Conversations Between Newlyweds

By Jennifer Eagan-Dixon <>

Rated PG

Submitted February 1999

Summary: A few days in the "normal" newlywed life of our favorite couple. :)

Author's note: originally posted to the Lois and Clark message boards August 27, 1996


In front of Perry's desk sat Jimmy, Lois, and Superman. They were trying to discuss the next steps to take in the most recent incident in Metropolis. A new villain had arrived on the scene and they were about to put the screws to him.

Perry was going over a few last minor details and giving out some directives to Jimmy and Lois. Clark had gone out to lunch, and, well, he must have been stuck in traffic.

Superman's gaze during the conversation had fallen to Lois' legs as she sat there in an unusually attractive dress. His mind was wandering and he was about to turn on the x-ray vision.

Lois had noticed his gaze and quickly moved her hand to her legs and waved it to stop his stare. Seeing her hand, he came to and looked up at Perry who was now staring at him.

PW: "That sound okay with you, Superman?"

Superman, with an almost petrified look on his face, turned to Lois. She smiled at him and nodded — telling him to agree.

S: "That sounds great, Mr. White!"

Everyone stood up and started to depart, but Superman pulled Lois back.

S: "Lois, may I speak with you for a moment?"

LLK: "Sure."

S: (Whispering) "What did I just agree to?"

LLK: (Smiling softly) "To ride through downtown Metropolis in nothing but a loincloth."

S: "LOIS!"

LLK: "Well, you should have been listening, 'Superman.'"

S: (Sexy smile) "I was a little distracted."

LLK: (Getting very close) "You haven't even started to be distracted — trust me!"

S: (Whispering) "Do you think maybe we could discuss this next step — maybe one on one."

LLK: (Very low and sexy) "Well, I do know this little out of the way place. Great mattress… "

S: "I'm ready… NOW."

PW: "Lois! Call for you on line one."

LLK: "Be right there, Chief!

She then turned to Superman to 'rearrange plans."

LLK: "Can I get back to you on that and perhaps go over ALL the details later?"

Superman nodded and gave her his best 'I want you now!' smiles.

LLK: (Teasingly and much lower) "… and then we can go over them again, and then again, till we get it just right… "

Lois walked away sexily and slowly to answer the phone, letting Superman have an eyeful of her swinging hips as she left him. He gave his wife a sly grin and swallowed hard. Then he walked over to Jimmy's desk to go over anything he might have really missed!

Later in the day, Clark was back at his desk, staring at Lois. She was trying to finish up their story, but noticing his looks, it was slow going. She picked up the phone and dialed his extension. He knew it was her and picked it up quickly, still gazing at her with a kind of silly grin.

CK: "Ready and waiting!"

LLK: (Smiling) "You REALLY are bothering my concentration."

CK: "Good! It's working then!"

LLK: "You know the longer it takes me to do this story… the longer we're here… "

CK: "Well, Mrs. Kent — type faster! Just ignore all these imaginative thoughts I'm sending."

LLK: (Smiling broadly) "I'm trying, but I'm not being too successful. They come in loud and clear, you know."

CK: "Hmmmm-hmmmm"

LLK: "Why don't you put on that nice outfit and go check out the city or something."

CK: "Yessss, darling… I love you!"

LLK: (Hanging up) "Love you too… now go! PLEASE!"

Lois going back to her work, but as she tries Clark sends her a thought.

CK: <… and I've got my arms around you and I've got my mouth on your neck, it's warm, and heavy, and my hands start to…>

Lois looked up at him immediately and gave him a wide-eyed stare.

CK: (Out loud) "I'm going, I'm going!"

He walked behind her desk and breathed next to her ear.

CK: "But I'm still waiting."

Lois threw up her hands and pushed her chair back.

LLK: (Smiling and speaking just a little too loud) "Let's just clear the desk off here!"

Jimmy was walking by right at the moment and overheard her.

JO: "Don't you two have a house you can go to?"

LLK: (Quickly going back to work, mumbled) "Oh god… "

Clark smiled nicely at Jimmy and trotted off to the elevator.


Clark had just come back from checking out the city and was stepping off the elevator when he heard Perry's bark.


CK: "Right here, Chief!"

Lois got up from her desk and walked over to the two of them.

PW: "I'm sorry to do this to you two, but I need a stakeout team tonight. There's been a new development and we think they'll make their move tonight. I need my best on this one!"

CK: (Looking very disappointed, weak smile) "Sure, Chief."

Lois smiled softly at Clark and nodded to the Chief.

LLK: "We'll get on it right away, Chief."

CK: "I'll go grab us something to eat and bring it back."


Lois and Clark are now parked outside the building they are staking out. They're eating their dinner in the car.

CK: "Not exactly the dinner I had in mind for us tonight."

LLK: "We'll do it tomorrow, sweetheart."

She reached over and kissed him lightly on the lips and grinned at him.

LLK: "I still couldn't ask for better company tonight."

Clark smiled at her. He had been so focused 'on them' recently that he had almost forgotten about their jobs, their careers. She loved this stuff! Maybe more than…

CK: "Let me ask you a question and I want a truthful answer now."

They were done eating now, Lois, putting the trash together, looked at him smiling.

LLK: "Sure! That is the only kind I give you, you know."

CK: "Okay, if you had a choice — seriously — between being on an assignment or being home alone with me, what would you choose?"

LLK: (Without hesitating) "You! Of course! Clark, I'm not going to lie. You know I love this stuff!! If I have to be here, well, I'll give it all my attention."

She then looked seriously in his eyes before making her next statement.

LLK: "And when I'm with you, I try to give you all my attention. I do, don't I?"

Clark reached over and kissed her lightly.

CK: "Yeah. You really do."

LLK: (Sweetly) "Is this one of those insecurities coming out?"

CK: "I sometimes feel like I need you a whole lot more than you need me, that's all."

Lois looked at him questioning, where was this coming from?

LLK: "Clark, what would ever make you say that?"

CK: "I don't know. I just think so."

LLK: "Well, I DO think we're needing each other a little differently these days."

CK: "How so?"

LLK: "Well, you're wanting me more physically, you know, it's still so new for us, and, of course, I love that Clark, but I'm just needing you, period.

I'm enjoying just getting used to you. Getting used to waking up with you, getting used to sitting down on the couch and you know, enjoying the fact that you don't have to leave at night, to falling asleep in your arms. Getting used to getting ready with you in the morning, to washing your clothes. Getting used to going grocery shopping together, all of it! I'm really needing to just be 'with you,' and for me, it doesn't matter what we're doing… and I hope you're looking at what's going on around us, cause I just realized I've totally forgotten why we're here."

CK: "I am. Three guys sitting around talking. Looks like they're waiting for someone."

LLK: "Did anything I just say make sense?"

CK: (Kissing her) "Yes. Yes it did. Thank you… Lois?"

LLK: (Looking through binoculars) "Yeah?"

Lois leaned back into his arms now.

CK: (Putting an arm around her waist) "Don't ever stop talking… please?"

Lois smiled and reaching back put her hand on his face.

LLK: "Okay, but you're gonna regret those words!"

CK: (Smiling broadly) "Never!"

LLK: "You know I never thought I'd want someone always, shall we say, connected at my hip.' I always thought I'd be that independent, self-powered, married woman. You changed all that Clark. Since we've been married, I can't stand to be away from you. I need you right here, at my hip."

CK: (Kissing her on the neck) "Well, there's one thing we both need!"

Clark looked again and there was movement inside the building.

CK: "Heads up! I think they're about to move."

And so Mr. & Mrs. Kent shifted gears and once again became that great inestigative news team Metropolis and all the FoLCs had learned to love.


Part 2

Clark was taking the pillows off the bed when Lois came in reading her magazine.

CK: "What are you reading?"

LLK: "Did you know that this guy Griffin said 'Journalism is history on the run'? I kinda like that."

Lois had picked up her latest copy of "Journalism Today" and was now reading as she came to bed. Clark pulled his side of the bed sheets down and walked over to her as she stood there reading. With his hands on his hips, he looked at her reprovingly.

CK: "What was our agreement?"

Lois looked up quickly, having forgotten it only momentarily. She smiled shyly and handed the magazine to Clark.

LLK: "No work in bed, only play in bed… oh! and some sleep."

Clark took the magazine and threw it back over his shoulder, landing it in the doorway nicely.

CK: "Very good… now let's talk about that play."

Lois giggled as Clark wrapped his arms around her and kissed her wonderfully on her neck. She put her arms around his neck tightly and kissed his ear.

LLK: "Then maybe we should pull my side of the bed down."

Clark smiled at her and as she pulled her side down, he took off his shirt.

LLK: "Clark, when the kids come, how do you think it'll be?"

Clark gave her a funny look and laughed as he took off his shoes.

CK: "What are you talking about?"

LLK: "Well, when we've got kids, what kinda routine do you think we'll have?"

CK: "Honey, we've been married three weeks and you're asking about a routine?"

Clark took off his pants and sat on the edge of the bed to remove his socks. Lois crawled across the bed and put her arms around his neck.

LLK: "These are things I think about! You told me not to stop talking remember!"

CK: "Okay… what kind of routine. You mean do we get ready for bed first and then tell them a bedtime story or do we tell the story first… "

LLK: (Falling back on the pillows) "Yeah!"

Clark fell back on his pillow, both of them now stared at the ceiling.

CK: "Well, I think, we should get them dressed for bed, then we get dressed for bed, and then we can tell them a bedtime story."

Lois sat up in bed and looked at Clark lying there.

LLK: "Did your parents tell you a bedtime story?"

CK: (Running his hand up and down her arm) "Every night."

Lois put her head on her knees and smiled at Clark.

LLK: "I never had bedtime stories."

Clark now sat up and kissed her lightly. He ran his fingers through her hair and smiled appreciatively at her.

CK: "Well, you better brush up on some, 'cause our kids are going to — every night."

Lois couldn't help but stare at this man next to her. Perfect in so many ways. What had she done to get this man? Actually nothing, she thought with a sigh.

CK: "And I'm not talking stories read to them. I mean made up stories. My mom and dad used to come in and tell me these great stories and after they'd leave, I'd just lay there and think about them."

Lois smiled sweetly as she remembered her childhood. It wasn't a horrible childhood, but it was nothing like Clark's. People got wrapped up in themselves, she had thought as a child, and they sometimes just didn't have time to talk to their kids. She had accepted that observation from an early age, now it literally made her stomach turn at the thought of it.

LLK: "I think two journalists should be able to come up with some stories. (Then she chuckled) Of course, we want them to be able to sleep at night!"

Clark laughed at her last comment and then reaching over, pulled them both down on the bed kissing her once again on her neck.

CK: "We'll be fantastic! Now let me show you something else we can do that's fantastic!"

Lois smiled and then looked at him with tears in her eyes. Clark looked at her alarmed and wiped one away.

CK: "LT!! (his abbreviation for "Little Tornado")… why the tears?"

LLK: (Smiling) "I just hope I make you happy."

CK: "Lois, you do… "

LLK: (Interrupting) "No. I mean 30, 40 years down the road. I hope I still make you happy."

CK: (Smiling broadly) "You do and you will!"

LLK: (Anxious) "But what if I don't?"

Clark now sat up and ran his hand through his hair in despair. So many fears in this woman, so many fears of being left. It was sometimes a bigger mountain than Clark had ever imagined facing. Lois laid there looking up at the ceiling, as Clark got off the bed slowly. She propped herself on her elbows as she watched him walk to the window.

CK: (Staring out) "You trust me?"

LLK: (Embarrassed slightly) "Of course I trust you."

CK: (Turning to her) "Then trust what I'm going to say to you. Lois — WE are not your parents! We're not my parents for that matter! We're Clark Kent and Lois Lane — two reporters who met, fell in love, and look forward to a long and happy marriage together with a house full of kids!"

He then crawled back on the bed and laid down on her lightly.

CK: "It doesn't mean we're not going to make mistakes or that we'll make bigger ones than they did! We'll have our own set to deal with! But, Lois, please, this is you and me! Not Sam and Ellen or Jonathan and Martha. This is Clark and Lois."

Lois smiled softly and laid back in bed once again putting her arms around his neck.

LLK: (Whispering) "I just get scared sometimes. I'm scared I'll wake up and this is all a dream."

CK: (Brushing back her hair) "No dream. This is for real. Here, I'll show you."

With that said, he proceeded to kiss her neck and start tickling her side. Lois let out a scream and a laugh, then again she was serious.

LLK: "What age?"

CK: "What age what?"

LLK: "What age do we start telling them bedtime stories?"

CK: "Tell you what… why don't we practice 'making' children before we discuss telling them bedtime stories!?"

LLK: (Sexily) "Now there's a plan!"

Clark proceeded to kiss on his wife and slowly undress her. The insecurities and fears gone for a time, they spent the rest of the night practicing.


Part 3

As Lois stood there in the middle of the darkened street, she could literally feel her heart beating through her blouse. She wasn't sure where she was, but the surroundings were oddly familiar.

Suddenly up ahead a whistle blew, and a figure appeared in the fog that was now descending everywhere. Dressed all in black, he quietly and slowly came towards her. She turned around to look for an escape and found only a brick wall facing her. Lois tried to scream, but no sound would come. He was now standing only inches away from her and she could now see his face. He stretched out his gloved hand and laid it on her stomach as he was about to take his other and smother her with some type of cloth. Suddenly before he could cover her mouth, her scream came out loud and clear.


Clark jumped awake as the sound of Lois' short scream reached his ears. Quickly he grabbed her, bringing her body close to his. She buried her face in his chest and let out a deep sigh. He reached down and kissed her forehead and embraced her tightly now.

CK: (Sleepily) "Another nightmare?"

Lois said nothing, but vigorously shook her head yes. They had been married one month and this was the fourth nightmare "they" had experienced. Lois confessed on the first one, three days into the marriage, that she had had the nightmares for months, since February.

All of a sudden she was freezing. She pushed her body into Clark's.

LLK: (Whispering in his neck) "Tighter… hold me tighter."

CK: (Smiling softly) "I don't want to hurt you, honey."

LLK: (Looking into his eyes) "You won't."

CK: (Bringing her closer) "Wanna talk about it?"

Lois let out a sigh as she thought about Clark's question.

LLK: "The same dream… that's all… except this time he started to grab me."

CK: "So he's getting progressively closer."

Lois' mouth was dry and her throat hurt again. It always did after one of the nightmares.

LLK: I'm gonna go get a drink of water."

Lois reached for her robe and headed for the kitchen. As she ran the water, she felt Clark put his arms around her. What a wonderful feeling to have someone just want to be there for you. Never in her wildest imagination did Lois ever think it would happen for her. Now it was here. She drank her water and putting the glass in the sink, she turned to Clark's waiting arms.

LLK: "Can we rock?"

Some women like their hair played with to relax, some women like back massages, Lois liked to be held and rocked. Clark picked her up in his arms, kissing her softly, and slowly they floated into the den where the big rocker/recliner was. He placed them on it and Lois now curled up in his arms, her face buried in his neck. Clark leaned back and closed his eyes as Lois gently placed kisses on his chin and rubbed his chest.

CK: (Smiling dreamily) "You keep that up and we're gonna do more than rock."

Lois laughed lightly and put her arm around his neck.

LLK: "Thank you."

CK: "Anytime, sweetheart."

Clark sat there now stroking her hair and rocking lightly. He knew Lois would talk when she was ready.

CK: "Well, you might not have been read to at night, but somebody, somewhere rocked you didn't they?"

LLK: (Nodding) "My mom… especially when I was sick."

Lois now sat up on Clark's lap and smiled wonderfully.

LLK: "I'm so glad I have you."

CK: (Amused smile) "Love, honor, and rock… I think that's how it went… right?"

Lois grinned and ran her fingers across his massive chest. She was admiring him, when all of a sudden the words began to flow.

LLK: (Her eyes filling up with tears) "I guess I realized something tonight and I'm having difficulty facing it."

She now looked at Clark, searching his face.

LLK: "Lex is always going to be there — in our lives. Even if he's gone forever, physically, he's going to keep haunting us. Somehow I feel like the nightmares are never going to go away completely."

Clark ran his finger down her face and neck, letting it travel down her chest and to her stomach. He patted her softly, feeling the warmth of her through her silk robe. He was getting distracted quickly, but she needed him to talk to her more than anything. He took his attention off her body and looked into her big brown eyes. He saw that beam of love, someone had once mentioned, staring at him.

He was like all the rest who had made the mistake of looking deep into those eyes. He had succumbed. He was frozen in their headlights, like a deer to a Mack truck. He tried to focus on his words and break his gaze.

CK: "… I think they will, Lois. It's just going to take time."

LLK: "He's going to come back. You know it, I know it… deep down. Up until now it's me and you that he's terrorized. What about the next time? What if there's a child next time? That horrifies me, Clark — just the thought of it."

Clark reached out and placed her head on his chest, holding her close.

CK: "I guess I try not to think about that."

LLK: (Laying on his chest) "We have to, Clark. No matter how much we want to put this off. We need to protect our children."

CK: "Tell me about your first trip on the time machine again. What did H.G. Wells tell us… about us?" (Lois had been kidnapped into the alternate dimension, H.G. Wells had her recall her first trip back in time. He had talked to her about hers and Clark's future and Utopia. It was all still fuzzy to Clark, since he had not been made to recall it.)

LLK: "Can I skip the part about going down in history with people asking "HOW DUMB WAS SHE???"

Clark winced slightly. He had forgotten all about Tempus' cruelty to her.

CK: "I'm sorry, honey… the part about Utopia."

LLK: "There's really not a whole lot to tell. He told me that Superman's descendants built Utopia and created a society based on the principles and ethics Sup— you lived by."

CK: "Funny. Ever since I was a little kid and realized I was different, I always dreamed of a place where there was no pain or sorrow, killing or hating — only peace and safety. I used to imagine what it would look like. How the buildings were made, how the streets looked."

LLK: "Maybe you have the plans already in your head, and you can pass them on to our kids and they'll pass… "

CK: "That's what I wanted to hear you say — our kids. Lois, we are going to be okay, step by step, day by day… right?"

Lois smiled and nuzzled up to Clark again, placing kisses behind his ear and then down his neck. As she now traveled down his chest, he moaned ever so lightly, catching her attention. She smiled at him, quite pleased with her effect on him.

LLK: "You ready to go back to bed?"

Clark had closed his eyes while his wife had gently loved on him. Now he quickly opened them at her last statement.

CK: "Yes. I am definitely ready!"

Suddenly Lois could feel them lift and start floating towards the bedroom. Soon she was lying back in his arms, all the nightmares disappearing from view. Once again she was experiencing what she at one time considered only wishful dreams. Dreams of being in Clark's arms and his loving her tenderly. This wasn't a dream, however, and it was all rally happening and quite wonderfully, she thought.

In the morning, going to her car, Lois took a moment to enjoy how beautiful the sky looked. Everything looked so alive and she wondered how the nightmare could have even come near her. She smiled broadly as she put her key in the car door and shrugged off the terror of the night before. If she had turned around though, she might have caught a glimpse of it. A glimpse of a shroud of darkness running along the side of the house, slowly making its way to the woods behind it.


Part 4

Dialog with <> around it are Lois and Clark's thoughts.

Lois was looking through the kitchen cabinets when Clark came whistling through.

CK: "Whatch'ya lookin' for?"

LLK: "Food."

CK: "You that hungry!?"

LLK: "No, I need to go grocery shopping and I'm finding out what we need."

CK: "Oh! Mind if I tag along?"

LLK: "You… go with me… to the grocery store?"

CK: "Yeah… what's wrong with that?"

LLK: "Well, sure… we've just never gone together before, that's all."

CK: (Grinning at her) "There's a first time for everything!"

At the grocery store Lois started looking at the fruit section, while Clark went over to the vegetables.

LLK: (Calling to him) "Clark, you like apples?"

CK: "Yeah, but not green."

<LLK: Suits me fine, I can't stand them period.>

CK: "You ever cook asparagus?"

Lois shot him a look like "you must be crazy!"

<CK: Has she ever SEEN asparagus, is more the question.>

Clark walked over with a small bunch of fresh asparagus. Lois gave him a ghastly look as he set them in the buggy.

CK: "You'll love them… trust me!"

LLK: (Small whine) "Oh, Clark! Are you gonna try and make me healthy?"

CK: (Whining back) "Oh, Lois! Would I do that to you?"

Lois gave him a smirk as she continued up the fruit side.

LLK: (Out of the corner of her eye) "I do love carrots."

CK: (Snapping his fingers) "Be right back."

Momentarily he came back with the fresh carrots.

CK: "There you go!"

LLK: (Smiling) "I have a question for you."

CK: "What?"

LLK: (In a low voice) "You told me one time that you didn't need to eat, but that you just like to."

CK: "Right."

LLK: (Smiling) "Think of the money we would save by just not feeding you!"

Clark's eyes got as big as saucers and his mouth dropped open slightly.

LLK: (Trying not to laugh) "And think of all the chocolate I could buy with the money we'd save!"

Clark started coming at her, but she quickly moved the buggy in front of her. She was now grinning from ear to ear. Right then Clark's head popped up as he heard a cry for help. Lois recognized it in an instant.

LLK: "Don't be long or I'll buy frozen dinners for you!"

CK: "Frozen din!… I'll be right back… (with a grin) Lois, don't you do it!"

LLK: "Go… be careful."

CK: (Kissing her) "I will. I love you."

LLK: (Pathetically) "Love you too."

Lois turned the corner and hit the bread section. What was his favorite bread? Rye?, no, pumpernickel? no…

<LLK: Ahh… he's getting wheat! And a loaf of enriched bleached white for me with all the poison in it!>

Right then Clark returned, as Superman. Lois was looking at her list.

S: "Okay, where are we?"

Lois recovered like a pro, giving him her best panicked look. The people in the aisle looked on amused.

LLK: "SUPERMAN! What a surprise! How are you?!"

Clark looked at her funny and then looking down at himself, he realized what he had done. Quickly he tried to cover his mistake.

S: "Good to see you, Lois! How's Clark!?"

<LLK: Goofy as ever… >

LLK: "He's great! (now wide-eyed and clenched teeth) So, what are you doing here?"

Clark looked over at the shelves and quickly grabbed a loaf of bread.

S: "Just getting some bread… pumpernickel… it's my favorite… well, I gotta fly… good seeing you, Lois… tell Clark I said hi!"

LLK: (Nodding) "I'll do that!"

Superman took off to the cashier and Lois turned her cart around and put back the wheat bread.

<LLK: Pumpernickel it is!>

In a moment Clark was back at her side. He smiled impishly as they went down the aisle. Lois looked over at him; smiling, she started to shake her head. He winked at her and when he did they both busted out laughing. Saved by the bread this time.

Later that night, Lois was on the phone.

LLK: "So there he was, Martha, standing there in his little blue tights buying pumpernickel bread… (laughing)… it was really hilarious… you should have seen him…

Lois listens for a moment to Martha.


Clark is watching TV and turns his head.

CK: "What she say?"

LLK: "Just a minute, Martha. She says it was a good thing we weren't near the condoms!"

CK: "MOM!!!!"


Part 5

It was 4:30 in the afternoon and Clark was finishing up a story when his phone rang.

CK: "Clark Kent."

LLK: (Sexily) "IT IS?"

CK: (Smiling) "It sure is, and where might you be?"

Lois was standing in a long line of people, portable phone to her ear, scratching off a list as she spoke to her husband.

LLK: "Still doing the name change thing."

CK: "Where are you now?"

LLK: "Just got done at the bank and now I'm standing in a long line at the DMV."

CK: "Is there any other kind of lines at the DMV?"

LLK: "Well, I just wanted to let you know I won't be coming back to work."

CK: "Okay, well then, Lois, I gotta run, honey. I'll call you right back."

LLK: "A call for… ?"

CK: "Yes!"

LLK: "Okay, I'll be here I'm sure. Be careful!"

CK: "I will. Love you!"

LLK: "Love you."

Lois looked at her watch, noticing the time and the line were moving in opposite directions. Of course time was speedily moving on, and the line was almost backed up into the street. Several minutes passed and her phone rang.

LLK: "Lois Lane"

CK: "Hello"

LLK: (Big smile) "Hi sweetie."

CK: So where are you now?"

LLK: "Two feet closer to the front since the last time we spoke. Where'd you have to go?"

CK: "Cat caught up in a tree!"

LLK: "Are you kidding me?"

CK: "No, I'm afraid not."

LLK: "Clark, isn't there a way you can 'screen' your calls, like ignore low priority ones so you don't miss an important one, like me."

CK: "Cats need help too, and if I had a 'screen' mechanism, don't you think I'd have used it last night?"

Lois stood there remembering the interruption in their 'evening plans'. Of course, after discovering it was a mud slide in Peru, she was glad he had taken care of it, but at the time… !

LLK: "So is he okay? the cat."

CK: (Laughing) "Fine, so what can I start cooking at home?"

LLK: "Boy! Talk about your visual imagery!"

CK: (Grinning now) "Meet you at the door with just my spatula?"

LLK: (Whispering) "You better stop, this phone's getting hot!"

CK: "Let me tell you what else is getting hot!"

LLK: "Clark!! Hey, I bought something for you today."

CK: "You did? What color is it?"

LLK: (Low) "Peach and it's got a lot of lace on it."

CK: "Talk about your visual imagery!"

LLK: "You want me to put it on before dinner, during dinner, or for dessert?"

There was silence on the other end.

LLK: "Clark?"

CK: (Off in LoLo land) "I'm thinking."

LLK: (Laughing) "Hey I'm next to the counter!"

CK: "Okay, well I better let you go."

LLK: "Well, I just want you to know something."

CK: "What's that?"

LLK: "This is the most fun I've ever had at the DMV!"

CK: "Glad I could make your stay there enjoyable. I know you certainly 'perked up' my afternoon."

LLK: "I've only yet begun too! See you at home, honey."

CK: "Now don't be surprised when you open the door."

LLK: "Yes, ma'am, registration, old license (To Clark) I can't wait."

LLK: "No, ma'am, I was talking to my husband. (embarrassed ) Clark, I gotta go!"

CK: (Laughing) "Just don't get too confused and order dessert standing there!"

LLK: (Whispering) "Wait 'til I get home!"

CK: "Oh by the way, guess what I picked up this afternoon?"

LLK: (Grinning) "What?"

Lois listens for a moment.

LLK: "Oil?! (Looking at the clerk) Yes, uh, of course I have oil in the car honey!"

Clark could tell she was probably beet red at this moment and started laughing.

LLK: (Whispering) "Let me go, this lady is giving me strange looks."

CK: "Okay, serious, what do you want me to start for dinner?"

LLK: "How about surprising me."

CK: "Oh I plan to, hurry home, hon!"

LLK: "I will. I love you."

CK: "Love you too."

Lois smiled broadly as she slipped her phone into her purse. Well it definitely felt warmer.

The next morning at the Planet, Lois, Clark and Jimmy were taking a small break.

LLK: "Jimmy, you should have seen the feast we ate last night."

JO: "Tryin' her cookin' out on ya, huh, CK?"

LLK: (Giving Jimmy a strange look) "What are you talking about?! Clark fixed dinner!"

JO: "I should have known better."

LLK: "You really outdid yourself, Clark. He made this wonderful chicken and rice dish with buttered carrots on the side."

CK: (Bowing slightly) "Thank you. Thank you very much!"

JO: "What'dya make for dessert?"

Clark smiled at Lois, who was looking down at the floor at the time. Her head snapped up immediately. Clark now sat back in his chair and put his hands behind his head.

CK: "I believe it was a wonderful fluffy 'peach' concoction Lois whipped up for us. Isn't that right, Lois?

LLK: (Walking away quickly) "You know I just remembered, I have to call Dr. Klein back on those fiber samples I sent him!"

CK to JO: "It was the best part of the dinner actually."


Part 6

Lois and Clark had spent their Saturday afternoon like most newly married couples, taking naps. They were now stretched out on the couch in the den watching TV. Actually they were watching numerous programs at once since Clark had control of the remote. Finally he ran up on the end of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and stopped the TV there. Clark had Lois nicely nestled in his arms and kissed her on the forehead.

CK: "How about a close encounter of our own?"

LLK: (Grinning) "We just had one or have you forgotten already?"

CK: (Looking at his watch) "That was at least fifteen minutes ago."

LLK: (Closing her eyes) "I have created a monster haven't I?"

CK: (Smiling) "You betcha!"

LLK: "Can you change the channel?"

CK: "What? You don't like aliens all of a sudden?!"

Lois said nothing, but nuzzled a little closer to him.

LLK: "I have my own personal alien to deal with, I don't need to watch movies about any more."

CK: "Yeah. I guess years down the road, when you've got a house full…"

Clark really didn't like the way his sentence was coming out so he stopped it before it got too far. Lois had caught every word unfortunately.

CK: "Okay. So what'dya wanna watch?"

LLK: "Let's turn it off."

Clark knew what that meant, it was either time for a talk, or a rather close encounter, and since they had just had one, he had a feeling she had something on her mind. Clark turned the TV off and shifted Lois on top of him. Lois put her hands underneath her chin and looked at him.

LLK: "I have a few concerns."

CK: "Well, I figured something was on your mind. You've been very quiet these days."

LLK: "It's about kids… actually our kids."

CK: "Ahh… "

CK: (Smiling at her) "Don't tell me! You're concerned we might be doing something wrong and you think we need to practice more."

LLK: "Clark, focus with me here."

CK: (Laughing) "Okay, sweetheart, what is it?"

Lois took her time as she looked into his face. She smiled and then as the thoughts were apparently overwhelming her, she started frowning. Finally, almost in tears, she blurted out her thought.

LLK: "Clark, what if we really mess with genetics here?!"

Clark smiled softly now. She was not alone in her fears, however, Clark had never wanted to voice them to her.

LLK: "I just have these visions of the doctors coming in and saying, 'Now, Mrs. Kent, you've got a healthy baby boy, now don't be alarmed, we're sure that third eye is going to come in handy somehow.'"

Clark smiled again. He felt in his heart that their children would be fine, but he couldn't dismiss her dread all together.

LLK: "Or worse 'Honey! I'm sure that he'll change color by the time he starts school! That green tone is bound to go away!'…

LLK: (continues) ..and what about this one? 'Mr. & Mrs. Kent, could you come in for a conference, we'd like to talk about junior. Seems as if he keeps using his x-ray vision on all the girls and threatening to fly them all to the moon!'"

Clark started laughing now at the images her thoughts brought to mind.

CK: "My son?!! Do a thing like that?!"

LLK: (Amused smile) "Yes! Your son!"

Lois then lifted herself off Clark and sat back in the sofa. Clark moved his legs to give her room but laid there smiling at her.

CK: "Something else is bothering you."

Lois smiled now, he was getting pretty good at reading her. Darn! Married only about a month and already found out. She was really hoping this 'reading ability' would come maybe 20, 25 years down the road. Keep him off balance a few years, but it was not to be.

LLK: (Takes a deep breath) "Okay! Here goes!"

Clark raised his eyebrows at her, awaiting her answer and Lois scrunched up her face as she made her statement.

LLK: "I'm afraid I'm going to get left behind."

CK: "What?"

LLK: "Well, when the kids come and they're all doing their thing… you know flying and doing the vision thing… and I'll be, well, 'good old mom who can't do a thing!'… and then you'll all go off and do your thing… "

Clark had immediately sat up when she began her little discourse and was now staring at her with his mouth open.

CK: "You think when kids come, you're going to get left behind????"

Where did she come up with this stuff!??? What was in that little brain of hers?

LLK: "Well, my father did it to my… "

Whoops! Clark's eyes got very big and yes he was slightly angry. He then squinted his eyes at her.

CK: "What was that, dear? I didn't quite catch that!"

LLK: "I'm sorry… but, Clark, you'll all be able to do so much, and me I'm what, I'm sure Kryptonians call 'dead weight.' All our kids will be off with you… "

CK: "STOP! Now!"

Clark stood up and looking down at her angrily he pointed his finger at her.

CK: "This just better be a moment of insanity on your part and not how you really think things will be for us!"

LLK: (Tears welling up) "You have no clue do you?"

Clark now sat back on the edge of tha couch close to Lois. He put his hand on her face and the tears now fell on it freely.

CK: "Lois!… You have no clue… you… will… NEVER… be… left… behind."

LLK: "How do you know?"

CK: "Lois, I love you!"

LLK: "Clark, people in love still do it to each other. They don't know they're doing it. Years down the road they look at each other and they say 'well, I forgot you were here… how have you been?'"

Clark looked at her, sad and hurt, but still he tried to smile. He let out a heavy sigh.

CK: "Do you really think I could do that to you?"

LLK: "Clark, say we do have kids. Say they have your powers. They'll be like you… just… like… you! And that'll be great. I mean it… but, Clark, I'll feel like an outsider in my own house! I won't be able to do what you all do!"

Clark was listening intently on the words coming out. It broke his heart to know what deep fears she had. It wasn't a time to scream "don't you know me!" She was right, no matter how much you know someone and how they'll react, your fears are still there, and they're still valid. His hand was still on the side of her face, her hand over his held it there. She kissed it softly, her eyes now searching his face.

CK: "I've asked a lot of you haven't I?"

LLK: "What do you mean?"

CK: "Everything we've talked about tonight! From having an alien baby, to watching your kids go flying, to… this!"

LLK: "I wish I had just kept my mouth shut."

CK: "NO! Lois, please look at me."

She had been looking down at her hands, but now she looked into his eyes.

CK: "Do you know I love you?"

LLK: "I KNOW you love me! There's not a single person in this world or any other, that you love more. I know that, Clark."

CK: "Okay. Now, kids. First of all, we don't even know if we can have any, but by what we do know about what Mr. Wells told us, there probably are kids. They'll be half Kryptonian, half human — probably. Will they have powers? We don't know. Possibly all, possibly some, and possibly NONE!"

It was Lois' turn to listen and she was. He was making the "sense" she loved so much. He could take all the irrational thoughts and demons she fought and turn them into paper dragons and then blow them all away.

CK: "No matter how they turn out, they will be OUR children. Right?"

Lois nodded her head softly and smiled.

CK: "Not mine, not yours, OUR children. Now, if they have powers, yes, I'll have to help them out. BUT I will not, and I CANNOT do it without you by my side helping me."

Lois nodded again. The lights coming on and the fears, hating the light, were beginning to run out the door.

LLK: "That's right."

CK: "I can't do this by myself, I'll fail. I've told you — being with you, I AM stronger than being alone. You really don't understand how much you empower my life, Lois. Maybe someday you will."

CK: "If I take them flying when they're babies, it will be with you holding them in your arms. If I go flying with them when they're older, it will be with you in my arms. Always!"

Lois smiled softly and put her hand on her face.

LLK: "I'm so sorry."

CK: "Shuu."

Lois threw her arms around his neck and he held her tightly. So tight, Lois thought he would never let her go. Actually he never would.

LLK: "I get pretty crazy don't I?"

CK: "No. I understand a lot of what you're going through and you just have this problem. You relate me to every guy you've ever known. It's funny, after the way you were raised and your dad leaving, you fall in love and marry someone who leaves you every day for some reason or another."

LLK: "Freud'd have a hey-day with this one!"

CK: (Smiling) "But what makes me different, Lois? and if you can answer this correctly, I'll make passionate love to you all night long."

LLK: (Smiling broadly and tears now forming) "You always come back!"

CK: (Grinning) "Very good!"

Lois threw herself into his arms and they slid down the couch — her crying, and him kissing on her nose, her eyes, her neck, her ear, her lips, her… Suddenly he stopped and looked at her suspiciously.

CK: "You know, you've been talking an awful lot about children lately."

A smile formed on her face as she looked into Clark's eyes.

CK: "Think you might really like one?"

LLK: "Well, since you asked, I think I should tell you something… "


Part 7

Clark was just about to place a very nice kiss on Lois' neck when she made her statement. He suddenly stopped in mid motion and looked at her. She had a very strange look on her face as he sat up and pulled her up with him. His eyes were searching it as he tried to find a clue to what she meant. Slowly, he asked her his question.

CK: "What do you have to tell me?"

Lois ran her fingers through her hair and wrapped her arms around her knees.

LLK: "It's probably nothing."

CK: "What's nothing?"

LLK: (Uneasy smile) "Well, lately I've… just been… feeling funny."

CK: "Sick funny?"

LLK: "No… that's why it's probably nothing!"

CK: (Eyebrows raised) "But it might not be?"

LLK: "Well, that's kinda of what I thought and certain other things 'not' happening made me kind of concerned that's all."

CK: "And???"

LLK: (Nervous look) "And… I bought a home pregnancy test!"

CK: "AND!!!!????"

LLK: "I don't know! I've had it a week and I can't get the nerve up to take it!"

CK: "You've had it a week!!?? Lois! I wish you would have told me sooner!"

LLK: "Well, I've just noticed I've been more emotional than usual, you hadn't noticed had you?"

Clark smiled and shook his head no.

CK: "When you're already off the charts, it's kind of a moot point."

Lois gave him a hurt look and Clark reached over and cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly.

CK: "I'm just playin'."

LLK: "And, well, I think it might all be in my head, and I didn't want to say anything till I knew for sure."

CK: "So… why don't we go take it and find out for sure?"

LLK: "I can't now, we'll have to wait until tomorrow. Has to be first thing in the morning."

Clark, seeing her nervousness, smiled wonderfully at Lois and brushed back her hair with his hand.

CK: "You okay?"

LLK: "Well, I was wondering about you actually. What if I am? This IS really fast, Clark."

Clark just kept smiling on her and his smile was spreading rapidly as he looked on his 'maybe pregnant' wife.

CK: "I think it'd be pretty awesome actually."

Lois sighed and smiled, relief flooding her face. She reached over and kissed him.

LLK: "Good. I was afraid you might not really be ready for it."

Clark stood up and pulled her up and wrapped his arms around her. He looked at her very intently, as he asked his next question.

CK: "How do feel about it?"

LLK: (Smiling softly) "Nervous… excited… then I go back to nervous."

CK: (Laughing softly) "Well, there goes my sleep for the night."

LLK: (Looking him in the eyes) "I answered that question correctly, remember, so I've got plans for you all night anyway."

CK: "This is true, this is true!"

Clark then kissed her deeply and Lois allowed him to love on her for awhile as they stood in their den. It was a dirty job but somebody had to do it! :)


Lois was finishing getting all the dinner out of the oven and she called Clark to come to the table.

LLK: "Honey, dinner's about ready."

Clark came in and reaching for the wine, he started to pour them each a glass.

LLK: "I don't want any, thanks."

Clark turn around and faced her with his hand on his hip.

CK: "I just realized something!"

Lois was busy putting dishes on the table as she listened to him. He was now getting tea out of the refrigerator for her.

LLK: "What's that?"

CK: "You've been declining wine for about a week now, and I didn't even notice!"

Lois smiled shyly at him as she turned the oven off and sat down.

Clark was staring off into space now. Ever since Lois had told him about the pregnancy test, he had been quiet. It was really bothering Lois. Maybe he wasn't as happy as he let on. Finally, putting their glasses on the table, he put her fears to rest.

CK: "Do you think this house is big enough?"

Lois started laughing, he had simply been planning things in his mind. What a super man.

LLK: "Clark, honey, it's a test, simply a test, let's not move yet okay?"

Clark smiled shyly as he sat down. He looked at her meal in amazement.

CK: "You made lasagna! And it's not blackened!"

LLK: (Handing him her plate) "You're very cute."

CK: "Seriously, do you?"

LLK: "Think the house is big enough?"

CK: "Yeah."

LLK: "Well, since we have four bedrooms and 2-3/4 bathrooms, and approximately 30 acres of woods back there, yeah, I'd say this is big enough!"

Clark was far off in thought as he ate his dinner. Suddenly he stopped in wonderment.

CK: "This is delicious!"

LLK: "Surprise, surprise, surprise."

CK: "You really are getting better at cooking."

LLK: (Smiling sexy) "Just in my cooking?"

Clark took a sip of his drink, and winked at her.

CK: "Well, some things you just can't improve on!"

LLK: "Nice answer!"

CK: (Taking a bite) "We could convert the study into a nice play room, (then noticing the look she was giving him)… someday."

That night there was an incredible amount of silence as they laid in bed. Once again she was lying in his arms, she was running her fingers on his chest, and he was running his up and down her arm. There was not a blasted thing wrong other than it wasn't morning. Clark kissed her on her forehead and pulled her closer.

Lois smiled as she reached up and kissed him on his chin.

LLK: "You okay."

CK: "Yeah… just thinking."

LLK: "About?"

CK: (Smiling) "Guess!"

LLK: "Well, two things come to mind, babies and making babies." Lois shifted her body and laid herself on his chest and looked into his warm, brown eyes. Clark was grinning now and reached down and kissed her softly.

CK: "So, since we don't know about the 'babies', why don't we stick to something we do know!"

LLK: "You have the most marvelous ideas!"

And with that he rolled over with her still in his arms and proceeded to make love to her. Clark Kent was different that night. He was quieter and he kept his eyes on hers throughout the night. It was as if he was looking for something, Lois thought. He never moved his gaze, except to place kisses on her body from time to time. He held her so close all night, and when she finally fell asleep, he laid there for hours watching her. He watched her breathing, her chest rise and fall. Gingerly he placed his hand on her stomach and then he delicately placed a kiss there as if to say goodnight. "You just never know" he thought.

In the morning, Lois woke up first. She put her robe on and made some coffee and took it into the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Clark lying there sleeping and kissed him on his chest. Smiling, he slowly opened his eyes and then sat up in bed. Lois handed him some coffee.

Suddenly he jolted up with a flash!

CK: "The test!!"

LLK: "Relax —I haven't taken it yet."

CK: "Don't you think we need to?!"

LLK: "Don't you want a cup of coffee first?"

CK: (Smiling, taking the coffee and sitting it down) "No. I want an answer to the Kent's 5 million dollar question!"

LLK: "Okay then, here goes!"

Taking a deep breath, Lois got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Clark immediately jumped up after her. Lois stopped and smiled at him, and looked at him questioningly.

CK: "I… uh… just wanna say I love you and that whatever… "

LLK: (Lois placed a finger on his lips) "I love you too, but I gotta go."

CK: "Honey, I want you to understand though… "

LLK: "No, Clark, you don't understand. I gotta GO!"

CK: "Oh! Well go. We'll talk when you get back."

Clark sat on the bed and drank his coffee while he waited for Lois to come out of the bathroom. When she opened the door, she quickly walked to the bed and sat on Clark's lap. Her arms around his neck, she looked at the bathroom, as if she was expecting the answer to come walking out.

CK: (Whispering) "What are we doing?"

LLK: (Whispering) "It's thinking."

CK: (Whispering) "How long does it take to think?"

LLK: (Whispering) "Fifteen minutes."

CK: "Oh god, fifteen minutes! I can't stand this!"

LLK: (Looking him in the eyes) "Kiss me! That'll take our minds off it."

Clark kissed her softly and they looked at each other expectedly.

LLK and CK: "Naaaa."

CK: "How many more minutes?"

LLK: "Fourteen minutes and 30 seconds. Now stop it!"

They sat there on the bed passing Clark's coffee back and forth and smiling stupidly at each other. Clark massaged her shoulders until finally it was time.

LLK: "You go!"

CK: "Me???"

LLK: "You go see what it says. Positive, we are, negative, we aren't."

Clark went into the bathroom and Lois stood up waiting for his return. He came out holding the little tester, smiling softly. Lois looking into his eyes, knew the answer in a heart beat — they weren't. He put it down on the night table and slipped his arms around her. She looked down at it and smiled sadly.

CK: "Not this time, sweetheart."

Their eyes met again and Lois put her arms around his neck and laid her head on his chest.

LLK: "I love you."

CK: (Kissing the top of her head) "I love you."

Clark then squeezed her tightly and picked her up and floated with her to the bed. They simply just stared at each other as he laid down with her on the pillows. Finally Lois broke the silence.

LLK: "Look at us! Married one month and disappointed we're not pregnant! It's just as well… right? We really don't need a baby right about now."

CK: "Yeah, you're probably right."

LLK: (Smiling brightly) "So! Why don't you make us a big breakfast and then we'll do something!"

CK: "That sounds good! What would you like to do?"

LLK: "I don't really care, just as long as I'm with you."

Clark smiled and got up and headed for the kitchen. He turned around as he hit the doorway, Lois was getting clothes out to wear.

CK: "Who knows — in two weeks we might be doing this all over again."

Lois grinned and nodded, but said nothing. Clark worked on breakfast. He couldn't help feel let down. What a strange feeling. Most couples would be relieved. As he was finishing up, he walked to the bedroom. Lois now had on jeans and a bra and was reaching for a top out of her dresser. He couldn't help but notice her brush a tear away. Slowly he walked up behind Lois and put his arms around her and buried his face into her neck. Lois reached back and patted his face and quickly put a hand to her mouth to stop crying. Clark turned her around and when he did, Lois was shocked to see a tear run down his face now.

LLK: (Blinking back the tears) "Look at us!"

CK: (Smiling sweetly) "Well, I think we found out something very important today."

LLK: (Searching his face in awe) "How badly we really do want a baby."

CK: "So… we'll keep practicing okay?"

LLK: "Yeah… we'll keep practicing!"

And so they ate a hearty breakfast and then Clark flew her to the Rocky Mountains. They sat for hours on the side of Pike's Peak, Lois nestled in Clark's body and they simply took in the gorgeous view. Clark tightly kept his arms around her as they watched the sun finally set over the horizon. No words were spoken that afternoon, they were simply enjoying being in each others company. It proved to be a very special time for them that afternoon, because soon after the children did come and it was years before they got back there, just the two of them. :)


Hope you enjoyed these 'little conversations'…