Yesterday's News

By Tracey <>

Rated PG

Submitted April 2000

Summary: Lois fears she's "yesterday's news" when Clark becomes distant after their first date. They talk about it … and this time, Scardino doesn't interrupt.

This short story takes place in the second season, during the episode "Resurrection." I hated how Scardino interrupted Lois and Clark when they were in Lois' apartment just as they were talking about their first date. This is the way I thought things should have gone. Usual copyrights apply: the characters are property of DC Comics, TNT, etc. Some of the dialogue has been borrowed from the previously mentioned episode, and any reference to any other story is accidental on my part. Comments welcome: please send them to


"I need to know if I'm yesterday's news." She stopped, wondering if she should go on. This was probably stupid. But that didn't change the fact that she needed to know.

"You know, stale … old," she elaborated. Suddenly, she feared his answer. All her life, men had turned her away when she needed them the most. Her father had gotten tired of her and the family and just left. Claude had seduced her, taken her and her story, then dumped her the very next morning. What if Clark was finished with her, too? Lois had really thought she knew Clark, thought he was different from every other guy she had ever met. But what if he wasn't? What if this was the end of their relationship?

"I mean, it's been a week since our first date … our first kiss. You haven't said a word about it. It's like it never happened." She busied herself by arranging and rearranging the magazines on the coffee table. In her opinion, their first kiss had been amazing. Better than amazing. So incredible she had completely forgotten the outside world, oblivious to anything but his mouth pressed against hers. She had never actually melted inside; that kind of feeling was for romance novels and never came true in real life. But with that kiss, she had felt it-my goodness, she had felt it. It had been, and still was, the most incredible emotion she had ever felt. It had terrified her and thrilled her simultaneously. She took a deep breath, gathering the courage to lift her head and meet his eyes.

All Clark could do was stare at her in amazement. She thought she was old news? She thought he was over her? Suddenly, Clark felt the urge to laugh. The thought that he could get over Lois Lane after just one date-just one kiss-was ridiculous. Downright crazy. No, make that bordering on insanity.

Didn't she know she would always be a part of him? He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He wanted her to be the mother of his children, his partner and his soulmate forever. He was sure Lois was only woman he could love this deeply.

But there was no way he could tell her that. Not yet, anyway. She wasn't ready to hear it, especially if she now thought she was yesterday's news to him. He winced inwardly as he remembered her words from just minutes ago. He really hadn't been very attentive to her the past few days. He had just had so much on his mind- Mayson's death, the fact that Mayson had found out that he was Superman — and what she had meant by "resurrection," which she had muttered only seconds before she had died in his arms? For the past week, he had been fighting this awful feeling of guilt that mauled him each time he thought of Mayson. She had been in love with him, and contrary to what Lois thought, he had known. He had known for a while.

And knowing had just made things even worse for him. Mayson had been a wonderful woman. She had loved Clark, but she hadn't been able to accept all of him. And Superman was a definite part of him. But the guilt was still there. While he should have been saving Mayson's life, he had been kissing Lois. What if Mayson had seen the two them across the street before she got into her car? The thought that he had her hurt badly, just seconds before her death, tormented him. He had never meant to hurt her in any way. It was just that, as nice as she was, she wasn't Lois, and he was completely, head-over-heels in love with his partner.

Lois was still sitting across from him, waiting expectantly for the answer her question. Was she yesterday's news to him?

"Lois, I'm sorry it seems like I've been ignoring you lately," he began. "It's just that with Mayson's death and everything, this week has been really hard for me." She had a right to know why he'd been distant this week, not just to her, but to everyone.

"I know, Clark, and I understand that. I know you and she were … friends." Lois chose each word carefully. Was this the time when Clark was going to tell her that he and Mayson had been more than friends? She bit her lip, hoping the tears that were threatening to form behind her eyes weren't visible. Clark wasn't looking at her, though. His eyes were lowered to his lap, which made Lois think that he didn't want to face her when he told her the truth.

"Lois—" he started, but she cut him off.

If he was going to tell her this was the end of their relationship, she wasn't going make it easy for him. Clark meant too much to her. Lois Lane wasn't going down without a fight. "Clark, you and I had a really good time on our date, didn't we?" she pressed, keeping her eyes trained on his.

Clark faltered, momentarily stunned by the intense expression in her gaze. Then he heard her words again, and realized that she was still unsure of his feelings for her. "Of course we had a good time," he assured her. Then he reheard his own words and stopped. He needed to sound more convincing than that. It was time she really knew how he felt about her.

"I loved every minute we spent together, Lois, you know that."

She saw the sincerity in his eyes, heard it in his voice. Feeling hopeful, she offered a small "Really?" in response.

Clark reached out and tucked his finger under her chin, lifting her face so they were once again looking directly into each other's eyes. "Really. It worked, Lois, even you admitted that. And if our first date wasn't enough to convince you …" he hesitated, softening his voice to a husky whisper, "… just think about our first kiss."

Lois blushed slightly at the passion clearly evident in his voice. "It was pretty great, wasn't it?" she admitted shyly. It felt wonderful to say it out loud to him.

Clark nodded in agreement. "In fact," he continued, in that same voice that made her tremble all over, "I've been thinking about when I'll get the chance to do it again."

Her eyes widened at his words. She wasn't sure how to handle Clark being this bold with her, but immediately decided it was something she could get used to. She recovered quickly, and, with a small smile, answered his implied question. "I think a wise man once said, 'There's no time like the present.'"

Clark returned her smile. "That was my thought exactly," he murmured, drawing closer to her with every word. She leaned towards him, meeting him halfway. Their lips brushed softly at first, an instant replay of their first kiss. She sighed, the sheer sweetness of the encounter almost overwhelming her. His lips were as soft and gentle as his kiss. They stayed that way for a moment, savoring the closeness that the kiss afforded them.

But then the passion that Lois had just recently discovered was between them took over. She fell forward, needing to feel his mouth more firmly against hers. He seemed to feel the same need, Lois realized delightedly, and brought her hands up to thread through his dark hair. It was soft in her hands, but she wanted to touch more of him. Her palms curved down over his jaw and explored his broad shoulders, finally slipping down between their bodies to rest on his chest.

Clark groaned. It almost was too good to be true, the way she was responding to him. He relished the feel of her in his arms. Clark slipped his arms tighter around her, running his hands over her back and down around her waist.

The kiss continued, neither daring to break the connection between them. Finally, a knock at the door interrupted the moment. They pulled apart slowly, their breathing shallow and irregular.

There was another knock, and the voice of DEA agent Dan Scardino came from the other side of the door. "Lois? Are you home?"

"I should probably get that," Lois whispered, but didn't take her eyes from Clark's.

"You probably should," Clark managed to say, still trying to catch his breath. It was amazing what this woman could do to him. His arms were still locked around her and showed no sign of relinquishing their position.

Another knock. Lois looked at Clark. "Should I…?"

Clark looked back at her, leaning forward until their lips were only centimeters apart. They both knew they were thinking the same thing.