The Beginning

By Estrellita <>

Rating: G

Submitted: June 2001

Summary: A romantic engagement vignette. After six months of waiting, has Lois finally made up her mind?

Author's Note: This story is set after And The Answer Is and just before UltraWoman. The first song I used in this story is called "The Other Side of Me," by Michael W. Smith. The first time I heard it was very memorable for me. One summer at a Catholic youth conference I attended called Steubenville South, at the end of the final Mass, the Bishop said he had a little treat for us and turned it over to Josh, the lead musician. He dedicated that song to one special woman in the audience and after the group performed it he called her up to the altar and had the Bishop bless their engagement ring. He then proposed to his girlfriend right there in front of like 3,000 high schoolers! It was so romantic! The other song is "I Will Be Here," by Steven Curtis Chapman. I've heard it several times before and just think it is a very touching, romantic song as well. Enjoy!


It had been six months now, six months since she had discovered his secret, THE secret, and their relationship began to get more serious. It had been the 6 happiest months of both of their lives.

The Daily Planet banquet hall was adorned with Christmas decorations of every kind.

Tinsel, mistletoe, and bells were hanging all over the place, and tiny decorated Christmas trees were on the tables. There was even a big tree set up in a corner with all the Secret Santa presents under it. Tables were set up with punch and snacks that the Daily Planet employees baked or bought for the annual Christmas party. This year, there was even a live band playing instead of a DJ, consisting of an acoustic, bass, and electric guitar, drums, a keyboard, and a male and female vocalist.

Lois looked around the room and noticed the relaxed, happy expressions on everybody's faces as they enjoyed the festivities — everyone, that is, except Clark. He had been acting very strange all night, almost as though he was nervous about something, and getting more and more nervous by the minute. At first she'd wondered if maybe he was hearing something that needed Superman's attention, but he'd assured her that that wasn't the case. He kept denying that anything was wrong, but she knew better. She also knew it would do her no good to keep pressing him, that he would tell her when he was ready, but Lois Lane was not known for her patience; she was known for her lack thereof.

"Clark, come on, please, tell me what's bothering you!"

"Nothing's bothering me, it's just…Lois, I love you, more than anything in this world. I can't imagine my life without you."

"Oh, Clark, I love you, too, you know I do, and…I've been giving a lot of thought to that question you asked me…"

"You have?"

"Yes, I have," she replied, smiling, "and…"

Just then, "Santa" and his "elves" entered the banquet hall ringing bells. The "elves" headed for the Christmas tree and "Santa" headed up to the stage with a big "ho, ho, ho!" and took the microphone.

"Merry Christmas, everyone! It's time for Secret Santa!"

About an hour later, after all the gifts had been given, Lois noticed that Clark had The Look on his face. He quickly excused himself from the table, leaving her wondering what had called him away this time, a fire, a flood, an earthquake, a ribbon-cutting down under?

The lead singer came up to the microphone and announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a surprise for you tonight. A young man has requested to sing for you guys. Let's give a warm welcome to Clark Kent!"

Shell-shocked, Lois watched as Clark walked up to the microphone. He cleared his throat and said, "I'd like to dedicate this song to someone very close to me, someone who I love with all my heart. This is for you, Lois."

Tears began to glisten in Lois's eyes as the music began and Clark began to sing.

*"If they were to write about the story of my life

They would have to mention you with every page they'd write

There's another side to every story told

If I were the ocean you would be the shore

One without the other one would be needing something more

We are the shadow and the light*

*Always love me, never leave me now

Now you are the other side of me*

*I have known the emptiness of feeling out of touch

And living life without you here would be living half as much

'Cause I've a need that only you can fill

If love was mathematical you'd understand the sum

To the heart's equation where one and one makes one

And lonely equals me minus you*

*Always love me, never leave me now

Now you are the other side of me.*

Lois, would you come up to the stage please?"

Tears filling her eyes, she walked up to meet her partner and best friend. He took her hand in his and knelt down on one knee before her. Reaching into his pocet, he pulled out a small burgundy velvet box. He opened it, facing the diamond solitaire engagement ring toward her, and said, "Lois Lane, I love you with all my heart, more than life itself. I can't imagine my life without you. Will you marry me?"

Time stood still. For the first time, Lois was speechless. She was so choked up she could barely speak. Tears streaming down her face, she nodded and managed to squeak out, "Yes!"

For that one moment it was as if all the world had disappeared and it was just the two of them as they embraced and sealed their engagement with a kiss.

A few months later Lois and Clark were married in a beautiful ceremony. Everyone they knew was there. Lucy was the maid of honor and Jimmy was the best man. Both sets of parents were there. Lois's parents were even getting along for a change.

Lucy was standing over by the punchbowl alone at the wedding reception when the song "I Swear" by All-4-One began playing. Jimmy, noticing not for the first time how beautiful Lucy looked in her bridesmaid dress, finally gathered up enough courage to make his move.

"Lucy, may I have this dance?" he asked.

"Sure!" Lucy smiled shyly and took his hand.

When the song was over, the DJ announced that it was time for the bride and groom's first dance. Lois and Clark had chosen this song together, and they both knew that they would never forget this moment or this song for the rest of their lives.

*"Tomorrow morning if you wake up

And the sun does not appear

I, I will be here*

*If in the dark we lose sight of love

Hold my hand and have no fear

Cause I, I will be here*

*I will be here, when you feel like being quiet

When you need to speak your mind, I will listen

And I will be here,

When the laughter turns to cryin

Through the winning, losing and trying, we'll be together,

Cause I will be here*

*Tomorrow morning if you wake up,

And the future is unclear

I, I will be here*

*As sure as seasons are made for change,

Our lifetimes are made for years

So I, I will be here*

*I will be here, and you can cry on my shoulder

When the mirror tells you we're older,

I will hold you

And I will be here, to watch you grow in beauty

And tell you all the things you are to me

I will be here*

*I will be true to the promise I have made

To you, and to the one who gave you to me.*

*As sure as seasons are made for change,

Our lifetimes are made for years

So I, I will be here (We'll be together)

I will be here*

As the song ended, they embraced and gazed into each other's eyes. They knew that their love was eternal, that they would be together forever, for the rest of their lives.