By Jennifer Eagan-Dixon <>

Rated PG

Submitted February 1999

Summary: An episode-format story dealing with what might happen if Jimmy were to catch the just-married Lois in a compromising position — with Superman!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Originally posted on L&C msg board on 4/1/96. This scenario has to do with Lois and Superman "caught" in one of their stolen moments by Jimmy Olsen. It deals with Jimmy's reaction, and Lois' handling of the whole situation.


Part 1

Lois and Clark are finishing up for the day…

CK: (Walking up to LL's desk) "You about ready to go?"

LL: (Turns her computer off) "I am!!! What a day!!!"

CK: (Starts to chuckle) "Well how about if I make up for it by taking you "out" (does his little hand gesture for flying) to dinner?"

LL: (Sly smile) "'Out' as in out of the country?"

Right then a call for Superman, Clark raises his head quickly. Lois' smile turns to a frown.

LL: (Reaches to turn computer back on) "Go… I've got stuff I can do here, I'll wait here, but hurry back."

CK: (Bends down and kisses her) "I'm sorry. I WILL be right back."

LL: (Smiles bravely) "I'll be waiting… be careful… now go!!"

Scene progresses to the office all dark except for Lois working at her desk. JO walks by and is leaving for the night.

JO: "Night Lois. Hey, don't stay here all night, you know all work and no play makes Lois… "

LL: (Breaks in with a smile) "I know… a dull girl!! Hopefully I'll be leaving soon. Night Jimmy."

Jimmy walks out. Almost immediately Superman is back at her desk. Lois looks up with a big smile.

LL: (Standing up, leans over her desk to kiss him) "Well, it's about time you got here."

CK: "I'm sorry — took a little longer than I thought…TWO train wrecks!"

LL: (Getting very close to him) "Well, how about it… where are you flying me off to? Or we could just stay here and nibble on a few things" (starts a small laugh and kisses him on his ear and a very soft but brief kiss ensues. As they finish kissing, Lois sees JO standing there watching. He has heard and seen everything)

LL: (Pulling quickly out of Superman's arms) "Jimmy!"

CK/S: (Swinging around) "Jimmy!"

JO: (Somewhat embarrassed) "I forgot some pictures… (realizing he's not the one who should be embarrassed) "What are you two doing?!!!"

LL: (Takes a step towards him) "Jimmy, it's not what it… "

JO: (Interrupting) "Stop it! I'm not an idiot, Lois, I KNOW what it looks like. You just don't get enough do you, Lois?!"

S: (Takes a step forward) "All right Jimmy!"

Lois puts her hand up to stop him as JO continues.

JO: (Very angry) "Clark would do anything for you! All you've put him through lately and this, this is the payback he gets? What's with YOU!? I thought I knew you… "

S: "That's enough, Jimmy."

JO: (Even more angry) "NO!! NO it's not enough, Superman! You call yourself Clark's friend. You've wanted her all along, haven't you?!! I see the way you look at her! It's just killing you that Clark's with her. Well, I was at the wedding, REMEMBER?! 'I' was Clark's best man. (looking disgustedly at Lois) or did you forget that TOO, Lois?"

JO turns around and storms off… Clark turns to Lois.

S: (wide-eyed) "Let me go talk to him!"

LL: (Eyes filled with tears, agitated) "And tell him what, Clark?! 'oh by the way, I'm really Clark Kent and that's why you saw what you just did… ?'"

S: (Putting his hands on her arms) "But, he shouldn't have said… "

LL: (Interrupting Clark, looking into his eyes) "He's just being your best friend, Clark… (tearing up again) and I hurt him tonight and there's not a thing we can say to change that."

Superman puts his arms around Lois, who puts her head on his chest. Overhead camera pans out showing us these two lovers holding on to each other in the darkness. Knowing they will always be fought against and always misunderstood.


Part 2

Opening scene

It is the beginning of another day at the Daily Planet. Lois and Clark are at Clark's desk. She is standing reading the paper, he is looking at his screen. Jimmy Olsen comes in and passes by.

JO: (Looking straight ahead) "Good morning, CK."

CK: (Looks up) "Morning, Jimmy."

Clark looks at Lois, who gives him a small grimace.

CK: (Picking up her hand, kisses it) "Lois, honey, let me talk to him or something! This is driving me crazy! It's been a week now and he hasn't said more than two words to you!"

Lois takes back her hand slowly and places it on Clark's shoulder.

LL: "Clark, it's okay really!"

Clark gives her that 'I don't believe you' look.

LL: (Wide-eyed) "REALLY!!" Clark, I at least know WHY Jimmy's doing this… it DOES make it a little easier to handle you know. Most men you can't figure out their actions from a hole… "

CK looks at her with an amused smile

LL: (Slight grimace, then smiles) "Well, let's not go down that alley, but really, it's the way I would expect Jimmy to react if he really saw me with another man! I just can't think of a way to fix it, that's all."

CK: (Confused look) "I know. Every time I think about what to say, my brain kinda short circuits."

LL: (Pats him on the shoulder) "Well, we'll think of something… somehow."

Right then Perry White steps out of his office.

PW: (Barking) KENT, LANE, OLSEN! In my office pronto!"

They all assemble in PW's office and he informs them of a news story. He is finishing up orders…

PW: "Jimmy, I want you to pull everything you can for Lois and maybe you two can work together on… "

Jimmy has stiffened up at the mention of Lois' name and EVERYONE has noticed it!

LL: (Stepping in to save an awkward moment) "Uh Perry! That's okay, I can get the files I need, then maybe Jimmy can take half and I'll take half."

Silence and three people staring at Perry.

PW: (Suspiciously) "Folks, you can cut the silence in here with a dull butter knife. Is there a problem?"

Lois opens her mouth to speak, but Jimmy does instead.

JO: (Unsmiling) "No problem — at least nothing Superman can't handle, right, Lois?" (Starts to walk out of office) "I'll start pulling files."

PW: (Quietly) "Is it just my imagination or did he put his drawers on backwards again?"

Clark and Lois look at each other sweetly in awkward silence.

PW: (Tilts his head) "Lois, is everything… "

LL: (Puts up her hand) "Everything is fine, Perry (makes a hasty exit) JUST FINE!!"

Clark's shoulders falling, put his hands in his pants pockets, and slowly walks out of the office shaking his head.


Lois has finished going through her files. Jimmy is in the conference room going over his.

Lois takes a deep breath and heads for the conference room. Clark looks and listens from his desk.

LL: (Steps in quietly) "I've gone through everything I have, and zilch. You havin' any luck?"

JO: (Looks up at her with cold glare) "No… nothing." (Looks back at his papers)

LL: (Stepping back toward the door, pointing over her shoulder) "Well I'm going to go check what Clark has… let me know if you come up with anything."

JO: (Cold but softening) "Lois… "

Lois looks up and sees Clark, who lets her know he's listening with a soft smile. She now turns to face Jimmy.

LL: (Raises eyebrows and smiles) "Yeah?"

JO: (Leans back in his chair, with an insincere smile) "The gloves are off with us, right?"

LL: (Putting her hair behind her ear nervously) "Yeah, Jimmy, I think so."

JO: "Can I ask you something and you honestly tell me the truth?"

LL: (Takes a deep breath) "Shoot!"

JO: "Do you REALLY love CK?"

LL: (Soft smile) "More than you'll ever know, Jimmy."

JO: (Leans forwad) "Then WHY Superman?"

LL: (Sighs, stares into space) "You don't know how many times I've asked myself those very words… 'WHY Superman?' (smiles, then turns to Jimmy) "Look, Jimmy, I don't expect you to understand, I don't know if I do. I wish I could clear this all up in the way I know you'd understand, but I can't. I wish I could tell you what's in my heart, but I can't. What I can tell you is THIS. Superman is very special to me, he always will be, but I'm in love with Clark, and I will never let Superman come between Clark and I! Never!"

JO stands up with hands in pockets. Lois is about to cry. She turns to leave.

JO: (Softly, his words catching her on her way out) "He would lay down his life for you, you know… CK… "

Lois, with tears in her eyes, turned around with her beautiful smile.

LL: (Barely able to speak) "And I would lay my life down for him, Jimmy."

Lois walks out of conference room. End of scene leaves Jimmy sitting down and pushing his papers across the desk in frustration.

Part 3

Several hours later, Jimmy walks up to Lois' desk with papers in his hand.

LL: (Looks up and smiles) "What'dya got, Jimmy?"

JO: (Softly) "An apology."

LL: (Shocked) "Oh no! Jimmy there's really no… "

JO: (Interrupts) "Lois, I've been a real jerk lately, I know. (he leans next to her desk for privacy, and in a whisper says) Listen, I just care a lot about you and Clark. Lois, you mean the world to that guy.

JO: (Continues) "You walk into the room and he's gone… he loses all sense of coherency… (Lois smiles shyly and proudly knowing she's doing HER job well) Ya know? You've got him! Hook, line, and sinker, and I'm afraid, I'm afraid you're gonna throw him back."

Lois smiles softly, lets Jimmy continue.

JO: "… and I know you say you love him. I believe you, Lois, I do. It's just that I wanna see you guys together. Ya know, little baby Kents and all." (Gives her a big grin) "It just seems like it's not gonna happen, and then when I saw you with Superman, I just lost it! I'm sorry, really."

LL: (Teary smile, puts her hand on his shoulder) "You know Clark and I ARE awfully blessed to have you for a friend. Clark needs you, Jimmy, and I need you too! And when you're not there, I miss you."

A tear has fallen down Lois' face… Jimmy quickly grabs a kleenex off her desk and hands it to her.

JO: (Smiles) "Well, if you'll take me back, I'd like to be your friend too, Lois."

LL: "Could I have a hug?"

Both stand up and a cute embrace follows. Clark looking on with a smile and as Jimmy leaves, walks up to her desk. Lois looks up with a relieved smile on her face.

Clark looks at her with admiration and says, "For a week now I've watched and listened to all of this" (his eyes scan his surroundings and return to Lois) "and you really ARE awesome."

Lois walks around her desk begins to play with his tie.

LL: (Sexily) "Well, I see this relationship as, shall we say, an investment and I'm placing EVERYTHING I have into it… and I'm expecting to get a big payoff!!"

Softly laughs and kisses him softly.

CK: (Putting his arms around her, begins a kiss) "You, my lady - I believe can retire with the payoff I've got in mind!"



Voice of Lois: (Very sexy) "I like the dividends already!" (Soft laughter)