Stocking Stuffer

By Tank Wilson <>

Rated PG

Submitted June 2000

Summary: What better time and setting for a WAFF-fest involving our favorite characters than Christmas Eve? A cute, short story perfect for putting somebody in the holiday mood.

Author's notes: This was a bit of fluff written last December strictly as a Christmas present to all those on Zoom's boards who like the waffy stuff. Nothing of consequence just a Lois and Clark Christmas.

As always, all characters are trademarked and copyrighted to their respective owners. All feedback welcome at


"Clark, have you called your folks yet?" Lois Lane came down the stairs from the second floor of their Hyperion Ave. brownstone. "I don't want them thinking we snubbed them or you had some other reason for not showing up till later on Christmas day." She reached the living room to see her husband sitting on the couch.

Clark Kent looked up at his wife as she entered the room. "Yeah, I just got off the phone with Mom. She and Dad understand, and she's definitely in your court on this one."

Lois arched her eyebrow at her life mate. "And you're not?"

Clark chuckled at his wife's expression. "No, I'm definitely with you on this one too. I'm just amazed that you were able to get the honeymoon suite at Chateau Robearge for Christmas Eve."

Lois sat down next to Clark and gave him a quick kiss before settling back into his arms. "Well, you know after that near disaster with Randy Goode and the tabloids, they were very nice to us, and you made me feel guilty over the way I had secured the room in the first place… "

"Since when have I ever been able to make you feel guilty about anything you did?" He gave her a little squeeze. "And if I remember right, even if not at first, I became a willing participant of that little deception."

"Yeah, well, I guess your unnatural wholesomeness has corrupted me, because I did feel guilty about how I managed to secure the room. So, I actually did write a nice piece on them for the Sunday travel supplement a few weeks ago." Lois turned in Clark's arms to face him. "They really liked it and asked me if they could use some of the article for their brochures. I told them that the Planet owned the article but I would be happy to write them something in exchange for a small favor. The rest, as they say, is history." Lois settled back into *her* spot in Clark's arms.

Clark smiled. He knew the story already but he enjoyed hearing the pleasure in his wife's voice when she related it yet again. "I know you are talented and brilliant, but to get it on Christmas Eve is impressive."

Lois frowned just slightly. "Well, it wasn't that big a deal for them because historically they haven't had much call for the honeymoon suite on Christmas Eve."

"Doesn't matter, I still think it was a terrific Christmas present and I can't wait until tomorrow and a night alone with you in such a romantic spot." He kissed the top of her head. "You really are something, you know that?"

"As long as you know it, that's enough."


Lois and Clark set their bags down as they took in the honeymoon suite of one of the most exclusive resorts on the east coast. A fire was roaring in the fireplace, and a gaily decorated basket of fruits and cheeses sat on the table in front of the plush sofa. Next to the basket a bottle of champaign was cooling in a bucket of ice.

"This is nice." Lois commented as she strolled around the room. "Could you put our bags in the bedroom while I check out some of this cheese?" She giggled.

Clark smiled as he shook his head. "Whatever your heart desires, my lady." He bowed once before he reached for the bags, which included one larger one that he'd not seen her pack. "What is in this one?" He began to slide his glasses down his nose.

Lois ran over and placed herself between Clark and the bag. "No, don't. I'll take care of this one. Promise me you won't peek. This has a surprise in it."

Clark was tempted, but he didn't want to spoil Lois' surprise, so he promised. The bags were placed in the bedroom and the couple spent the next several hours just enjoying their complimentary treats and each other's company in front of a romantic fire.

Finally Clark stood up and pulled Lois up after him. "I think it's time we took this little Christmas celebration into the other room, don't you?"

Suddenly a languid Lois got animated as a sneaky smile stole across her face. "That's a wonderful idea. And we'll do that, right after you get back, but for now you have to leave."

"What?" Clark was perplexed by his wife's sudden change in demeanor.

"I told you I had a surprise for you. I need about a half an hour to get it ready."

"Lois, when it comes to you and me, I think we're always ready."

Lois grinned as she swatted Clark in the chest. "Oh you, I don't mean that… well, yes, I - but not exactly… anyway, I need some time to set up. You go ahead, take a quick patrol of Metropolis or something." Her eyes smoldered as she grabbed his shirt front and gave him a fierce kiss on the lips. He was nearly out of breath when she let him go. "I don't want there to be anything to distract us when you get back so, go now, and make Metropolis safe for Christmas."

Clark grinned. "Okay, Lois, I'll do that, but I'll be back - soon."

Clark spun into the suit and, after a quick but thorough check of the surrounding area, disappeared out the balcony window in a red and blue blur. Lois sighed, then scampered into the next room to drag out her special bag.


Clark felt bad. Lois had asked him to give her a half an hour, then come back for the surprise she had for him. Clark hadn't wanted to leave, but since it fit into her plans, a quick patrol of Metropolis made sense. Unfortunately the patrol yielded a bit more activity than he expected. For the most part the criminal element had stayed home on Christmas Eve, but Superman was forced to take care of three fires started by faulty Christmas lights. The last one had been at the St. John's Orphanage. Superman needed to spend a lot of time, not only putting out a serious fire, but also calming and helping out many scared and shaken up children. His presence there had actually made a pretty special Christmas for a lot of those kids, who, like many, idolized Superman. He wound up playing an impromptu Santa to the children. It was now nearly three hours after he'd left, and as much as he enjoyed being with the children, he missed his wife and wanted to be with her.

As he approached the suite, he let his special vision powers take a peek at what was awaiting him. He hoped that Lois wouldn't be too upset about his tardiness. He wasn't sure what he expected to see, but it sure wasn't what he beheld awaiting him in the suite. He nearly flew into a flag pole before he regained his composure and streaked into the room, changing into shorts and a robe as he landed. He shook his head in wonderment.

The fire in the fireplace had died down to just embers, but Clark didn't notice that. Hanging from the mantle was a huge red stocking. It was like a giant's child had hung it there hoping for it to be filled with Christmas goodies. Instead of treats, the stocking contained Lois. Clark didn't know how long she had been in that stocking waiting for him, but it had been long enough for her to fall asleep.

Clark's pulse quickened as he let his x-ray vision penetrate the stocking to see that his wife was bedecked in nothing but some red velvet ribbon and three large, strategically placed red bows. The image of a giant girl child coming down on Christmas morning to find the most perfect, beautiful doll in her stocking came to his mind. His smile got wider as he realized the incredible doll in the stocking hanging there was meant only for him. He approached the fireplace and gently lifted Lois out of the crimson sock. She slowly began to wake as he cradled her in his arms.

"Wha - Oh, you're back. I fell asleep." She snuggled deeper into his arms, then turned her face to his. "Surprised?"

Clark chuckled. "Yes, Lois, very much surprised."

"Merry Christmas, I love you."

"I love you too, Lois, and thank you for a very special Christmas."

Lois finally noticed they were moving. "Where're we going?"

"I thought we'd go into the bedroom. I think it's time I unwrapped my Christmas present."

Lois giggled until all further conversation was ended by a kiss that lasted until the living room area was left behind and the bedroom door was closed behind them.

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