By Lote <>

Rated G

Submitted June 2001

Summary: What is Lois mad about?


The doorframe trembled as it slammed shut with a force almost rivaling that of Superman.

"Men! They are all the same! Can't trust anyone of them!" she fumed. Taking her shoes off, she threw them at the couch, imagining it to be his head. "No, not from Earth nor from Krypton!" She felt a little mollified and decided to get some ice cream.

Wrenching open the freezer doors, she peered inside. The only tub of ice cream there was vanilla-strawberry flavoured. "Who would even eat Vanilla, anyway? What is the world coming to?" she grumbled. Her anger started up again as she stalked back to the couch and flung herself down.

"How could I even think that he's different from the others? Huh! He proved to be just like them! Lured me with sweet talks and promises. And then, what? Betray me, that's what!

Untrustworthy men and vanilla…"

A hesitant knock on the windowpane stopped her ranting momentarily. A nervous looking Superman stepped in. "Lois, you are not still angry at me, are you?"

She marched right up to him and prodded his chest. "Oh boy! You have no idea how mad I am. You betrayed my trust. You, the icon of truth and justice! How could you, Clark? I thought you were the last person who'd ever do this to me."

"Lois, come on. I didn't do it on purpose. And then, I didn't know how to tell you since I knew you'd be mad. I'm sorry."

"If it had been any other thing, I could have forgiven you. But not this," she said, feeling rather hurt. "Clark, you ate the last tub of Rocky Road ice cream in Metropolis without me!"