their story, another political scandal involving the police chief and her chief of detectives and the improper use of a police car… after hours. For Clark Kent, time seemed to stand still every time he looked at Lois Lane. It seemed she had that affect on him ever since he had met her. She was so gorgeous, so smart, so intelligent and of course, he loved her more than he ever thought he could love anyone… ever. He sighed just ever so briefly as he continued to watch her intensely as if she were the only thing in the universe. Of course, to him, she was.

Lois heard him sigh and looked over to see what was wrong. She found herself looking directly into his eyes. *What eyes* was the only thought she could come up with. For what seemed like an eternity to her, she drowned in his eyes as she had come to do quite often. Then, not much to her surprise she sighed too and then followed it with a smile that was reserved only for Clark Kent. "What are you looking at, Mr. Kent?"

Clark looked at her and now slipped into famous `I'm caught, and I love it' smile. "I'm looking at the most beautiful woman in the entire universe," he said simply.

By now work was just a memory for both of them. "Oh," Lois said simply and then with a devilish smile "Well, I hope you are enjoying the view."

"Trust me. I am," Clark said with a wicked smile that only Lois could bring from him.

*That smile!* she thought. *He's up to something, but what is it!?!* Just then she looked at him impishly and noticed that his glasses were riding on the edge of his nose. *He's using the x-ray vision AGAIN! That's the smile!* Lois casually got up, walked over to Clark and pushed the glasses back onto his face. "Clark Jerome Kent, you are incorrigible!" She then sat down on his lap and held him oblivious to the crowd that had gathered around. She whispered into his ear privately, "Besides, I thought you didn't peek?"

Clark held her and whispered back "I lose all self control when I'm around you. I can't help myself." To this Lois could only muster an "Oh." as she kissed him.

Jimmy hurried up to Lois and Clark's desks with some pictures he wanted their opinion on before he handed them to the Chief. He came up so fast that he hadn't noticed what was going on, but, as soon as he did he turned and started moving slowly away. Just then Perry exited the elevator with four people in tow. Three men, and a knockout redhead. The guy holding the girl's hand looked to be about Jimmy's age. "Lucky," Jimmy muttered softly. The man walking on Perry's left was a little younger than Perry, had a mustache and white / gray hair while the man directly behind was older than the lucky guy holding the girl's hand but younger than the 'mustache' guy.

"This is my newsroom," Perry announced holding his arms open to embrace the place. "The heart and soul that is the Daily Planet." The 'mustache' man looked around and noticed all the people away from their desks. "What do you think, Mr. Jameson?" Perry asked with pride.

J. Jonah Jameson surveyed the place again. "It's homey. Doesn't exactly look efficient… especially with everyone away from their desks."

Perry just noticed the crowd and he knew exactly what it was. "One minute please," Perry excused himself and then walked down the stairs a bit. "Olsen!!"

Jimmy jumped. *Uh-oh. The Chief used my LAST name. I'm in trouble,* Jimmy thought quickly as he raced to Perry. "What's up Chief?" Jimmy asked with a worried smile.

"The new adventures of Lois and Clark, that's what," Perry said bluntly. "Listen son, in the name of Graceland, pour some cold water on them, get the rest of the room back to work, and then get Lois and Clark into my office. Got it?"

"Got ya Chief," Jimmy said already moving away.

"Oh, Jimmy!" Perry said catching him on his way back. "I want you in the office too." Jimmy nodded and headed to his task. With a glint in his eye, he saw Jimmy pick up a bucket and considered the possibilities.

Perry walked back to his guests and began to explain. "The commotion is that couple over there. The woman in the blue pants suit and the man in the gray suit." The ensemble nodded. Perry smiled proudly as he spoke, "That's Lois Lane and Clark Kent, the shining stars of the Daily Planet. They just got engaged a month ago, and… oh I haven't been able to separate them since!"

"You ever thought of separating them… different assignments," Jameson suggested more than inquired.

"They're just two people who are very much in love, J.J. Nothing wrong with that," the man in back suggested.

The young man now spoke up. "Robby's right. I know MJ and I were like that for a while." His voice trailed off absently. "Actually we still are."

"I make my own calls, Robby, Parker," Jameson said.

Perry sighed. "It took all of us here two years to get them together. You know, I wouldn't have it any other way." With that they headed to his office. Perry grinned slightly as he lead the way.

Moments later Clark, Lois, and Jimmy all entered the office talking. "I don't understand how you two got dry so fast. I mean that bucket was full of ice water and you too didn't even flinch for a moment." Lois looked at Clark, thankful his heat vision had dried them off before they had to face Perry. "How can you two be so involved to not know you've had ice water dumped on you?"

"You'll find out one day, Jimmy." Clark reassured him.

"In the meantime, you do that again and you may not live to find out how we do it," Lois said in a warning tone. She didn't really mean it though. It was part of an old act that they all enjoyed now. On cue, Jimmy's eyes widened in mock horror.

Perry looked up smiling. "Don't blame him Lois. It was MY idea. Sometimes I wonder why the fire sprinklers don't go off when you two get near each other." Perry laughed again. "Come in, close the door."

Clark closed the door and then joined Jimmy and Lois on the couch in front of Perry's desk. He looked over the guests quickly and apparently lingered too long on the redhead because Lois elbowed him in the ribs. "Lois, Clark, Jimmy. I'd like you to meet our guests from New York's very own Daily Bugle. They're here for the charity ball on Friday."

"The one being thrown by Wilson Fisk?" Lois chimed in.

Perry wagged his pencil at Lois half smiling. "One and the same. Let me introduce all of you." Perry pointed to the 'mustache' man as Jimmy had now labeled him. "This is J. Jonah Jameson, owner of J3 Communications and editor of the Daily Bugle." Jameson nodded slightly. "This is Robby Robertson, assistant editor." Robertson smiled and nodded politely. "And this here is Peter Parker and his wife Mary Jane Watson-Parker."

*I knew it! She's married,* Jimmy cried in his thoughts. *My luck.*

"Parker here's Jameson's star photographer," Perry said as Jameson smirked.

Jimmy's face flashed in recognition. "Peter Parker? You're the one that gets those fantastic pics of Spider-Man!!! You're a legend around here!" Jimmy bolted and started shaking Peter's hand before he knew what happened.

Perry laughed. "Let me introduce you to MY star photographer and aspiring cub reporter, Jimmy Olsen."

Now it was Peter's turn. "Olsen? You're the one who gets those wonderful shots of Superman! You're a legend in your own right in New York!"

"Don't go telling him that," Perry said jokingly. "I'll have to give him a raise." Everyone except Jameson chuckled. "Now, these two," Perry said as he pointed to Lois and Clark, "are my star reporters. They're practically like my own kids. This is the dynamic duo of Lois Lane and Clark Kent."

Robby Robertson moved toward them and shook their hands warmly. "I've read most of your work, both of you. You two are great. Oh.. and your pieces on Superman! You've got to tell us how you do that. We've been trying to get Spider-Man to give us an exclusive for years!" At the last comment Jameson gruffed.

Lois and Clark looked at each other and shared the private joke. "Well, Superman is a close friend to both of us. When he wants to talk, we talk," Lois said factually. *Never mind the fact that if Clark wants to talk to Superman all he has to do is talk to himself!* Lois thought with a grin.

Robertson smiled warmly as he let go of their hands. "Maybe we should put Peter on the reporter beat. After all, he gets those shots of Spidey. Maybe he could get us an interview?" The last line Robby directed over at Peter who smiled briefly before getting elbowed by his wife.

"Cute couple." Clark commented softly to Lois. Lois in turn nodded.

By now, Jameson was off track. "Parker's a photographer, I'm not turning him loose to write his own column," Jonah said with a huff.

"Don't worry, Mr. Jameson, I don't have any reporter ambitions." He looked at Lois and Clark. "I'm just a photographer, who supports his wife with pictures of Spider-Man and uses the rest to keep up with my science hobby."

Lois and Clark exchanged looks of wonder. *This is NOT Jimmy's New York counterpart,* Lois caught herself thinking. Mary Jane held Peter closer. "Actually, science isn't his hobby. It's more of a compulsion!" Mary Jane said as she held him close.

Clark had been trying to place Mrs. Parker's face since he'd really seen her. "Mrs. Parker, what do you do? Any writing?" Lois looked at Clark and for a moment he thought he saw Kryptonite there. Just a moment.

Mary Jane laughed. "Heavens no! And please call me MJ. Everyone does. I'm an aspiring model / actress."

Now it clicked. He'd seen her in some magazines, or commercials. Lois looked at her and just stared daggers.

The group talked for a while and then Perry finally broke it off. "These two have to get back to work," he said glancing at Lois and Clark. Then his eyes set on Jimmy. "And you better go get some pictures." Jimmy was quickly out the door with his camera in search of tragedy, triumph and something the Chief would like. "Mr. Jameson, Mr. Robertson and I have some last minute details to attend to. So why don't the four of you knock off and go home." Jameson didn't complain, so Peter and MJ followed Lois and Clark out of Perry's office.

Lois had the wheels turning in her mind. Clark saw it in her eyes, and it worried him. It used to terrify him, but now it only worried him… a little. *We really need to get out more with other people like us,* Lois was thinking. *Young, in love couples.* She turned to Clark as they walked. "Clark, I have a wonderful idea!" Before he could stop himself, Clark rolled his eyes back. Lois didn't miss it so Clark found himself getting ribbed by Lois's elbow again. "Not all of my ideas are life threatening, dangerous or hazardous. Only the really fun ones." She grabbed him, pulled him closer and kissed him. Peter and MJ exchanged glances briefly wondering if everyone else saw them like that. Finally Lois came back up for air… Clark was still recovering. "Sorry," she apologized without really meaning it. *What do I have to be sorry for? I'm kissing the most wonderful man in the world and I want EVERYONE to know how much I love him* "I was wondering if you two would like to come to dinner with us." Lois stole a glance at Clark who nodded in approval. "We know this wonderful little Italian sidewalk restaurant just a block or two away."

Peter looked at MJ for a moment, but he knew the choice wasn't his. "We'd love to, right Tiger?", Mary Jane prodded. Clark knew the tone well. Peter was as helpless with MJ as he was with Lois. Clark could only hope that Peter was just as happy with his fate as Clark hoped to be soon. Peter nodded, and the four of them headed for the elevator.

Later, at the restaurant, the four were enjoying their meal when the topic of work came up. Lois began the prodding. "Peter, how do you get those pics of Spider-Man anyway? Just luck." Peter looked a little standoffish. "We've got our line to Superman," Lois said and looked at Clark who smiled. "We won't tell how you do. We're just interested."

Peter decided he had to be crazy to do this, but for some reason he felt he could trust these to reporters. "Spidey sometimes lets me know where he's going to be hanging out. I just wait to see what happens." Peter lowered his head and wondered why he was saying this. "Secret safe?"

Lois looked at Clark and they both smiled. "We're pretty good at keeping secrets, Peter," Clark said. They ate in silence until Clark brought up more conversation. "So, why are you and your wife here. I imagine Mr. Jameson could attend the event Friday without you."

MJ and Peter laughed, which took Lois and Clark aback. "I'm sure he could. Actually, he'd probably be happy if I weren't anywhere around." Peter looked up at MJ and kissed her for the first time since they had arrived at the Planet. "Actually, after I `volunteered' for the assignment. I had gotten some pretty good pics of Spider-Man taking down Electro, so Jameson couldn't really say no. He wanted to, but he couldn't." Peter was grinning now. "Sourpuss really hates it when I can watch him squirm."

MJ sighed and hugged Peter closely. "I tagged along for the fun. We thought we might get to have a second honeymoon of sorts."

Lois looked at the couple and knew instantly that she and Clark would always be in love together. No matter what happened. "How long have you two been married?" Lois asked trying to move the conversation along.

"About two years now," MJ answered first. "At times it seams longer, at times it seems like yesterday. It all depends on how Mr. Parker behaves!"

Lois laughed and Clark bowed his head. "I know what you mean, and we're not married yet."

Peter struck up the conversation now. "Your editor, Perry, told us you two are engaged… When's the big date?"

Lois and Clark looked at each other again and silently smiled. Peter and MJ smiled too, since they totally understood the situation… more so than they realized. "We've been discussing that," Clark said.

"We've gone though everything from two weeks ago to next June," Lois chimed in completing Clark's line of thought. "All we know is we enjoy being in love, and that's all that counts for now."

MJ laughed. "I know what you mean." The conversation stood still for a couple of minutes as the four completed their meal. "So… what do you two know about the ball Friday?"

"It's supposed to be a costumed event," Lois said. "It's for charity. It's supposed to be sponsored by the Fisk foundation. I've never heard of them operating outside of New York before. That's more up your alley." The last comment was directed at Peter and MJ exclusively.

Peter tried to hide a grimace. *I wonder what Fisk is up to now?* he thought. *Of couse, that's why I came along. To find out what Fisk is up to!* "Let's not talk about Fisk, right now. I'm trying to digest that wonderful pasta!"

MJ held Peter's hand and then tried to make a quick cover she hoped the reporters would understand. "Peter kind of puts Fisk up there with Metropolis's Lex Luthor." MJ was totally unaware of the needles she had just poked Lois and Clark with.

Now it was Clark's turn. "Please, don't mention Luthor. I'm trying to digest this wonderful meal."

Lois looked at Clark. He saw the sadness in her eyes and she saw the pain in his. Luthor had caused them so much trouble and pain it was a wonder they had made it this far, or so they thought from time to time. Clark took Lois's hand and kissed it gently and she turned to hold him. Peter and MJ wondered about what they had said now. "So, I shared a secret with you two. How about a return favor?" Peter asked with a smile. "You don't have to tell me who, but do you know who Superman is??"

A look of concern flashed across Lois's face just so briefly. Clark was better at this, since he had more practice. "What makes you think Superman has a life other than Superman?" Clark asked coolly.

"I don't know," Peter answered stone faced. "I just thought if I had powers like that, it would get very lonely just being a hero with no one to talk to, or maybe even confide in. I don't know. I guess if that was the life I had to lead, I'd just be lonely without someone." MJ reached out and held Peter tightly. *How lonely he must have been before he let me in on his secret*.

At the same time, Clark looked to Lois and saw a tear in her eye. Clark brushed it away gently with a finger. "I love you SO much," she said as she held him, not ever wanting to really let go. *How lonely he must have been before he let me in on his secret*.

Suddenly a ruckus kicked up on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. Clark didn't even need his superhearing to detect it either. Through the window at their booth they could see a woman being mugged by four thugs. Clark immediately got up and Lois nodded for him to *go*. Right behind him was Peter who MJ had likewise released to do his job. The two men rushed outside, each aware the other was there and with one common thought as they stared at each other for a moment: *Would you please disappear so I can change?* "Go call the police, Clark. I'll do what I can here," Peter volunteered.

"I don't think we have time," Clark said as he headed toward the thugs with Peter close behind. "Leave the lady alone," Clark demanded in his best cross between Clark and Superman.

Peter was right behind him. "I'd take his advice if I were you."

The biggest and baddest of the thugs turned toward Clark and Peter and laughed. "Look guys! Two boy scouts looking for a merit badge." The lead thug picked up a crowbar he'd used to terrify the woman and played with it in his hand. "I think we just got some new entertainment."

Inside the restaurant, the patrons watched as Peter Parker and Clark Kent faced down the thugs. MJ was hoping Clark wouldn't get too badly hurt, while Lois was hoping Peter didn't get hurt in the malee to come. All at once, the thugs came at Peter and Clark wielding crowbars and other weapons. Peter reached out, grabbed one and flipped him over his back while Clark *gently* punched the lead thug in the stomach, sending him sprawling into a mailbox. The other two came after the duo, but ran away as Clark and Peter began to chase them. After a second, Clark stopped Peter from pursuing. To Peter's amazement, a Metropolis police car pulled up to block the thugs escape route. Of course he wouldn't have been amazed if he knew Clark had heard it coming for blocks.

After making some brief statements to the police, and making sure the woman the thugs attacked was all right, Clark and Peter returned to the restaurant to a standing applause, which caused both of them to blush slightly. "Not bad, Clark, for a reporter," Peter offered.

Clark's mind raced for a follow up, but Lois came to the rescue. "I've been teaching Clark some Karate. I figure he has to protect himself somehow." She and MJ shared a short giggle.

"Not so bad yourself, Peter," Clark commented trying to act winded.

Peter dismissed it with a wave. "I'm from New York, remember?"

Later that evening at Lois's apartment…

"So, what do you think of them?" Lois continued to clear plates from the living room and closed up the pizza box and carried it to the table. "They're a nice couple aren't they."

"Yes," Clark said as he washed the dishes. "He's brave, standing up to those thugs today with no powers to back him up."

Lois walked to Clark and just held him. She didn't want to let go of him ever. "You're brave too, you know? You could have exposed yourself. That takes courage too."

Clark turned around with a handful of soap suds and placed some on Lois's nose. "How come you always know the right thing to say to me?" he asked her.

She looked up into his eyes and took some suds and placed them on his nose lovingly. "Because I love you." She held him for what seemed forever, and the funny thing was that even that wouldn't be long enough for her. She put her head on his chest and listened to his steady heartbeat. "I wish I could tell you just how much I love you."

Clark held her tight and stroked her hair. "You tell me how every day, honey." She looked up to him and waited for him to continue. "Everyday, I wake up and know you are here for me. I know your support and love are unconditional, and I know that love is for me. I just wish I could tell you how much I love you."

"You do everyday.", she said simply. Then she laughed. "We've gone mushy!"

Clark grinned and kissed her lightly. "There is nothing at all wrong with mush."

The phone rang and they both let their head fall on one another in despair. "Remind me to pull that thing out of the wall on our honeymoon."

"What makes you think there will be phones where we take our honeymoon?" Clark smiled widely and Lois smacked him on the chest as she answered the phone. She came back in a moment or two with a serious look on her face. "What's wrong?" he asked a little concerned.

"Nothing really, that was Lucy on the phone," Lois said as she picked up a too familiar pad of paper and began writing.

"Oh no," Clark moaned. "That's it, isn't it. Please tell me I'm not on it this time?" Lois was the only woman who could make Clark scared, especially when she had that particular notepad. Lois looked at him quizzically. "That's the `Notepad of Revenge', isn't it? I haven't done anything to get on that in over a month."

Lois giggled a bit as she laid down the pad. "It's not the `Notepad of Revenge' anymore," she assured him. "You've gone and made me too soft for that. This is the new `Notepad of Payback'. Don't worry you're not on it… yet. Jimmy gets the honor of being the first. If it hadn't been for your heat vision, Mr. Kent, we would have been soaked for hours thanks to his little stunt!"

"Then we would have had to get out of our clothes," Clark said absently.

Lois smiled widely as she watched him. "Why didn't you think of that earlier?"

"So, what's Jimmy going to get?" Clark asked as he sat down beside Lois at the table. He looked at the pad and shook his head. "No. He doesn't deserve that!"

"Oh yes he does Clark. It's the meanest thing I can do to him that my soft side will allow, and I'm going to do it!" Lois scribbled on the pad. "Friday, Jimmy. Just wait `til Friday."

Clark sighed. "Sorry Jimmy. So, when does he get to pick up your sister?"

Meanwhile, at the hotel room of Peter and Mary Jane Watson-Parker

"They're a nice couple," MJ commented to Peter as he lay on the bed. "I hope they'll be as happy as we are."

Peter turned to MJ and gave her a slightly prolonged kiss. "I don't know if that's possible, MJ. But since he doesn't wear spandex under his suit, they probably have a good chance."

MJ looked at him for a moment or two. "You're worried. I know that look."

"It's Fisk. What is he up to? Why Metropolis? It just doesn't make any sense for the Kingpin to set up a ball for charity. Not him."

MJ cuddled up to him. "Come on Tiger. Lets not let this stop us from enjoying ourselves. Who are you going to go to the ball as?"

Peter thought for a moment. "I don't know. I can't really go as Spider-Man, even though I got the outfit." He laughed as he held his wife. "How about you?"

"I was kind of thinking of the Black Cat!" With that Peter moaned again. "I remember how you used to look at Felicia Harding in that getup. Well, its payback mister." She began to tickle him and soon they were too involved in each other to watch the time pass by.

Back with Lois and Clark, something similar was happening

"So, who are you going as Lois?" Clark asked with a devilish smile. "Why don't I play Hercules and you play Xena?"

Lois swatted him on the chest. "You'd love that wouldn't you. If your parents only knew the monster that lurked under this mild mannered persona. And to think, I let it out!" She hugged and kissed him for a moment. "Actually, I was thinking of UltraWoman."

Back with Peter and MJ

Peter finished putting the gloves on and now reached for the mask.

"Do you have to go out tonight?" MJ asked. "We're here on vacation."

Peter looked sorry as he cupped her chin and gently kissed her. "I just need to get out and spin some new webs here in Metropolis. Who knows, I might bump into Superman." He thought for a moment and then looked concerned. "I hope he won't mind me being here. I mean, I'm treading on his territory."

MJ pushed him to the window. "I'm sure he'll understand. Just be careful out there, Tiger." Peter slipped on the mask and climbed out the window into the Metropolis skyline.

Back with Lois and Clark

"I enjoy you taking off your clothes slowly," Lois commented as Clark changed into the suit. "Some things you just have to take your time with."

"Like you?" Clark asked as he checked his cape. "Is it wrinkled back there." Lois shook her head.

Clark walked to the window. "I'm only going to make a quick flyby tonight. I doubt I'll find much." Lois waved at the windows. "I'll be careful," he assured her. With that, he took off. The breeze that followed his departure scattered papers over Lois's desk.

She just stood and stared at the desk and then looked up to the sky where Clark now was. "I'm going to have to get more paperweights."

On the roof of the Daily Planet

Spider-Man sat perched on the roof of the Daily Planet and looked over the city. "So peaceful," he commented.

From above him came a voice. "It is. That's why I like it up here myself." Superman glided down and landed next to Spider-Man who was now on his feet.

Spider-Man stood as he watched Superman. "Superman, it's an honor to meet you. I never imagined I'd actually get to meet you while I was here in town."

"The feeling's mutual Spider-Man. I have to say, I'd never expected you in Metropolis." Superman resisted the urge to use his vision to see who was under that mask. "What brings you to Metropolis. You're a long way from home."

"I guess I can tell you," Spider-Man said with a moments reservation. "I'm here following a gangster called the Kingpin. His real name is Wilson Fisk!"

"The Kingpin? … Fisk?" Superman thought for a second. "He could be here trying to put connections in with Intergang!"

"Just wonderful. Exactly what I needed. The Kingpin AND Intergang!" An uneasy silence passed between them in the night. "Why are we up here. We've certainly got better things to go home to than this." Spider-Man waved out across the city. "I know I do."

Superman let his character drop for a slight moment and thought of Lois back at her apartment. "Me too."

Peter grinned under the mask. *I knew he had another life out of that suit.* "To answer my own question, I'm up here because of these powers I have. I have found that with great power…"

"There must also come great responsibility," Superman finished. "I've thought the same myself sometimes. It seems to suit you better though for some reason." Superman smiled briefly.

Spidey looked back to the skyline and looked. "I guess you could call the Kingpin my Lex Luthor," Spidey joked.

Clark moaned and rolled his eyes as Spider-Man watched intently. "Please, don't mention Luthor. I'm trying to digest a wonderful meal I just had." Then suddenly Spidey thought he remembered those words before.

If Superman had been peeking under Spider-Man's mask, he would have seen Peter Parker's eyes widen. *That phrase! That voice! The rolling eyes! It can't be!!* Spider-Man, suddenly feeling very self-conscious, rose to his feet. "I guess I should really get going. We've both got better things to do than hang around up here and talk shop."

"I don't know," Superman said. "It's kind of nice to chat with a fellow superhero. Batman and Robin don't get down this way too often." The later comment he said with a smile. As Spider-Man rose to leave, Superman called after him. "Be careful Spider-Man. Enjoy the sights."

Spidey turned and joked. "I'm from New York, remember?" With that he shot a web line out and swung out of view.

"It can't be," were Superman's only words.

Soon after, back at Lois's apartment.

A breeze blew through the apartment, once again sending papers flying. Without looking up Lois half-joked "Next time you're in Greece, pick up a nice paperweight, please? Maybe something from a temple?"

Superman spun into Clark. He had to talk to someone. "Lois, sit down." They both sat on the sofa and Clark proceeded with the story. "I ran into Spider-Man tonight!"

-With MJ and Peter

"I ran into Superman tonight, MJ!" Peter said as he dressed.

-With Lois and Clark

"We talked shop for a while. He's in town looking for a gangster called the Kingpin, and the Kingpin is Fisk!" Clark said putting the pieces together.

-With Peter and MJ

"He thinks Fisk might be trying to connect to Intergang." Peter finished dressing.

-With Lois and Clark

"That's not the strange part though…" >Clark

-With Peter and MJ

"I think I know who he is!" >Peter

-With Lois and Clark

"He's Peter Parker!" >Clark

-With Peter and MJ

"He's Clark Kent!" >Peter

-With Lois and Clark

"That explains his exclusive photos." >Lois

-With Peter and MJ

"That explains their exclusive interviews" >MJ

-With Lois and Clark

"What makes you think…" >Lois

-With Peter and MJ

"… it's him?" >MJ

-With Lois and Clark

"Something…" >Clark

-With Peter and MJ

"… he said." >Peter

-With Lois and Clark

"You're sure. I mean positive it's him?" >Lois

-With Peter and MJ

"You're sure about this?" >MJ

-With Lois and Clark

"Positive." >Clark

-With Peter and MJ

"Positive." >Peter

-With Lois and Clark

"Then there's only one thing we can do…" >Lois

-With Peter and MJ

"… guard their secret as if it were our own." >MJ

-With Lois and Clark

"We can't let them know, we know." >Clark.

-With Peter and MJ

"Of course not. It would be so awkward. Then we'd…" >MJ

-With Lois and Clark

"… have to share our secret with them," Lois said simply. "It's not an option right now."

Clark held her and kissed her for a moment. "I am so luck to have you." He looked deeply into her eyes.

-With Peter and MJ

"So now that you have me, what are you going to do with me?" MJ teased Peter as they lay together.

"I can come up with a few ideas, Mrs. Parker," Peter said as he turned off the lamp.

Next morning, with Lois and Clark

"I've been thinking… ," Lois began.

"This Kingpin thing could help us crack Intergang once and for all," Clark finished Lois's thought.

Lois looked up at him with wonder. "When did we start completing each other's thoughts?"

"According to Perry, two months ago," Clark said with a smile as he sipped his coffee. "I guess I should mention to Peter, that Superman mentioned to us, that he saw Spider-Man last night and would like to meet with him again." Clark thought for the moment at what he just said. "I never babbled until I met you."

"Ha, Ha," Lois mocked laughed. "I never was a softie until I met you. Here I am planning my rev… my payback on Jimmy and the worst thing I can come up with is having him take my sister to the ball on Friday."

"I'd put that in the revenge category," Clark said teasing.

"Hey!" Lois protested as she sat down. "Don't pick on my sister. Only *I* can do that. Besides, they've gone out before. They both say they're miserable together." Lois's face lit up. "Hey, I'm getting two paybacks for one!"

"What has Lucy done for a payback?" Clark asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing… yet," Lois finished. "I'm just stocking up for those times she does and I don't feel like getting her back right away."

"Oh," Clark said simply.

Later, at the Daily Planet

"So, you pick Lucy up at my place at 5:30p.m. on Friday. Got that Jimmy." Lois had Jimmy in a corner and she enjoyed it.

Clark was at his desk, listening the whole time, and quite sympathetic for his friend. He didn't want to get on the payback list though. Jimmy was on his own this time. "CK, give me a hand here!" Jimmy pleaded. Clark shrugged and tried to look as sympathetic as he could. "This isn't fair Lois!"

"You said you wanted a date for the ball," Lois said with a devilish grin.

"But not your sister. Not Lucy. That's… torture!" Jimmy looked like he was at the end of his rope. "CK, when does that train pass at 5th and 3rd?"

"You will be NICE to my sister. Understand?" Jimmy nodded silently.

"Jimmy!" Perry called from his office.

"Saved by the scream." Jimmy looked skyward for divine intervention.

Jameson and Perry, along with Robby Robertson were upstairs planning a joint Planet / Bugle spread on the event. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark poured over the information they had gotten on the ball.

"The Church group," Clark said matter-of-factly. "Security is sub-sub-sub contracted to the Church group."

"Somehow, I don't think Mindy Church is the innocent airhead she pretends to be sometimes." Lois looked up at Clark who was standing over her. "So, what do we do?"

Clark sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. A habit he'd picked up from his parents when they were stressed. "We look and listen. I have no idea what they're up to."

They were silent for a moment and didn't even notice Peter Parker and Mary Jane enter the newsroom. Clark sat down on the edge of Lois's desk and gave her a quick kiss. All the time, Peter and MJ had been watching Lois and Clark intently. Slowly, Lois and Clark both turned to see Peter and MJ and each couple locked eyes with the other. For a small eternity, they watched each other. Suddenly both couples broke away and looked at their mates. Lois turned to Clark with an expression of panic. "Oh_my_God! They know!"

-Back to Peter and MJ

"They know!" > Peter.

-Lois and Clark

"They know we know." >Clark

-Peter and MJ

"We've got to get them away from here." >MJ

-Lois and Clark

"We've got to talk to them, soon." >Clark

Clark got to his feet and waved at Perry. "Chief!! We're heading home for a quick lunch, we'll be back soon!"

"Take your time son,". Perry called back. "News is slow today. I'll call if I need you." With that he waved them off.

Clark and Lois gathered their things and approached Peter and MJ. "Would you two like to come back to my apartment? I think we need to talk," Lois asked hopefully.

Peter responded first. "I think that's a good idea."

Back at Lois's apartment

The four sat at the table in Lois's apartment. Each couple waited for the other to begin. Several times someone would begin, only to fall silent. Finally, Lois held Clark's hand and together they had the strength to go first. "Peter, MJ… we've got something to tell you."

Peter nodded as he held MJ's hand. "I know." More silence followed. "Oh, just out with it. Lois, Clark… we know Clark is Superman!"

Lois and Clark sat dumbfounded for a moment. They each turned to each other. "We know you're Spider-Man, Peter!"

Peter bolted to his feet. "You looked under my mask last night!" MJ was immediately at his side.

Clark and Lois were soon standing too. "I didn't!! I don't work that way!" Clark shouted back at his accuser.

"Well then how?" MJ asked trying to figure this all out.

"Something he said last night… what he said about Fisk and Luthor was identical to what he said at the restaurant. Not to mention the 'I'm from New York' line." Clark was starting to feel less angry. "How did you find out about me?"

Peter smiled and looked sheepish for a moment. "It was your reaction to my Fisk / Luthor comment. It was the same as at the restaurant." Peter held out his hand to Clark. "I'm sorry, Clark. I'm just a little protective about this secret. I guess you understand after all."

Clark took Peter's hand of friendship and grasped it. "Forgiven." Clark said simply with a smile.

Hours later, the four were making final plans for Friday's ball. "We've got to go and find out what Fisk and Church are up to." Lois said planning the story she and her partner would write about this.

Peter spoke up. "You'll have to keep the Kingpin out of this, I'm afraid." Lois looked daggers at him. "I promised Daredevil that I wouldn't interfere with his plans for Fisk. … It's personal."

"O.K., but we're busting Intergang this time!" Lois was determined beyond belief. "You with me Clark?"

Clark came up to here and hugged her closely. "One hundred percent."

Peter and MJ watched the couple as they cuddled together. "Clark, just one more question…" Peter began to ask. They'd already spent a good deal of time quizzing each other on their powers, how they met their wives (or wife-to-be in Clark's case). He had one other question. "Who made your suit? I had to make my own."

Lois laughed lightly. "My mother made it for me." Clark said with a smile.

Peter just shook his head and both he and MJ laughed. *Superman's mother made is supersuit!*

Lois's mind drifted back to the ball Friday, which was tomorrow technically since it was now 1 a.m. on Thursday morning. "So, who are we going to go as?" Lois looked at Peter and then Clark. "I know Clark doesn't want to go in the suit, and I imagine you feel the same way about yours, right Peter?"

Peter nodded, and then much his fear, MJ smiled just as deviously as Lois had before. "I got an idea!" Peter looked to the ceiling, wandering *What now* Clark knew the expression and sympathized. "Why don't you two switch costumes!?"

Peter and Clark looked at each other, considering the idea. "That would be a great idea!" Lois chimed in. "I was planning as going as UltraWoman, how about you MJ." Clark looked at Lois with a sly smile *UltraWoman*.

"I was going as the Black Cat." MJ almost purred as she held Peter, who was now squirming. "Why don't we switch our outfits too!" To this, Lois nodded with a smile.

At Intergang HQ

"My dear Mrs. Church," the Kingpin began, "I believe all the preparations have been made for our `charity' ball tomorrow evening. I do believe it will be a resounding success for Intergang AND the Kingpin."

Mindy Church walked up to Fisk, dropping the airhead blonde routine briefly. "It better be Fisk. This is a big risk to me and my organization."

The Kingpin turned and waved his hands. "I am away from New York and those do-gooders Spider-Man and Daredevil. What do we have to worry about here in Metropolis?"

"Superman," was Church's only comment.

"Now," Kingpin said as he turned to face her, "would Superman suspect that the Kingpin is in town?" He almost smiled for a moment and then his face hardened with determination. "The plan will go ahead as scheduled. If Superman shows up, I will deal with him."

Friday evening, at Lois's apartment

Clark was finishing putting on Peter's spare Spider-Man costume. He had loaned Peter a spare suit. Across the room, Lois was putting on the Black Cat costume. "You realize, if we continue getting dressed in front of one another, we might never get out of here." Clark said slyly. *Of course that wouldn't be a bad thing.*

Lois was struggling with her costume. "We promised we'd wait, Clark. As much as it frustrates me, we wait." Clark finished putting on the gloves and walked over to Lois. She pulled the top trying to adjust it. "Who ever wore this before had a bigger bustline than I do," she said with a hint of disgust.

"I didn't fall in love with you for your bustline," Clark said as he wrapped his hands around her wait.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence Spidey," Lois teased him. She turned around to face him in the new suit. "Red, and blue. Variations on a theme…" Lois and Clark kissed for a moment before Lois remembered something. "I better check on Lucy, and see how she's doing." As she walked out of the bedroom, she turned back. "Put on your glasses!"

Clark quickly put on his glasses, just as Lucy came out of the bathroom. "What do you think, big-brother-to-be?" Lucy asked Clark with a grin. "I am Wonder Woman!" Clark let out a low whistle, which Lois heard and once again, Clark was reminded to stay quiet with Lois's elbow in his side. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"Jimmy should be here any moment, Lucy," Lois reminded her with a smile. "Now, try to have a good time tonight."

Lucy sighed and twirled the lasso a bit. "Jimmy's a nice guy, it's just that we don't seem to click," was Lucy's only comment.

Lois looked a little sad. Just a little. "Of course you don't 'click'. He doesn't have any prior convictions." Lois smiled, just a little bit as Lucy bit her lip.

A knock came at the door. Clark put on the Spidey mask and went to answer it. Opening it reveled Jimmy Olsen, wearing a Captain Marvel outfit. "Well, Shazam! Come on in."

"Whoa! CK, is that you under there?" Clark nodded. "Great get-up. Actually I'm Captain Marvel. I just say Shazam to get my powers." Jimmy walked in and first saw Lois in the Black Cat outfit. "Oh, CK… I see what you got planned for tonight!"

"Watch it Jimmy, or I'll claw you apart!" Lois said playfully swatting her hand in the air.

"What do you think, Jimmy?" Lucy asked as he set his eyes on her.

"Whoa!" was Jimmy's only response. Clark nudged him gently. "I mean, you look great… I mean nice.. Whoa!" Lucy blushed a little. Jimmy had blushed a lot.

Lucy walked up next to Jimmy and ran her hand across the bolt of lightening on his chest, as Jimmy tried to maintain some composure. "There must be a Lane gene that's attracted to spandex."

"So, Jimmy, what's the Chief's costume?" Clark asked trying to relieve a little pressure.

"What do you think, CK?"

Lois and Clark looked at each other and at the same time said, "Elvis."

Friday evening, at the ball

Clark felt a little out of place in the Spider-Man outfit. He felt like he was calling attention to himself. He tried to put himself at ease though and enjoy the party. There were plenty of Green Goblins, Pranksters, Jokers, Batmen, and of course Superman and Spider-Men. There were even some UltraWomen and Black Cats and Wonder Women. There however was only one Captain Marvel, and Jimmy was playing the part to the hilt. Clark couldn't remember seeing his friend so carefree in a while, especially in the company of a woman. Lucy also seemed to be enjoying the event, with Jimmy. "They seem to be enjoying themselves," Clark said pointing to Jimmy and Lucy.

"I know," Lois said with a smirk. "You've made me too soft to even get a payback."

Clark smiled. "Look on the bright side… if we get them together, then they'll leave us alone for a bit? Right?"

Lois moved closer to Clark. "Now I know why I decided to marry you."

As they moved through the guests, they caught view of Superman (Peter Parker) and UltraWoman (MJ). With a nod, they acknowledged each other and headed over to where Perry, Jameson and Robertson were. Perry was up, doing his best `Elvis'. Jameson was just in a tux, but Robby was dressed in a menacing outfit, that Clark couldn't quite place. As Spider-Man (Clark) approached, Jameson fidgeted. "You've got some nerve showing up here, webhead!"

"Don't worry sourpuss, I won't be here long." Clark couldn't help slipping into the Spider-Man character for a moment. The voice was wrong though and Jameson realized it.

"Superman?" Perry asked as he studied Spider-Man. "Is that you?"

"No Chief." Clark replied as he unmasked himself and quickly put on his glasses. "Only me!"

"Great shades of Elvis! You had me going there son. You sounded just like Superman there for a moment." Perry chuckled. "So, what do you think." he asked meaning his own costume.

"You'd make the King proud." Lois said with a smile.

"I knew that was you Lois! As soon as I knew it was Clark. Nice costumes." Perry laughed and sat down.

"Poor taste if you ask me," Jameson snarled. "People who hide behind masks and secret identities have no place in society."

*I see why Peter dislikes this guy so much* Clark passed the comment off though and quickly changed the subject. "Well, here comes Superman and UltraWoman!"

Peter and MJ approached casually. Peter had his hair slicked back, like Clark when he had the outfit on. He'd thought about wearing a pair of glasses, but decided against it. "Well, Spider-Man, welcome to Metropolis."

"Pleasure to be here," Clark said with a grin.

"So, Spider-Man, I bet you do whatever a spider can," Peter said with a smile.

"I spin a web, any size," Clark smiled back.

"He catches thieves, just like flies," MJ chimed in.

"Look out, here comes the Spider-Man," Lois concluded. Everyone laughed.

"I'd figured you for Spider-Man, Peter," Robby said as he looked over Peter.

"And I'd figured you for Superman, Clark," Perry said in response. Both comments made Peter, MJ, Clark and Lois fidget a little.

Lois came to the rescue changing the subject quickly. "Who are you supposed to be Mr. Robertson? I don't remember the costume?"

Robby rose to his feet. "I am Spawn! Agent of Hell, reborn to fight evil and then lead Hell's army to take over the Earth. How are you?" Robby laughed and sat back down. "It's a comic book my son reads. Really nasty and gorey. I figured I'd be the only one in this outfit, and I'm right."

"Speaking of originals, Jimmy's Captain Marvel is a wonderful getup," Perry said. "Thanks for fixing him up with your sister, Lois." Lois only smiled and nodded briefly.

As the evening wore on, Clark and Peter were more on edge, waiting for something to happen. Clark scanned the room with his vision, and suddenly saw several people massing in a room. They had guns, and bags. This was it! Fisk was sitting at the head table, with Mindy Church at his side. At the front of the ballroom was the large clear plastic box that held the evening's contributions. "It's the money," Clark whispered to Peter. "Fisk grabs the money, all one million, and splits it with Intergang as a sign of good faith."

"Fisk then makes a small contribution to charity in place of the money and comes off looking like a hero," Lois added quietly.

"There's armored troops in the kitchen massing to come in. They're Intergang troopers." Clark stared at the door.

"We've got to get everyone out of here." Lois was calm, but concerned.

"I think I have an idea." Clark turned and lowered his glasses and focused his heat vision on the sprinkler system. One by one, sprinklers activated, drenching the crowd below.

"Judas Priest!" Perry shouted. "Well, let's get out of here everyone! I can't let these blue suede shoes get too wet!" People started moving toward the exits as Clark and Peter moved more inside after they made sure their partners were out of harm's way.

"I'm afraid we don't have time to switch outfits, Clark," Peter explained. "I don't dress at superspeed."

At the head table, Fisk grumbled. "I had planned on relieving the guests of some of their money, but I will take what I can get." As he and Church headed for the door, he pressed a button on his watch and said "Now!"

Intergang troopers headed into the room at once. What few guests were left ran for cover. Peter and Clark exchanged brief glances. Clark tossed Peter the Spidey mask and slicked back his hair. Peter donned the mask. "It's a good thing I brought my web shooters."

Peter jumped to the ceiling, in the Superman outfit and sized up the situation. The Intergang troopers stood stunned for a moment as they recognized Superman, in Spider-Man's outfit and Spider-Man in Superman's. "Get them!" a trooper shouted. Peter shot a web patch over the trooper's mouth and quickly tied him up in webs.

"How's that?" Peter asked Clark who had just hung some troopers up on the ceiling.

"Impressive," Clark said as he rammed two troopers together.

It didn't take long for the duo to wrap up the troopers, much to Fisk's dismay. Safely outside, Fisk frowned. He spoke into his watch / communicator. "Smyth, send in the spider-slayer!"

A spider-slayer broke through the kitchen wall. "Great, a spider-slayer. Those are nasty ones!"

"Let me handle this." Clark flew up and lasered the head, arms and legs off with ease and then crushed the pieces together into a small block the size of a small table.

"I don't guess you could teach me that trick?" Peter asked with a laugh.

Outside, Fisk made his way to a limo waiting for him. "Mrs. Church, I believe Metropolis is not to my taste… at the moment. I have lost a good deal of money tonight. I do not take this sort of thing lightly. Good night." Fisk closed the door to the limo, leaving Church to smile like an airhead as the limo drove off.

As the guests straggled back in to collect their belongings and the police collected the troopers while Star Labs rolled away what was left of the spider-slayer, Clark and Peter rejoined their dates. Lois was concerned as she ran up to Clark. "I can't find Lucy or Jimmy anywhere!" Clark's face frowned with concern. "I checked everywhere."

The four began to search, without any superpowers. Clark was the first to make a discovery. "I found Jimmy's cape."

A little farther along the way, Lois said, "I found Lucy's headband."

A trail of items lead up to a table where two items lay on the floor. Lois picked up Jimmy's tights, and Clark picked up Lucy's suit. Peter smiled and raised the long tablecloth up to expose Jimmy and Lucy in a compromising position. "Lucy!!" Lois cried.

"Jimmy!!" Clark said in unison with Lois.

Jimmy and Lucy sheepishly looked up from one another and asked "Did we miss anything?" Clark shook his head and Peter dropped the tablecloth back in place.

Saturday morning, at the Daily Planet

The next morning at the Daily Planet, Lois and Clark were back at work. "These are the headlines I love," Lois said as she held up the paper for Clark to see. The headline read `Intergang — Kingpin Team-Up Foiled by Superman, Spider-Man Duo', by Lois Lane and Clark Kent of course.

"It's a shame we didn't have any pictures for it though." Perry had appeared behind them. "Two prize winning photographers in the same room, and NO pictures." Jimmy and Lucy approached together and quickly disappeared at the Chief's words. "What's up with them?" With that, Perry headed back to say good bye to their visitor from New York. Lois and Clark could only laugh.

"Thanks for keeping Fisk's name out of the piece," Peter said as he and MJ approached. "Daredevil will appreciate it."

"Not really a problem." Clark looked to Lois. "We're just a little disappointed since we can't connect this to Mindy Church." Lois reached onto the floor and brought up a package and handed it to Clark who offered it to Peter. "I believe that this belongs to the two of you."

Peter took the package and handed Clark a similar one. "This is yours."

Lois signed. "I suppose it's safer this way, though I've got to say Clark looked pretty nice in the Spidey outfit." Clark grinned back and the two shared a brief, but passionate kiss.

"Peter didn't look too bad as Superman either." MJ and Peter followed Lois and Clark's lead.

As the two couples finished, Clark took Peter's hand to shake it. "If you ever need any help, let me know. It's nice to have a friend in the business."

Peter smiled. "Same here." Lois and Clark held each other as Peter and MJ walked to the elevator where Robby and Jameson stood waiting for them. With waves, all except Jameson, the group left and were headed back to New York.

"Nice group," Clark said as Perry came back down.

"All except Jameson. You know, he's nothing but a hound dog, just barking all the time." Perry walked back to his office. "Jimmy, get up here!" Jimmy quickly complied, expecting to be sternly lectured for his lack of vigilance last night. He couldn't help but smile though as he entered the office. He mouthed *thank you* at Lois who just let slip a small smile.

Lucy walked up to Lois and gave her a big hug. "Thanks big sister. Last night was great. Jimmy and I finally clicked. I guess these things take time." At the last comment Lois and Clark looked at each other and smiled widely. *Sometimes these things take up to two years* "Jimmy's taking me out again tonight. A new Italian place just a few blocks away." Lucy wandered off, dreamy eyed.

Clark shrugged his shoulders. "I guess I'm just going soft," Lois said with a smile as she laid her head on his shoulder. "I enjoy seeing them happy."

"It's amazing what the right situation can bring out in people," Clark said absently.

Lois grabbed his tie and pulled him down to where she could kiss him. "I guess I'll just have to create the right situation tonight, then. Won't I?"

Clark could only reply, "Yes."