In the Middle of the Pouring Rain II: Revelations

By Lois Lane Wanna Be <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: September 2003

Summary: Letting go of the past is just as important as embracing the present: a lesson Lois and Clark needed to learn with each other.

Since ITMOTPR I was so popular, I decided to fall slave to the people's demands and write a sequel. All I have to say is you're lucky I was planing on one already. :P Anyway, I decided to try writing my first Waffy/revelation piece. Hopefully, you will enjoy it. Also it might help if you read ITMOTPR I to understand this one better.

Special thanks to the usual suspects: Sunkist, for her kindness, Anna, who I can always count on, and Kevin who inspires me always. Also to my GE, LabRat, thanks! Extra thanks to those who responded back on the lcficmbs! Your comments always make me smile!

The fanfic is mine, the characters are not. If I had enough money I would buy them, give copyrights to all and take over the world! No, not really but please just don't copy my work!



They played such a huge role in Lois Lane's life. Starting with her mother, who always put mirrors up around the house. Who knew why she loved them so much. All Lois knew is that they showed her her true nature whether she wanted to see it or not. She avoided them when she was upset or angry. She never looked in them when she was confused or scared.

But then one time she did.

That's what made Lois change her mind about marrying Lex. She was confused and that damn thing made her look. It made Lois look at her scared, vulnerable self.

And then he wasn't there.

Clark Kent, who had been with her through the good and bad times, wasn't there. To protect her, hold her, and tell her everything was all right. But she knew it wasn't. If he wasn't there, how could things be all right? How could life be right? That's why Lois put his name joined with her own, Lois Lane Kent.



Clark gently nudged his partner, who was seated next to him in the plane that was heading to Metropolis.

Lois spun around to face him. "I'm ok…I think I just dozed off."

"Then I guess it's only fitting I offer my shoulder to you since I woke you up."

Lois smiled, <that was definitely worth the small fib I just told> "I think I will hold you to that offer."

Lois then rested her head on Clark's large, but extremely comfortable shoulder. The last memory Lois had before she truly dozed off was the smell of Clark's cologne.



They played such a huge role in Clark's life. Starting with his parents, who kept the truth about his origins to themselves until he was older. That was one reason why he loved them so much. They valued the importance of keeping a big secret. So once he knew, Clark swore never to tell anyone about it. For some time afterward, Clark traveled around the world in search of his true calling, whether it involved his secret or not.

But then he came to Metropolis.

That's what made Clark change his mind about keeping his secret concealed. He decided the world needed a hero. It needed a Superman.

And that's where Lois came in.

She was the one who gave him the idea for Superman. Unfortunately, once the hero landed, Lois went to him instead of Clark. She went to Superman to protect her, hold her, and tell her everything was all right. But he knew everything was not all right. If she didn't know the truth, how could things be all right? How could life be right? That's why Clark needed to tell her, before this past week became a distant memory.


"Please fasten your seatbelts. We are beginning to descend to Metropolis International Airport. There is a three-hour time difference between here and Kansas, so please adjust your watches accordingly. The time is now 9:02 p.m. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your flight."

"Lois, we're about to land." Clark moved his shoulder slightly, in order for Lois to move.

"We're home already?" Lois asked, still half asleep.

"We will be landing in about ten minutes or so." Clark looked out the window. Metropolis' tallest buildings were slowly coming into view.

"Well, I might as well get up then."

Although Lois wanted to stay, she figured Clark was probably getting a cramp from staying still so long. She slowly rose, stretching a little. She then turned her attention to where Clark's was focused — the window. Expecting to meet a city sparkling brightly below, three, horrid red letters caught her eye instead.

That was Lex's old building and penthouse. <That's where I almost got married and where Lex jumped to his death…>


<That's where I was all locked up, fighting for my life, for Lois. Lois! She must have noticed the building too.> Clark quickly focused on Lois, who looked as pale as a ghost.

Putting an arm around her, he quietly stated, "It's not the prettiest part of the city."

Lois looked up, thankful she had Clark by her side.


The Daily Planet had just recently reopened and, despite the new modifications, Lois was still proud to call it home. That familiar buzz and fresh smell of newsprint was still in the air and more alive than ever on this Monday morning. Even after being away for a whole week.

Lois was at her desk, trying to get used to her new computer. The darn thing kept buzzing and beeping and asking for passwords she still did not have. Frustrated, she slapped her monitor screen. Enjoying the good feeling that came over her, Lois raised her hand, ready to give it one more smack, but a strong, gentle hand stopped her.

"Easy there, tiger, I think you won the first time." Clark had noticed from his desk how manic she was getting and came over before Lois managed to introduce the monitor to the garbage.

Lois let Clark put her hand to her side and then asked, "How am I supposed to get any work done if I can't get this machine to work for me? I should have just stayed home this past week! I mean, I wouldn't have been able to get work done anyway."

Clark looked at her, hurt. "Didn't you have a good time?"

Lois looked like she could have slapped herself. "Oh no, Clark. I didn't mean it that way at all. I had a wonderful, relaxing time with you. Trust me, I wouldn't trade that week for anything in the world."

A small smile spread across Clark's face. "Obviously, the Planet is still working out a few glitches."

Lois' computer beeped and she looked up at Clark skeptically. "A few?"

Clark sighed and continued, "Even if there was a big story, we wouldn't have the resources ready to deal with it. So how about we leave early and have dinner at my place?"

Lois looked back at her monitor, which was now blinking 'error'. With a low growl she flipped all the computer switches off and turned to Clark. "Let's go."


Three hours and one pizza later, Clark and Lois were sitting on Clark's balcony with cups of coffee, enjoying the view.

"You can't see many stars here, unlike Smallville," Lois commented.

"Nope, that's the only downside of living here," Clark replied.

"I bet with Superman you can see them much closer."

Clark clenched his jaw at that last statement. <Why did HE have to come up now? She was having a good time with him, Clark. Couldn't she think of anyone else?>

"Clark?" Lois looked at him puzzled.


"I mentioned Superman and you just got this distant look on your face. Are you ok?"

Clark looked at her, at a loss for words. "Yes, Lois I'm…" <Can I really lie to her again?>

<<You have too.>>

<No, I won't! > "Lois, I'm not ok. Can we go inside and talk?"

Lois looked a little worried but agreed just the same. Clark ushered her back into his apartment where they both sat down on the couch. Lois still looked worried.

"Clark, what's wrong?"

Clark looked into those deep brown eyes and almost became absorbed by their beauty. He wasn't planning on telling her now or ever. But Clark almost lost her and his own life to Luthor and those thoughts still haunted him.

"Lois, this is something I have been keeping from you for a long time. I have hated keeping it from you and lying to you about it. But I had to, I had no idea how you would react then and still don't know now. I might have tried one time, but I failed…"

Lois eyes suddenly opened wide. "Clark…" she interrupted.


"I know what you have to tell me."

Clark looked flabbergasted. "You do?"

"Of course, and I think it would make things easier for both of us if we said it at the same time."

Clark's reaction immediately changed from shocked to overjoyed. <She knew? How did she know? How come she's not pelting stuff at me? I'll figure that out later. > "This makes me feel so much better, Lois. So, you want to say it at the same time?"

"Yes. On the count of three, ready?" said Lois.

"Ready." They then began the countdown together.




"I love you."

"I'm Superman."

"What?!" Lois and Clark said at the same time.

"You just told me you loved me!" Clark blurted.

"And you just told me you are S…S…Superman!" Lois stuttered.

Clark totally lost that feeling of joy he had just experienced and sighed. He ran his fingers through his hair. "God, Lois, I thought you knew."

"No, I didn't know that. That's big, what you just told me…I mean that's…" Lois paused a moment "Wait, you can't be! That's a dumb excuse to use instead of telling me how you really feel for me."

"Wait, so you thought I was going to tell you I love you too?"

Lois looked like she was ready to pounce on him. "Yes, Clark! I thought you were going to tell me you lied that day in front of the Planet."

Clark wanted to laugh and cry at that statement but he couldn't bring himself to do either. "Well, that was coming next, but I really am Superman, whether you want to believe me or not."

<Lois Lane doesn't get defeated that easily> "Prove it," was all she could think to say.

"What? My love for you or being Superman?"

"You being Superman. The 'love thing' will have to wait."

Clark stood up, "As you wish." He instantly began spinning into a whirl faster than Lois could see. Then, right before her eyes he stood there in the red, blue and yellow suit. Lois stared at her hero who was really, truly Clark. Tears began to fill her eyes and she sank lower into the couch.

"Why did you lie to me?"

Clark spun back into his regular clothes before answering. "Lois, I said before I never wanted to lie to you."

"Then why did you?" She glanced right at him with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Clark expected Lois to be angry and full of rage. Not hurt. Since Lois was usually in check with her emotions, Clark knew he had hurt her badly. Sitting back down next to her, Clark got ready for a long night.

"Lois, I never ever wanted to lie to you or hurt you. I couldn't tell you because in the beginning, you stopped at nothing to get the real story on Superman and I didn't want to be exposed like that. Eventually, you and I became best friends, but you still went to Superman for everything and even turned me down for him."

Lois sniffed. "Do you always refer to yourself in the third person?"

"I don't notice sometimes." Clark looked at Lois, hoping to see some reaction to what he was saying.

Lois looked right back at Clark. "I'm hurt that you hid this from me, but I think I am beginning to understand why. I might have exposed you then because that's who I was. But I have changed since and I have finally understood that some things just can't be a story."

"I hope you do understand, because I never meant to hurt you like this." Lois turned away and wiped the tears off her cheeks before looking at Clark again. She opened her mouth to speak but instead two large tears rolled down from her eyes. Clark, unable to bear it any more, took his thumb and brushed the tears away.

"I'm sorry, Lois," he gently whispered.

When Lois finally found her voice she began to speak. "Clark, I just told you I love you and you just told me you are Superman. I don't think we are on the same page right now. I mean I just told you my deepest secret…"

"…and I just told you mine. How are we not on the same page?"

Lois grunted. "Clark we're not! I know you just told me that you were Superman so I would stop fawning over the man in tights and come to you instead. You are so jealous of YOU that you wanted me to come running to YOU instead! Well, for your information I have always loved you deep down and it just took me a while to see it and as for you, well, what do you have to say?" Lois was now completely out of breath from her tangent.

"I love you too, Lois, and I 'm glad you love me for me." Clark then reached over, cupped her tear-streaked face into his hands and pulled her in close. Now, they were barely an inch apart. Lois, realizing the distance, quickly pulled away. She wasn't going to let Clark off the hook that easily.

"Why did you lie to me about your true feelings?"

Clark gulped. "I thought you only wanted friendship and I had almost lost you as my friend. I didn't want that to happen again."

"Clark, a smart man once told me that our friendship could not be lost that easily. No matter what happened…"

It was then that Clark's own words dawned on them both. It shouldn't matter what they said to each other tonight because they would always be friends. Best friends. No superhero or relationship could come between that. It could only help it grow. They looked deep into each other's eyes, at a loss for words.

Lois suddenly asked, "Clark, is it raining outside now?"

Clark listened. "Nope."

"Where is it raining, closest to Metropolis?"

"I believe Ohio, but Lois, why do you care?" Clark was very puzzled by where Lois was going with this.

"Take us there," Lois requested


Lois jumped into his arms and repeated, "Take us there."

Clark didn't ask why again. Instead he took off, souring high into the night sky.

About halfway up, Lois noticed something odd. "Clark, you're not in costume!"

Clark said nothing and just flew higher up. He didn't care that he wasn't dressed like Superman. He loved flying with Lois like this, being able to hold her close, and that was all that mattered.

Within a minute, Lois and Clark were in an Ohio field, in the middle of the pouring rain. For a few moments they just stood there, letting the rain soak them to the bone. Finally, Clark spoke. "Lois, why did you want to come here?"

Lois looked at him with a devious grin. "Since we became friends again in the rains of Kansas, it's only fitting we become lovers in the rains of Ohio."

Lois then put her arms around Clark's neck and pulled him in close. They shared a whispered "I love you" before becoming wrapped in the most sensational kiss either one had ever experienced before.


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