A Super Poem

By Sarah Hernandez <SupieGirl@aol.com>

Rated: G

Submitted: April 2001

Summary: A poem which tells the story of our favorite superhero from his arrival in Metropolis to his engagement to Lois Lane.

This is my first fanfic so I would greatly appreciate both positive comments and constructive criticism. I love all your stories so much, I thought I might give writing a try myself. What would my English teacher think! (Actually, she thinks my Lois & Clark infatuation is cute. It adds to my "whimsical" personality.)

This poem is dedicated to my wonderful English teacher and friend, Mrs. Stanley and to Sabrina, who never fails to amaze me with all her obsessions. You are awesome!!!!!

Once upon a time On a planet far, far away An infant was born Destined to fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way

The fate of his home, Krypton His father could see quite clearly So the child was sent to planet Earth Because he was loved so dearly

He was placed upon a spaceship Which traveled a great length And discovered by a couple Who took notice of his amazing strength

The boy grew up and moved to the city To become a news writer But he did not forget he needed to use his abilities To be an effective crime-fighter

He also wanted to lead a normal life And because he was very wise He came up the brilliant idea To create some type of disguise

So, he arrived at the Daily Planet With a pair of glasses on his face In hope that, from the editor, He would receive his first reporting case

The editor-in-chief paired him up With a smart and sassy dame Who went by the title None other than that of Lois Lane

At first she paid no attention to him Because she was only interested in the story She was even reluctant to share a by-line For she alone wanted all the glory

Although she ignored the reporter She fell in love with the man who could fly Not realizing that his true identity Was covered up by a lie

After working with the mild-mannered reporter She began to find his excuses quite lame So she put two and two together And discovered that he and the superhero were one and the same

Lois thought and thought And decided to give up the superhero dream Because she wanted to extend the Lane & Kent relationship To more than that of a reporting team

She received the surprise of her life When Clark began to kneel And ask her an important question To affirm his love was for real

She eventually answered with a "yes" And not at all too late For no matter how "super" one is He cannot alter fate!