Strawberries and Wine

By Stephani VanWert (

Rated PG

Submitted April 1999

Summary: A scene in the life of our favorite newlyweds.


"Clark! This looks great!" Lois closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. "I've got a husband that can fly and cook great Italian food!"

Clark just smiled down at her. He kissed the top of her head and gave her shoulder a light squeeze. Lois and Clark were still in the newlywed stage (even though they had been married about 8 months earlier). "You think this is good?! Just wait for dessert!" He sat down, giving her a sly smile and a wink in the process.

They made small talk and quickly finished their meal.

"Lois, why don't you go up to bed while I clean up the kitchen?"

Lois ran upstairs and quickly pulled a shopping bag from the close and goes into the bathroom. She changes into the silk nightie she bought to surprise Clark. She opened the door when she heard Clark in the bedroom. She smiled when she saw what Clark had done.

He had placed candles all around the room and there were two glasses of wine and a bowl of strawberries on the night stand. Clark was laying on the bed staring at Lois with a very content and happy look on his face. He got up and fed Lois a strawberry and kissed her passionately. Lois returned the favor and trailed her singer across his chest. "I love you, Clarkie!" she said giggling.

"And I, you, Mad Dog," he replied.

Clark awoke the next morning and smiled down at his wife who was still asleep in his arms. He kissed her softly on the forehead causing her to smile in her sleep. Her eyelids fluttered and she woke up to see Clark gazing down at her.

"Morning, Clark."

"Morning, Sweetie."

"You know, Clark, you really are *super*. In more ways then one." Lois smiled wickedly at him.

Clark laughed and pulled the quilt over their heads. Perry had given them the whole day off, after all!