A Time to Adjust

By Lara Blasingame <larab@pwpl.com>

Rated G

November 1999

Summary: Clark is welcomed home by the pitter-patter of little feet … er, paws!

All standard disclaimers apply. I don't intend to sell my work… just wrote it for fun. Lois and Clark (AKA Superman) do not belong to me. I'm just borrowing them for the vignette. However, the character of Mickey belongs solely to me :)

Comments and/or criticisms are always appreciated… as long as it's constructive. You can e-mail me at larab@pwpl.com


"Hi honey… I'm home," Clark Kent said in a slightly exasperated tone as he made his way through the brownstone.

"Hey, Clark. I'm in the kitchen. How did the patrol go?"

"Uh… it was fine. Not… not much going on," Clark distractedly stated.

Lois looked down to find the source of his distraction and couldn't help but giggle.

"Did he meet you at the window, again?" Her giggle suddenly broke into a fit of laughter.

"Yeah… he seems to think that it's his doggly duty. I wish he didn't feel like he had to play tug-of-war with the cape though…"

"Oh… I think it's kinda cute," Lois said as she reached down to dislodge the puppy's teeth. "Not many can claim that they can tug on Superman's cape… and get away with it," she smirked as she picked up the recent addition to the Kent household.

"Yeah, well… Mom's going to kill me. This is the third cape in the last month that Mickey has designated as his personal chew toy," Clark grimaced as he inspected the holes left by the tiny teeth.

Lois leaned over to survey the damage. "That doesn't look too bad. I'd wait a while before taking that one to Martha."

"You don't think anybody will notice the little holes?"

"Are you kidding? In that outfit? I'm surprised people even notice you have a face," Lois grinned as she leaned over to give him a thorough kiss. "I missed you this afternoon."

"Ummmm… me too," Clark murmured as he passionately kissed his wife a second time. He only broke off the kiss when Mickey began squirming in Lois' arms.

She gently placed the puppy on the kitchen floor, and he immediately ran over to the water dish.

"Anything exciting happen today while I was gone?"

"Well… It was such a nice day that I thought I'd take Mickey for a walk. We had just stepped outside when we spotted a 75-pound stray dog sniffing around the front flowerbed. 'This' little man got into his most intimidating Pomeranian stance and began barking at the top of his lungs. That other dog took off like a shot. For a little guy, he sure is bodacious."

A smile formed on Clark Kent's lips. "He reminds me of someone else I know. Tiny but tough."

"Ha… ha… ha… very funny. It's good that he's learning basic survival skills… and at such a young age."

Clark leaned over and kissed his bride one more time. "I'm going to take a quick shower. I'll be right back." He slowly made his way towards the kitchen door as Mickey reattached his teeth to the flowing cape.

"Boy, I thought I was fast. I think he's been practicing," Clark said as he reached down to, once again, dislodge the tiny teeth. His brow furrowed at his next thought. "Could you imagine if I tried the spin move with him attached. Man… I'd fling him to North Dakota."

Lois giggled at the image. "Well, I don't think you have anything to worry about. He doesn't impress me as being the shy, retiring type." She bent down to gingerly pat the tiny puppy on his head. "Isn't that right precious?"

"Boy, you're a softy. I thought I was bad, but you take the taco."

Lois looked up at Clark. She could see a glint of mischief in his eyes. "Oh… you. Go take a shower before I sic my attack dog on you."

"I'm going. I'm going." Clark held up his hands up in defeat. "Do you need a shower too?"

"Nope… already took one," Lois casually stated as she began folding the laundry and placing it into neatly folded stacks. "Mickey, I think Daddy wants some company in the bathroom. Why don't you go help him get out of the Suit."

"That's really not necessary. But, thanks for thinking of me," Clark teased as he left the room with the tiny puppy scampering close behind.

Lois bit down on her lower lip to suppress another giggle.


Superman entered his master bedroom with Mickey in tow. The puppy had been barely able to make his way up the steep flight of stairs.

'You've got to give that dog some credit,' Clark thought to himself. 'He never gives up. So what if his legs are only 3 inches long, and he barely weighs 2 pounds. If he weren't of the canine variety, I'd swear he was actually related to Lois.'

Mickey made his way to the couple's bed and furrowed his way underneath the dust ruffle.

"Come to Daddy, Mickey."

The dust ruffle moved slightly and a tiny nose emerged.

"Come on… you can do it!"

Mickey stayed where he was and quietly whimpered.

"Oh… I see. What a tease! You're taking after Lois more and more every day. Well, I'm going to take a shower."

Clark took off the Suit and dropped it on the bedroom floor.


Lois entered the bedroom a few moments later holding a stack of folded laundry. She set the bundle on the bed and looked around the room for Mickey. There, in the middle of the crumpled cape, lay the sleeping puppy.

Lois quietly sat down on the bed. 'He is too cute,' Lois mused as she waited for Clark to finish his shower.

Clark emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but a pair of blue jeans.

"I think I should just give him one of the old capes. He seems to have really taken a shine to the Suit," Clark said as he sat down next to his wife.

Lois looked up to find a worried expression on her husband's handsome face. "What's wrong?"

"Oh… nothing. I've just been thinking."

"Come on… you know you can tell me anything. Did something happen today during your patrol of the city?"

"No, nothing like that. I've just been thinking. That's all."

"Oh, well why don't you tell me what's wrong. You know… I have ways of making you talk," Lois playfully threatened.

Clark continued to sit for a moment before he spoke. "It's about being a father one day."


"I know that Mickey is just a dog, but being a 'parent' is a lot harder than I thought. For one thing… the sleep deprivation. And I don't even need much sleep in the first place. He's always getting into some sort of trouble. But worst of all, he never listens to me."

"Oh, Clark. He's just a puppy. It'll take some time for us to adapt to one another. But, that doesn't mean that you're not doing a good job. He adores you. He gets so excited when you come home."

Lois slowly moved closer to her husband and placed her hand on Clark's knee. "It's up to us as 'parents' to meet Mickey's everyday needs, teach him discipline, and shower him with unconditional love…"

"Yeah, but what if I'm not here to stop Mickey from getting into some sort of trouble…" Clark's real fears suddenly surfacing.

Lois watched Clark closely. He was obsessing, again. She gingerly reached over and took his hand, rubbing her index finger lovingly over his wedding band.

"Honey, I know you worry about protecting those that you love. That's what makes you so special. I have no doubt that you will always be there to protect me and our children… even little Mickey."

"But, what if…"

"No what if's. Okay?" Lois waited for his silent agreement. "You are the kindest, most gentle person I have ever known. Any puppy or child will be lucky to have you as a Daddy."

"How did you get so smart?"

"Years and years of practice," Lois said with a glint in her eye as she got off the bed to put away the laundry. "I know Mickey can be a handful. But, think of him as on-the-job training."

"Yeah… you're right. It's kinda funny… I'm normally the one reassuring you about the possibility of parenthood." Clark reflected on that notion before he decided to continue. "I guess I do just need some time to adjust."

Lois picked up the Suit, sans the cape, and made her way to the bathroom. "I think seven months should be enough time for you to get used to the idea."

"Seven months?"

Lois reentered the master bedroom with a huge grin plastered on her face. "Clark… we're going to have a baby!"

In the midst of this spectacular news… when all was right with the world… when all of his fondest wishes were coming true… Clark passed out cold.

"Clark… Clark… Are you okay? Clark?" Lois leaned over to listen to his chest. She was relieved to find that everything seemed to be working.

"Look at that silly grin on his face," she commented to no one in particular.

Lois heard a rustle at her feet and realized that Mickey was half-heartedly trying to jump unto the bed.

"Come here, honey," Lois said as she leaned over to pick up the anxious puppy.

Mickey made his way across the bed and climbed onto Clark's rather expansive chest. The young pup vigorously licked his unconscious Daddy's face.

"It's okay, Mickey. Daddy's just got a lot on his mind. He needs time to adjust," she laughed as she snuggled next to her husband and laid her head on Clark's chest.