A FoLC New Year

By Emily Matschez <coaster_m_and_m_18@hotmail.com>

Rating: G

Submitted: January 2002

Summary: One FoLC's poetic tribute to the holiday season.


At seven o'clock the decorations come out, And guests start to arrive.

The cheese comes out carved into small 'S' shapes, And don't forget the chocolate around it.

The chips in pentagonal baskets, And the dip in the center.

Around 9:00 the crowd starts to get shimmied up. Alcohol does effect the rest of us.

By 12:00 the capes have broken out, And the world is at peace for one nanosecond out of the year.

Peace and love may prevail, But also goodwill towards men.

Superman would be proud, If he was here right now.

The world is a wonderful place, No matter if you're in Metropolis or New Zealand

Close your eyes and take in the moment, It only comes once a year.

Not unless H.G. Wells is involved.

But Happy New Year to all of the FoLCs out there. I'm 17 now, happy to be, everyone in the world celebrates my birthday, And anyone else's who was born this day, Thank you all for dreams of peace, hope and friendship of people I have never met, But know them through their writing.