Exhaustedly Happy

By Jennifer Eagan-Dixon <jaeldee1210@aol.com>

Rated PG-13

Submitted March 1999

Summary: Lois and Clark ponder the answer to that age-old newlywed question — how much is "normal"?


From where he was seated, Perry had decided he had watched Lois yawn for the last time. In a second, he was barking out a command.

PW: "KENT!" In my office now!"

Both Lois and Clark stood up to walk into his office. Perry quickly addressed his next comment to Lois.

PW: "Lois, honey, this conversation's for Clark and me"

Lois was slightly confused but due to her exhaustion she sat back down at her desk and smiled at Clark as he shot her a strange look and headed for Perry's office. He took a seat as Perry closed his door. Leaning back against his desk, Perry faced a now wide-eyed Clark. He managed his nicest, yet decidedly fake, smile possible.

PW: "So, son, how are things?"

CK: (Smiling nicely) "Things are fine, Perry. Couldn't be better!"

PW: (Rubbing his chin) "Wellllll… I hate to disagree and all, but I'm afraid things COULD be just a mite better"

CK: (Confused look) "I… don't think I follow, chief"

PW: (Motioning for Clark to stand up) "Come here son, I wanna show you something"

Clark stood up next to Perry and both looked out into the main offices. Perry put his arm around Clark's shoulder and pointed out Lois, who was sitting at her desk.

PW: "You see that little filly out there?"

CK: (Smiling admiringly) "Yeah chief… I sure do!"

PW: (Cocking his head slightly) "What's the first thing you notice about her?"

CK: (Looking questioning at him) "That's she's beautiful?"

PW: (Big grin, patting Clark on the back) "Spoken like a true man in love! Now son, watch a little closer"

Right then Lois yawned and her head nodded softly; quickly she snapped back to attention. Clark winced slightly watching her. Perry's little talk was becoming all too clear to him.

PW: "Now, if I'm not mistaken, that girl looks just plain… "

Perry now turned and looked for Clark to finish his sentence.

CK: (Wincing again) "Tired?"

PW: (Looking at Lois again) "Exhausted is the word I was going for here, Clark."

Perry gently pushed Clark back in his seat and walked around his desk and sat down himself.

PW: "You see, Clark, that gal out there and I go back a lonnnggg way. Way before a certain Mr. Clark Kent ever came to Metropolis… you see."

Clark was getting a little uncomfortable with the conversation and now squirmed uneasily in his chair.

PW: "And ya see, Clark, SHE's my best reporter out there! Now you come real close, but SHE'S still my best reporter and well, ya see, I need HER to stay my best reporter! Am I making myself clear, son?"

CK: (Nodding embarrassed) "Yes sir"

PW: "So now I'm gonna send HER home for the rest of the day to get some… what us over 40 crowd call 'sleep'. Now I want YOU to stay here. I don't want YOU visiting HER, or calling HER, or sending love notes or flowers to HER for the rest of the afternoon till that big hand's on the five and the little hand's on the twelve. After that you can go home to HER and do whatever… newlyweds do. Do we understand each other?

CK: (Standing up) "Yes sir. I'm really sorry Perry. I didn't even realize what I was doing."

Perry now stood up and walking over to Clark, put his hand on Clark's shoulder.

PW: "Well, of course not son… I know that! You're just like a kid with a new race car. You keep playing with that car and playing with that car and before you know it — you've worn off the tires, but you love that car so much you just keep racing it… (smiling now) so to speak"

CK: (Embarrassed smile) "I should apologize to Lois too… "

PW: "Oh no you don't buddy boy!!! Later at your wonderful domestic dwelling but not on my time clock!

CK: (Smiling softly) "Thanks chief, I really appreciate the talk. I'd never hurt Lois or her career —"

Perry put up his hand and smiled softly back.

PW: "I know son. Now, how about telling that wife of yours I'd like to see her."

Clark walked up to Lois's desk slowly as the memories of the past four weeks came floating back through the registers. What an idiot he had been! Lois was so strong in almost every area of her life that he had never even thought of her stamina wavering. Well actually she hadn't shown signs of waning in strength in the bedroom. She had been keeping up with him stride for stride, amazingly so.

He knew he didn't tire like an earthling would. Why hadn't he taken Lois and her body into consideration? Because you've been so self absorbed! he thought to himself disdainfully. He was now facing her as she was bent over her desk looking at photos.

CK: "Honey…"

Lois looked up and grinned at him. Standing up she now leaned over and kissed him softly.

LLK: "What's up?"

CK: "Perry'd like to see you in his office"

LLK: (Looking warily at Clark) "Are we in trouble?"

Clark still slightly embarrassed from his conversation with Perry, now smiled softly at his bride.

CK: "No, WE aren't but I AM! Perry will explain."

Lois could now see a sad expression steal across Clark's face.

LLK: "Clark? Are you okay?"

As he turned to go back to his desk, he left her with a reassuring wink.

CK: "I'm fine, Lois."

Moments later peering into his computer screen, he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Lois. Bending down now, close to his ear, she whispered her next words.

LLK: "Hi, big guy"

Clark's body shuddered slightly at the warmth of her breath. It was bringing back vivid memories of the early morning hours as they laid in each other's arms. He blinked, quickly coming back to the present. He now shot her a look out of the corner of his eye.

CK: "Hi, yourself, doll."

Lois now leaned against his desk facing him with arms folded.

LLK: "I guess you heard I'm getting sent home with a note!"

Clark leaned back in his chair and smiled appreciatively at her. He wanted so much to say what was on his heart, but he knew this was not the time or place. All the words would have to wait.

LLK: "I'm okay! I don't know what Perry's talking about."

CK: (Standing up) "Well, I think you should go home and get some sleep, like he says."

LLK: (Sexily, playing with his tie) "You know I can't sleep without you."

There she went again, flipping all the right switches in him. Clark would have reached out and grabbed her there, if he hadn't seen Perry coming out of his office. He quickly pulled away and put his hands in his pockets.

CK: "So! I'll see you after five!"

Lois looked at him strangely, but then seeing Perry approach, she started for her desk.

LLK: "Right! After five… I'll just go get my purse."

Soon she came back by Clark's desk and noticed Perry was still standing nearby.

LLK: (Slyly) "Chief, can he walk me to the elevator?"

Perry gave her his patented "well-don't-we-think-we're-cute" smile and shaking his head, he turned towards his office leaving his final remark.

PW: "To the elevator and no further, you two!"

As they headed for the elevator, Lois reached for Clark's hand and softly pulled him around the corner.

CK: (Amused smile) "Lois! You ARE going to get us fired you know!"

Lois was grinning from ear to ear and reached up and kissed him softly as she leaned into him.

LLK: "Oh right! Like he's gonna fire his two star reporters! Now come to mama!"

Clark grinned back and wrapped his arms around her as he tenderly and deeply kissed her. After a short time, he pulled back from her and brushed back her hair with his hand.

CK: "After work, I'm gonna go visit mom and dad for a while."

L: (Eyeing him suspiciously) "You're not avoiding me, are you?"

CK: "Lois, I wanna make sure you get a good nap, that's all. And I know me. I if I came home and found you asleep in bed, well, (kissing her) I couldn't have that you know… "

LLK: (Grinning) "Ahhh… well when you put it that way."

Clark kissed her lightly on the lips and gave her a tight squeeze.

CK: "I'll bring home dinner. We'll eat when you wake up."

LLK: "That's awfully sweet, but then again you always are!"

They now headed back towards the elevator hand in hand and as the doors opened, Lois slowly stepped on.

LLK: (Sexily) "I'll be wearing your favorite outfit tonight"

Clark thought he'd have some fun with her and blow her mind.

CK: (Grin) "That would be — nothing!"

The doors now closing…

LLK: (Even more sexily) "That's right! Think about that all day, Clark Kent!"

As the doors shut tight, Clark Kent sighed deeply and turned back to his desk.


Clark pushed the empty plate away from him and picked up his glass of milk.

CK: "Mom, that is absolutely the best apple pie in the world! You need to put it on the market and you'll be rich beyond your dreams!"

MK: (Kissing him on the cheek) "Flattery will get you everywhere, young man!"

Martha started clearing off the table as Clark leaned back in his chair.

MK: "Sure I can't get you something else? Pie's not much of a dinner."

CK: "No thanks, mom, I'm gonna wait till Lois wakes up and get dinner for the two of us."

MK: "Where to tonight? Mexico or maybe Germany?"

CK: "I think Ralph's Deli on the corner of Fifth and Main. Lois would practically kill for one of his steak and cheese sandwiches! Oh! and we ALWAYS have to top it off with a chocolate brownie!"

MK: "Lois does love her chocolate!"

Clark was missing her terribly right about now and knew he should go check on her.

CK: "Speaking of the little woman, I think I'll run home and check on her. I'll be right back, okay, mom?"

Martha reached over and kissed Clark on the cheek.

MK: "Sure honey! Your father should be home in about 10 minutes. I know he'll want to visit for awhile, so don't be gone long. Why don't you bring Lois back and we'll have a nice long visit tonight?"

CK: "Well, actually mom, I'm kinda hopin' Lois is still asleep. See I need to talk to you and dad about something… without Lois."

MK: (Alarmed) "Everything's okay isn't honey?"

CK: (Smiling gently) "Lois and I are great, mom, really! I'll explain later okay? (kissing her good-bye) I'll try and be right back."


When Clark got back to their house, he made sure he never let his feet touch the ground. He really didn't want to disturb her sleep. All right he did in a way, but he knew Lois needed rest above everything. He went into the bedroom where she was still fast asleep. As he hovered next to the bed with only the moonlight casting it's pale reflection upon the sheets, Lois moved in her sleep, revealing she had kept her promise and worn his favorite outfit — nothing at all.

Clark had always admired Lois' figure, but now it was different. He knew the wonder of her body and it was indeed, simply incredible. Feeling the softness of it as she turned in her sleep to reach for him every night was something beyond words for Clark. He looked down at her now, imagining himself laying next to her. She stretched out even further now, as if she knew he was watching her, and smiled and sighed as if experiencing a magnificent dream.

Ahhh! It was absolutely too much for him and he knew in a second his hands would be all over her if he didn't leave. Slowly floating backwards, he took in the sight of her lying there in the moonlight once more and was gone.


Flying faster than a speeding bullet, Clark was back at his parents' home within minutes. His father had come home while he had gone to check on Lois and now sat at the kitchen table with Martha.

Jonathan stood up to hug his son as he now walked into the room.

JK: "Hey son!"

CK: "Hey dad!"

MK: "No Lois?"

CK: "No, she's still sleeping."

Clark sat down at the kitchen table and as he did he grabbed a few chips sitting in a bowl.

MK: "Well, how about root beers all around?"

CK: "Sounds great mom."

Soon Martha had the drinks prepared and sat them on the table.

JK: "Your mother tells me you have something you wanna talk about."

CK: (Looking at his root beer) "Yeah, yeah I do."

Clark smiled nervously at his waiting parents and taking a deep breath, he began.

CK: "This is a kind of a delicate… shall we say… subject, but I think you two are the only ones I can talk to and you'll give me an honest answer."

MK: "Honey, don't you think Lois is the person you should be talking to?"

CK: "Normally, yes mom, but if I asked Lois, I don't think she'd be completely honest. Let me try to explain."

CK: "See, well, I don't need much sleep. You guys know that."

MK: Three hours a night, tops, if I remember correctly"

CK: "Right. Well, Lois and I have been on MY sleep schedule for about a month now and to be quite honest, I didn't even realize what was happening. Well, actually, I WAS into what was happening. Probably the problem, but… "

MK: "Clark! We get the picture honey."

CK: "Okay. Well, I'm going to fix that starting tonight, but I gotta ask a question and I need you guys to be really honest here."

JK: "Well, son, you know we've always tried to be honest with you."

CK: (Blurting out) "How many times is normal?"

MK: "Excuse me?!"

CK: (Arching his eyebrows) "You know… how many times is normal for a married couple?"

Jonathan and Martha stared at Clark, not sure what he was trying to say. Jonathan was the first to catch on.

JK: (Chuckling) "Oh! Well, depends on how long they've been married"

Martha now shot Jonathan a look that would have burnt toast. Clark stared at both of them, wondering if he was going to witness an explosion.

JK: (Nervously) "However, your mother and I have a very… well… now..how many times is normal?"

CK: "Yeah. I mean, 8, 9, 10, what's normal?"

JK: "Well that sounds a little high for a week, but you two are still newly… "

CK: (Jumping up, nearly knocking the table over) "A WEEK!!??"

MK: (Jumping up also, wide-eyed) "Oh my! Clark, now honey… Jonathan do something!"

CK: (Beside himself) "I knew it!!! I knew something wasn't quite right! Dad! You should have told me! Man… I can't believe… "

MK: "Clark, honey, relax, it's okay. JONATHAN!!"

JK: "Martha, what would you like me to say to him NOW??? OOPS!! Son, you might be overdoing it???!!!

Clark was so upset all he could do is pace up and down the kitchen floor.

CK: "My god, Lois, must think I'm some kind of sex maniac! Dad!… Mom! Why didn't you guys tell me this!?"

MK: "Now, honey, if Lois thought it was too much, don't you think she'd say something? Lois always speaks her mind."

CK: (Throwing up his hands) "No, mom, not with something like this!! She's wanting to be that 'perfect' wife, just like I'm trying to be that 'perfect' husband! man, I can't believe this… "

Clark stood there with his hands on his hips simply staring at his parents. Martha put her hand to her mouth as she stared off into space.

MK: "The girl has stamina. Ya gotta give her that much!"

Clark looked very unamused at his mother. Martha noticing his glare, sat down at the kitchen table innocently.

CK: (Despondently) "Well, thanks. I better go home and start groveling. Hopefully she'll forgive me by the year 2040!"

MK: "Clark! Now listen! Lois loves you more than anything. That's WHY she hasn't said anything I'm sure! So Lois probably feels there not a thing to forgive!"

CK: "Maybe… "

MK: "Clark, I'm sure of it! Just go home and TALK! And it does depend on the couple! You and Lois have to talk and find out what's right for you!! She might be comfortable with… a lot in one… well anyway… just talk to her!"

CK: (Looking off into space) "No wonder she gives me that strange look about six in the morning and I'm raring… "

CK: (Snapping back) "I better go, and mom, I will. I'll talk to her. Thanks guys."

JK: "Son, I'm sorry if I disappointed you here. We never knew if you'd have a wife and family and then I figured since you were 30, that you probably knew… well …"

CK: (Smiling softly) "No, dad, I saved myself for Lois. You two, of course, didn't know that."

Martha and Jonathan smiled at his last statement; both of them felt pleased that they had raised him to be responsible.

MK: (Smiling coyly) "It's a lot of fun, isn't it?"

Clark now was embarrassed as he looked at his parents. Shyly he looked at the floor but then looked up and gave them his best smile.

CK: "It's pretty fantastic. I love you both, but I better go now."

JK: (Giving him a hug) "Take care of yourself and that wife of yours, son."

CK: "I will."

MK: (Hugging him tightly) "I love you… TALK to her! and give her our love."

Clark simply smiled now and nodded, within seconds he was back at his home, back with Lois.


When he flew through the window of their new place, he changed quickly and headed for the bedroom. Lois still was lying there asleep on the bed. Clark went into the living room, turning on some nice, soft music, he headed for the recliner. Slowly, his mind went idle and he relaxed slightly. He was drifting off to the music, when he felt Lois's hand on his face. He opened his eyes quickly to find his wife standing in front of him with only a half buttoned flannel shirt of his on. She looked like a dream as she bent down and kissed him.

LLK: "Hi, mind if I join you?"

CK: "Wouldn't have it any other way"

Lois crawled up on his lap and started nuzzling his neck. His hand now touching her soft, creamy skin under the shirt, his heart began to race. His mouth was now enveloping hers as they sat in the darkness. Finally, their mouths separated and he could see her deep, brown eyes staring wonderfully at him in the moonlight.

CK: "You are absolutely incredible. Have I told you that today?"

Lois kissed his neck and breathed softly in his ear.

LLK: "Yes, but I love hearing it, and by the way, I think you're absolutely incredible, Mr. Kent."

CK: (Through the kisses) "I wanna talk to you about something. Before I lose all focus here."

LLK: "We can talk later… "

Clark now pulled away from her slightly and looked into her eyes.

CK: "No, sweetheart, we need to talk."

LLK: "Oh. Okay… what about?"

Clark smiled and sighed as his thoughts started to jumble up on him.

CK: "Lois, you know that we're wonderful, together."

LLK: "Together… you mean as a team?"

CK: (Smiling) "Well, we're always a team."

Lois smiled sweetly, and placed her hand on his face, letting her fingers trace his mouth.

LLK: "Always."

CK: "I mean together… in the bedroom."

Suddenly Lois sat up and with a serious look she asked her question.

LLK: "I think so. Is something wrong?"

CK: "Honey, I just realized that one of us is an alien and one of us is an earthling."

Lois raised her eyebrows and let him continue.

CK: "We've been evidently acting like we're both aliens, with no need for sleep and no limitations… am I making sense here?"

Lois gave him an embarrassed smile.

LLK: "This is about my falling asleep at work, isn't it?"

CK: "Partly, yeah."

LLK: "And partly???"

CK: "Lois, I've been only thinking about myself and I haven't taken into consideration that you DON'T have super powers, though you could have fooled me."

They both smiled at each other as he reached up and now touched the side of her face.

LLK: "Clark, there's no problem. I can do this!

If Lois could grab words from the air, now was the moment!

LLK: "I mean… "

CK: "What did you just say!?"

LLK: "Nothing… honey… don't… "

CK: "Lois! You said 'I can do this!' THIS is not an endurance contest sweetheart!"

LLK: "I know that! But… I wanna make you happy."

The sound of the words coming out of her mouth slapped them both in the face. It was all she wanted to do in life. Make Clark Kent the happiest man in the world.

CK: "HONEY! Lois… oh god… "

He sighed as he realized that Lois Lane Kent was going to please him in everyway even if it killed her! He sternly but lovingly looked her in the eyes.

CK: "Lois Lane, do you realize that if you and I never… (grinning) for some horrible reason, made love again, that I would still be the happiest man in the world, simply because you are my wife."

LLK: (Softly) "I know and I feel the same way."

CK: "So, let me ask a question. Is our love — our intimacy — normal for an average earth couple? Be honest Lois."

LLK: "No, it's not normal for an earth couple! But Clark, you and I are NOT an average earth couple and you know that as well as I do!"

CK: "But Lois… I haven't even taken you into consideration here and I feel just… "

Lois put her finger over his lips to quiet him.

LLK: (Grinning) "Absolutely magnificent."


LLK: "Okay. I know what you're saying and you're right… we ARE different… but do you hear me complaining!?"

CK: "But what I'm trying to say is that I don't want you afraid to say "NO" to me… Lois, sometimes in the morning you give me some funny looks."

Lois looked out into space, a smile forming on her face as she thought about those wee morning hours.

CK: "I want you to be honest with me. Say 'no' to me if that's how you feel… you must get tired of me giving you that look after awhile."

Lois sat there thinking. She knew she really did have fears of disappointing Clark, but then something was telling her she never really could.

CK: "Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

Lois nodded and laid her head on his chest and without looking at him she poured out her heart.

LLK: "Clark, first of all, yes I'll be honest with you. I promise. And to be honest there's been maybe, maybe, two times I've felt really tired and could have just fallen asleep, but then I look at you and I forget all about being tired.

She now sat back up to look at him.

LLK: "You see, no one has ever loved me like you. No one in my life, ever loved me completely for just me. Men wanted to possess me and never could so they tried so many things. You possess me by just being you. You possess my heart, my body, my everything, and I know I possess your heart, (she now ran her fingers down his shirt and grinned) your body, YOUR everything. So Clark our intimacy, our love making, is perfect for us. Let's leave it that way, for us."

They sat there in silence as Clark's eyes searched her face and then travelled to her body.

CK: "What did I do to deserve you?'

LLK: (Laughing lightly) "Oh, Clark, if you only knew… (kissing him on the cheek) By the way, I'm going with you next time you talk to your parents!"

Clark smiled shyly and now reached for her neck and gently placed his mouth there. With that, Lois could feel them lifting into the air and heading for the bedroom. Dinner would have to wait and yes it would be another night with the ceiling as their bed.


Lois was helping dry dishes as Martha washed. It had been a week since Clark's 'discovery' and Lois' first visit with the elder Kent's since then. They had had an enjoyable dinner packed with Martha's fantastic home cooking. Clark and his father had gone to the barn to look at the new calf; leaving the women with the dishes.

LLK: "I have to admit Martha. I never thought I'd see the day… where I, Lois Lane, would love being a housewife AND a reporter, but I gotta tell ya. This housewife thing isn't a bit like I imagined."

MK: (Laughing) "Not so bad after all, huh?"

LLK: (Smiling broadly) "Well, Clark DOES help alot. He's great… really. Talk about a quicker picker upper!"

MK: "I remember he was always handy to have around, the sweetheart. Always lifting furniture for me, cleaning corners in the ceiling for me."

Lois gave her a funny smile, but Martha didn't notice as she turned back to the sink.

LLK: "Well, I guess I had this idea of being alone… while he saved the day… and then well… having to do everything by myself. It's not like that at all. He's wonderful… really."

MK: "That's what I gathered when…"

Martha suddenly caught her words and looked nervously at Lois. Lois was turning a nice shade of fuschia at her last statement.

MK: "Oh, honey, I'm sorry… I mean… Clark… just.."

LLK: "It's okay, Martha, I know he spilled the beans,"

MK: (Looks around for any other ears, whispers) "Honey! You're amazing! How DO you do it?"

Lois smiled softly at her, slightly embarrassed and very proud! Putting up the final dish, she grinned at Martha.

LLK: (Arching her eyebrows) "He makes it easy… if you know what I mean!"

Martha now laughed and Lois tried to take the wide grin off her face as the men came in the back door.

JK: "Martha, how about some hot coffee! It's freezing out there!"

MK: "Coming up! How about you Clark?"

Clark was now on a direct approach to his wife. Putting his arms around her and hugging her.

CK: "No thanks, mom, this'll warm me up just fine!"

Lois was slightly embarrassed and knowing everyone in the room was privy to their love life, smiled slyly at him and tried to change the subject.

LLK: "So… how was the calf?"

CK: (Looking wonderfully at Lois) "Prettiest thing… big brown eyes… soft skin… tiny little features… looks great first thing in the morning… "

Lois now gave him a slap on the arm as he started laughing.

CK: "Oh, the calf! Well you smell a whole lot better, trust me,"

Martha passed around them with a tray of coffee.

MK: "Come on, everybody, let's go sit down and have some coffee and pie and you can tell us what you guys have been up to lately,"

Lois and Clark followed Jonathan and Martha into the living room.

LLK: (Mumbling next to Clark, with a smirk) "So what about the ceilings do you suppose they want to know?"

CK: (Mumbling back) "I don't think they're talking about 'up' as in altitude, honey"

LLK: "Ahh!"

Soon dessert in Smallville, Kansas was over; Lois and Clark said their goodbyes and flew back to Metropolis to have a 'second' dessert in the brownstone. Bringing her gently through the window, Clark set her down near the fireplace without a bump. The fire was still going strong and the warmth of it filled the living room. The Kent's stood there holding each other in front of the darting flames.

CK: "Whattya say we pour some wine and lay in front of the fire for a while?"

The suggestion was perfect and Lois was eager for more quality time with her husband. She kissed him lightly and then running her finger down his 'S' she grinned at him devilishly.

LLK: "THAT sounds wonderful… I'll go put on something… soft."

Clark now smiled broadly back at her and as she headed upstairs, he went to the kitchen to 'chill' the wine. Changing into a nice pair of lounging pants, he next gently blew on the wine bottle and instantly it was cold. He laid the drinks on the table and looking around the room, he lit one or two candles for a nice romantic flair. Then going to the stereo, he turned on some slow, jazz music. All of a sudden he felt Lois's hands go around his waist, soft and warm. He could feel the muscles in his stomach react at her touch. Clark reached behind him and hugged her close. He was lost in her perfume and the feel of her kisses on his back. He turned now and enveloped her in his arms. Clark Kent knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was indeed the happiest man on the earth. Earth…

CK: "Hi…"

LLK: "Hi sweetheart. You had a busy day didn't you? With that explosion in Paraguay."

He flinched slightly at the remembrance of the day. He had tried so diligently to push it out of his mind, but there it was again. All he could do was simply smile at his wife and hope his thoughts didn't betray him. Of course, she was his 'soulmate' and knew in a second things were not right.

LLK: "I never got to ask… did everything go okay?"

Clark kissed her on the forehead and quickly moved from her arms and headed for the drinks.

CK: "Let's have a toast!"

Lois would have none of it. She knew Clark Kent, she knew Superman, she knew the look of defeat that sometimes crossed his face and it broke her heart every time. Taking his glass from him, she put them both back on the table. Then reaching for his hand, she lead him to the fireplace and had them sit down on the huge pillows laying there. Situating herself behind him she softly ran her fingers through his hair and kissed his temple.

LLK: "Something happened, didn't it?"

Clark Kent sat there feeling like a child who had had a rough day on the playground. A day of bullies harassing you makes you appreciate the safe haven of home all the more. Even as Superman, all he needed was that place of safety. Tonight, with Lois Lane holding him in her arms, he WAS safe, he WAS home. He was right where he belonged. His words came out almost inaudible, as he choked back the urge to cry.

CK: "It was a… simply… horrible—"

His father taught him long ago that crying for a man was okay. That it meant a man could feel. It was the one thing Clark never really understood being from Krypton. But as the years had moved on and he fell in love with Lois, tears came easier. He remembered the night, he had tried to make up with her, after first telling her they couldn't be together. He had seen in her eyes that night for the first time in his life, real hurt. A hurt that goes to the very depth of your heart and consumes it. He knew he was the cause of it, and so he cried that night as never before. Clark knew he had done the unimaginable and might have lost her forever. He vowed from that moment on that he would never hurt her like that again. Now he was the one feeling pain and she was there to pick up the pieces for him.

Holding him, Lois could literally feel all the anguish coming from him. They had been through this once before. About a year before, Clark was called to several places at once. He had had to make a decision and lives were unfortunately lost. Lois knew the feeling also; having gotten to play the part of Ultrawoman at one time. She, too, knew the frustrations of not being able to be two places at once. Lives had been lost then also. She held him tighter and again kissed his face.

LLK: "Oh, baby, I'm so sorry."

Clark looked back at her, smiling softly; and reaching back he brought her mouth to his. Lois could taste his tears as their mouths united and with one hand she tried to brush them away. Finally, Clark let go his hold on her.

CK: "Thank you."

They both stared into the fire and Clark wiggled slightly in her arms making Lois grin. Then his brow furrowed as he formed his words.

CK: "I know you've told me, time and time again, I can't DO everything. But for some reason I keep trying. I mean… I can do so much and when it doesn't go just right or the way I think it should… it blows my mind, Lois."

Lois simply nodded softly and reaching over to the wine she handed him his drink.

CK: "Thanks. It's just so frustrating, and when it's older people, you think well they've lived a long life, but when it's young kids… "

It was just too much for him and he quickly blinked his eyes fighting back the tears.

CK: "I think… what about our kids… am I gonna be able to keep them safe?"

Lois let out a sigh seeing that Clark was now getting extremely too introspective.

LLK: "Okay… we're starting with the 'what ifs' and you don't let ME do that. So… I think… "

Clark leaned his head back onto Lois and chuckled softly.

CK: "Getting maudlin, aren't I?"

LLK: "No sweetheart. I know you're about saving lives, taking care of people, seeing everything goes right, and when it doesn't… it devastates you… it devastates US… both of us."

Clark now turned his body and gently placed himself on top of his wife. The horrible scenes of destruction he had witnessed before were slowly ebbing out into the lonely recesses of his mind. Now his attention was on the love of his life. A terrific smile formed on Lois's face, as she saw the light in his eyes come drifting back to her. He was hers again… body, soul, and spirit. She would make him forget the horrors of the day and once again help him find 'sanctuary'. A place they only truly knew in each others arms. Clark was now kissing her neck and ear as she melted into his arms. Every defense, every wall put up to those around them was gone now. Unwalled cities coming together once again for a night of passion. Lois could barely get her words out as his hands now reached for the softness of her stomach. Reaching for the string on his pants she whispered sexily in his ear.

LLK: "Now this is more like it."

Clark was too busy letting his mouth roam her neck and shoulder to get any words out, but voicing his agreement as best he could… he murmured…

CK: "Hmmm… mmmm."


Written December 9, 1996