Things Go Bang in the Night

By Amanda Leach <>

Rated PG

Submitted May 1999

Summary: When Lois and Clark's only daughter, Amy, wakes up in the middle of the night and finds herself in trouble, who will save the family from peril?

This is the first of my fanfics to be based on Lois and Clark's kids as teenagers that has been completed. Amy (Lois and Clark's only daughter) wakes up in the middle of the night and finds herself in trouble. Who will save the family from peril?

Mark, Nathan, Amy and Matthew are my Kent children. Mark has all the powers has a part time job as Superman and looks exactly like his father while Nathan and Amy are still developing their powers and Matthew is too young to know the family secret nor does he have powers.


Amy woke up suddenly and looked at her clock. Two thirty. She rested her head on her pillow and sighed. It was so peaceful, no banging of gates, cats squealing or dogs howling at the full moon. The quiet was interrupted by a gentle bump downstairs. A bump? Amy tensed. There was a whisper that sounded like her brothers, probably Mark or Nathan at the fridge. She decided that she would check it out anyway, just to be sure. Maybe she would catch one of her brothers in the act.

Giggling silently at that thought, Amy put her dressing gown on and grabbed her flashlight. She quietly opened her door and closed it behind her. As she crept past her parents' door, she knew they would be asleep. Amy headed on past the stairs and down the long hallway to her older brothers' room, dismissing Matty's as she knew her younger brother would be fast asleep also. Amy put her ear to the door and listened.

She heard a page from a book turn. Probably Nathan reading over his science. She then heard two different sets of breathing. Mark and Nathan were in their room. But who could be downstairs? Don't panic! She tried to reassure herself.

Amy quietly walked to the stairs. She slowly drew out her flashlight and flipped it on. Amy took her first step down. No creak. Whew! She continued walking down the steps. Uh oh! Her last step sounded like a creak.

Amy turned off her flashlight and held her breath, immediately expecting someone to hear her. She listened normally. There was no sound except for her steady breathing. A wave of relief spread over her. She switched her flashlight back on then felt a breeze coming from the dining room where on investigating she found an open window. That's strange, she thought. Dad wouldn't leave a downstairs window open even in an emergency, especially at night. He would leave one of the main bedroom windows open so as to not jeopardise anyone. Amy closed the window.

When she turned around, the beam of the light caught onto something moving. The flashlight was knocked out of her hand and fell to the floor with a clatter, turning off. She was grabbed from behind, her arms pinned behind her back. The half kryptonian lay her eyes on a dubious creature in front of her. A bulky man who obviously pumped iron was armed with a machine gun. Amy opened her mouth to scream but a firm hand suppressed her attempts. She felt something press into her back, possibly a gun.

"Now, we want the pretty young girl to keep quiet, don't we?" the Giant uttered to the Kent girl. Amy looked at him with horrified eyes.


Clark looked over at Lois who was fast asleep. He heard a muffled scream from downstairs. There was only one person who would scream like that. Amy! Lois woke up while Clark grabbed his glasses. Clark put on his glasses and opened the bedroom door. He flipped on a light and practically flew down the steps to find two burglars with their guns on Amy. Lois rushed down the steps. Clark wished he had telepathy so he could have told Lois to stay put. He put Lois behind him defensively.


Nathan was halfway through reading a sentence when he heard his father and then his mother hurry down the steps. He dropped his book and went to see what was happening.

Nathan rushed down the steps to find his sister hostage and his parents standing still.


Mark, who was simply heading for his usual night time fridge raid, slowly walked down the steps, unaware of what was happening. It was strange that the lights were on at two forty in the morning. Well, he'd just go and get a snack and then go to bed again. Mark sensed tension and so stopped to x-ray downstairs. Uh-oh, he thought. Looks like it's a job for… Superman. He rushed back up the stairs.

"Who was that?" the Giant demanded. Someone had just been on the steps. No one answered. "Who was that?" he repeated, this time directing the question at Clark.

"I don't know."

"Tell me or you'll never see your little princess alive again!" Giant threatened.

"Superman," Clark said hopelessly and gritted his teeth.

"I don't believe you! Go and have a look," Giant demanded of his partner. The partner, Pistol, who was apparently very good with guns, walked upstairs. Giant turned to Lois, Clark and Nathan. "Now you stay right where you are and this girl won't die."

The Kents waited in silence, pondering what would happen next. A scream came from a frightened child. Matty was screaming for his father. He tried to clobber his abductor but failed after several attempts. The little boy continued to vigorously jiggle and his imbecile kidnapper was relieved to not find Superman.

Pistol rushed down the steps. Matthew ran to his parents for support.

"Nowhere to be found," Pistol declared. "I looked in every cupboard and in every space you could imagine a scaredy cat superhero would hide."

"No, dopey!" Giant scoffed back.

"Yep, nowhere," Pistol replied with a smile.

"After this, Pistol, you're FIRED!!" Giant stated.

"What did I do boss? Oh!!! I get it! That's very funny boss, I'm Pistol and I'll be fired! Ha ha ha!" Giant's face went as red as a beetroot over his brainless friend but kept a strong grip on Amy and gun on the Kents. A solitary woof came from the laundry and gradually built up into an eruption of barks. Pistol followed the source and found the laundry.

Matty started crying as he was scared for Lassie. Amy could not afford to cry as there was a gun at her back.

Pistol walked towards the laundry. On his way, he thought he saw somebody at one of the windows. He automatically lifted his machine gun and set it off. Bullets flew everywhere and the glass shattered to pieces. The barking became louder and more frantic as Lassie was even more excited. Pistol entered the laundry. His findings were soon fired at with racing bullets.


Bullets, bullets, bullets. That's all that could be heard by the captives. They wondered what on earth could be going on as the process went on for so long. Pistol soon entered with an unexpected visitor.

"Superman!?" Giant exclaimed. He put his hands in the air.

"In the flesh," replied a fierce Superman, who still had his arms crossed. He unfolded his arms and held his hand out. "Guns?"

Pistol placed his machine gun in Superman's outstretched hand and then held his arm back up. Giant did the same thing.

"Thank you." He bent the firearms in half. Matthew emitted a gasp and Superman smiled, knowing how his brother felt. The two burglars gulped.

"Don't worry about your dog, he's fine," he said to Matty.

"Duh. May we go now?" Pistol asked.

"Sure," Superman answered. Pistol and Giant looked relieved. "You two are certainly the law breakers keenest to go to the authorities," Superman added, cornering the prisoners and knowing exactly what their motivations had been.

The big hero threw the crushed guns to his father, took the two robbers by their shirts and led them outside to the awaiting police. Lassie was barking. Mark had contacted the authorities as soon as he'd discovered the problem. Lois, Clark, Nathan and Amy looked at each other in absolute amazement. Superman walked back through the front door to be greeted by his family.

"I'd rate that an A plus plus!" Clark exclaimed.

"Cool work!" Nathan commented.

"You were really good," Amy admitted.

"He's always like that," Matthew spoke, not understanding why his family was commenting on Superman's work.

"Honey," Lois spoke to him. "We've never experienced Superman control a hostage situation before and so we thought we might compliment him. I think you should be getting to bed."

Matthew eagerly went straight upstairs and into bed. He had really wanted to chat to the hero but he was rather tired at the moment.

"Was that my husband a minute ago?" Lois complimented when Matthew had gone to bed. Mark grinned. "You completely fooled me. Now don't you start pulling some stunts on me," Lois warned. "Or I'll have you hung for being a trickster."

"Mum!" Mark whined in embarrassment. The others laughed. Mark started going red in the face.

"You look good in the red suit," Lois commented. Mark went even redder and eventually matched the shade of red on his costume.

"Can you please stop embarrassing me?" Mark asked. Lois looked at her watch.

"It's late. I think we all should get back to bed. Don't you think?" Lois sought her husband.

"Yes," Clark replied looking at his watch. "Today's a school day."

Mark, Nathan and Amy walked up the steps. Clark turned the lights out and paused beside his wife.

"Is that how I act?" Clark asked, definitely surprised.

"Yep, that's how my big boy acts," Lois replied grinning. Clark shrugged his shoulders and they both went upstairs.

THE END — any comments or criticism are appreciated.