By Lisa Stankiewicz < >

Rating: G

Submitted: July 2001

Summary: Clark and Lois find the real parents of their child.

Notes: this is my first fanfic so please email on what you think.


The sun came up and Clark rolled over and kissed Lois. He smiled when he realized how lucky he was. He had a wonderful wife and a four-year-old daughter.

Clark got up and tiptoed to his daughter Lisa's room where he saw her room decorated with Superman stuff. Clark looked at Lisa and studied on how cute she slept. Clark then went down stairs and started breakfast.

Lisa came down in a Superman nightgown and with a Superman doll hanging from her sleepy hand. She yawned and scratched her head and said happily, "Morning, Daddy."

Clark smiled and said, "Morning, Lisa. Sleep well?"

Lisa nodded and sat down at the table and ate her breakfast. A minute later Lois rushed down the stairs and went into the kitchen. "Lisa, get ready for school, we're going to be late," Lois said in a hurry.

In a minute or two Lisa stood there in the school uniform that she hated so much. But Lois and Clark drove Lisa to school and Clark walked Lisa into the school.

When Clark got strange looks from the other parents, Clark finally said, "Have a problem?" and all the mothers scattered away like rats. Clark got back in the car and said, "I really hate those people."

Lois smiled and said, "Aw, honey, don't worry, they're not used to seeing a father do a 'wife's job.'"

They got to the Daily Planet and did their normal thing.


Around noontime, Clark's phone rang and he picked up. "Kent here." Clark listened but no one was there. Clark hung up and a second later it rang again. Clark picked up and said, "Clark Kent here. Hello?"

The caller said, "Well, Mr. Kent, I wouldn't hang up on me if I was you."

Clark straightened up in his chair and said, "Who is this?"

The caller said, "Do you know where your daughter is,Mr. Kent?"


The caller said calmly, "Oh, on the contrary, Mr. Kent, YOU'RE messing with the wrong person. I think if I were you I'd watch your daughter very closely. Or something bad may happen to her." The phone went dead.

Lois went to Clark, worried, and said, "Clark, honey? Who was on the phone? What happened?"

Clark kissed her hand and said calmly, "It was no one, and it was nothing."


At two o'clock, Lois and Clark went to get Lisa. Her school was very high tech and all the parents and students needed a key card to get in. The parents had to go into the classroom and get their child. Clark walked in and saw Lisa's teacher by the door; the teacher was a small lady who was in her twenties. The teacher greeted Clark and called Lisa to go home.

As Clark and Lisa were walking out of the school, a man bumped into Clark.The man mumbled, "Watch your back, Kent."

They got home and Lisa kept on talking about her day, and took a piece of paper out of her back pack and said, "Daddy, Mommy, look what I drew at school." Lois held up the picture, not sure what it was, but Clark said, "Oh,sweetheart, it's wonderful. We'll put it on the refrigerator."


That night Clark woke up with an unsure feeling in his gut.

Clark rolled to his back and stared at the dark room. He studied all the sounds of the room very carefully; all he could hear was Lois' slow breathing. He then saw a shadow outside his balcony door. Clark slowly went to the window and moved the curtain and all Clark could see was a figure in a black hood, carrying something.

Clark then went to Lisa's room and saw her sleeping like a baby. Clark sighed with relief and went back to bed.


The next morning Lois and Clark went to work and Clark couldn't stop thinking about the person that he saw at the house; he knew not to tell Lois because she would get upset.

Lois and Clark went about their business and at two o'clock they brought Lisa to the Daily Planet.

Lisa was playing with her dolls by Lois' desk when she heard something. Lisa looked around but only saw the legs of people walk by. Lisa then shook it off and continued to play. Then a man in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt bent down to Lisa and said, "Hello, what's your name?"

Lisa said, "Daddy told me not to talk to strangers."

The man laughed quietly and said, "Oh, your mom and dad know me well. Just call me Lex."

Lisa shook his hand and said, "Hi, my name is Lisa."

"Want to see what I have in my bag?"

Lisa nodded and Lex opened the bag and Lisa saw all kinds of toys. Lex then put out his hand and said, "Want to see the rest of my toys?"

Lisa said yes, and took Lex's hand so that he could show her where the toys were.

Lois came back to her desk and looked down and didn't see Lisa. Lois then looked over to Clark's desk and panic started to set in. Lois went to Clark and said, "Honey, where is Lisa?"

Clark was confused and answered, "I thought she was with you?"

Lois then said with a shaky voice, "She was playing and I went to do something and came back and she wasn't there."

Clark calmly went to everyone that Lisa would have talked to, but no one had seen her.

Lois then called the police and the officer came to the planet and said, "When was the last time you saw her?"

Lois pointed to her desk and answered, "At my desk about two hours ago."

The officer said, "Well, did she have a reason to run away?"

Lois started to get angry and loudly said, "She's only four years old, why would she run away?" Lois felt Clark's hand on her shoulder, trying to relax her.

The officer then said, "Is there anyone who is new here, someone who may be mad at you two?"

Clark stepped in to answer, knowing that Lois would get more upset and said, "Officer, we're reporters, we put away psycho mastermind people, so of course there are people that are mad at US."

The officer said; "If you don't have evidence to say she was kidnapped then I can't do anything." Then the officer left the room.

A minute later the phone rang and Lois picked up and said, "Lois Lane."

The caller said, "Hello, Lois. Aww, what's wrong, someone missing? Now listen, if you want your daughter alive, get two million dollars in two weeks. Oh, don't worry I'll be in touch."

Lois then said, "Who are you?"

The voice said, "Let's just say an old friend."

The line went dead and Clark could see the disarray in Lois' eyes. Clark went over and hugged Lois and said, "Honey, don't worry we'll find her."

Lois then said, "Were are we going to get two million dollars?"


That night Lois woke up from a deep sleep. Lois didn't know what had startled her, but she decided to go downstairs and get something to drink. She rolled over to Clark's side and saw that he wasn't there.

Lois tiptoed down the hall and saw that Lisa's bedroom light was on. Lois very quietly opened the door and saw Clark sitting on a rocking chair that he used to sit in and hold Lisa in when she was small. Clark was asleep and Lois went in and put a blanket around Clark and turned off the light. Lois then heard a BOOM' downstairs.

Lois jumped ten feet and then woke up Clark. Lois shook him and said, "Clark honey? Please wake up."

Clark yawned and opened his eyes and smiled, but when he saw the expression on Lois' face he said, "Lois what's wrong?" Then Clark heard the 'BOOM' of stuff falling downstairs.

Clark slowly went down the stairs with Lois hang onto his shirt in back of him. Clark in his 'Superman voice' said, "Who's there?" Then the sound came from the kitchen.

Clark then did a football dive for the person's legs. Lois screamed and turned on the lights. Clark saw himself on top of Bobby Big Mouth.

Clark said, "What the heck are you doing here?"

Bobby brushed himself off and said, "Well your smart wife over here said to come over if I had anything about the kidnapping of your kid. So I kind of figured I'd go to the kitchen to get my 'payment.'"

Lois walked over to Bobby and said, "Okay, spill the beans, since you spilled mine," as she was pointing the baked beans that were on the floor. Bobby then went for the cereal and said, with a mouth full of food, "Well, it's on the streets that your 'friend' Lex is up and alive."

Clark stepped back and shook his head and said, "How? I…I mean Superman saw him die."

Bobby swallowed the food and answered, "It's that psycho doctor that worked on him when Lois lost her memory."

Lois said, "Anything else?"

Bobby looked at her like she was stupid and answered, "Lois you've known me since you started. Frankly, for a box of cereal I'm not saying anything else. But for that Mr. Chocolate Fudge, caramel ice cream, I may say something."

Lois went to the freezer and moved some food around and took the ice cream out. Lois said, "Now spill the beans and a lot of them."

Bobby said, "Now no one knows were he is, or Lisa for that matter. Lex wants Lisa to get Lois back."

Lois took back the carton of ice cream and said, "That's all you have? To think I was going to give you my precious ice cream."

Bobby was going to walk out when he said, "Oh Clark, I wouldn't be so uptight when people come to your house. You almost killed me."


The next day, Lois and Clark were very uptight and not concentrating. Perry studied Lois and Clark, to see all the signs that they were worn down.

Clark would space out every now and then and had no intention of finishing the story that he was working on.

Lois, on the other hand, was in worst shape. She would jump every time the phone rang; Lois would also start to cry every now and then. Perry called Lois and Clark into his office and sat them down. Perry sat down and leaned toward Lois and Clark and said, "Now I know it's a hard time for you two, but there is a paper to be printed."

Lois tried to hold the tears when she said, "I'm sorry, Perry, but you have no idea what it's like to have your child with a psycho who won't go away."

Perry said softly, " Lois, I know. My son has been in jail next to those psychos who won't leave you alone."

Clark held Lois as she sobbed into Clark's suit and he himself was trying to keep himself from crying. Clark finally said, with a shake in his voice, "Perry, we have only one more day until we have to pay Lex and after we get Lisa back we'll be the star reporters you always had."

Perry told them to get back to work and without a word Clark walked out, hugging Lois who was still crying on his shoulder.


That night, Lois was woken again, not by a noisy sound, but by something almost like a whimper. Lois walked down the hall and stopped at Lisa's room. Lois opened the light and saw Clark sitting on the floor crying. Lois curled up next to Clark and said, "Clark, honey? What's wrong?"

Clark laid his head gently on Lois' shoulder and said sadly, "Lois, I can't take this. Every time we're getting happy someone or something takes the happiness way from us."

Lois took Clark's hand and kissed it and said, "Clark, don't worry, we'll get Lex and then what? Superman's going to kick his butt."

Clark smiled and said, "Yeah, you're right, he will kick butt."

Lois tried to get Clark to go to bed, but he said he would be there in a minute.


The next day, Lois saw that Clark had never come to bed. She went to Lisa's room and found him sleeping in the rocking chair, holding one of Lisa's dolls.

It was the day that Lex would call again and Lois and Clark were uptight. Their home phone rang and Clark picked up and said sternly, "Hello?"

The caller said, "Why, Clark Kent, it's been a long time since we've talked."

Clark said, "Not soon enough, Lex."

Lex then said in surprise, "Well, I'm surprised you could figure out it was me. Oh, that's right, you're Superman so why shouldn't you figure out who I am? I have your little princess right here." Lex trailed off.


Lex laughed and said, "Oh, if you do that little Lisa here dies. So listen up. Tonight I want LOIS, not you but Lois, to go to the fountain in the park. I want her to put the money on the ledge of the fountain. Then she walks away and she'll get Lisa later on. Oh, and Clark don't follow Lois or I kill Lisa."

The phone went dead and Clark hung it up and told Lois everything.

That day they didn't have to work. They spent the whole day clearing out their retirement money and savings. Clark was putting the money in the suitcase when he sat down and cried.

Lois was surprised to see him in this kind of state of mind. Lois walked over and put Clark's head on her shoulder and kissed his head and said, " Clark, Clark, honey. Don't worry; the person that should be crying is me. Now what is really bothering you?"

Clark looked up with eyes full of tears and said, " I haven't felt this empty since…ever. For two weeks my heart has been in my stomach and I just shudder to think that the one person that we actually got rid of is coming back to haunt us."

Lois put her hand on Clark's cheek and wiped a tear from his eye and said, "Clark, we can't show him our fear. We have to be strong. You have to be strong."


At midnight, Lois went to the fountain and left the money where Lex had told her to. Lois stepped back and heard something in the bushes. Lois looked and whispered, " Lisa?" But nothing happened and Lois kept walking away, saying to her self *What if it's Lex? What if it's Lisa trying to get away?*

So, Lois went back and looked through the bushes, where she saw someone walking into an underground tunnel. Lois followed, and before she knew it, she was in a room with pictures on the wall. The pictures were of Lex and another person she didn't know. Lois kept walking around. Then she found a letter that said:

My dearest, Lex,

I had to leave you because you're much too evil for me and I don't want our daughter to live like that. My only decision is to leave you and put our daughter somewhere safe, far away from you. Here is a picture to remember your daughter by.

Love, Rachel

Lois looked at the picture of the child and it was Lisa! Lois gasped with fear and confusion. Then Lois had a weird feeling that someone was behind her. Lois turned around and saw a harmless skeleton. Lois sighed with relief and went into another room.

Lois could hear someone reading one of Lisa's favorite books. As she got closer she could hear the person say, "Goodnight moon, goodnight cat that lays on the mat."

Lois waited a couple of minutes, then she saw Lex put Lisa back into a cell. When he walked away, Lois tiptoed to Lisa.

Lois whispered,"PSSS. Lisa."

Lisa woke up and said out loud, "MOMMY!"

"SSSSSSSSHHH," Lois snapped.

Lois took out a hairpin and picked the lock. Lois took Lisa by the hand and tried to lead Lisa to outside, but she was confronted by Lex. Lex looked at Lois and said "Well, Lois Lane, I thought you would actually listen to me this time but I guess not."

Lois said, "Why are you doing this? If you love Lisa you'll let us go."

Lex smiled and said, "And take all the fun out of it? I don't think so."

Lois smiled and said, "Lex, your days are up. Look behind you."

Lex looked and saw Superman behind him and gave up without a fight.

Lisa ran to Superman and said "DADDY, I MISSED YOU!" Lisa jumped into his arms and hugged him. The police came and took Lex to jail, but he stopped and said to Lisa, " Never forget who you really are."

Lisa hid her face behind Superman's leg and said nothing. Superman scooped up Lisa and whispered, "Let's go home."

Superman flew them home and Lois saw that Lisa had fallen asleep in Clark's arms. Clark placed her in bed and walked back downstairs and saw Lois looking worried still. Clark sat next to Lois and put his arms around her and said, "Honey, what's wrong?"

Lois put her head on his shoulder and said, "Oh, Clark, how can we tell Lisa that her real father is…is Lex?"

Clark kissed her and said, "We'll tell her when she's older."