Reserved For You

By Erin Klingler <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: May 2002

Summary: In this 30-minute challenge story that takes place at the end of the episode "The Eyes Have It," Clark proves to Lois that a kiss from Mayson doesn't mean what she thinks it does.

Authors Note: This story was written in response to Wendy's 30-minute challenge on Episode Extensions. Just fluff and waffs here. I hope I'll be forgiven for that. <g> This is from the episode "The Eyes Have It." The challenge actually worked well with a little idea I had churning in the back of my head anyway, so this challenge was just a good excuse to put it to paper. Or computer. <g> Hope you enjoy it. :)


Beginning dialogue taken directly from the episode when Mason walks up in the Daily Planet newsroom to confront Clark about missing their weekend date:

Mayson: I want you to know I was really humiliated when you stood me up, and I still think it was a rotten thing for you to do, but I've met your parents now, and spent some time with them, and they are such wonderful people that I'm willing to assume that any son of theirs wouldn't do what you did and that this weekend was some kind of misunderstanding. I won't ask you for an explanation, and I won't ask you out again, but if you want to ask me, I probably won't say no.

(She plants a light kiss on his lips and leaves)

(Lois watches in disbelief with Jimmy as Mayson leaves.)

Lois: You'd think after a whole weekend together—a three- day weekend—she wouldn't need to see him again quite so soon.

(Jimmy looks surprised and tells Lois:) They didn't go.

Lois: What?

Jimmy: He stood her up.

Lois: What?!! (She turns to look at Clark, then goes over to him and demands:) If you weren't with Mayson, where have you been for the last three days?

Clark stumbles for some rational answer: Aaaahhhhh…

<<end of dialogue>>


When it became apparent that Clark wasn't going to answer, Lois rolled her eyes dramatically and shook her head. "Forget it."

She turned and stomped away, leaving Clark staring after her, unable to speak. How on earth could he possibly explain where he'd been the last few days? It wasn't like he could say, "Lois, you know where I was. I was staying with you in your apartment, remember?"

No, that definitely wouldn't be good. The battle of Gettysburg would pale by comparison.

So…what did he say? He could tell she was really worked up by this latest piece of information. Even though she wouldn't admit it, he knew she was already sensitive about the whole Mayson thing.

He remembered the night she'd knocked on his door mere seconds after Mayson had left. It was obvious from her expression that somehow she'd known something had happened between them, and ever since then, she'd seemed different— possessive.

He smiled. Possessive. That had to mean she felt something for him, right? One couldn't be possessive if they were indifferent. Of that he was sure. But how was he supposed to reassure his stubborn, fiery partner that his heart already belonged to her? Even if he did, she was too proud to admit to her feelings—if they did indeed exist.

Looking over at her as she plopped angrily down in her desk chair and started to thumb through some papers, another smile worked its way across his face. He knew one way he could try to convince her. But it was risky… Finally, he decided it was worth the risk.

Going over to her with renewed confidence, he perched himself on the corner of her desk. "Lois? Why does this whole thing with Mayson upset you? Do you honestly think I feel anything for her?"

Lois jerked her head toward him and she shot him a seething look. "Clark, I've already told you…what you do with your personal life is your business. Why should I care what happens between you and Mayson?"

His patient eyes met with her flashing brown ones. "Because she's pretty, and smart, and has a lot going for her…" he paused, then decided to go for broke, "…and the fact that she's obviously interested in me makes you jealous."

Lois's jaw dropped and her eyes widened incredulously. She was speechless for several long moments, then she leaped up from her chair and took a threatening step toward Clark. "I am not jealous!" she shouted, attracting the attention of those nearby. "You have a lot of nerve accusing me of such a thing! Just because I don't like her doesn't mean…"

"Admit it, Lois, you're jealous!" he taunted with a maddening, knowing grin. "Ever since that night when you saw her leaving my apartment, you've bristled at the sight of her. You mean to tell me that doesn't mean anything?"

"Of course it means something!" Lois shot back. "It means I don't like her throwing herself shamelessly at my partner! I can't believe you let her kiss you like that, Clark—"

Clark's grin broadened even further. "Ahhh, so you *did* see us kissing!"

"You bet I did! And I couldn't believe you would kiss her like that, Clark! Geez, you were all over her!"

Clark started to laugh. "I was not! And for the record, she kissed me. I was just on the other side of it."

"And loving every minute of it, obviously!"

Clark chuckled and shook his head, his patience making Lois even angrier. But he couldn't help it. Seeing Lois all fired up—it was one of the things he loved most about her.

"And you felt like she was moving in on your territory, huh?" he asked, unable to resist the urge to taunt her further.

Lois gave him a little shove. "Stop saying that, Clark! I told you, I'm not jealous! If you're naive enough to be taken in by a pretty face, when you have no idea what she's really like on the inside, then you're dumber than I thought."

Knowing he was already pressing his luck—and possibly even endangering his health—by pushing her as far as he had, he stood up from her desk and took a half step closer to her, bringing their faces only inches apart. "I'm sorry for making you mad, Lois," he said quietly, his voice low and rumbly. "But I call 'em as I see 'em."

Lois bristled once again and opened her mouth to retort, but Clark put a finger to her lips, silencing her reply. Her heart betrayed her by doing a little flip, and she could hear her pulse thundering in her ears as Clark moved even closer still. Her voice got lost somewhere in her throat, and she felt helpless to do anything except stare into the warm, gentle depths of Clark's beautiful brown eyes.

She watched as a soft grin played at the corners of his mouth. He was clearly not the least bit disturbed by their close proximity, and when he spoke, the huskiness in his voice sent a shiver down her spine.

"Lois, I'd never kiss her like that—like you thought I did. If I were going to kiss someone I had feelings for, I'd do it like this."

Then, almost as if in slow motion, Clark leaned down and touched his lips to hers. The instant their lips met, Lois felt an electric shock jolt through her, making her tingle all the way down to her toes. She closed her eyes automatically, and for several long, delicious moments, she lost herself in his kiss. She felt hot and cold all at the same time, and she felt grateful for the strong, steady arm he'd slipped around her waist, for she suspected that was all that was keeping her on her feet.

When Clark finally pulled away, Lois felt heady and dazed as she opened her passion-clouded eyes to look up into Clark's gentle, searching ones. They gazed into each other's eyes for several long moments, then a slow smile curved its way back across Clark's face.

With a completely maddening look of utter satisfaction, Clark took a slight step backward and flicked a friendly finger down her nose. "Now *that's* how I'd kiss somebody I loved. And in case you haven't already figured it out, that kiss is only reserved for one person. Maybe you know who."

And with that, he gave her a broad wink, leaving her completely speechless as he turned and walked toward the elevator, whistling cheerfully.