Oh Hover Boy

By Kristin Johnson <kristinsj@hotmail.com>

Rated PG-13

Submitted January 2001

Summary: Having been married for only a few weeks, Lois finds yet another thing she must get used to about her alien husband.


Lois lay alone in bed, her eyes heavy with oncoming slumber, but the movement of the curtains brought her to attention, and she rolled over to greet her husband as he touched down inside the room.

"Finally," she whispered, smiling with relief that he was home safe for another night.

"Don't get up, honey, I'll be there in a sec," he whispered back gently, and she could hear the fatigue in his voice.

He had been out all night cleaning up a devastating earthquake in El Salvador, and she glanced at the red neon numbers of the clock radio at her side. Two twenty-five in the morning. Poor guy.

She was still getting used to her husband's second job, having been enjoying matrimonial bliss for two weeks now. She could hear the shower in the adjoining bathroom running and faded back to sleep listening to the steady sound of water. Before she knew it, he was climbing in under the covers beside her, and she once more woke herself long enough to greet him with an understanding smile.

"Long night?" she whispered. His quiet nod was her answer, and he leaned over to place a gentle kiss upon her forehead, settling his head upon the pillow facing her. She reached out a hand to his bare chest and fell to sleep almost at once.

A few hours later, she could feel the sunlight striking her face, and slowly woke herself up. As her eyes flickered open, she found herself in the same position as she had fallen asleep, on her side, facing her husband. Yet now, her outstretched arm fell upon empty sheets. She smiled, amazed that Clark could have been so tired and still make it up before her. She closed her eyes and rolled over onto her back, trying to hear his footsteps in the apartment.

And suddenly, she had a strange sensation. Her eyes popped open to find her husband hovering in the air over by the window.

"Clark!" she gasped with surprise, suddenly regretting it.

He immediately awoke and plummeted towards the floor. She sat up to see him stumbling to his feet on the other side of the bed. After looking at each other for a moment and realizing what had just happened, they started laughing.

"I'll never get used to that!" she shook her head, and he shrugged, looking down at the floor upon which he had landed.

"How are we going to explain that?" he laughed, pointing to the fresh dents marring the polished wood floor, and she looked down too.

"That looks as good a place as any for a rug," she suggested, still giggling. Shaking his head, he fell onto the bed in submission.

"So how are we going to keep that from happening again?" he asked, trying to be serious but to no avail. "Do we need to get some rope?"

"Mmmmm, tying you down … there's a good idea …" Lois purred, leaning over to him, "What do you think about handcuffs?"

He returned her advance with his own rumble of pleasure, "Mmmmm, the man of steel cuffs, sounds good to me …"

And with that, they were both late for work…