Clark Gable He's Not

By Lauren M <>

Rated: G

Submitted: June 2002

Summary: A night watching one of her favorite movies leaves Lois with some interesting thoughts.

Disclaimer: I own no one, I'm only doing this to entertain myself and possibly others. I have no association with DC Comics or Warner Brothers, or any other big shot for that matter.

Author's Note: This takes place in Season Two, after Lois and Clark's "Almost First Date" and definitely before Lucky Leon.

Special thanks to LabRat for GE-ing this for me! And also to my beta editor and sounding board, Susie Q! You rock, girl!


"Frankly, My Dear, I don't give a damn!" And with that he turned around and headed out the door into the mists. Scarlett stood in the doorway and watched, her hand gripping tightly onto a handkerchief that was soaked with tears.

A sigh was released from Lois' lips as she watched the drama unfold on her television. She had loved this movie since she was a teenager, but only recently did she have the energy and desire to re-watch the classic. For some reason, she hadn't found the time to watch it before, most likely because of its length. But Lois found that she had a night completely to herself, and decided to spend it with a few of her favorite characters.

She couldn't describe what it was about the movie that she loved most. It might have been the era. When she was younger she used to make-believe she was a southern belle, and a gallant man with dark eyes and dark hair would show her true love. And people had an air about them, like they were above pettiness.

Or maybe it was the storyline that she loved. A woman was in love with a figment of her own imagination. She couldn't see the man that was right in front of her, her real love. And only when that man was leaving her did she fully realize what that man meant to her.

"Yes, Clark Gable was the perfect Rhett." Lois muttered, watching as the scene changed from the inside of the mansion in Atlanta to the hillside looking upon Tara. Standing up and stretching her arms, Lois walked towards the television and shut it and her VCR off.

Slowly she walked towards her bedroom and glanced at the clock. It read 11:30 p.m., but oddly, she wasn't tired. Still, her mind screamed at her to go to sleep. She pulled back the covers of her bed, and slowly sank down onto the soft material. The moon cast a shadow over the down comforter on her bed, revealing the floral design of the duvet cover.

The deafening silence of her room rang in her ears. Every little tick the clock made seemed like it was ten times louder than she knew it actually was. Closing her eyes, she tried to will sleep to come, but somehow it wouldn't. Her thoughts kept returning to the movie she had just finished.

When she was in college, her roommate had once compared her to Scarlett. Although Lois could hardly see the resemblance then, she could now. Both she and Scarlett were stubborn, strong, independent women. They also got into trouble, lots of trouble.

'But I'm not blind like she was,' Lois thought to herself. She knew whom she loved. Or did she? Ever since Clark had almost died, she felt a strong connection to him. And it seemed to grow stronger every day. But could she honestly say that this connection had started with Clark's almost death? No, it was before that incident. The connection, and the feeling that resulted from it, had started back when she was with Lex Luthor.

But she was also torn between her feelings for Superman. He had saved her life on more occasions than she cared to count. And he was incredibly handsome, and smart, and kind. She could list a million words to describe him. But was that really him?

"Really, how well do I know him?" she mumbled to herself, rolling onto her side. Sure, they had a few conversations and dinner here and there, but other then that she knew nothing. She didn't know where he hung up his cape or if he even did that. She didn't know what his goals were, what his favorite color was, or what his favorite food was. Did he have a favorite movie? Or television show?

He didn't even have a name until she named him. Had she made him up? Set up this dream of what he was? Made him into her perfect guy? In her eyes, could he do no wrong? And what about Clark?

Sure, Clark was no Clark Gable. He didn't have the same sort of rascally charm Gable had possessed in Gone With The Wind, but Clark had his own type. It was that "honest- to-goodness-I'll-never-hurt-you-but-if-I-do-I'll-make-it- up-to-you" charm. And even though he told her he was lying when he confessed his love for her, he didn't seem sure of the words he was saying. And Lois hadn't been totally convinced by him either.

Clark was real; he had problems, and challenges. He faced the same problems and obstacles she did, and he overcame them with help from his friends and family. He could be stubborn and forgiving. He was logical and analytical. He didn't act on emotions, but he did show them. Most of all he cared, for other humans and for her. He looked out for her, tried to help and protect her in any way he could, and on occasion sacrificed his happiness for hers.

Superman had saved her, but his sacrifices were never like those of Clark's. Sighing, she rubbed her face with her hands. Logically, it wasn't much of a decision. And her heart, which had fought against her head for so long, was suddenly not putting up much of an opposition.

Deciding that she wasn't going to figure out the answers in bed, she got up and journeyed out into her living room. She rummaged through her video library, and pulled out all the romance movies she had. Maybe they contained the answers she needed; after all, the questions had been discovered from watching a movie.