Finding Lois Lane

By Bluegrlfaerie (

Rated: PG

Submitted: June 2002

Summary: Bruce Wayne's daughter collaborates with the grandson of Lois Lane to find out about the dead grandmother he never had a chance to know, and about Superman.

Author's Notes: :) Enjoy!


{} are sounds

[ ] are video images

- — is a telephone conversation

<> is writing in a notebook

and when you see the stars *, it's a memory, all right?


{sound of cassette being put in recorder}

"Hello, this is Lester Lane, junior reporter for the New Daily Starr."

"Hey, I'm Wendy Wayne, how ya doin'?"

"You're not supposed to talk like that!"

"Talk like what? Am I supposed to sound like I'm heading a funeral just because we're recording this? Sorry man, but the Wends don't dig that."

{groans from male voice}

"Fine, but try not to act like this is your radio show, okay? This is serious."

"Oh yeah, I forgot, your first major story for the big newspaper. Ooh, I'm so scared."



{more groans can be heard from male voice}

"Let's just continue, okay?"

"Pff, fine."

"So, as I was saying, I am Lester Lane, junior reporter for the New Daily Starr and this—"

"-is the oh, so beautiful Wendy Wayne."

"You're not supposed to compliment yourself on the recording!"

"Why not?"

{sounds of simmering from the male voice, mutters of 'you- just-can't-win-with-her-logic' can be heard}

"Whatever. So, as I was saying. I am Lester—"

"Would you quit saying your name and record the introduction already?"

"Fine, fine. The purpose of this recording is to keep records of the data that me and Ms. Wayne—"


"What now?"

"Ms. Wayne! I'm Ms. Wayne ya'll!"

"I'm going to ignore that—"

"You should."

"Would you shut up already?!"

"Fine, sheesh, somebody's had too much coffee today. Dude, you really gotta lay off of that stuff."

{menacing growls could be heard}

"As I was saying, this is to record the data that Wendy and I will collect. We are on a mission for a big debut story for the New Daily Starr in celebration of Metropolis's first Hero's Day which was made official by the mayor two weeks ago. This story will include everything about the life of a young woman who changed this city forever. I was picked for this story because this young woman was my grandmother. Wendy Wayne is helping me. Our mission is now dubbed—"

{both voices}

"Finding Lois Lane."


It was a bright sunny morning in Metropolis's Main Park. Children could be seen laughing as they ran around the trees and fountains. An old man sat by the lake as he did everyday and slowly threw breadcrumbs into the lake for the ducks. The ducks never ate them and yet he was there everyday.

On a bench in the other side of the park sat a young man around his late teens or early twenties. He wasn't exactly handsome but with his dark, brown hair and dark, brown eyes, some girls might call him 'cute'. In one hand was a cup of coffee and in the other was a small notebook, which he was staring at intently as he bit the corner of his bottom lip.

Because his thoughts were so intent on the notebook in front of him, he didn't see the girl skipping his way. He didn't notice, but all the other males in the park did. It was sort of hard *not* to notice Wendy Wayne, not that she was a spectacular beauty or anything. Maybe it was the way her hair was so black, it was almost blue, or the way her eyes seemed too dark, they could nearly be black. Or maybe it was simply her outfit, which consisted of a pair of ripped blue jeans from the 70's, and a top that could be a cross between a really hideous shirt and a magnificent dress. Her sneakers gave a pat pat as she made her way over to where the boy sat. Once there, she plopped herself next to him on the bench.

"Hey, big shot, how'ya doin'?" the girl said brightly as she leaned over him to get a look at his notebook.

"Hey, Wends," he said without looking up.

"What you got there?" Wendy Wayne asked him.

"Oh, nothing," Lester said as he looked up and handed her the notebook with a small smile. "Just some notes I got on my grandmother at the library. I thought it would help the story." He took a sip of his coffee and the girl scrunched up her nose in disgust.

"Man, that stuff's nasty. I don't know how you drink it."

"Yeah, well, I think the stuff you say on that show of yours is disgusting. To each his own, right?" Lester replied as he drank his coffee.

"Hey man, just telling the truth," she said blandly with no embarrassment. "Now, let's see about this grandmother of yours." With a quick scan of her eyes, the Wayne girl read through the notebook and made sounds here and there (some appropriate, some not).

"Cool," she said when she was done and threw the notebook back into Lester's lap. "So, what's our first stop on this mission, Mr. Bond?"

"Um…" Lester flipped through the notebook. "Perry White, the old editor at the Daily Planet before it closed. He used to be my grandma's old boss."

"Cool, let's go, big shot," the dark-haired radio star said as she stood up and grabbed the boy's arm to follow her.

"Hey! What about my coffee?" Lester asked as he looked back at the lonely coffee on the bench.

"Forget it, dude, we're on a mission. The news doesn't stop for coffee." With a groan, Lester cursed himself for ever asking for Wendy's help.



[image opens in a camera. It's an old man lying on a bed with some tubes connected to him. He's pale with little white hairs on some parts of his head and behind his ears. Everything about him seems to be either old or wrinkled. Everything except his eyes that is. They are dark and bright with a spirit locked in a dying body. Of course, it could be just a trick of the light and camera. A young man stands and approaches the bed, and then turns around to look at the camera]

"Do you have to have that on?"

{a voice off camera}

"Hey, it's all for the data collecting, right? Perry thinks it's alright. Right, Perry?"

[the old man smiles. It's pretty nice]

"Sure. You can do whatever you want, honey."

[the boy glares at the girl before turning to the old man]

"Hello, sir, my name's Lester Lane. I'm Lois Lane's grandson. I'm here to do a story on her for the New Daily Starr. Can I ask you some questions?"

[the old man's eyes seem far away for a second]

"Sure. It's nice seeing papers these days writing a good story for once instead of that trash. If I wanted to read fiction, I would have bought a book! That's what I tell my son when he reads the paper to me. Have a seat, son; I won't bite. Now, go ahead; ask me anything you like."

[the young man takes a seat]

"Now, Mr. White, is it true that a reporter by the name of Lois Lane used to work for you?"

"Yes, it is. You don't forget somebody like Lois. She was…she was…well, I don't exactly know what she was…but she sure was something. You know?"

[the young man hesitates for a second. A hand from behind the camera reaches out and touches him on the shoulder. The young man turns to look at the person behind the camera for a second before taking a deep breath and turning towards the old man. The hand retreats]

"Yeah…she sure was something, Mr. White.]

{deep breath}

"Can you describe her? I mean, what was she like? Pretend this isn't for the camera."

[the old man's eyes squint and then smooth out as he smiles again]

"Lois was a hell storm. When I first met her, I wanted to put her on the Lonely Hearts column, not that I didn't see the talent, you know, but because the reporting business was a tough field where the boys don't play fair. She wouldn't stay there though. Oh no, not Lois Lane. She would do her job at the Lonely Hearts column *and* risk her neck to bring in an extra story. Soon, I moved her to a better beat with the regular reporters. She beat them all into the dust."

"Is it true that she once actually hid a potentially dangerous convict at her apartment because she thought he was innocent?"

[the old man laughs and the boys looks embarrassed for even suggesting such a thing]

"Well, of course, but then again, that was purely Lois. She did outrageous things for what she thought was right and for the news. The odd thing was…she was usually right on the money."

"Did she seem happy about her life?"

[the old man looks shocked and so does the boy. The question is not planned]

"Yes…and no. In a way, Lois was happy…or at least she thought she was, and in another way she wasn't happy…it's hard for me to say, son. She wanted many things, but none of it was what she really needed or truly wanted. A lot of us that truly the reporting business was like that." [the man looks sad — maybe he is talking about himself]

"Was there anyone in Lois Lane's life, besides her family, that she truly cared for? I mean, did she have any close friends or lovers?"

[the old man gives a laugh]

"Oh, she had a lot of guys that wanted to be close friends and or lovers, but only two, I think, actually made that title."

[the boy hesitates for a second, not knowing if he wants to ask — his face hardens and he reminds himself that this is business — report the news and report the facts — leave nothing out]

"Who were they?"

"Clark Kent and Superman. One loved her and the other broke her heart."

[the boy looks shocked]

"Superman? You mean he actually existed? It wasn't just a myth the people of Metropolis made up?"

{the man makes a sound that was a cross between a laugh and a cough}

"Oh, he existed, alright. Big blue suit and everything."

[the camera shakes for awhile and is shoved into a pair of hands. When it's straightened again, the boy is gone and it's a dark-haired girl next to the old man]

{a voice off camera}

"Hey, Wends-!"

[the girl continues to look at the old man]

"You hold the camera for a second, Les. Perry, Superman actually existed? He really flew around saving people and everything? For real?"

"Yes. He really flew and had super strength. Everything. It wasn't a gimmick either. Lois was in love with him and he broke her heart. It was really sad to see. Clark practically worshipped the ground that girl walked on but she was too blinded by that red cape. I don't think she ever got over his leaving."

[the girl looks up and stares at the camera for a while. Her eyes were wide and almost sad]



The office at the Daily Planet was bustling and hustling with people. It was almost the deadline and Perry White stood by one of his best reporters' desk as he lectured.

"Listen, son, you need to learn to be more like Elvis. Now, the King, he wasn't afraid of anything. He wouldn't have let a few measly tigers stop him from getting a story, now would he?"

The reporter started to answer but then the newsroom had suddenly been enveloped by an odd silence. Perry White looked up just as the elevator doors opened and a young woman entered. Her suit was ripped and her hair was messed up quite well.

She hobbled her way over to Perry stood (since one of her heels were broken) and slapped a folder into his hands.

"Here's your tiger story, chief," she said before collapsing onto the floor.

"And that, son," Perry White said proudly as he pointed at Lois Lane's unconscious body, "is a reporter."


The two friends walked side by side out of the apartment complex. Under Lester's arm was the camera and they both said nothing. Wendy finally looked up from the ground at her friend.

"Hey, Les, do you think that ol' Supes can be your granddad?" she asked oh so tactfully.

The boy's eyebrows scrunched together for a while before he turned to her.

"I don't know, Wends. I mean, it makes sense doesn't it? I always thought he was just a publicity gimmick that my grandma had a crush on, but now to learn that he was a real person that actually left…well… how do I know he's not?" he asked.

"But what about that Clark Kent guy? What if *he's* your granddad? I mean, Perry did say that the guy loved your grandma like crazy."

Lester gave a sigh as he looked straight ahead again. It was twilight and the sun was dipping somewhere over the horizon.

"Well, I don't know…but this really isn't about me, right? It's about the paper and the story. I mean look at the title. We're supposed to 'find Lois Lane', not some guy in a red suit or some lovesick reporter. It's getting dark, I guess we better call it a day, Wends. We'll continue this tomorrow, alright?" He started to go, but the girl reached out and put her hand in his.

"Watch out for yourself, big shot," she whispered before squeezing his hand and giving him a peck on the cheek. With that she let go and ran towards her home.

Lester gave a small smile before putting his hands in his pockets and making his way towards his own apartment.






- Hello?

- Lester? Is that you?

- Oh hi, Mom.

- Hi, honey, how are you doing? That story isn't too tiring, is it?

- No, Mom, I'm okay.

- Are you sure?

- Really, Mom, I'm fine. I just got into my apartment, in fact. Wends and I went on an interview today.

- Good, but make sure you don't work yourself too hard, okay?

- Okay, Mom. How's Lizzy doing?

- Oh you know her, going through the troublesome thirteen's. I swear, all I hear from her room is screaming. It gives her father a heart attack and she calls it music.

- Speaking of Dad, how's he doing?

- Oh, he's doing okay. Still thinks he's some kind of Superman though.


- Lester? Are you there?

- Yeah. Hey, Mom, did you ever know what the C.K. in dad's name stand for?

- You know…I can't remember. I always called him C.K. Hold on a second, sweetie, and I'll ask him.

{rustling sounds and murmurs}

- It's Clark Kent, honey. Clark Kent Lane.

- Thanks, Mom. I have to go. Bye.

- Bye, sweetie, and take care, okay?

- Okay, Mom, bye.









- Hey, this is Wendy. It's pretty obvious I'm not here right now so leave a message. I'll call you back if I feel like it or if my imaginary friend decides not to delete your message.

- Hey, Wends, guess what I found out? My dad's initials stand for Clark Kent Lane. Isn't that sort of odd? Do you think that makes the senior Clark Kent my granddad? Or maybe, grandma just named my dad after her best friend. I mean, would you name your kid after your best friend if you didn't have any feelings for him? I wonder if-








- Hey, this is Wendy. It's pretty obvious I'm not here right now so leave a message. I'll call you back if I feel like it or if my imaginary friend decides not to delete your message.

- Hey, Wends, your machine cut me off. Oh well, just meet me at the park again tomorrow at nine, okay? We still have to interview Jimmy Olsen and a few others. I think we should do the story from a new angle. You know, talk more about my grandmother and who she *really* was instead of just the things she did. Hey, maybe I'll go to the library and see if there's any stuff on this Superman guy. Well, bye.



Wendy looked up from the microphone as she heard a knock on the glass surrounding her booth. She gestured to Mike that she was leaving before taking off her headphones and walking out of the glass radio booth into the hallway.

"Hey, big shot," she said to Lester when she was in the hallway.

The guy looked around with nervous eyes before grabbing her elbow and pulling her down the hallway towards the door. Once they were outside in the yard, he let her go and started to walk away from the building towards the sidewalk. Wendy ran to catch up with him.

"Hey, Les, if you wanted to manhandle me, you should have just asked," she said in an annoyed tone. "So, what did you find out about Supes at the library?"

Lester stopped and turned to her. He reached into his backpack and pulled out some tapes. "Here," he said. "The librarian let me borrow these for today. These are the tapes of Superman's rescues. I swear, Wends, the guy was real! It wasn't a fake either, I checked it. The videos weren't tampered with and they even had his pictures in the newspapers. This guy was for real."

"Whoa, that's…weird…but how? I mean, I'm no rocket scientist, but how could this be true?" Wendy questioned. Lester started to move again.

"That is the one hundred dollar question. Oh, guess what else I found out? My grandma used to be engaged to this really rich billionaire by the name of Lex Luthor. He was totally into her and I mean he wasn't all that bad looking. But get this…she cancelled the engagement at the last minute…and I mean, the *last* minute. When asked at her wedding to say 'aye' she said—"

"-naye," Wendy said softly. "Wow. So, what do you think? That your grandma dropped this billionaire for Superman or Clark Kent? Hey, speaking of which, that 'Save The Heroes' foundation that your grands founded, do you think it was because of old Supes? I mean, do you think she was still pining for him even after he left her and everything?"

Lester gave a sigh. "I don't know, but I can tell you one thing; I'm not thinking very highly of either Clark Kent or Superman. I don't care if that guy really was the man of steel, you just don't lead my grandma on like that. You should have seen those tapes, Wends! The guy had that knight-in-shining-armor act down pat. It takes two to tango, you know."

"All too true, mon ami," said the girl as she latched onto her friend's arm. "But let's not judge till we find out more, okay? Who are we interviewing today again?"

Lester gave a tortured groan before saying, "Jimmy Olsen…my boss."


<Inside the office of the editor of the New Daily Starr Newspaper. Day 4th of June. 10:00 p.m.>

<WW> Must you write down everything in that notebook?

<LL> Hey, lay off, the batteries in my recorder are dead and I can't get any new ones yet. Everyone just speak slower please.

<WW> Dweeb.

<LL> I heard that!

<LL Note> Wendy Wayne is an annoying neanderthal.

<WW> You spelled neanderthal wrong.

<LL> No, I didn't.

<WW> There, you did it again. Didn't your teachers in elementary school ever teach you spelling?

<JO> Children, children, can we get on with the interview.

<LL> Certainly, sir.

<WW> Suck up.

<LL> Two-cent-

<JO> Lane!

<LL> Sorry, sir.

<JO> Let's start, shall we? Now, you're doing this for your story on Lois Lane, right?

<LL> Yes, sir. Now, you worked at the Daily Planet as a junior reporter with Lois Lane correct?

<JO> Yes.

<LL> Can you describe her?

<JO> Well, Lois was certainly very vivaicious, you might say-

<WW> You spelled vivaicious wrong. You did it again!

<LL> Wendy, just ignore my spelling okay? You were saying, Mr. Olsen?

<JO> Well, Lois Lane was certainly all energy. She was like a hurricane, sweep in, sweep out, always knowing where she was going and what steps she was willing to take to get there. I admired her so much. Me, a young kid reporter into the news business and here was this woman that practically heard the news happen when it did. You could say I had a crush on her. Hell, we all did, but none of us worse then C.K.

<WW> C.K? As in Clark Kent, Lois Lane's partner?

<JO> Well, you certainly did your homework, young lady. Yes, that Clark Kent. C.K. was…he was my hero. Role model, you can almost say.

<LL> Now, Clark Kent, was he some kind of playboy? Did he break women's hearts?

<JO> Oh no! Clark Kent may have been the last good kid left in the reporting business. He was a boy scout, if you ever saw one. He was as naive as Lois was jaded, as trusting as Lois was cynical.

<LL> And how did Superman fit into all of this? Was he some guy who liked all the fame and women the job brought him? What was the deal with Superman?

<JO> Listen, Lane, I don't know where you got all your info from, but it's all wrong. Superman was true. He was good to the bone, a heart of gold. I guess you could say he was an even worse boy scout then Clark and man, did Lois fall for him.

<LL> If he was so great, then why the hell did he abandon everyone on Earth?

<WW> Lester!

<JO> Nobody really knew. I mean, he could have died for all we knew. I, personally think he died; he just wasn't the type to abandon Earth or Metropolis like that.

<knock on door>

<WW> Must you write that?

<LL> Hey, I want to remember there was a knock on the door, alright?

<JO> Come in.

<secretary> Sir, there's a phone call for you.

<JO> Alright. I'll be right back.

<JO leaves the room>

<WW> Man, what gives? Both Clark Kent and Superman were perfect little boy scouts that wouldn't hurt a fly. This seems all backward. It seems almost as if your grands was the one to dump them and break their hearts.

<LL> Yeah, but that makes no sense, right? This is way too confusing for me, I-

<JO enters the room>

<WW> Hey, man, you okay? You look a little pale.

<JO> Yes, I'm alright, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut this interview short. I just received a disturbing phone call.

<LL> What is it?

<JO> Perry White is


It was a gloomy day. Not just the fact that it was pouring outside and sunlight had become a rarity. It was a gloomy day. Not just because the mourners in the cemetery were too great a number and yet full of so little sincerity. It was a gloomy day. It was a gloomy day because one of the greatest lovers of the truth and of the truth in the newspapers was being buried. Being buried into a ground where none of his beloved could see him again. Lester and Wendy stood side by side as the last of the dirt was being placed into the grave site. They knew they did not feel as great a grief as Alice did. They knew they did not feel as great a grief as Jimmy Olsen who had sat in the back row with dull eyes and a blank stare. No, their grief was not as great…but their feeling of mutual loss was. In one afternoon, Perry White had made these two young people care for him and he had made one of them cry for him.

"I miss him," the dark-haired girl said under the umbrella of her best friend.

"You barely knew him," Lester protested though he knew that the words sounded hollow even to him.

"Yeah…but I still miss him."

The mourners had started to drift away now, one by one to their cars and their lives, now without a wonderful man with his passion and his continuing fight for the 'right' way of telling the news. Only Perry's family and Jimmy remained, excepting Lester and Wendy. There was also a man. Lester hadn't noticed him before, but he did now. The man was odd, his head hung low and his hands in his pockets. Lester didn't know who he was, but there was something about that man's stance. There was something utterly familiar about the way that man stood in anguish. Something so…familiar.

"Come on, Les," Wendy said as she started to lightly pull his arm along. "Let's go."

Lester barely heard her. He couldn't take his eyes off of the man. Suddenly, the mysterious man gave a big sigh and turned to walk away.

With an urgency that he couldn't explain, Lester pushed the umbrella he had been holding into Wendy's hand and said quickly, "You go ahead. I'll meet you back at your apartment. Bye, Wends." With that, he turned around and ran after the man with the odd pose. He caught up with the guy quickly enough and tapped him on the shoulder. Lester's breathing was labored, despite the fact that he had barely been running.

The man turned around and Lester's breath hitched as he stared at the angular face and crystal blue eyes. His heart quickened and his jaw slacked at the familiar, bizarre face of the man. There were footsteps behind Lester and the odd man looked over the boy's shoulder. When Wendy reached Lester, she hit him on the back of his shoulders.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, not noticing the man. "What was that all about? Leaving me like that!" When Lester continued to ignore her, she followed his line of vision to the man. Then, too, her breath hitched.

The mysterious man just looked at both of them with his intense blue eyes for a second before saying to Lester, "Be at the Eve Hotel at six tonight. Bring your friend. I'll talk to the two of you then." With that the man turned around and was gone. Quite literally. One minute he was there…and the next he was gone.

In a state of shock and wonderment, Wendy stammered, "Was that…really…was he-?"

Lester stared at where the man had been.

"Yeah," he said absently, as though to himself. "I think- no…I know…that had been Clark Kent."


Lester stood in front of the hotel room. Wendy stood beside him. The young man stared at the shimmering, brass number on the door and wondered if the man staying in that hotel room could change his life forever. It sure felt that way. It seemed liked a dream…but Clark Kent had been more than just a dream though. He had been a reality…he was a reality…and the only thing holding Lester and Wendy from Clark Kent was this door.

"You ready?" Lester asked, though he knew he was really asking himself that question.

Wendy knew it to.

"You bet. Let's go," she said as her eyes glittered with excitement. She turned to the door and gave it a few quick raps. The door immediately opened, taking both the girl and boy by surprise. The man from before stood there with a tight, almost relieved smile on his face.

"You came," he said.

Lester nervously scratched the back of his neck.

"Um…yeah. You wanted us here, right?"

"Of course," Clark exclaimed as he moved to the side to allow them entrance into the room. "Come in. Come in." The two walked in and, after some coaxing, each took a seat.

"So, Mr. Kent," Lester said, straining his neck to see the moving man.

The other man laughed slightly. "Oh sorry," he said before taking a seat also. "Naturally, you must be very curious about my sudden appearance."

The two nodded. Lester still could not believe he was face to face with Clark Kent…the man that had loved his grandmother. He barely looked older than Lester's father. Surely, this man could not possibly be old enough to be Lester's grandfather?

Lester's thoughts were broken when Clark Kent gave another forced smile and said, "Let's start, shall we? I'm sure you are both dying to ask me billions of questions. Now, don't worry…you can ask me anything."

Somehow, Wendy and Lester heard the honesty in his voice and believed him.

Wendy was a sure-firer right away. "Did you know Lois Lane? If so, in what condition was your relationship with her?" Wendy's eyes glittered and Clark saw what Perry had seen…how similar this dark-haired girl was to Lois.

The first genuine smile graced his features.

"I knew Lois. She was my partner at the Daily Planet. She was my best friend"

Before he could finish his reply, Wendy had already started in on another question. "Were you in love with her?"

This time Clark laughed.

"Yes. Of course I was in love with Lois. Deeply, deeply so." There was wistfulness in his tone that stirred Lester. His following question had popped up quite unexpectedly.

"Are you my grandfather?"

Wendy and Clark stared at the boy in shock. Then, to Lester's disappointment, Clark Kent's eyes softened in sadness. He placed a hand on the younger boy's knee.

"Superman is your grandfather, son." Lester looked away. He didn't want this man's pity.

Clark continued on, "Lois was in love with him, as I'm sure you all kn—"

"Then, why don't I have any super powers, huh?" Lester interrupted, having stood up now. "If I'm this wonder boy's grandkid, then why don't I have super strength or x- ray vision or the ability to fly?"

"Lester," Wendy started to say, but the boy cut her off.

"No, Wends. I really want to know. I want to know why my supposed 'perfect' grandfather abandoned his son and this woman that adored him so much. I want to know why my grandmother allowed him to do that! And you!" Lester turned to Clark.

"All I hear is that you were this great friend of hers. Well, if you were such a great friend, why the hell would you allow her to fall for what seems like a road-hitting jerk!"

The other man's face remained calm, sad and patient.

"Superman did love your grandmother, Lester…but circumstances got in the way. I was a personal friend of his and so I knew. Superman…he wasn't from this world. He came from a planet called Krypton and was one of the last remaining few of his race. He had to leave…for the better of his lost planet and the honor of his people…he had to leave. And Lois…she wanted something to remember him by. She wanted a part of him. That's how your father came about, Lester. I…I couldn't bear to face Lois after Superman left…and so I…you can say I sort of disappeared myself."

Clark could see that the boy's anger had faded away just as fast as he had come. Wendy pulled at her friend's hand slightly and he sat down. Clark continued. "Lately…New Krypton has been faring well and so…Superman made a decision to come back to Earth. When he found out how much time had passed, though…Lois's death hit him hard. He thought it best that I contact you and explain everything."

Lester seemed to chew on this for a while before heaving out a large sigh. He shot a wan look at Wendy before saying, "I still have to do my article, right? I certainly can't stomp out and leave in a huff. After all, who better knew Lois Lane than her own personal sidekick?"

"Hey, I was not a sidekick. We were partners!" Clark cried out in mock indignation and the tension broke. A comforting atmosphere had enveloped the room and its being. The interview on Lois Lane's life commenced.


The street light flickered as the two people walked under it. There was nervousness between them that wasn't there before. What they had learned tonight had caused the line of fate to shift irrevocably and they knew separation loomed over them like a dark shadow. When Lester mustered up the courage to look up from the cement tiles of the sidewalk, he saw Wendy's face was glistening with tears.

"Aw, don't cry," he said helplessly and the girl gave a large sniff that wasn't very ladylike.

"It's okay…I'm okay, dammit!" she cried as she wiped the tears off with her hands…smudging her face in the process. Lester wanted to do something, but did not know what he could do.

When she had gotten herself under control, Wendy started to talk.

"Les, what I learned today…that guy…Clark Kent. He made me realize something. I…I grew up, I think. I mean, damn, Superman had this wonderful girl loving him…and he left…because of responsibility. Because he owed it to his people. He didn't want it to be that way…he didn't really have much of a choice…but he stuck up his chin and faced it. I…I've just been…running away for so long and…"

Here she stopped, not wanting to say anymore. Her eyes squinted slightly as they looked at him…seeing how he was taking it. The next instant, she had jumped in his arms and hugged him with all her might.

"G-good-bye, Wends," he stammered.

Wendy closed her eyes tight as she placed a soft kiss at that place between his cheek and nape of his hair.

"Bye, big-shot. Maybe I'll see you around sometime."

And she was gone.

Lester was left under the streetlight wondering if he would ever see Wendy again.


The apartment was dark and foreboding when Lester entered it. Tiredly, he switched on the light and took off his shoes. Every molecule in his body aching, the boy walked over to his armchair and plumped down. Immediately, a brown box on the coffee table caught his eye, and curious, he bent over to open it.

Lester gasped at the contents inside the box.

The boy stood up as he pulled the long, blue cloak with the red and yellow shield on it with him.

What? How?

A note fell out from the suit and the Lane boy bent down to pick it up.

<Not all heroes need to fly.>

Lester looked at the suit some more before picking up the box and carrying it to his bedroom. He was going to try it on.





- Hello?

- Hi, Alfred?

- Miss!

- Hi, Alfred. Is…is Bruce there?

- Why, yes, he is. Would you like to speak to him?

- Yes, please.


- Wendy?


- Hi, Bruce.

- It's been a long time since we last spoke, Wendy.

- Yeah, it has. Ever since…


- Wendy?

- Bruce, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry…oh geez…

{sobs…then the female voice speaks again}

- Bruce, I'm so sorry. After everything you had done for me…I…I…

- It's okay, Wendy. I forgive you. In fact, I don't think there's much to forgive. What you did was natural. You were young and you wanted your life and your freedom. I respect your decisions.

{silence again}

- How can you be so…so…calm and good about this? Don't you ever make mistakes?

- I'm only human, Wendy, just like you and I make mistakes.

- Yeah, like me, right?

- You were never a mistake, Wendy.

- Yeah, but you wanted a boy! You wanted a boy to carry out the name! It was the foster home's fault.

- I admit I did want a boy at first. It seemed logical to have someone to carry on the name and the hope after I grew old…but when I got you, Wendy…no boy would have done.


- Bruce, I'm sorry-

- Wendy-

- No, let me finish. I'm sorry for walking out. I was young and I thought it was too much responsibility set on me. That I didn't have a choice and a chance to live my life. I didn't understand then. I didn't understand how much the cape and the symbol meant…but I do now.

- Wendy…?

- Bruce…I want to go home.


That night two legends that everyone thought gone rose up again. One fought the day and the other fought the night…parallel but not meeting.

High above Metropolis, a young man (well, not exactly young), stood with his arms folded as he watched the city.

"They are two great kids, Lois," he whispered. Like always, she was there beside him.

"Yes, they are…and they'll be fine."

Clark Kent smiled as he turned around to stare into the young woman's eyes. It was over.

He took her hand and laid the fate of the world in his grandson's hands.