A Letter

By Lote <kestrel@pacific.net.sg>

Rated: G

Submitted: January 2002

Summary: After Clark's departure to New Krypton, Lois found herself writing him a letter. This is the contents of that letter. A vignette set in the same universe as the author's "Thanksgiving."


Dearest Clark,

It's been like a lifetime since you've been gone. Or so it seems at times. I can't imagine what you're going through at this moment, or what you must be facing. How I wish that things were different, that you'd be able to contact me. But I guess this is our fate, isn't it, my dearest?

To think that we've only been together for such a short time. How much time did I waste in not seeing what was right before my eyes? You'd probably scold me, but I can't help feeling guilty for the way I kept denying what was in my heart the whole time we've been friends. I wasted two whole years in denying my feelings and in pushing you away. If only…but there is no way to change the past.

Yet, I thank my lucky stars that at least, for the little time we had together, we were happy and that I found the one who awakened my heart to the feelings I never knew I was capable of feeling. Thank you, sweetheart, for this beautiful gift.

Today, as I looked across to your desk, once again I felt the sharp pain of loss. Just like that last hour when we talked in Perry's office while Zara and Ching waited patiently to take you away from me. Did you know that I almost broke down and begged you not to leave or to take me with you? But I knew you had to go, just as I knew I had to stay behind to carry on your legacy. The name Superman stands for something. Even though Superman is no longer with us, his legacy lives on. I promise you that I will do my best to ensure that. But Clark, who's going to ensure that I will be all right?

I'm sorry, sweetheart. Perhaps I'm being selfish. After all, I'm not the one leaving behind family and friends to go to a foreign world to fight a war. Knowing what wars are like, I worry about you. Not only for your physical well- being, but your mental and emotional ones too. My fianc‚ has such a gentle soul that I wonder what the horrors of the war would do to that beautiful soul.

Will I ever get to see you again? If I do, will you be the same Clark Kent that I know and love? Or would the experiences you've had change you into a total stranger? I've no idea. But I do know that no matter how much you change, I will welcome you back with open arms and we would just have to get to know each other once again. No matter how hard it's going to be. If you come home.

Tonight, as I'm writing this, I look up at the sky. The stars are shining bright and clear. There. A shooting star. I wish with all my heart that we will one day be reunited. Till then, my dear, stay safe and know that I'm thinking of you, always.