Engagement Bliss

By Lois Lane Wanna Be <music_km2@yahoo.com>

Rated: PG

Submitted: July 2002

Summary: It's not the ring that makes her engagement, and Lois knew it. This story also makes up for her answer to the question, "Invisible or Fly?"

This is another spur of the moment story just like my last one. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks to the people at Zoom's message boards for their feedback and Mela for my title. I believe it does capture the true gist of the story :). Hope you enjoy it. Also these are not my characters. I just use them in my spur of the moment stories.


Lois was sitting at her desk at the Daily Planet. She was finishing up a story when her thoughts got the best of her. The things that were really sticking out in her mind were Clark's proposal to her, becoming Ultra Woman and then getting enough guts to propose to Clark herself. These thoughts were then being broken by a new distraction; the shining engagement ring on her finger. Although it's outer beauty was striking, it was not the attribute that Lois was admiring. It was the love that this ring truly represented that made Lois look at so often.

Looking at her watch, Lois knew she had a deadline to meet. With one last smiling glance at the symbol of love on her finger, she set back to work. Lois had gotten so wrapped up into her story once more that she didn't even realize Clark coming up behind her a half hour later.

"Finished yet?" he said with a teasing grin on his face.

"By the look on your face I guess you finished yours at super speed." Lois responded without looking up.

With a small chuckle, Clark sat on the edge of Lois's desk.

"How does a bit of Chinese at my place tonight sound?" Clark asked with a slight more serious expression.

"I'll agree as long as it's from that place in Beijing and you scoot off my desk so I can finish!" said Lois now looking up at Clark with that teasing grin of hers.

After sharing a quick kiss, Clark left for Beijing and Lois finished her story. She then drove home to change into some comfortable clothing. Lois then hopped back into her jeep and headed toward Clark's. When she arrived, the smells of Chinese almost made her drool in Clark's kitchen. After eating and having Clark read Lois's Chinese fortune they shared hot coco on Clark's deck. They shared a couple silent moments in each other's arms, gazing out at the night sky.

"You know what's amazing?" Clark said suddenly.

"Besides yourself?" Lois asked smiling.

"Cute. But seriously."


"Can you actually believe it has almost been 3 years since you and I were here and you told me about that game Lucy and you use to play?" That invisible, fly thing?"

"Yes but what made you bring this up all of a sudden?" asked Lois now sitting up to face him.

"A lot has changed since then and I was wondering…"

"If my answer has changed?" Lois asked slightly puzzled. "You honestly want to know?"

"Honestly." said Clark not sure he really wanted to know now.

"Neither." Lois said almost triumphantly.

"Neither? Lois Lane chooses neither? Why?" Clark asked, shocked.

"Neither because I don't need to know what's behind every closed door or to soar through the skies anymore. When I first meet you, I tried to hide behind a wall of work and toughness. I was determined not to let you or anyone else in. I had too much disappointment and heartbreak in my life already. I didn't need another thing to add to that list. You eventually changed so many of those thoughts. For a while, flying with Superman was a whole new world. It was a world I never thought I could go to because it was behind another locked door. After a while, it became just superhero worship and I realized I was denying myself a wonderful man; you. Clark, you have unlocked many of the doors I could never get through and swept me off my feet more time than I can count. When I was with you, that's when I truly felt free from all the barriers and shields I hid myself under. It was you who knocked down my barriers, unlocked the closed doors and "flew" with me inside. So you see, I don't need any of those special gifts to get me through life because now I have you and I know I am going to have you for the rest of my life."

After Lois's speech, Clark was near tears. This was definitely not the answer he was expecting let alone prepared for.

"Lois I…"

"Shhh. Your eyes say truly say it all. You know, that speech I made probably could have been simplified into smaller words?"

"I love you perhaps?" whispered Clark.

"Perhaps." whispered Lois leaning in towards Clark.