Addicted, But Not Damaged

By Sara Kraft <>

Rated: G

Submitted July 2005

Summary: The continued adventures of a reality-challenged FoLC. Seventh in the author's series of "journal entries" begun with "Losing a Grip on Reality."

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Yes, even journal entries need to be edited. Thanks, Tricia for a speedy GEing job. :)

This is number 7 of 8.


September 2004

So, I'm able to function in society fairly well now. It's okay if I let the occasional show quote slip out, nobody really notices. No one needs to know that I took Journalism 101 solely for the purpose of fanfic research. If I only sing songs at karaoke that relate to a certain fictional duo, no one else really knows. So I'm all right. All in all, hiding my addiction is relatively easy.

You probably want an update considering I've been gone so long. Thank you all for your concern. Well, the most humorous thing that's happened to me since I last wrote…I checked my email one day to find a little note from none other than Dean Quain. Remember him? He's the guy I mentioned in a previous entry. Well, turns out he Googled himself. Oops. Thankfully, he wasn't mad, just highly amused.

Upon my return to the 'real world' (you know, folcdom), I found these message boards and from there I rediscovered IRC. And I've been catching up on more fanfic than I can handle. To be honest, I'm having way too much fun. What's the problem with this you ask? I've lost countless hours of sleep, haven't gone out to see a movie in who knows how long, and I'm hard pressed to remember the last time I read a real book. Though, I'm having a hard time caring about all that. Other than the bags under my eyes, I don't have any real problems.

Well, unless you count the odd looks I get from my friends. So what if I take my WIP to the bar with me? I do my best writing there. Though, perhaps I shouldn't have asked my friend Stephanie at what month of your pregnancy can you determine the sex of the baby. "Hey, don't take my drink! I'm *not* pregnant. I swear!"

Or there's my friend Melody, a medical student, maybe I shouldn't have asked her where I could effectively stab someone without killing them. "Jeez, you *know* me. I'm just asking for story research. No, I haven't had too much to drink."

And then there was that coworker with the license plate reading 463-LEX. Poor thing didn't know why I was giving her dirty looks all the time. My dad was excited when I actually sat down to watch TV with him (I'm always on the computer). However, I guess I killed the mood when I pointed out Lord Nor as one of the characters. I didn't stop there either. I couldn't help it, his show was on a marathon and the next episode had Resplendent Man in it. My dad wasn't quite as amused as I was with the guest star scavenger hunt I'd started.

But really, all in all, I'm okay.