Reflections From Space

By emilystarr1 <>

Rated G

Submitted January 2001

Summary: A romantic sonnet in which Clark reflects on what he leaves behind, as he leaves with the New Kryptonians.

A sorta sonnet written from Clark's point of view after leaving for New Krypton.

Thanks to Hazel for posting the sonnet writing challenge! :)


Your tears from the heavens could now be heard and a pained heart forever mine to keep For our love has Fate constantly deferred And order each our hearts "Go now to sleep,"

But as sleeping our hearts fey do not lie as Logic fights for the hopeless campaign My love will never find good cause to die No distance apart and no planet slain

Keep faith, my one heart and my only love I am certain our day will come to pass and the star we both watch and did speak of does reflect our lives as a looking-glass

And in this glass I do love what I see; United as ones who are meant to be.