At the Airport

By Lote <>

Rated G

Submitted June 2001

Summary: In this vignette, a wait at the airport allows some time for people-watching.


"Last call for passengers of flight SQ157. Last call for passengers of flight SQ157."

The announcement brought him to the present. He had been wool-gathering for the past half hour while waiting. He glanced up at the boards, checking to see if the flight he was waiting for had arrived. Yes, it had. He got up from the uncomfortable airport seat and moved towards the arrival gate indicated on the board.

Hoards of other people were waiting too. He felt slightly claustrophobic amongst them. Still, he ignored the feeling, continuing to scan the people arriving through the gate for the ones he was looking for. He was surprised by a small 'projectile' launched onto him. Almost thrown off-balanced, he scooped up the little boy and hugged him fiercely.

"Oh boy, I've missed you so much!"

"Daddy, daddy, take me flying. I want to fly, please?" the little boy begged, putting on a puppy-dog face that was sure to get him anything he wanted.

The man heard a musical laughter as he turned to a most beautiful sight. He was struck at how beautiful she was. After being married for almost nine years, he was still awed by the fact that she could love him despite knowing the things she knew about him. "Well, hello there, little lady. If your husband is not going to fetch you, may I escort you home?" he greeted her with a leer.

"Oh, you are brave! My husband would make mince meat out of you for suggesting such a thing," she replied, stepping up to him and giving him a short, sweet kiss in greeting.

The little boy in his arms giggled.

"What? Do you think that's funny?" He put on a stern face before tickling his son. The giggles turned into roaring laughter which caught the attention of several people around the little family. They smiled indulgently, taking simple pleasure in the laughter of a little boy.

"Okay, you two. Honestly, sweetheart, you are as much a kid as your son. We'd better go home. I'm tired from the flight. I like it better when I fly with you."

His mother's comments reminded the little boy of his request. "Daddy, I want to fly, please?"

"Hey, you've just flown. Now you want to fly again?" his father asked, amazed at the bundle of energy in his arms.

"Yeah, can I?"

"Like father like son, I'd say. And I'd also say no to the request," the woman told her son. "Don't try to give me that look. It may work on your father, but not with me."

"All right. Let's go and fetch your luggage." The man started to walk towards the luggage collection area.

Unbeknown to them, Clark Kent was observing the family from his little corner of the airport. He smiled at the picture the unnamed family made as the parents walked hand-in-hand away from him. He hoped that one day, he'd be fortunate enough to have his own little family.