From Me to You

By JoMarch <>

Rated G

Submitted January 2001

Summary: From Clark to Lois, and from Lois to Clark — in this vignette, the author lets our favourite couple explore the nature of their love.

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Dear Lois,

There are no words. Every time I reach for that feeling inside, I feel overwhelmed. It chokes me up, and brings tears to my eyes. I feel warm and cold, safe and terrified, content and confused… They tell me it's called Love.

I never knew what Love is. I know I love my parents: deeply, tenderly, truly. But I never experienced anything like what I feel for you, Lois. And I feel afraid.

Then I look into your eyes, and my world is right again. You smile at me, and I am what I never thought I'd be. I am complete.

I wish I could tell you what you gave me, what you give every moment of my life. I wish I could describe how I feel… I can't. Yet you know. Somehow, you know, and I know you know. You live in my soul, Lois, a part of my life, a part of *me*. The best part.

You promised me once that I'm 'not alone anymore'. Dearest Lois, you were right. I'm not alone.

I have you.

Love, Clark


Dear Clark,

I have the world.

Once, a long time ago, my heart broke. I was twelve years old. I barely knew I had a heart, until it made its presence known, painfully.

I coped the best way I knew how. I hid it away and pretended it wasn't even there, but the pain never really went away. When I ventured into the world again and let it out into the light, fragile and timid, it was thrown to the ground. Trampled on and smashed to pieces.

I blamed myself. 'You should have kept your heart to yourself', my head scolded, mercilessly. So I gathered the poor, bleeding pieces and locked them up in the dark. And from that moment on, my head took control.

I never really knew what it was like to feel.

And then came you. Somehow, you managed to find that small, quivering, shrinking creature that was my heart. You reached in and touched it, and for once, it didn't hurt. It healed.

Oh, my head protested violently every step of the way, but something was different. My heart was reviving. With every word you spoke, it grew stronger, until one day, it didn't hurt anymore. It felt wonderful. It felt alive.

For the first time in my life, I could feel. Not with my head, not with my senses, but with my heart. The world became a different place. And you gave me the best feeling of all. You gave me Love.

You are my world, Clark, and there's nothing more I want.

I love you.



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