Anniversary in the Library

By Jose Antonio Chamorro <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: November, 2004

Summary: After her encounter with a handsome stranger one year ago, Lois comes back to the library, as she remembers the events that happened during that year.

Unexpectedly, my muse came back in time (we can make it near the deadline) to write this little piece of fluff for Saskia's birthday. This is a sequel to A Day in the Library, so in order for it to make sense, it would be good to read it first. Many thanks to Sara Kraft who BRed this in no time. :)

Ah, I forgot ;)

Happy Birthday Sas!!!!!!!

I don't own any of the characters, they're property of Warner Bros and DC Comics. I'm only borrowing them for fun.


Lois walked slowly around the library. She hadn't been here in nearly a year. But that was indeed why she was here. Today, one year ago, she had met her soulmate. She had grunted when Perry foisted the interview on her, but now she was grateful to her surrogate father. That had allowed her to find the man with whom she shared her life now.

As she paced through the book-filled corridors, she found herself remembering how she had used her usually hidden femininity that day with him. For once she had dared to jump without checking the water level in her personal life. It was common for her to do that when she was pursuing a story, but now, after one year of having a relationship with this man, she knew it could have been the biggest mistake of her entire life.

Mostly because this time, there was water in the pool. Clark Kent, famous novelist, had been nothing like the past men in her life. Tired of living in a hotel, he had decided to move to Metropolis from Kansas to be closer to her. Their dating had become more serious and their schedules began to adjust to each other's so they could spend the biggest amount of time together. Finally, he told her his secret…and what a secret! At that moment, she had been stunned, astonished, flabbergasted and even speechless. After all, who had a super-powered alien as a boyfriend? Only, they hadn't known at that point that he had born outside Earth, on a planet called Krypton.

Then she had recalled some mysterious, recent happenings in Metropolis. Knowing Clark liked helping people, and with the newly found knowledge, it hadn't been difficult to work out who had been behind those rescues.

With her in on the secret, a flight to Smallville had obviously been the next step. She knew Clark loved his parents dearly, but they hadn't been able to visit him in Metropolis, so Lois and Clark's first flight had been a visit to his parents' house in Kansas. After she had met them, it was clear why Clark was the sweet and kind person he was. They had taught the better values of life to the most powerful human being on the planet. The question of helping others had popped up then, and in no time Superman had been created. That made a change in Clark. Despite the fact of his dual identity, Lois had comforted Clark when he'd felt inadequate, when he thought he wasn't fast enough or strong enough, when they'd discovered that Lex Luthor had been testing his abilities. That support, that comfort, had helped them grow closer.

Some weeks after that, Clark had asked her to marry him. Lois couldn't say she had been surprised, although she had managed to look surprised when he had asked. She had seen him a little bit worried in the days before he had proposed, and his mood was explained when she "accidentally" the engagement ring.

Now, she had got to the same part of the library where the encounter had happened, and there she spotted a familiar figure. Her husband was there, looking over a copy of his newly-released book. As she took a closer look, it allowed her to read the dedication :

"To Lois, my soulmate."

"Have I told you how honoured I am?" Lois said as she hugged him.

"Not for the last two days," Clark replied, grinning.

"You haven't forgotten," Lois whispered in his ear. "You know, I have a present for you."

"Okay you can give it to me later…while we're having dinner in Paris." Clark winked at her.

"Hmm, well, I think I might as well do it right now," Lois answered.


She passed her arms behind his neck and before kissing him said, "Happy Anniversary…I'm pregnant."