By Shayne Terry <>

Rated PG-13

Submitted November 2000

Summary: A moment to cherish. ***

The shadows play across her body like long lost remnants of another time.

It is dusk; the afternoon has finally fled; long lost memories of another time, of endless summer days in a time when life seemed like it would last forever.

I'm no longer the innocent youth I once was; I am well aware of just how precious each and every moment I spend with her is. When she wakes, she is vibrant fire; fire which burns bright, and in that burning makes everything around it more beautiful.

I love that fire, but sometimes I like to watch her like this; the cool, creamy curves of her body with the fire muted, hidden but not lost. In these moments I recapture the feelings of youth, of innocence. I recapture that touch of hidden magic that tells you that you can change the world if only you want it enough.

Her eyes open slowly, and she smiles. Her smiles are blinding, driving away the knowledge of everything else. The world always fades away in the radiance of her beauty; I find that I crave her approval; it is like a drug to me. If she asked it, I would bring her the sun and the moon, and as I am exceptional, I might actually manage it.

She reaches for me, and I slide into the familiar comfort of her arms.

I have no way to describe her; she is Venus risen from the sea, her skin as smooth and creamy as though she had bathed each morning in Elysium. Her lips are sweet; while I loved her from the moment we met, the deal was set with that first unforgettable kiss. After that, I was trapped for all eternity.

I love the feeling of her skin against mine. Sometimes we simply lie together, enjoying the feeling. We are connected in some undeniable way; the way we touch each other is simply a reaffirmation of our love, as holy as a sacrament.

Sometimes all we do is cuddle, but not this evening. She touches me with an easy, possessive familiarity. She knows what gives me the most pleasure, and her knowledgeable hands are quick and deft.

Despite having been asleep, Lois is ardent, an equal partner in this as she is in all things. I hear her breath catching in her chest, and I know that she wants me.

Perhaps she has been watching me as I watched her.

We merge together as we always have, a joining as much of the soul as of body and mind.

I am still for a moment, enjoying the sensation of being one. I kiss her ear as I begin to move in a rhythm that is as old as humanity, and I cannot help but be grateful to the higher power that brought us together. I could not have asked for any greater gift than this.

I lift myself, so that I can lose myself in the depths of her eyes as we move together as though we were one being. If there is a child of joy, its name is ecstasy.

We reach our peak together, as we always do. I think it has something to do with the telepathy that is our birthright; sometimes we seem to feel echoes of each otherís pleasure, which makes our own all the more intense. Lois claims it's because we are soulmates. We argue sometimes, in a good natured way, but in truth we donít want to know. What we have is so precious and rare that we donít want to observe it too

closely, for fear it will vanish in the wind, like the gossamer threads of a spiders web.

It takes some time for our breathing to slow, and Iím careful to keep my weight off her. She says that she doesnít mind my weight, but Iím heavier than I ought to be, so I'm always careful.

I find myself dozing, my hands absently stroking the shapely curve of her back. In time, I feel myself becoming aroused once again. I can see the smirk on her lips as we begin it all once again.

The days we have together may not last forever, but I will treat every moment we have as worth more than all the diamonds and gold in the world.

Making love in the fading light of the sun on a lazy afternoon…these are the moments we cherish.