By Tank Wilson <>

Rated: G

Submitted June 2002

Summary: Lucy is visiting, and well, oops…

Writer's notes: This is a fic that was written long ago. It was one of those little throw away fics that I wrote for Zoomway's boards. I never got around to sending it to the archives, then I lost it when my hard drive crashed some time back. Thanks to the kind efforts of Doc Klein's LabRat, I was able to recover the story. I thought I'd best send it off to the archives just so there would be a copy of it somewhere the next time my computer dies.

As always, any and all comments welcome. All characters trademarked and copyrighted to their respective owners.

Written sometime in 1999…


Lois Lane was humming as she pulled the pan of melted butter off the stove and began pouring it over the huge bowl of popcorn she had waiting on the table. She liked a *lot* of butter on her popcorn and she knew Lucy did also. Lois liked it when Lucy was able to drop by for a visit. Now that she and Clark were married and Lucy was away at school, she didn't get to see her sister nearly enough. Of course, she and Clark had to be a little more careful when Lucy visited.

Speaking of which, Lois heard a familiar whoosh and thump out on the patio. That would be Clark coming back from checking out a bank alarm. Lois was mixing the popcorn with her fingers to make sure the butter got evenly distributed when Superman slid back the patio door and entered the kitchen. Lois saw him use one of those intense looks out toward the living room, and with a satisfied nod he turned his attention to his wife.

"I've missed you." He said planting quick little kisses on her neck.

"You've only been gone a half an hour." She said giggling. "Clark, stop, I've got butter all over my fingers."

Lois had been trying to find a way to put her arms around Clark without getting butter all over the back of the suit. Clark took her hands and began to suck on Lois' fingers one at a time.

"Mmmmm," Clark rumbled low in his throat. "I should have tried buttering you a long time ago."

"Clark, stop it!" Lois said in a fierce whisper which quickly turned into a soft moan of pleasure. She tried to regain her focus. "Clark, you'd better change, Lucy could come in here any min…"

"Hey Lois, where's that popcorn? Oooops."

As if on cue Lucy had stuck her head through the kitchen door and was treated to the sight of Superman sucking on the fingers of her sister. Lois and Clark seemed frozen in place like deer in headlights.

Lucy blushed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to interupt." She spied the bowl of popcorn on the table. "There it is." She quickly grabbed the bowl and headed back the way she had come, shoving small handful into her mouth as she went. "Mmmmm, lots of butter."

"Lucy!" Lois' cry stopped Lucy in her tracks and she turned back to face her sister. Now that Lois had Lucy's attention she faltered a bit. "Um, this…is… not what it appears."

"It appears like Superman was sucking on your fingers." Lucy gave Lois a smug smile.

"Yeah, but, that is, that's not exactly, I mean… Well, you tell her Superman."

Clark just stared at Lois, his mouth moved up and down a couple times but no words came out. Lucy just laughed. "It's okay, nothing I haven't seen before. You two are worse then a couple of hormonal teenagers." Lucy then turned and went back into the living room.

Lois and Clark followed her out and saw her sit back down on the couch and watch the movie as she stuck handfulls of popcorn into her mouth.

Lois waved her hand aimlessly about for a couple seconds before she could speak. "You mean you know?"

Lucy turned and gave her sister the Lane raised eyebrow. "Of course I know, have since shortly after the wedding."

"How?" Clark had finally decided to join in the fun.

Lucy transferred her raised eyebrow to Clark. "Come on Clark, a pair of glasses and some hair gel? Really, what did you think, that I was galactically stupid?"