By Lilly M. <Lillym25@hotmail.com>

Rating: PG 13

Submitted June 2001

Summary: Lois and Clark try to spend some time alone together but find it so difficult that it may be a job for Superman. The weekend starts off on a crowded note when the Kents, making a surprise early-morning visit to Clark's apartment, find that the surprise is on them.



"Why, thank you so much for letting us in," said Martha, smiling at Clark's landlord. "We knocked several times, but Clark probably didn't hear us. He is quite a sound sleeper."

"Well, is he expecting you?" He asked. "You know, I don't do this for just anyone, but Clark is my best tenant. He's always on time with the rent and never makes a lot of noise. Anyway, it's a good thing he introduced us last time you were here, or you'd have to come back later. I don't like having people pounding on tenants' doors early in the morning."

"Well, we're sorry," Martha replied. "He isn't expecting us. We're on a layover for a few hours. We're just back from Italy! Our flight doesn't leave for Kansas until 4:30. We want to surprise him with a nice big country breakfast."

"Oh," the landlord said, relieved. "Sounds nice. Say, you two are in Metropolis a lot visiting your son, aren't you? Why not just move here? It just so happens I have a vacancy around the block. Wouldn't that be nice, living so close? And now that he's engaged to that beautiful girlfriend of his, who knows when grandkids will come. Could be very soon, before you know it."

"Oh, no," Jonathan said, shaking his head. "I could never move to the city. We'll just have to persuade Clark to bring the grandkids to Smallville often." He looked at Martha and grinned.

"Oh, well," The landlord shrugged his shoulders. "I do hear it's nice in the country. Let me know if you change your mind."

"We will," Martha said. "And thanks again for letting us in."

"Sure thing." The landlord nodded his head, and closed the door behind him.

"Whew." Jonathan sighed in relief. "What a piece of work, that landlord is. Oh, well, I wonder where Clark is this morning? I didn't hear anything on the news about any big catastrophes, did you?"

"No, but I'm sure he's just out patrolling or something. Let's start breakfast, I'm sure he'll be hungry when he gets home."


Lois was in heaven. Her body was relaxed, and her mind was free of stress. It was a perfect way to start a morning. She sighed and stretched as she began to wake from a very lovely sleep. It took her a moment to realize her movements were constricted and she couldn't quite stretch out as much as she wanted. Confused, she opened her eyes to see a well-muscled arm slung over her middle.

"Clark," she mumbled with a smile. They were lying spoon fashion, Lois' back snuggled very nicely into Clark's chest. He was still sleeping and was not aware that he had her trapped. Not that she minded. She relaxed and was very content to lie in his arms until a sharp pain in her leg brought her out of her contentment.

"Ouch!" She exclaimed, pushing at Clark's immovable arm. "Clark, move!" Realizing that pushing his arm was getting her nowhere, she managed to twist her body to face him. Once turned around she started to push at his chest. "Come on Clark; budge. Budge just a little!"

"What's wrong?" he asked, still half-asleep.

"Just move, dang-it!"

"Moving," Clark mumbled as he pulled away from Lois and lay on his back. Lois immediately sat up and started to massage her calf.

"Ow, I got a cramp! Low impact, I told myself before I got to the spa yesterday. But no, I took the high impact set instead, with that pumped up Amazon woman who probably takes sick pleasure in seeing other people suffer. And then there is you. You should try to be more careful, Mr. Man of Steel. Oh, my goodness! I know you were sleeping, but I couldn't budge you. What if I had a real emergency or something?"

Clark sat up and smiled. "Good morning to you too, Lois." He leaned over and kissed her shoulder.

Her annoyance evaporated instantly at the sight of his sleepy grin. "Good morning," she replied as she smiled back at him." What time did you finally get in last night? I didn't hear you."

"Oh, around 2:00 am. There was a lot going on around the city." He yawned and stretched. "I am looking forward to spending a nice, quiet Saturday with my fianc‚e."

"Yeah, right, Clark." She rolled her eyes. "Are you still dreaming?" She giggled when he started to kiss her neck.

"Sure, the best kind of dream. Hey, do you ache anywhere else? Do you want me to give you a rubdown?"

"Ummm, sounds nice." Lois sighed as they fell back on the bed, kissing and massaging each other all the while. Things were getting good, in Lois's estimation, when Clark stopped suddenly. She started to protest his abrupt behavior but thought better of it when she spied the expression on his face. An expression Lois knew quite well. He heard something.

"So much for dreams," she said under her breath as she put her hands over his ears. "NO! Not today, not this morning. Can't you just turn off your super hearing for once? What happened to spending a nice, quiet Saturday with me?"

"Lois." Clark looked down at her. "It's not that. I mean I do hear something but it's not outside. It sounds like it's coming from inside. In my apartment."

"What!" Lois sat up and looked over at the bedroom door. "Who would be in your apartment?"

"I don't know, but I'm going to go find out. You stay here." He moved to get up.

"Hey, wait a minute." Lois grabbed his arm. "Why don't you just take a look?" She gestured toward the door.

"Um, well, the door is lead-lined." He said, sheepishly, pulling on a pair of jeans.

"Lead-lined?!" Lois said, incredulously. "Why in the world would you have a lead-lined door in your apartment?"

"Well, the landlord put it up. What could I say to him? Oh, no, please don't put up that one. It's lead-lined and I can't see through it!'? Now, I'm going to go check it out. Stay here."

Clark walked over to the door and eased it open. He leaned over to peer into the living room. Lois leaned over his shoulder.

"Do you see anything?" She whispered.

Clark sighed and turned to his fianc‚e. "I told you…" He started but realized how futile his words would be. She always did what she wanted despite his objections. It was true that it was one of the things he loved about her, but he couldn't help his protective nature.

She stood there, not a care for her own safety looking beautiful as always. She wore a pair of white silky shorts that probably had a fancy name, but Clark had no clue as to what to call them. He just knew they look great and showed off her lovely legs.

The top, which obviously came with the shorts, was white and silky as well. It was short, however, leaving a few inches of her mid-section bare between the bottom of the shirt and top of the shorts.

Clark had to shake his head clear of the images that crept in, especially the one where he fell to his knees and kissed her perky little belly button. Groaning, he tried to get back to the task at hand, and tried once again to reason with his headstrong fiancee. "Lois, I told you to stay put."

"Yeah, right," she whispered and tried to move in front of him only to have him pull her back again.

"Please, stay here," he said sternly, and, in a flash, was gone.

Lois crossed her arms over her chest and pouted. But only for a second. When she heard voices, her curiosity got the better of her and she started to tiptoe out.

Clark swooshed out at super speed, and grabbed the intruder by the arm. "Hold it right there."

"Clark!" Jonathan jumped in surprise. "My goodness, don't do that to me!" He placed his hand on his chest.

"Dad! Gosh, I'm sorry. I just heard movements out here, I didn't know it was you! Here sit down!" He led Jonathan to a chair. Martha rushed to bring him a glass of water.

It's okay, Clark." Jonathan said, sipping the water. "How long have you been here? We pounded on the door until the landlord came up and let us in. We thought you were out."

"Um. " Clark shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other as he said , "No I wasn't out, I was just sleeping and…"

"Clark, what's going on? Did you find anyone?"

Martha and Jonathan looked up, surprised at the sight of a scantily clad Lois rushing from their son's bedroom. "Oh my," was all Martha could manage to say.

"I heard voices." Lois stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Clark's parents. She looked over at Clark who was standing there looking rather uncomfortable but very nice in his unbuttoned, snug, blue jeans.

"Well, this is awkward, isn't it?" Lois said with a nervous laugh. She blushed profusely and pushed her short cropped hair behind her ears, not realizing, of course, that in doing this, her top rose to reveal more of her stomach.

Martha was the first to recover. "Oh, no, it's okay Lois. Why don't you just come over here and sit down and have some coffee? Jonathan and I are making a nice big country breakfast just like we used to on Saturdays when Clark lived at home. There's plenty for all. How do you like your eggs?"

Lois smiled at Martha. "Um, Scrambled would be nice, thank you." Then, as if she had just realized she was standing there half naked, she backed up. "I think I'd better go, though." She pointed to the bedroom saying," Better go and get, um, dressed. I'll be right back." She rushed off.

"We didn't mean to interrupt anything, son." Jonathan said with a grin. "We just stopped by to surprise you with a nice breakfast. We're here on layover. Our flight to Kansas doesn't leave until later."

"It's okay, Dad. "Lois and I will have the rest of our lives together." He looked toward the bedroom and smiled. He sat down across from his father and asked, "So, how was Italy?"

"Italy, smitaly!" Martha said, placing a cup of coffee in front of him. "We want to know what's going on here. Is Lois moving in?"

"No." Clark looked down into the black coffee. "She stays here sometimes, usually on the weekends. It's sort of like a dry run, to see if we can live together, if we're compatible, that kind of thing. It's going very well, but we probably won't live together full time until after we're married. Suffice it to say, it is nice coming home to find her here after a harrowing evening of burning buildings and hostage situations."

He looked up to see his parents staring at him. "Come on, guys. I'm crazy in love with Lois, you know that. You're making me feel as if I'm 14 years old again and you caught me in the hayloft with Betty Sue."

Martha laughed. "Oh, Clark we know you and Lois love each other and we would never presume to judge you or Lois. She's wonderful. Your father and I aren't hypocrites, you know. Do you think we waited until our wedding night?"



"Oh, stop acting like prudes, you two. " She turned to face Clark. "I think it's great that you found someone to love, especially considering that you're not from this earth. I hope everything is okay. Isn't it?"

"Um, Mom, this is kinda weird talking to you about this…"

"Why? We've always been open with one other. I know this is usually a father, son sort of thing, but Jonathan will tell me eventually."

"This is true, son. I can't keep anything from her." Jonathan replied with a grin.

Clark laughed "You two are the best. Hey, do I smell something burning?"

"Oh, I forgot the bacon!" Jonathan jumped up and returned to the kitchen to check on breakfast. Martha, however, was not fooled by Clark's obvious diversion. She thought he had probably burned the bacon himself with his heat vision. She raised an eyebrow at him.

He smiled and said, "Oh, all right. Yes, Mom, Lois and I are very…compatible. Everything is going just fine, okay? Now, tell me about Italy."


"Well, this has been quite an interesting day," Lois mused. "I certainly hope we didn't shock your parents this morning. I mean, I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of what I feel for you, or for wanting to show you, but I really care about them and do not want to lose their respect. Are you sure they were okay?"

"For the hundredth time, Lois, they are fine. Didn't they hug and kiss you before they got on the plane? Didn't they make you promise to come down to Smallville soon and visit?"

"Yeah, I guess," she said, obviously not convinced.

"Come on Lois, you know they absolutely love you."

"And I love you." She threw her arms around his neck and backed him up against his apartment door. "What do you say to a nice romantic dinner for two?"

"Humm, it depends," He teased. "Are you cooking?"

"Maybe," she said coyly.

"Ahh" He nodded his head knowingly. "Will it be pizza or Chinese?"

"Why you…!" She poked him in the ribs and pulled away in a pout. "Just for that, you're the one who's going to cook."

"Of course I am," Clark said with a grin and opened the apartment door. He swept her up in his arms and whispered, "I love you, lack of culinary talent and all."

"Oh, Clark." She leaned her head on his shoulder and started to nibble on his ear.

He returned her attentions and started kissing her neck as he moved toward the couch.

"Whoa! Look at you two! Um…hey guys, hello. I'm sorry to interrupt."

In a daze, Clark looked down to see Jimmy Olsen sitting on the couch where he was about to lay Lois.


"Hi, Lois. Hey, are you mad at me?"

Lois glanced up to see Jimmy cautiously approach her desk.

"Why would I be mad at you, Jimmy?" Lois asked.

"Well," Jimmy paused and shrugged his shoulders, "um, because of Saturday. But I didn't have anyplace else to go. How was I to know my stupid landlord was fumigating this weekend? He certainly didn't tell me he was, even though he said he sent a memo."

"Jimmy, it's okay." Lois tried to placate him.

"And, well, Clark didn't have to stick around, either. I know he wanted to be a good host. It was nice, though, watching the basketball game with him on a nice color TV. But, you didn't have to leave!"

"Well, Jimmy, I did have some errands to do, honestly," Lois said, unconvincingly.

"Well, you guys did spend some time together on Sunday, right? Clark was hardly at the apartment, so I guess he was with you. I was glad, because I was feeling guilty. What did you guys do?"

Lois had only seen Clark very briefly on Sunday. He just popped in, as Superman, to see if she was okay. She quickly thought of an excuse.

"Oh, it was a lazy Sunday. We walked along the waterfront and through some of those antique shops down there. It was very nice." It wasn't really a lie. She really did do that, but she was alone.

"Oh, sounds great. Hey CK!" Jimmy waved to Clark as he walked off the elevator. "Thanks again for letting me crash at your place. I owe you.

"No problem, Jimmy. Are you settled back into your apartment?"

"Yeah, it's great to be home and roach free, at least for a while." He laughed and walked off.

Smiling Clark turned to Lois. "And how are you this morning? Did you have a nice day yesterday?"

"Yeah, it was nice. Walked along the waterfront and the shops there. Oh, just in case he mentions it, I told Jimmy you were with me. I saw the news. You were really busy, weren't you?"

"Yeah, there was a terrorist situation down in Mexico and a runaway bus in LA," he said. "I also made a quick trip to Smallville to make sure my folks made it home okay. I did a few things for them around the farm and stayed for dinner. I'm sorry I didn't make it over last night. It was real late when I got back."

"It's okay," she said, touching his cheek. "I'm getting used to it, really. How are your folks doing? Was their flight okay?"

"Yes, everything was fine," He clasped his hand over hers. Slowly, he moved her hand from his cheek and brought it to his mouth. He kissed her palm. "Oh, and by the way," he whispered, "they still love you."

"And I still love you," she said with a twinkle in her eye. She took his hand and placed it on a spot on her person that she'd love for him to kiss. "Want to go check out the new lock on the storage room door?"

"Sure," Clark grinned. "If we can get past him."

Lois looked over her shoulder to see Perry White approaching them. She turned back to Clark with a sigh, gave his hand a squeeze and said, "Another time, I guess."


Clark was getting frustrated. He had been very busy with both his jobs and unable to spend much time alone with Lois all week. He was hoping to put the suit away and spend a nice, quiet weekend with her, but Perry expected them to cover a scientific convention. Lois was trying her best to get out of it, but Perry's mind was made up. And when he was at that point, he budged for no one, not even his best two reporters. But Clark was going to try.

He had received a tip from a reliable source about a possible story up in New England. He had been unable to find proof of the alleged crime when he had flown up as Superman, but his investigation hadn't been as thorough as he would have liked. He was pretty sure there was something going on there.

He hoped Perry would allow them to investigate. Then, if they did find evidence, they would inform the feds, wrap the story, and perhaps stay a few extra days vacationing. Surely Perry would allow that - perhaps with a little Super intervention.


"Don't be cruel," Perry crooned as he sat in his office reviewing articles for the afternoon addition. "To a heart that's true…" Perry's song was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Oh, who in the Sam Hill is it! " he yelled, not wanting to be disturbed. "Well, don't just stand out there, come in."

The person who knocked on the door walked in casually. Perry was startled at the sight of Superman standing in front of his desk, his arms crossed over the big red 'S'.

"Superman! Well, this is a surprise." Perry stood up. "What can I do for you?"

Superman shook Perry's hand. "Well, I was wondering if you had a moment. It's regarding a tip I got wind of, and I'm sure the Daily Planet would like an exclusive. I didn't see Clark or Lois out there so I thought I'd bring it to your attention."

"Yes, of course." Perry gestured at the chair next to his desk. "Have a seat. Would you like a cup of coffee? JIMMY! COFFEE, PRONTO!"

"Superman lifted his hand in refusal and said as he sat down, "Actually I'm fine, thank you."

Jimmy stuck his head into the office. "Did you want to see me, Chief?" Upon seeing Perry's illustrious guest he waved and said, "Hiya, Superman."

"Hello, Mr. Olsen," said Superman, nodding his head.

"Wow!" Jimmy's eyes widened at Superman's formal address. He shuffled his feet anxiously. "Aw, sir, call me Jimmy."

"Of course, Jimmy" Superman nodded. "I wanted to compliment you on the photograph on this morning's front page."

Jimmy's brain froze. Superman just complimented him! What should he do? "Um, thanks, I wasn't sure if the black and white shot would work"

"I thought it was very well done," said Superman, smiling. "I liked that the only splash of color was the red 'S' of my uniform. People usually just see the bright colors of my suit, but the black and white of the shot really emphasized the plight of the homeless fire victims as opposed to yours truly."

"I'm glad you liked it," Jimmy said sheepishly as he lowered his head.

"Yes, Jimmy," Perry White said, "it was a good shot. Now go hunt down Lois and Clark for me and tell them to come here, pronto."

"Gotcha. See ya, Superman." Jimmy hurried out of the office, spring in his step. Clark couldn't help smiling to himself as he heard Jimmy bragging to others in the office about Superman's compliments.

"Now, where were we?" Perry leaned forward on the edge of his seat. He was desperately trying not to seem too anxious, but couldn't contain the rush of excitement he got at the thought of an exclusive from Superman.

"Well," Superman continued, "before I go into detail, I should tell you that there is no evidence that what I am about to tell you is true, except for a reliable source. So, there is really nothing I can do, yet. However, I am sure a good investigative reporting team would have no problem finding out the truth. Are you interested?"

As Lois rushed toward Perry's office she stopped in her tracks, startled at the bellowing sound that came from within. It sounded suspiciously like her boss. "HELL, YES!"


"I don't believe it." Lois said to Clark later that day. "Can you believe it? He changed his mind, just like that." She snapped her fingers. "And now he's sending us up to New England to investigate a bed and breakfast which is supposed to be a front for a drug ring. This is great! It's almost like a vacation. We'll go and," Lois lowered her voice to a whisper, "you'll sniff out the drug dealers," she raised her voice as she continued, "and then we'll have the rest of the weekend to ourselves. I hear it's beautiful up there this time of year. I can't wait! Oh, let's go; we have to pack."

"Um, Lois," Clark ventured, "it may not be that easy, sniffing out the drug dealers."

Lois cut him off. "Oh, it'll be a piece of cake. This is so exciting! All-you- can-eat lobsters, here we come." Lois rushed excitedly to the elevator.

Clark just smiled as he followed her. It was going to be a great weekend.