Acrostic Argument

By Anna Botsakou <>

Rated G

Submitted February 2006

Summary: Lois and Clark are arguing, but there's something hiding in their words… A small Acrostic from our favourite couple.

I wrote this Acrostic two and a half years ago — it's just a coincidence I had even saved it, and I wouldn't have thought of submitting it to the Archive if it wasn't for LabRat. She said it would be welcome, though, so there you go. Appropriate thankies: To LabRat, obviously, and to Yvonne, whose (;f=3;t= Alphabet Challenge 000118#000000) gave me the idea for this. For those unfamiliar with Acrostics: Put together the first letters of each line of dialogue to discover the hidden message ;) Thanks for reading! Anna.

(L. stands for Lois, C. stands for Clark.)


L.: Let me tell you something before you speak.

C.: Okay.

L.: I love you.

C.: Some love it is… You should have told me earlier!

L.: Are you trying to say that *I* am the one who keeps secrets! You're Superman! (gets up and walks away)

C.: No! Lois, wait!

L.: Duh! What are you going to say? There is no excuse!

C.: Certain things can't be revealed, Lois… Until the timing is perfect.

L.: Lame. So lame. Like all of your excuses.

C.: Are you really that mad with me?

L.: Really.

(Clark hangs head in sorrow and starts to walk away)

L.: Kent! Come back! I was just kidding!