Lois and Clark Haiku

By Ikuko <ikuko_koi@hotmail.com>

Rated: G

Submitted: November 2002

Summary: Exactly what the title implies. Haiku inspired by the show and fanfiction — some serious and some less so.

Haiku are meant to be complete poems. Generally it is not advised to read more than one in one sitting. In Japanese, poetic licence gives incredible privileges and almost all rules of grammar can be ignored. The reader is supposed to figure it all out. In English it does not work this way. Therefore American haiku is a bit more flexible about the number of syllables used.

These are some of haiku I wrote as an answer to an L&C challenge on Zoomway's messageboards. I hope to satisfy a wide variety of tastes. Here are the ones for those of you who feel high-brow today:


City at peace tonight

Unwanted, two outcasts

above: moon and I


So you dream of flying

With me? Your head on shoulder

You've not recognized…


If to comfort as easily

as hear your weeping through door

you slammed in my face…


Late at night again

Bending with needle in hand

Red cape for my boy


My only guest for dinner,

My crooked tree… Soon, we'll face

You — dumpster, I — my life…


And some low-brow haiku, too:

Lonely cry for help

Cuts through editor's speech

How to get away?


With my heated gaze

I caress the tender flesh

Steak is almost done


Wish I could call you!

Ducktape on the silent lips…

Ah! Sonic boom in the sky!


Almost wedding night!

Rival in poisoned cage…

Where did I go wrong?


Sadness of criminal life!

The only light of hope —

Glow of Kryptonite


Since you left for New Krypton

Tears pour on your last gift:

Origami from three-inch steel


From all the fires I've seen

This is the sweetest smoke

Lois is cooking


Some of the haiku were inspired by fanfiction:

Revelation fics:

No matter how you

Discover the shocking truth

Same wrath of fury…


TOGOM fics:

Tears for death that wasn't

Desperate search for solution,

Tangled lies… De ja vu?


Tank Endings:

Time to lament the death

And destruction will come

When I stop giggling…