The BC* Saga (*Before Clone)

By emilystarr1 <>

Rated G

Submitted May 2000

Summary: A poem tracing the show through the first two seasons.


Krypton was about to blow But Jor-El, he was in the know So he sent his son to a whole new world In a rocketship with wings unfurled

The Kents were driving home that night They witnessed little Kal-El's flight So as great Krypton burst and died A tiny little baby cried

The Kents embraced him as their son And Fate had work and duty done.

Clark (his mother's maiden name) Didn't know he was destined for fame Of course, he *was* quite strong and spry But what a shock it was to see him fly!

He soon moved to Metropolis for a whole new life He wanted a job, some friends, a wife And all of this that he wanted to gain Was found in one person — Lois Lane!

Oh, sure, she hated Clark at first And what was (maybe) even worse Fell in love with his *other* identity Whom she named in all his supremity

(After all, she was his biggest fan) For a story, she called him Superman.

The name stuck with Clark and fans alike But a new problem was about to strike Clark wanted a life that was fairly normal He wanted a life un-Super, informal

So he got his Mom to try And make him up a great disguise She made him a costume with Krypton's "S" He went back to the city to try his best

To write a great story to impress the Chief And he did write a story of intrigue, disbelief He got the job at the Planet in all of it's glory Writing his (really Superman's) exclusive story.

(And this was why, as aforesaid, Lois wished that Clark was dead.)

After that, to Lois's horror Clark was named a partner for her Much later, so very Lois-style As she was marching down the aisle

She realised she loved Clark, not Luthor (Well, it didn't take a master sluether) So instead of "I do", it was "No way" And on that very day

Luthor took his last assum`ed breath From the top of the world, jumped to his death.

After the initial shock had faded And all the headlines had been paraded Lois was ready to tell Clark how she felt But he spoke first; The cards were dealt

And Clark — The dumb, idiotic jerk Told Lois they were partners only in work. Of course, he was lying through his teeth He truly had no disbelief

That he loved Lois with all his heart And that nothing could ever bring them apart. Of course, he could *never* say it And now Lois could never pray that

Clark would ever say he cared To think of what she'd almost bared! She'd never again slip up like that Because Lois Lane was not a mat.

So, they were silent for about a season Then Ms. Lane's near death gave Clark a reason To tell her how he felt, at last And put everything else in the past

Yes, Clark got down on bended knee Asking "Lois, will you marry me?" (Now one thing to the station I have to say— Thanks for dangling *that* carrot for sixty-odd days!)

Anyway, after a *lengthy* pause, Lois still said nothing, and that was because She knew everything — She'd found Clark out She knew what they were both about

So what did she answer? Well, at first it was "No" But then both their minds went to and fro The answer was still high up in the air (and not one fan thought it was fair)

And *then*, to every fan's delight By the fountain, in a deep twilight *Lois* fell to bended knee And asked "Clark, will you marry me?"

Well, as anyone could probably guess He said a very distinctive "Yes" Happiness rang throughout the land (And so did the screams of all the fans).