Lois Lane Wannabe

By LoisLaneWannaBe <music_km2@yahoo.com>

Rated: PG-13

Submitted: July 2003

Summary: What if a teenager "dropped" into Lois and Clark's life instead of a baby at the end of the fourth season? This story shows how the power of family is stronger than being alone.

If you haven't already noticed this story has the same name as me. The reasons are two. One is because the main character of this story is a lot like Lois Lane. Also when writing this story I felt a personal connection with the main character. Someone desperate to prove herself yet lacking the courage and guidance needed. She then meets someone who sees those qualities and helps use them to become the great individual she is inside.

This story took me almost a year to write. I guess in the words of Lex Luthor "All good stews must simmer." This indeed simmered but not alone. I want to give a very special thanks to Sunkist my beta reader who could have abandoned me after the story was taking longer than six months. :) She helped me figure out all the bad guy stuff and wrote a good majority of the ending. I am so use to writing Waffy short stories and because of her I was able to try something new. So Sunkist thanks again! I hope to write more fanfic with you in the future.

I would also like to thank my roommates who put up with me hogging the computer to get this thing done. You guys are the best! Also to my GE Julie thanks!

I don't ever plan on owning Lois and Clark so I guess this fanfic is legal. WARNING: There are some violent scenes and some heavy issues talked about here.


Perry White reached and pulled his jacket from the hook next to his office door. Being editor-in-chief of one of the world's greatest newspapers, he was used to working late nights. It was his responsibility to see the trail of news from conception to print, and he reveled in it every day. Tonight was no exception to the weary trips home after a long day. A recent rash of crime sprees had hit the city, leaving a busy super hero and an even busier pair of star reporters. Sighing, he turned off the light and exited the office, pulling the door shut behind him. Fully expecting to meet a deserted newsroom, he was shocked to see Lois Lane still sitting at her desk. Since she and Clark Kent had married, they rarely stayed after hours unless they were working on a major story. However it was even more unusual to see her without her partner at this time of night.

"Lois, honey, you're still here?" Perry asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Yeah. I have to make some last minute adjustments on this puff piece for the early morning edition." Lois replied, eyes not leaving the monitor screen.

Perry knew better than to pry information from Lois when it was this late at night. So, he kindly suggested that she break to get some coffee. To his surprise she agreed. They both knew it was the energy boost Lois needed. After she and the chief exchanged goodbyes, Lois headed over to the coffee machine. Two minutes and three sugar cubes later, Lois decided that she didn't really need a break so she took the "energy boost" back to her desk.

On her way back, she spotted someone at her computer who was not a Daily Planet employee. The person appeared to be a teenage female with light brown hair and average in height. Whoever she was, she seemed like she was desperately searching for something of great value. Not wanting to scare her off, Lois walked back to her desk quietly. She was very interested in finding out what this girl wanted from her computer.

"Hi. Looking for something?" Lois asked as sweetly as she could in her tired, moody state.

The teenage girl froze in horror when she saw Lois. She just stared back blankly, at a loss for words.

"Oh, this is your computer? I thought it belonged to someone else. Sorry!" The girl tried to sneak away during her speech but Lois had grabbed her.

"Nice try. If I wasn't an award-winning investigative journalist I just might of let you go." Not wanting to make a scene in front of the arriving night shift, Lois led the girl into the conference room. It was time that she and her new friend had a question and answer session.

"Okay. First, I want your name and second, why the hell were you hacking into my private, personal office computer?" The anger in Lois' voice was now a bit more evident.

"Look, I am sorry. I just was looking for some notes on stories you have written, okay? I am a big fan of your work and I wanted to see how the "great Lois Lane" writes a story. What better place to look than your computer?"

"You mean stealing from my computer." Lois snapped. "Ever heard of asking or perhaps borrowing?"

"Look, I take what I need and what I want. It has worked for me for the past two years and I don't plan on stopping now." said the girl, whose tone was also beginning to rise.

Lois, a little shocked by the teen's response, then asked, "Do you steal often? You know that is a serious crime that even minors, now a days, go to jail for?"

"Hey Miss Lane, I wouldn't have to if I had money and my life…" the girl stopped speaking like she was already giving Lois too much information.

"Please, I just want to know your name. Could you just tell me?" Lois asked, lowering her voice. Those last words had suddenly sent a wave of sympathy and guilt through Lois. One she had never felt for anyone, any teenager for that matter, ever.

"You're not going to report me?"

"No. Not this time anyway."


"Beverly I won't ask any more questions. But if you ever need me, I mean to reach me for more stories, don't be afraid to ask, okay?" Lois then scribbled her cell number on the back of her business card.

"What's with this sudden change of heart?" was Beverly's puzzled reply to the abrupt yet kind gesture.

Pretending she didn't hear Beverly's question, Lois handed her the business card and smiled warmly at her.

"Yeah, okay. Thanks, Miss Lane." As she was leaving the conference room, Beverly felt somewhat satisfied with herself. She'd successfully uploaded Lois Lane's latest investigation and got all the information she needed. Now she was ready to solve her first real story, just like Lois. Beverly was riding the elevator down to the main lobby when her subconscious told her that maybe she shouldn't jump into this pool so fast if she didn't know how to swim.


When Lois and Clark got home, they sat on the couch and Lois talked about the girl she had "met" earlier that evening.

"You gave her your cell phone number after she told you she was trying to hack into your computer?" Clark asked for the second time.

"Not trying to hack in, she did hack in. After she left I checked the computer and the file of our latest investigation was up. I was a bit surprised, myself, that I gave Beverly my card and cell phone number without even checking to see what she was really up too."

"But weren't you working on the Scar Dino case?" Clark asked now thinking that once again someone could be out for revenge on them.

"No, I was touching up a puff piece for the morning edition." Lois then looked deep into Clark's eyes. "Honey, I am sure she doesn't work for someone that is trying to get revenge on you or me or us."

Always amazed at his wife's ability to see right through him, he replied, "I know, but can't a guy worry?" Clark was now pulling Lois into a loving embrace.

"You worry too much. It was just a fan of my work, not a psychopath out to ruin our lives. Now, promise me you'll rest easy tonight?" she asked with pleading eyes.

"I will only if you come to bed with me now," Clark said with a devious grin.

"Tired are we?"

"No, I had something else in mind." Clark then scooped a giggling Lois into his arms and they took off in a blur to their bedroom.


The next evening, Superman did his regular patrol of Metropolis. It had been the first quiet night he had seen in Metropolis for weeks and for that he was very grateful. While soaring between some of the city's grandest buildings he thought of Beverly. Was she really some crazed fan or was Lois hiding something else from him? Superman hoped that Lois was telling the whole truth and not putting herself in any danger. What was he thinking! Danger and his wife had crossed paths more times than their souls had.

Superman was finishing his final sweep over his least favorite part of the city, Suicide Slum. For once, all was calm but suddenly a gunshot and a scream broke the silence. Superman bolted in the direction of the cacophony, praying silently that he wasn't too late. When Superman arrived in the dark alley all he found was a teenage girl picking up papers.

"Are you alright, Miss? I heard a gunshot and."

"Superman, it was just my crazed neighbor who likes shooting at the stray cats around here. I was just startled and clumsy me, I dropped all my papers!" the girl informed Superman. She seemed more annoyed than thankful for his presence.

"Well at least I can help you pick these up." Superman offered and before the girl could even protest he had gathered up the papers and neatly organized them at super speed. He noticed at the top of the pile was a Daily Planet business card.

"Uhh.thanks." she mumbled ungratefully, "I'll be going now."

"Wait, are you sure you don't need me to take you home or something?"

"Look, Superman, I am not used to generous offers from people and I already received one this week. So thanks but no thanks." With that the girl took off leaving Superman perplexed about what he said to make this girl flee so quickly.


Lois was curled up in bed with a good book when Clark flew in through the bay windows. He spun out of the Superman costume into a comfortable pair of boxers and climbed into bed.

"So how was patrol?" Lois asked without looking up from her book

"Nothing out of the ordinary happened until I met this girl." Clark then explained the whole encounter with the girl and her strange behavior. After his explanation, Lois was looking up at him wide eyed and puzzled.

"This was a teenage girl you said who had notes and an attitude with her?"

"Yeah and a Daily Planet business card on top of a pile of papers.oh Lois! I wasn't thinking! Was that.?"

"Yes, Beverly. But what was she doing in Suicide Slum and why was she so distant and rude to Superman?"


Another slow day at the Planet for Lois and Clark came and went without a single new lead on the Scar Dino investigation. At about 5:00 p.m., they were on their way when someone came out of the elevator looking for Lois.

"Hi. I had a hard time trying to call you so I decided to come back." Beverly seemed too serious for someone with her pretense of an outgoing personality so Lois knew something was up.

"Beverly, is something wrong?" Lois asked concerned

"Look, I am not saying anything," Beverly protested, sounding a bit more like her self. "I just well.would you consider giving someone like me a job here?"

Lois suddenly looked over to Perry's office like an idea had struck her. He was still in there, getting things ready for the evening editor while listening to his newest Elvis C-D.

"Bev, I'll be right back. Clark, come with me." When Lois was sure that Beverly was out of listening range she explained her idea to Clark, who agreed, and they continued over to Perry's office. Within five minutes they emerged and made their way back to Beverly who was examining the pictures on Lois' desk.

"How would you like to be a Daily Planet copygirl?" Lois asked

"What do I do? Copy things?" the tone of sarcasm in Beverly's voice made Lois scowl.

"Yes, and you get to deliver mail and sometimes do research for reporters," Lois explained, remembering her first months as a Daily Planet copygirl.

"Is it good pay?"

"For someone your age, probably," Clark chimed in.

Beverly contemplated the offer for a moment. She then looked at Lois and grinned in spite of herself. It was the first time Lois had ever seen her smile and for some odd reason it warmed her heart.

"Is that a yes?" Lois questioned

"You bet," Beverly replied cheerfully.

"Beverly, welcome to the Daily Planet." Lois and Beverly then shook hands. Little did they know, that handshake marked the beginning of a bond that neither of the three could have ever imagined.


Beverly turned out to be a very efficient and hard worker. She would be in by 7:30 to make copies and send out early morning memos with other "copies". At nine when Lois and Clark showed up, she and Jimmy would be on their way out for the bullpen doughnut run. By 11:45 it was time to deliver the mail to her assigned reporters. For the rest of the afternoon hours, Beverly would either help Jimmy do research or do paperwork for whoever needed it.

Perry, who had kept an eye on Beverly from day one, also recognized how hard she was working. When Lois and Clark had first mentioned her, he was shocked that they would even give this girl a second thought, more or less be concerned for her well being. Under normal circumstances he would have said "no job, no way" to someone who tried to steal from one of his reporters like that, but when Lois and Clark told him about the possible lifestyle Beverly might be living in, Perry couldn't say no. Not to Beverly and especially not to Lois and Clark.

"Now, Lois, that girl is the best damn copygirl since, well, you," Perry commented about two weeks after Beverly arrival.

"Thanks, Perry. In all seriousness though, I think this is the open window Beverly was looking for."

"Yeah and she is flying through it all right, but make sure Beverly doesn't work too hard like, uh, someone else I know." Perry gave Lois a caring pat on the shoulder and then began to make his way over to the TV monitors.

"Clark and I are staying in for lunch today. We have a lot of work to do so Beverly is helping us out and dining with us," Lois shouted after Perry

"Yeah, okay, great, you do that," said Perry who was now distracted by a T.V news report on an Elvis convention. Meanwhile, Clark had just popped out of the elevator and was heading over to his wife's desk.

"Hi honey, I got lunch." Clark was teasing Lois by waving the lunch bags back and forth in front of her monitor.

Lois playfully swatted his arm away. "Did you get that extra sandwich for Beverly?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Great then let's go eat."


While they were eating, Lois noticed something very peculiar. Beverly only talked to her. When Clark asked Beverly a question she always seemed to have a quick yes or no response and it never went on beyond that. Clark was beginning to notice Beverly's odd behavior and was about to say something when his super hearing kicked in. Lois knew that look all too well so she quickly made an excuse up for Clark and he took off. Once he was gone, Beverly let out a sigh of relief.

"What was that for?" Lois asked innocently.

"Nothing, just a good lunch. I'm stuffed!" Beverly then pretended to be interested in a contest her soda bottle was promoting. "If you collect fifty of these caps you can actually get a laptop, isn't that…?" Beverly then looked up at Lois who was giving her the look.

"You'll sooner or later notice that I am no dummy and I don't play those kind of games." Lois sighed and then continued, "So, you don't seem to like my husband very much."

"Clark? He's okay. I mean I guess I just don't work well with men that's all." Beverly began to shift nervously in her seat.

"You work with Jimmy just fine."

"Yeah. I can tolerate them.I mean I can work with them if I really have to."

"But then why did you just say…"

"I just don't like men, okay?" Beverly yelled out, cutting her off. "All men are alike and I hate them! They are the reason my mother has to struggle with her problems alone. They are the reason there is never any money at home, and they are the reason I am alive and have to suffer through a living hell every damn day!" With that Beverly stormed out of the conference room and headed to the copy room. She left Lois in a state of shock and sadness.

For the next two days, Beverly avoided Lois who had tried several times to talk to her. It was pointless because Beverly could be just as stubborn and unreasonable as Lois. When Clark asked Lois what was going on, Lois told him she didn't know. She hated lying to Clark but Lois didn't think now was a good time to explain things to him. Not when Lois was missing some of the answers. She also didn't want Clark asking and being met with a mini-tornado of fury.

Meanwhile, Lois and Clark's latest investigation was a murder mystery that was no closer to being solved than Lois was in talking to Beverly. They were investigating a series of seven murders. They all had two things in common, the murder victim disappeared before turning up dead and they were all female journalists who had covered the trial of a criminal named Scar Dino three years ago. When Scar was convicted for killing his ex-wife, the man almost seemed happy that he was going to jail for it. Even though Clark was working at the Planet at the time, Lois covered the story alone. She had hated investigating that story and hated investigating this new one. Especially since Scar had recently escaped from the prison upstate and he was the only suspect in this case.

Beverly had been borrowing Lois' computer to do research while she wasn't around. Beverly couldn't find anything Lois and Clark hadn't noted before. She decided that she wasn't going to give up. Beverly had to prove to Lois that she could be a real reporter too. Beverly was getting ready to go home when Lois' desk phone rang. The phone Lois told her never to answer.

"Daily Planet, Lois Lane," answered Beverly in her most mature voice.

"Well hello, Lois. You know, darling, that's what I love about you. Can't stay away from the job. Where is that partner of yours.oh wait, I don't really want to know!" The rich English voice on the other end of the line cackled hysterically.

"Who is this?"

"Has it been that long that you don't remember my voice? Parting was…was such sweet sorrow for me. Wasn't it for you darling? Ah- but wait, it was you that also sent me away." The voice turned harsh with the last statement.

Beverly's mind reeled. She'd heard some of the stories about the crazy people that came after Lois for revenge. It always ended up being front-page news. Beverly smiled. This was her big break.

The voice brought her out of her reverie. "I would like to request a meeting with you. You know, old friends catching up. And we are old friends, are we not, Lois?"

Beverly grinned. She would be able to get the story on the murdered journalists and write up the story. She saw herself accepting the Kerth Award, being the youngest person ever to have been nominated.

"My patience wanes, Lane. I'll see you in fifteen. York and Humphrey, north corner. I'm sure I don't need to say it, but for old times sake I will: Come alone."

A click followed by silence signaled that he'd hung up. She hung up the receiver and scribbled the intersection down and ripped the page from the message pad. Beverly then toyed with a pencil in her hand for a moment like she was planning her next move in a game of chess. Soon after, Beverly put the pencil back in its holder.


Beverly checked the street signs above her for the tenth time. "This is the right street. What's taking so long?" she thought out loud. Suddenly a man jumped out, grabbed her and before Beverly had a chance to do anything, the world went dark.


Back at the Planet that same night, Lois strode quickly to her desk. She and Clark had come back from a wonderful dinner out but alas she had forgotten something and they had to come back. While grabbing her notebook and a disk she noticed that someone had called.

Checking the I.D. box she saw the call had come in 10 minutes ago, and had lasted 3 minutes and 28 seconds. That was odd. Lois looked over at her phone. There was no light flashing to show she had any new messages, but how could the line have stayed open that long without the caller leaving a message? Oh- someone had answered her phone. Someone…

She turned to face her husband. "You don't think…"

"Beverly? I wouldn't put it pass her. You tell that girl no and she goes and does it anyway" Clark said. "Hang on a second." He reached over and picked a notepad and pencil from the desk. Breaking the lead off of the tip of the pencil, he ground it between his thumb and pointer finger and smeared it over the paper. Shaking the excess grit from the pad, he showed it to Lois. "Look," he said indicating the impression of Beverly's handwriting that was now clear through the ground lead.

Lois looked up at Clark with wide eyes. "We've got to find her!"


A sharp pain on her wrist awakened Beverly. Instinctively, she tried to pull away from the source of the pain, but she couldn't move. The fuzziness before her eyes slowly dissolved into the face of a man. She looked down to see him holding a cigarette to the flesh on her inner wrist. Seeing she was awake, he pulled the offending object back to his mouth, taking drags from it until the tip glowed red.

"I don't know who you are, little girl," spoke the man she had heard over the phone. "But you are in a world of trouble now."

He brought the red tip of the cigarette close to her face, and she automatically flinched, pulling her face away. He caught her head with his free hand and held it in place, a mere inch from his torture device.

"This is fun, right? You learn tricks like these in the DEA and they are great for interrogations. Now, I'm supposed to tell you that if you tell me what I want to know, you won't get hurt. But, looking at your wrist.it does seem a bit to late for that." He smiled idiotically.

"You can call me Dino, Special Agent 'Scar' Dino. I always thought there was a nice ring to that. I was an agent once. With the great F.B.I.! They decided I was too lethal for them. Especially after I killed my wife just because," he laughed. " So where's Lois Lane? Hmm? You must know, you answered her phone. You know, she's not going to be happy you didn't give her the message." With that he released her and stood up.

"I was saving this for Lois," he said pointing a gun at her head. "But since you didn't invite her, I might as well kill some time… get it?"

"Wait!" she cried.

Dino pulled his arm up, the gun facing the ceiling, and looked at her amused.

"Maybe I could call her. Um, I could tell her that I need for her to come help me. And she would do it, too. Come, I mean." she faltered, hating the sound of fear in her voice.

Dino scratched his head with the tip of the gun. "Hmmmm, that's a thought.

But, no. See, by this time, they probably have the phones bugged and that would bring the police. The police are such bores- they just want to come in and carry you off to prison, and that's one holiday I already have taken."

He pointed the gun at Beverly again and smiled.


Lois and Clark picked their way through the lead maze that was known as the Metropolis Sewer System. They'd gone to the intersection that Beverly had written down. Going from past experience, Scar was working alone. If he had nabbed the girl from the corner, his hold out wouldn't be too far away. The open grate leading to the sewer system a block away had been a giveaway. Rats were at home in the sewers.

Before dropping into the dark underbelly of the city, Lois had placed a call explaining to the D.A. their situation and for the police to come without sirens. The last thing they wanted was to send Scar into hiding with Beverly. They knew, once they were down there, there would be no chance of getting a signal. Clark had contemplated changing into Superman even though he couldn't see through any of the lead lined walls, but Lois had stopped him.

"You know that Scar might have Kryptonite, expecting your arrival. So what are you going to do?"

Clark took her hand as he led her deeper into the sewer system, trying to dodge the deeper puddles. "If he doesn't think Superman's around, he probably won't try to use it. It'll just have to be Lois and Clark this time," he answered, trying to keep the anxiety out of his voice.

It was a bluff, but they were going to have to try it. If Scar pulled out that poisonous green rock, he would be no help to either Lois or Beverly. But there was no other choice. The longer Beverly was with that madman, the worse her chances were. He had no idea if she was alright, and there was no way he was going to let Lois go in there alone.

Lois squeezed his hand and they moved deeper into the darkness. The sound of a gunshot echoed through the depths and they exchanged a worried look before Clark picked her up and sped toward the sound.


Beverly cried out and shut her eyes tightly as the sound of the gun going off met her ears while Scar shook with laughter. "The best thing in the world is the look on somebody's face when they're about to die." He had discharged the gun into the ground next to her head. "I can't wait to see that face on Lois Lane."

"I don't think I'll give you that chance."

Beverly's head turned quickly to the sound of the voice. There stood Lois Lane and Clark Kent at the opening to the cave-like cavern they were in. Beverly thought she had never been so happy to see anyone in her life, and she couldn't control the tears that fell from her eyes.

Scar, with an awful grin, raised the gun with the quickness only the super human and the super insane were capable of producing. Milliseconds later, Beverly heard a succession of shots fired. She panicked when she realized that there would not have been enough time for her friends to escape all of those shots at point blank range.

Unable to wipe the tears from her eyes because she was still strapped down, she blinked quickly in an attempt to clear her vision. Somehow, Lois and Clark were now a few feet from where she'd seen them last, with Clark standing protectively in front of Lois. In the dim light, Beverly figured she'd misjudged their distance when first saw them. As she watched, Dino's eyes widened in shock, and the gun slipped from his fingers to the ground. His other hand was clutching his abdomen, where a thick dark liquid was beginning to seep through his fingers.

Beverly realized that all the gunshots she'd heard were actually the echo of the single shot Dino had fired as it ricocheted off the lead walls of the cavern, ultimately hitting him in the stomach.

Dino smiled and spat a bloody swatch in the direction of the reporters. It landed harmlessly in the dirt at his feet." Even death can't stop me," he coughed falling to his knees. "I'll be back for you," he shot at Lois. His head turned to Beverly, "and you." Beverly knew that she would see that face and hear those two words in her dreams for a long time to come.

Dino's eyes fluttered back in his head and he seemed to fall backward in slow motion. When time snapped back to normal, Lois was standing over her, releasing her bonds while Clark was checking Dino's pulse. Once untied, she wrapped her arms around Lois as if she were holding on to her life, ignoring the pain coming from her wrist in response to the movement.


Within minutes, the Metropolis Police had arrived asking Lois and Clark questions and treating Beverly for her injuries. The police then were gone as quickly as they had come. Lois and Clark were very grateful that Beverly was ok and relieved that the female reporters of Metropolis could now rest easy.

"Look, guys. I know you are mad and I am sorry I went off and tried to solve this on my own and I know it was stupid and irrational of me and I put you in danger and myself in danger and." Beverly stammered as her eyes once again filled with tears. She looked like she was ready to crumble.

Lois and Clark couldn't help but mange weary smiles at Beverly's babble. However their smiles were quickly drawn back when they saw the pain behind Beverly's green eyes.

"It's ok," was all Lois could think of to say. She opened her arms and motioned for Beverly to come close. Once in Lois' safe embrace, Beverly's bravado broke and she began to sob, hard. Lois stroked the young girls' hair and whispered comforting words. At that moment the world disappeared and nothing else mattered to Lois and Clark but Beverly.

The three off them drove back to Lois and Clark's home on Hyperion. During the ride, Beverly had stretched out across the back seat of their jeep and had fallen asleep. Lois and Clark didn't speak, both realizing that there were no words to express how they felt. Right now, they were going to have to be strong; for Beverly needed their strength now more than ever.


Beverly woke up with a start. It was dark and she didn't have a sense of where she was. All she could think about this time was finding a way to get out. Realizing she was on the couch in a very nice apartment she calmed down. "I must be at Lois and Clark's place." Beverly thought aloud. Spotting a clock on a nearby table she saw that it was 4:00 in the morning. Her mother was going to kill her for being away from home so long! Beverly spotted the door and was about to make a run for it when she heard her name.

"Beverly is that you?" came a sleepy voice from the other room

A voice inside Beverly kept screaming, "Don't answer just run! Think of what that witch is going to do to you if you don't go now!" Another voice was saying, "Lois and Clark are nice people. Don't be a fool! You're safe with them here!" Her arguing subconscious made her stall, giving Lois and Clark enough time to come down stairs and stop her.

"Where you going?" Clark asked.

"Home. You don't know what my mother is going to do to me."

"Beverly, it's late. Please stay here where it's safe. We'll take you home in the morning," Lois pleaded.

"So I can be fitted for a body cast? I don't think so." Beverly was ready to turn the doorknob when Clark blockaded the door.

"You can't do this to me! You are not my legal guardian and don't you think I have been kidnapped enough for one night?" Beverly screamed.

Lois looked at Clark and then said with a heavy sigh, "She's right. We have to let her go."

"Lois you can't be…" Lois gently put her arm around Clark's waist to pull him away from the door. Clark reluctantly followed and after a moment of fiddling with the locks on the door, Beverly fled.

"Lois how could we just let her go? So what we are not her legal guardians. We are trying to protect her!" Clark, frustrated, began pacing back and forth. It deeply affected him when his powers weren't enough to save someone.

"From what, Clark?"

"From her mother who is going to beat her up and that awful life she might be leading."

Lois made her way over to Clark and ceased his pacing by embracing him. "You and I are going to find a way to make sure she stays safe. I promise."

"We are blessed to have each other, Lois," Clark whispered. "Hopefully we can share that love with a third party."

"Hopefully, Clark, hopefully." Lois was suddenly surprised at her and Clark's deep desire to protect this child. She felt that she would be willing to sacrifice her own being for Beverly's sake. So is this what motherhood feels like? Lois quickly shook that thought to the back of her head while she leaned in closer to Clark.


It was about 6:30 a.m. when Lois woke up. She turned to face her husband, but all she found was a note on his pillow:

To the beautiful woman that sleeps next to me:

There has been an Earthquake in the South Pacific so I don't know when I'll be back. I know last night was tough so I didn't want to wake you. I am sure Beverly will be all right. I will go find her today and we will tell her what we talked about. I hope she will agree.

Love Always, Me

Lois always loved when Clark wrote notes and gave her cute little titles. After placing the note on her nightstand, she showered, dressed, and headed to the one place that always gave her a sense of comfort when no one else could.


The Daily Planet on a Sunday was nearly empty except for a couple of janitors and employees. They were all scurrying around to finish their work and go home. Lois used to have this shift and she would also rush to get home, even though she really had no reason to. That is until Clark gave her a real reason to leave: him.

Lois went over to her desk, sat down and booted up her computer. While waiting she began doodling on a piece of notepaper. Lois became so wrapped up in her drawing that she didn't realize someone was approaching her.

"I didn't know 'the great Lois Lane' was also an artist." Lois spun around and met the last person she thought would be here now.

"Beverly! What…why? Are you ok?" a million questions floated through Lois' mind all at once, making her head spin.

"I am fine…I…I just couldn't come back last night."

"Why? You know Clark and I would have had no problem with it."

"I couldn't with Clark around. Not yet anyway. I needed to talk to you first and I owe you an explanation and I guess another apology." Beverly pulled up herself a chair next to Lois' desk and cleared her throat.

"When I was born my mother was only 18. She was supposedly in love with my father and I was the result. After my birth, he only came to us when he was short on money and he would insult and threaten mom and me. She promised that things would get better and that it was just a phase he was going through. Eventually he just stopped coming back." Beverly looked down at the floor and continued. "My mother began to abuse drugs about the same time he left. I guess she really believed he would change. I dropped out of school two years ago to find a job so I could try to set things right again for her. But no one would hire a 14-year-old girl for a full time job. So I started to steal money and objects to sell to get what we needed."

"But aren't there places you could go? Someone who could have helped you out?" Lois asked.

"Yeah, but even then I thought I could help my mother. I figured out later that all I was helping her do was get more drugs. So I eventually stopped helping and caring."

Beverly then looked Lois straight in the eye. "I use to read the Daily Planet to help me find a job. I never made it to the classified section. Instead, I found myself stopping at the front page or any page that had your byline on it. Your articles really spoke to me. Then when you started working with Clark, your work with and without him got even better. I became more entranced by your articles. I just hoped that could happen to me someday because that was the kind of person I longed to be. A successful and smart, journalist who knows what she wants. I wanted to become a Lois Lane and I guess still do" Beverly noticed that Lois' eyes were beginning to tear up. She also noticed her own vision was becoming cloudy as well. "Then I came here one evening and.Lois, I am sorry that I made you Clark worry. I found out my mom's now gone too and I would have gone back last night.but I went looking for her.and yet she was still gone."

At that moment Beverly's tears began to fall. All those fears and secrets she had kept buried for so long had finally been told. Lois pulled her into a loving embrace. While Beverly cried, she whispered, "I didn't know what to do because I just have never experienced such.love."

Lois at that began to shed a few tears. No one had ever wanted to be like her and she never imagined her articles reaching out to someone like that. Lois also couldn't believe that Beverly thought of her in such a prestigious way and barley even knew her. Lois wanted Beverly to know that she had also had hard times in her life and, like Beverly, never thought she could experience real love.

When Beverly had calmed down a bit, Lois began to tell the story of her life. She told Beverly about how she and her sister had lived with a workaholic father and an alcoholic mother. Lois also told Beverly that becoming successful in journalism didn't happen over night. She didn't have the support from her parents that she wanted. She had to work hard to eventually become a respected, talented reporter.

"I made a mistake like your mother did because I too thought I was in love. It almost cost me my job but I fought back by becoming a stone- wall reporter. I was known as Mad Dog Lane and that is how I expected to spend the rest of my days at the Planet. A workaholic who was totally opposed to any other lifestyle then the one I set for myself. "

Beverly shocked by this asked, "Lemme guess, Clark changed that?"

"Yes, Clark." Lois sighed.

"Clark? You mean he was actually caring and understanding and got through to you? Even after what that other jerk did to you?"

"I couldn't have said it better."

Beverly was stunned. She never expected Clark was the one that changed Lois into a caring, understanding and loving person. Beverly assumed that she had been that way all her life, perfectly happy. She sighed and thought it was too bad that her mother wasn't able to find someone like Clark. A picture on Lois' desk suddenly caught her attention. Beverly grabbed it and stared at the two smiling faces looking at each other, lost in their own little world.

"I was looking at this when I came back to the Planet for a second time. I didn't think much of it then but now I see. He would give the world to you wouldn't he?"

"He already has."

"I hope someday I can learn to trust him too. Do you think he will be as understanding with me?"

"Clark is always very understanding. He has a great deal of love in his heart, especially for those he cares a great deal about. People like you and I just don't realize it until we want to."

As Lois spoke those words that caring, understanding man came walking right through the elevator. Heading over to Lois' desk he was relieved Beverly was there with her.

"Bev…are you alright?" Clark sat on the edge of Lois' desk and looked Beverly right in the eye.

Beverly still uncomfortable around him responded with a nod. Clark looked over at Lois for help and with her eyes she told he husband every thing was ok.

"Beverly, now that Clark's here we have something to ask you."

Beverly all of a sudden got a panicked look in her eye, "Oh no."

"What's the matter?"

"You've got that tone in your voice. You know, when people are uncomfortable, like they are about to ask a life-altering question or something."

"Yes…well after these most recent events, Clark and I don't want you to be alone anymore. We care about you a great deal and we don't want to keep worrying about your safety. So we would like to know if you would like to come live with us for a while?

"What about all the courts and stuff?" Beverly asked thinking this was only going to be temporary, till a real foster home was available.

"Don't you worry about that," Clark chimed in. "We want you stay with us for as long as its ok with you."

Beverly looked up at the two loving people who were willing to open up their home to her, a total stranger really. They just meet her a month a couple weeks ago and they acted like she had known them all of her life. Like. foster parents but better because they were Lois and Clark.

"Absolutely." Beverly grinned, "Absolutely."


Beverly sat in the hard office chair trying to concentrate on her breathing. Her heart was beating a staccato rhythm against her chest and butterflies were dancing to that beat in her stomach.

She was in the outer room of Judge Stephen Garuce's downtown office. It had been two months since the Scar Dino incident, and she had been staying with Lois and Clark since then. School had started three weeks ago and she was getting into the routine of a normal life — well, whatever normal was in the Lane- Kent household.

A lady from the Social Services office, Dr. Shannon Jentin, had pulled some strings and allowed her to stay with Lois and Clark after the Scar incident. Although being involved in a high profile investigation had shot her file to the top of the list at the Department of Child Protective Services, Dr. Jentin was getting pressure from her superiors to get Beverly into a licensed foster home quick. Lois and Clark were determined not to let this child slip through the system while the world was watching.

Beverly sighed. That was what brought them to this hearing. Lois and Clark were fighting to keep her from going into the 'Great Foster Home Shuffle' by trying to become registered foster parents themselves. All parties involved knew that a 16 year old child, would be unlikely to find a permanent placement, and in two years, she would be on her own again. Not many people were willing to invest that much of their time into someone that wouldn't be around long enough for it to matter.

She was worried though. There was a psychologist from the state who was trying to show the Kent household as being unfit. Last week, he'd come by the house with an inspector, to mark exactly where everything was, to check smoke alarms, fire -extinguishers, escape routes, and even the placement of steak knives.

For about the 30th time in as many minutes as she had been sitting out there, Beverly jumped up from the chair and paced the room. She was startled when the door opened behind her. Lois and Clark emerged from the Judge's chamber room with grim expressions. Beverly searched Lois' face questioningly, but only received a pained grin in response. Lois patted Clark's hand and walked to the window in the far corner of the room.

Beverly followed her with her eyes, her heart sinking as she tried to guess what had happened with the judge.

"Everything OK?" she asked Clark, who was standing next to her.

"Let's sit down," he replied, gesturing to the bank of chairs she had been sitting in earlier.

Beverly sank heavily into a chair, and Clark sat across from her, leaning forward to meet her eyes.

"What'd he say?" Beverly asked quietly, staring at her clasped hands in her lap.

"Well, the foster thing is out," he started.


"They seem to think that our history shows that we get involved in dangerous situations on a routine basis. Our last scrape with Scar only seemed to give them ammunition. They said that they needed evidence of a greater commitment in the home they would place you in."

Beverly bit her lip in order to control the tears that threatened to fall. Clark reached over and took her hand.

"Listen," he said softly, "It doesn't end there. We want to adopt you."

Beverly looked up startled. Being a foster child was okay. That was what she had bargained for. Adoption… that meant she would belong to somebody. She belonged only to herself. As a foster child you could stay detached. That way it wouldn't matter if you were disappointing in some way…

Lois moved into the chair next to the girl and rubbed her back softly. "Sweetie, we know," she said, reading all of her conflicting emotions on her face.

Beverly's eyes narrowed as she looked from one adult to the other. It would be so easy to trust them, but she'd had her share of experiences with trusting people. Never mind the kindness they'd shown her over the past two months.

"I.well, I guess this is kind of sudden," Beverly stammered. "I mean, I wasn't expecting… Why would you want to adopt me? In two years I'll be gone. Why waste your time?"

"It is not a waste of time loving someone, no matter how long or short it is," Clark replied firmly, making sure he had eye contact. "We love you, and we want to prove it to you."

Beverly crossed her arms in front of her chest. "What happens when you have your own children? You won't need me then," she asked, finally voicing her true concerns.

Both Lois and Clark felt a jolt of pain at that question, knowing that they would never be able to have a child of their own. Lois was the one who spoke first in response to the girl who had their hearts right now.

"We can't.we aren't able to have children, but even if we could, it wouldn't change the way we feel about you. Whether you like it or not, we already consider you as being ours, and we are committed to taking care of you, loving you, and being there for you for as long as you will let us. Even if you are older than 18."

Lois watched the young girl take in her speech. She still was not convinced. "Wow, Bev. You are so much like me I can't believe it sometimes. Remember when I told you about my life when I was growing up?"

Beverly nodded.

"Well, I never really believed in love.or family. To me, it was something I could do without. I mean if having a family was going to cause the problems that I had with mine, I didn't want to put anyone else through that."

Lois looked up and exchanged a glance with her husband. "Then I met somebody who had a completely different experience. His family is the most loving group of people I have ever known. Just knowing that they exist gives me hope that one day I can have the same."

Beverly smirked. "You're talking about him again aren't you?" she asked, nodding her head in Clark's direction. Lois smiled and nodded. "It's not the same. Adopted kids can never get that kind of love."

Clark smiled and interjected softly, "I was adopted."

That threw Beverly's theory of course. "Oh.well.oh," she said, flushing from embarrassment. She chewed her bottom lip as she thought for a moment. "Where do we go from here?"

"Well the judge wants to hear what your decision is," Lois answered.

"My decision?"

"Of course, it's your life isn't it?" Clark asked, teasingly.

"Yeah.Um, ok."

They all stood and turned in the direction of the door. Beverly stopped them. "What about my mom? I guess you guys think I should hate her, right?"

Clark put an arm around her shoulder. "Beverly, we don't expect you to hate your mother. We think that she probably has some issues she needs to take care of. If we find her, we'll do our best to help her out. Promise. Also we know that no matter what has happened, she is still your mother. And no matter how many times you try and stop, you will love her in some way, somewhere deep down. We aren't going to try to replace that. We just think that you have room to love us too."

After what Clark said it took them all a few moments to recompose themselves before entering the Judge's office. Beverly led the way to the door, but stopped with her hand on the knob.

"I just have one more request. When this is all over can my bylines read Lane-Kent?"

Lois and Clark just laughed, inwardly amused by this young girl's spunk. "I think something could be arranged," Lois replied smiling.

With a curt nod, Beverly took a deep breath and opened the door, ready for this next step in her life. Behind her, Lois Lane wrapped an arm around her husband's waist as he looped his own arm over her shoulder. The three people entered the office with a fresh disposition and certainly seemed that things were beginning to look up for the Lois Lane Wannabe.


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